Dudes and dudettes…do you think we will, or should defeat ISIS with boots on the ground in massive force or not? It surely is seeming we may be headed that direction the more I hear via the media, as well as statements from many others like Sec. of Defense Chuck Hagel yesterday. Also we heard warnings from Gen. Dempsy sounding the alert via his podium too.

Cutting directly to the chase…here’s one of many reports about this issue:

Top U.S. military brass and former administration officials are publicly pressuring the White House to consider taking the fight against the Islamic State into Syria, warning that the terror organization poses an unprecedented threat to the United States.

“ISIL is as sophisticated and well-funded as any group that we have seen. They’re beyond just a terrorist group,” Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Thursday, adding that the U.S. will have to take a “cold, steely hard look” and “get ready.”

Hagel and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey spoke in ominous terms as they addressed the growing danger posed by the organization that aims to form a caliphate across northern Iraq and Syria, and possibly beyond.

Their comments suggested something more than a “limited” military mission — as the White House says is being pursued in Iraq — is ultimately needed to blunt, and defeat, the Islamic State.

Dempsey, speaking after IS militants beheaded American journalist James Foley, tackled the sensitive topic of whether the organization can be dealt with without uprooting their foothold in Syria.

“To your question, can they be defeated without addressing that part of their organization which resides in Syria? The answer is no. That will have to be addressed on both sides of what is essentially at this point a nonexistent border,” Dempsey said.

Military analysts say the comments Thursday are a clear sign that Pentagon leaders are pressing President Obama to approve an expanded campaign, potentially in Syria.

Whether such options might include airstrikes in Syria, or lesser measures, is unclear. Dempsey said airstrikes are not necessarily required, but Hagel said “we’re looking at all options.”

Dempsey pointed to the need for a “coalition in the region” to take on the terror group.

But retired Gen. Jack Keane, former Army vice chief of staff and Fox News military analyst, said “the air power campaign must be applied in Syria … as well as in Iraq.”

Keane said it’s “pretty obvious” that Dempsey and Hagel are pushing the White House and said they are likely putting new military options before the president.

Former high-level military and diplomatic officials are applying similar pressure from outside Washington.

Retired Gen. John Allen, who led the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan, penned a column on Defense One saying the Islamic State “must be eradicated.” He wrote that the U.S. and its allies should operate against the organization “from Mosul in the east across its entire depth to western Syria.” As for the question of sovereignty in Bashar al-Assad’s Syria, Allen called Syria a “failed state” not deserving the respect of a sovereign entity.

Former U.S. ambassador to Syria Robert Ford also said on NPR that there “absolutely” is a case for considering U.S. airstrikes in Syria. Speaking on Fox News on Friday, Ford echoed the comments, while saying “airstrikes alone do not solve the problem.”

Airstrikes, though, raise the question of whether the U.S. would partner with Assad, the dictator whose ouster the White House previously sought amid the regime’s bloody civil war with opposition groups, including IS.

Ford said Assad cannot be a “reliable partner,” blaming Assad for boosting the Islamic State and its predecessor in Iraq in years past — and questioning whether the regime is doing enough now to stop its advance.

Keane predicted that if the U.S. launches attacks against the Islamic State in Syria, “I don’t think [Assad] will engage us.”

Keane called for simultaneously boosting military support and funding to moderate opposition groups in Syria. But he said the incremental increases in airstrikes and advisers in northern Iraq do not constitute a military strategy.

Retired Maj. Gen. Bob Scales, a Fox News military analyst, said Congress is going to ultimately have to get involved if this becomes a broader military effort.

“What the military is trying to do is get ahead of it,” he said. “I think Dempsey understands very clearly this is a multiyear campaign that is going to have to eventually involve Congress, the administration and the American people. He’s trying to set the conditions and tell the American people, get ready. This is all starting over again.”

If we did go to war with boots on the ground, will we defeat and crush the barbarians or not?

What say you? – Fire Away…Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. “If we did go to war with boots on the ground, will we defeat and crush the barbarians or not?”

    Not with our current leaders who want to play “diplomacy” with our enemies. A complete change of leadership is needed first, people who are willing to go in and go in hard, fast, ruthless and get the job done correctly!

