I made what I thought was a fair comment on an article about a white man detesting his white skin due to “white privilege”:

So kill yourself. Please.

This comment quickly received a good number of up-votes, at which point it was inexplicably deleted:

Ok, maybe a bit too harsh. So I rephrased it:

Ok, obviously still no good. But really, what’s so wrong about asking a self-loathing individual to painlessly kill himself? Seems like a reasonable ask. So I posed the question to the mods who were so intent on deleting my comment, and all other comments of similar nature:

So…now it appears I can’t even question the mods. Let’s try it again:

Ok then. Let’s just verify…

Ok. To hell with this…

Needless to say, if American Renaissance goes this PC, we’re effed.g

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  1. You know why these comments of yours were deleted.

    Demanding that people commit suicide is way beyond the bounds of civility.

    What do you think you are accomplishing by complaining about AmRen comment moderation policy as a post on another blog?

    • Mr. Rational says:

      Repeated and abusive censorship, while refusing to answer the question in the forum where it arose, is worthy of Marxists.  All you lack is the SJW warrior noise machine to hound the poor violator of your unstated rules.

      Honestly.  Oprah Winfrey can say that old White people need to die, and she’s still got an entire TV network… but you won’t even let one commenter suggest that a self-hating idiot take their position to its logical conclusion as a way of pointing out just how ridiculous it is.

      I don’t comment at AmRen.  So long as clowns like you are in charge, I never shall.

    • Faggot. Kill yourself please.

    • AmRen Comment Moderator, I have seen various articles about the self-loathing white politician from Chapel Hill, NC. Nearly every one contained a comment suggesting suicide since he despises living as a white man.

      You say the comments from Ex Machina are beyond the bounds of civility? Is that what you’re trying to accomplish at AmRen? Civility? Maybe if you’re nice the liberals won’t call you racist anymore! Good luck with that. I suggest you eat your Wheaties.


      Just noticed another comment awaiting deletion:

      “The process is the task, the journey has no end, and I will always be white.”

      1. electroshock therapy

      2. I move to kick this guy out of our race for the sake of his own bleedy sanity. His will now be known as Eloi, not White.

      3. If electroshock doesn’t work, he should go commit suicide by negro.

    • Chump Change says:

      There’s a very good reason for using another channel to call out censoring: It can’t be effectively examined in the censoring channel, or the censoring won’t be effective.

      On the vast majority of “public” media platforms, when a censor “erases” a statement, there is no public record of the “who, why, where” – no “statement by ‘Alice’, censored by ‘Bob’, because ‘Bob’ thought it was ‘Cause'” made where the censoring was done. This must lead to the type of “backroom”, out of the “public sunshine” behavior the public has grown inured to by their Professional Betters.

      On all “public” media platforms that allow censoring, the distinctly non-public censoring prevents the public from responding accordingly. In many cases that seems to be the intent.

  2. Asking someone to remove themselves from the gene pool isn’t P.C.? I may as well stop communicating at all, since being conservative isn’t P.C. either. AmRen can kiss my ass. I only lurk there occasionally, anyway.

  3. Yeah Red….youre just way too uncivil. You need to join in the chorus of self loathing deniers of both religious destiny and Darwins concepts of natural selection; embrace the destruction of America…the epitome of civilization. Only by doing so, and embracing the downfall of civilization can you be civil enough to have your first amendment recognized by other countrymen. In the meantime, eat shit you whitey bastard!

  4. AmRen must be going the way of Charles Johnson and Little Green Footballs. – Good luck with that.

  5. Is Amren worried about being sued if someone actually does what Ex Machina suggested? Are they concerned about more bad press? Is this what we’ve come to?

    Does anyone really believe that Ex Machina was actually encouraging or endorsing the act of suicide?

    Isn’t it the nature of political discourse to use hyperbole (i.e., exaggeration for the sake of emphasis)?

    Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that what Ex Machina wrote wasn’t over the line. Hell, I’ve seen much worse on Amren! What he wrote was simply a response to a self-hating white man who couldn’t get over how rotten he was because of ‘white privilege.’

    In light of the context, I wouldn’t have taken Ex Machina’s words as either being over the line nor unrelated to the article’s self-loathing. I also wouldn’t have interpreted Ex Machina’s words as being serious – and neither would have the overwhelming number of readers who comment about such articles on the site.

  6. Damn Redstater, you’re stirring the entire internet.

    I believe that sumbitch Mod would moderate your comments here on AWD if he could hack your password. Looks like he followed you home.

    Be careful they might put you and AWD to work scrubbing thousands of comments from this post containing the words N*g**r and Mother***k*r.

    Jeez guys we got enough people out there fixed upon the destruction of conservative white people. I don’t see any reason to help them by engaging in infighting. That is a quick path to suicide.

    The shroud of the Dark-side has fallen. Begun, the Blog war has.

  7. After getting some sleep, I came back to delete this post thinking better of it (amazing what sleep deprivation will make you bitch about). Needless to say, I was more than a little shocked to see any comments on it, especially the first one being from the sniveling AmRen moderator herself.

    I still don’t quite know what to make of this little tempest in a teapot, but whatever it is, I don’t think it’s good. I am comforted to see some of the regulars from both here and AmRen agreeing with me that their censoring erred on the side ridiculous.

    • RidinShotgun says:

      Dude, I don’t get it either. I enjoy that website and have read a number of very good articles there and posted comments as well. Lately quite a few of them have been deleted and no, I have not written anything off-color, or profane, or way over the line. God knows what their problem is.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        I think Vox Day may have the inside scoop on that phenomenon.

        The upshot is that they have probably appointed a bunch of women who are policing for “tone”, when “tone” is something that absolutely cannot be interpreted properly in a text-only medium.  This goes double when authors are employing irony or sarcasm.

        JT needs to tell his mods that they are not tone-police and are not in charge of protecting people’s feelings… especially their own.  And can a couple of them to make his point.

    • Red, don’t take it too seriously. Looks like AmRen hired some liberal mods by mistake, or they have gotten too full of themselves…they will correct it when the hits start dropping off.

      As to the sleep deprivation, I told ya–toss CHUD 5 pounds of raw meat, and stand back. He will drop off to sleep, and be out for at least 12 hours while digesting it; that’s your window for some solid sleep.

      • We’re following your advice and throwing food at him while keeping our distance. The problem is, the meatball is never satisfied. I’m up all night toiling away carving up more antelope for him!

        • That’s just it Red, you guys are throwing him things like antelope. That isn’t the natural prey of C.H.U.D. Try throwing him a liberal….

          • Hot damn–just fed him some skinny-jean-wearing metrosexual I captured on the streets today and now he’s out like a light! You should write a book on how to raise C.H.U.D.s!

          • Mr. Rational says:

            Wait, you actually found some meat on one of those things?!

  8. I have noticed that they seem to censor the silliest things. The other day I wrote “(c)rappers” in a comment and they changed it to “rappres”, with the typo. I guess they don’t like that word crap, so I put it in a comment I made today to see if they remove it.

    • Mr. Rational says:

      If readers are not explicitly notified that the comment has been altered by a moderator, you may have cause to sue for libel.

  9. AmRen…Never heard of her and I don’t care to now either. I like the freedom of speech AWD gives us!

  10. Joe Stalin says:

    I suppose Amren (Haven’t looked at that site for years.) is simply trying to give the appearance of respectability.

    They are not alone.

    The British National Front site has gone through a complete makeover also to give the aura of respectability. I doubt if that does them any good though… if you can’t speak the truth as you see it, then what’s the point?

  11. El Bifferino says:

    Oh wah
    ex machina had a comment deleted! Oh noes! Someone call a wahmbulance…wahwahwahwahwahhhhhhhhhhhhh!