    However I’m not in the military nor do I really understand the rules of combat, yet ALL I’ve been seeing lately from our current leaders is “Negotiate, Negotiate, Ignore, Threaten, Ignore, Negotiate, Negotiate, Threaten again, Negotiate and play golf!” It’s not very encouraging and if we do send foot troops…they’re going to be fish in a barrel for our leaders don’t want to pull the trigger! Only negotiate with hollow threats and pretend we’re winning…yet our brave sons and daughters are being slaughtered as our enemy cheers “Allah Akbar!”

    The black sheep needs to be kicked out of the corral and a guard dog installed! One who isn’t afraid to rip out a few throats as well as bare his teeth!

    • I heard a gentleman talking about this issue yesterday somewhere, I think on Fox…anyway, he says if we really wanted to demolish these bastards we’d have to commit what are considered war crimes these days, being the ROEs the military have in place now. He stated we need to do what was was done during WWII…I think he even quoted Patton too.

      Anyway, can’t find the video, wanted to include it in the blog post too. – but ya’ll get the drift.

      • Flame throwers and napalm sounds good too me!

        In the words of Insanity Wolf;


        Lol! Silly, yet gets the point across and even makes you want to smile! 🙂

          • It’s disheartening when our our solider’s are forced too kill children in the fires of war…I wish that on no one…however…I fear some may have no choice for our enemy isn’t afraid to use children to fight there wars!

            Damn them! Damn the bastards to the deepest pits of hell! May they be torn apart slowly day by day for all eternity in hell and may the pain be more and more unbearable each day!

            I’d sooner forgive a thousand traitors then a single man who trains young souls to murder and kill for the sake of killing in the name of his moon god…or ANY god!

            I pray the poor soul who has no choice but to act, can find the strength to forgive himself! Lets hope such an action never arises…I can only hope!

            I may sound over dramatic, but I mean every word!

          • You don’t sound over dramatic whatsoever…I share your same thoughts too.

            Amen to all you stated.

          • I know.

            I’m just so used to liberal back talk accusing me of being “overly dramatic” and that I’m jumping at Fox News Boogie-Men.

            Argument: “Don’t know, don’t care, not our problem and only reason we’re hearing all these right wing lies is so we can grub the oil! It’s all about war for oil!”

            What IS IT with liberals and the oil remark?! Maybe if we did get ahold of the bloody oil we would be seeing $1.39 per gallon gas prices again! Anyway…it’s getting rather monotonous after all these years in that being the excuse not to act and or support our troops and vets.

          • One thing about it Wolfie, we don’t need any oil from any other place but our own. We have tons of it…the leftist have stopped a lot of it in various ways which I’m sure you know…especially with those in power now. We will prevail when all is said and done. We have to…it’s a must.

        • Okey I had to rewrite this…sounded so wrong first time! Lol!

          I’m tired of liberals and the left screaming ‘oil grubbing warmonger’ whenever our leaders seek to use our military intervention overseas!

          There…that sounds better! Lol!

          • Yep. Thank goodness for private land and fracking to-boot, etc!

            Btw…if we get a repub prez in we can get the Keystone Pipeline going too at full force.

        • kentuckydoug says:

          Hell, forget ‘snorting or sorting ashes” after the bombing, and just have the world’s largest pork BBQ roast!! Invite all the muslin world: you know how much they regard hogs. and for starters let drop a few 1000 lbs’ers on the ISIS headquarters, that will clear them out faster than someone inviting the Obumbler in Chief to a golf game.

      • Stuart Devers says:

        Back in Englanstan, we have already committed boots on the ground in the respect of all the Muslims joining in the conflict in Iraq and Syria!!!

        The last time large numbers of people left the UK to fight for a political/ideology cause was the Spanish Civil War…times have changed a lot since then…

        A fact that seems to have never been mentioned much in the press/media is what the hell are the Arab League doing to appease the violence??? Same with the U.N!!!

        What i have seen from most European countries is total apathy ,in helping to combat the violence and bloodshed what’s happening in Iraq/Syria…

        Believe me if anything does happen, American will have to act like big brother to some of these European countries ,in the respect of American personnel dying to keep the West free from the ISIS threat!!!!
        What’s left of the British army will also get involved at some stage….(when they stop sacking them)

        All the countries in West should contribute personnel (even the French) to eradicate ISIS,NOT JUST LEFT TO ENGLISH SPEAKING WORLD!!!!

        God Bless All

    • Excellent points Wolfie and I concur! One side of me wants our soldiers and marines to get involved, but I fear we’re going to play the same old game of fighting a war with one arm tied behind our back. There does indeed need to be a complete change of leadership, but that won’t occur until 2016.

      If we do get involved, we need to bomb them like there’s no tomorrow; turn the entire region where these rodents roam into glass! Unfortunately, the will of the American people, I suspect, won’t allow it.

      One last point: Why the Hell aren’t Saudi Arabian forces doing something about it? Why the Hell does the U.S. always have to be the one snuffing out Islamic camel humpers?

      • Stuart Devers says:

        Total endorse your point about Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries…

      • I asked that myself many times upon hearing each saddening report on ISIS land grub and ethnic cleaning actions.

        I hypothesis a lot of it has to do with “Big Brother Syndrome.”

        The term refers to the scenario of a big older brother who fights the fights for his little brother whenever they arise. The little brother feels safe and lets his big brother defend him. However, when big brother goes off to collage, leaving little brother to defend himself, he cannot for he he’s always had his big brother to fight for him and now…he didn’t know what to do. All he wants to do is tough it out until big brother comes home from collage. The idea of fighting back scares him and he refuses.

        That’s my theory anyway. America is the big brother fighting the fights and now…he’s off at collage and the big bully next door named ISIS has come to take it out on the little bro, because big bro kicked his rear in grade school.

  2. “You Do Realize that the U.S. Funded and Trained ISIS, Right?”


    They have no air power/Air cover
    They are literally sitting ducks in the modern drone age

    • Exactly Etudo!

      ISIS has been created, funded, trained and fully supplied by US operatives – the US government just as is/was the case with al Qaeda. The “rebels” (ISIS) created to topple the al-Assad government, the same government protecting Christians and non orthodox Muslims but made out to be “the enemy” by the US government even suposedly but never using chemical weapons (that was the “rebels”) all propogandized by the Fifth Column media through ALL media source. Shades of the cover-up regarding the pre-planned assassination of Stevens in Benghazi………………, today supposedly “under investigation” (more kabuki) by a few members of Congress that will, of course, never go anywhere.

      Less than .00001% of Americans have the ability to investigate, to know, instead going near solely upon emotion as witness to the “Yosemite Sam” reaction to ISIS, now……………… These idiots will never allow themselves to see whom the masters controlling everything happen to be, responsible for everything……………

  3. No ground troops. Strictly air power. B-52’s, B-1’s and B-2’s fully loaded with conventional bombs. Carpet bomb them to their 72 virgins. A-10 Warthogs to mop up the remaining towelheads.

  4. And then we have this clueless airhead on the O-Team…

  5. The only way I would agree to boots on the ground, is if we threw out the ROE, and enacted “Total War” rules. Like Col. Ralph Peters suggests.

    We are wasting too many US soldiers lives, and too much US treasure to be farting around with these animals. If they want to live in the fifth century, then by Christ, let’s give them what they want, and kill absolutely anyone who shows even the slightest resistance. The only way to get it through their skulls is to go midevil on them, and leave no stone or brick standing.

    You can’t win a war by being nice and civilized to your enemies, especially when your enemy is not civilized himself. D.C. Wants to declare war? Fine, do it, let slip the dogs of war, then stay out of the military’s way until the ragheads crawl on their knees begging for us to stop killing them.

    • Hear! Hear! Our namby-pamby, PC ROEs have to go…or will not win, and we will not win swiftly.

      Btw…did you see a few posts above I mentioned the ROEs too. – GMTA…or something like that. 😉

  6. We’re already involved, we been involved ever since we were named “The Great Satan!” They ain’t going to stop until one of us is dead! That’s what a jihad is! It’s a holy war and or a great struggle to wipe out the the greatest enemy around…us!

    We can ignore it, but all that’s going to happen is they’re going to take time to build up and strike again! They are relentless and will never stop until one or the other is dead…and they don’t fear death for to them its a great honor to be killed by the greatest enemy, for in there mind its an automatic trip to heaven!

  7. Laura Wesselmann says:

    I don’t trust Obama or his like-minded military commanders to get the job done. He will only sacrifice American soldiers at the alter of rules of engagement. He and his minions are a bunch of gutless SOBs.

    • You have a good point there. Plus, O has given out how many pink slips to our military that are serving abroad now? A lot…thousands of them. And to top that off, he’s shrinking our military force to pre-world war two days. He’s nothing but entity of destruction to this nation.

    • Well Laura, then let’s name names, shall we…

      Bush sacrificed thousands of American lives to stroke his ego and to “please” his dad…

      He invaded Iraq on a lie to the American people…

      So, stay will it and make sure you spread the blame around and don’t forget the other worthy recipients, like Bush and Cronies…

      • The Bush blame game goes on. I despise you leftists, you are to blame for much. As far as I’m concerned you are the part of the enemy within I’m fighting. You and your ilk must be defeated to smithereens.

        • …. Them are fighting words, huh – too funny

          Blame gAme ? As opposed to look facts in the eye – or those that have fallen for Bush and cronies… Followed by those wo have Nd will fall for Obama.

          I am neither a leftist nor do I despise anyone – even if they are misguided.
          Those poor souls deserve and have my compassion….

          PS: if you’d know your history, you’d know about the ” sins of our fathers “

          • Oh you want to play bible stand off then? Okie-dokie!

            Deuteronomy 24-16:
            “Fathers shall not be put to death for their sons, nor shall sons be put to death for their fathers; everyone shall be put to death for his own sin.

            Ezekiel 18-20:
            “The person who sins will die. The son will not bear the punishment for the father’s iniquity, nor will the father bear the punishment for the son’s iniquity; the righteousness of the righteous will be upon himself, and the wickedness of the wicked will be upon himself.”

            Responsibility to the responsible and consequences for the ingrates!

            I may have sleep a lot through bible school but I do remember those lectures and my great grandfather was a stern lecture on the bible and moral lesions!

      • Hey Walt check out how many people Obama has killed with drones. Is that Bush’s fault?


        Btw Isis has the weapons of mass destruction now that liberals say weren’t there!

    • This kind of insolent crap wouldn’t happen if we had a strong leader who wasn’t a world wide laughingstock.

      • You said it all in a nutshell.

      • Really, do tell how the rise of Isis is the presidents fault.

        Would you then blame Bush for 9/11? Would be fair since on his watch..

        Why not keep it real, least for arguments sake.

        • Why do you defend everything O does…hmm?

          Btw…getting tired of you libs always blaming Bush for everything. O has been a zero president for six years, he detests this country, circumvents congress, has tons of real scandals…and no accountability for anything. He is a lawless POS, the likes of which this nation has never seen since her inception.

        • Yo dumbass, my post was in response to BigTimers link about a Chinese aircraft messing with a US military aircraft. Maybe instead of jumping to conclusions, you should try reading some of the posts before you make a stupid comment.

          But my post can also stand for many things. If your messiah had any balls, other nations wouldn’t be testing our resolve. Because Ovomit is a pussy, the US stands a good chance of being attacked by some third world crap nation like North Korea, or any of the Mideast raghead nations.

  8. No boots on the ground.

    Religious wars in particular are none of our business.

    But of course we will bring boots, this is meddling America..

    I would choose to bomb the skeet out of those religious freaks and their land.

    And then send our governments best friend Monsanto in to poison the place for 50 centuries. It’s what they do best!

  9. Sen. Inhofe warns that ISIS is eying a major US city.

    I also heard on the radio news that the FBI is telling this nation to be on the alert for ISIS barbarians that may have crossed the border. How lovely…we have open borders thanks to O and his team…and we’re supposed to be on alert? – Well duh!

    • Really. Open borders are Obama’s fault…?
      Did you sleep during the Shrub’s reign, when billions were spent to build fences on the border.. An exercise that was eventually scrapped… The billions gone and the border still open.

      Pick your battles and culprits with knowledge, not stuff you’ve been fed!

  10. Here’s an example of what’s happening with US citizens…

  11. scizzorbill says:

    I agree with Edtudo and Walt. Even though our government has assisted/trained/supplied these maniacs, we had better stop them now. Boots on the ground with politically correct rules of engagement will only insure defeat and lots of body bags like the last Iraq and current Afghan wars. We are being manipulated by the elites and no end in sight. Airpower and lots of it,, now!

    The false flag open southern border supposedly to help the ‘children’ is really designed to usher in armed terrorists. Isis promised to ‘see us in New York. They have an open invitation.

  12. This is a good read. – Is ISIS already in the WH?


  13. Spurwing Plover says:

    Why do these cowards hide their faces what are they so afraid of?

  14. mic doodle says:

    If its a mnited engagement, then no. If its all out total war with no imits on equipment or resources that the troops get, then sure. Since that will never happen, then no.

  15. How about the Saudis spending a trillion dollars and fighting their own gd war for a change piss on the war mongers,old men lie while young men die .

  16. FBI, DHS…BOLO alert.

    Wow, what was their first clue?

    • That scag needs to change her name to “Barf” ‘cuz that’s what she makes me want to do….

      • grumpy…

        Same here…talk about a ditzy empty-headed blonde bimbo, she fit’s the bill to a T… Goldie Hawn on Laugh-In was a genius in comparison!

  17. Business is booming! – AK’s going for 700.00…

  18. Just Observant says:

    We shouldnt of financed them to begin with.

  19. Here’s the reason Obama and team use the acronym ISIL…it’s eye-opening.

  20. I have to get a good laugh how the media portrays these savages as a dangerous and powerful military force to be reckoned with.

    Pick up trucks and AK 47’s, a handful of tanks and a bit of artillery. OH BOY!

    Does anyone remember the highway of death? A mile long endless column of burned out tanks, apc’s and other military trucks from desert storm?

    Get real an all out war by the Airforce and Navy would devour these animals.

    Instead of boots on the ground how about nukes on the ground? We only have about 10,000 of them!

  21. Satellites have facial recognition capabilities from orbit now…
    and attack drones can see through smoke, heat signatures at night…

    Drones in the sky 24 hours a day. nothing moves wihout an attack. Those cute little convoys of trucks with weapons in the back -toast. They won’t be able to advance when they are continually under attack.
    This a joke right? “Oh what do we do now?”

    How about rules of engagement that allow our boys to win?

  22. Boots on the ground?…well ,I did Nam… son did 3 tours in Iraq….
    I say let Obama and Congress put on the gear and be the first ones in.

  23. The war on terror is a scam as its a never ending war. Time to get out of there and if they want to come here let them come see a 200 million man army.

    • Heh…there too smart to do that! They maybe primitive but they are not fools to rush into a battle they know they cannot win! No…they would rather collapse us from the inside with sabotage, political power installments, corruption, cripple our military, maybe even throw us into a paranoia with a few bombings here and there.

      Excite disloyalty, encourage riots and Islamic fan clubs, get the weak minded to rally together and cheer “Allah Akbar!” And “Islam is a religion of peace! Death to Zionists, Jew and Christians!” until we are so crippled and weak…then they move in the heavy troops…and you know what? It be with an open arm celebration!

      Frog in the bowl of slowly heated water scenario. We’ll never see it coming if our leaders keep playing this futile diplomacy game! As the song by Five Finger Death Punch goes “War is the answer!”

  24. No kidding and the sh!t you say…who knew?!

    Is Obama listening…hell NO!

  25. No boots on the ground in sand land. Let them kill each other. If they come here we can give them a treat. Otherwise we don’t need another stinkin’ democrat Vietnam. The dems own this mess. Let them live with it without sacrificing American boys. Only obama and pals need to put their boots on the ground. Let’s send the traitors and deserters to fight over there.

  26. TotallyPeeved says:

    No. We should relocate all non pisslamics into the new country of Kurdistan and turn the rest into rubble, with no survivors. I leave it to the weapons experts how best to do that. Then we take over the rubble and we own the land and the oil.

  27. VoiceOfReason says: