No one can rationally expect a country to self-immolate. The immolation currently taking place in the United States is being ignited by corrupt politicians. They insult the responsible, American taxpayer with lies and innuendo, unkept promises, and outright attacks on our Constitutionally-guaranteed liberties. Scandal after scandal until it all turns into a big mishmash of confusion and corruption.

American citizenship is precious to Americans. The ability to pursue the American Dream is one rarely found in other countries. Yet, American citizenship and/or the blessing of living here is being handed out like so many game pieces in the Washington game of Monopoly where the government controls all.

Europe is experiencing the same immigration nightmares. The lie of ‘diversity’ is evident in Englandistan where Muslim foreigners patrol London streets enforcing barbaric sharia standards. Muslims decapitate a soldier in the streets and pose for pictures so blatant is their hatred of the host country that provides their welfare sustenance.

AWD met a young man in Dallas this past week who moved to Texas from London a year ago with his wife. He said that the Muslim problem there was more than half of the reason they fled their homeland. By the way, he loves Texas. Why wouldn’t he?

Illegal immigrants everywhere whine to propaganda TV cameras while spewing politically correct dogma. These parasites don’t concern themselves with political correctness as they brazenly brag about taking control as they march down city streets carrying the flags of their failed homelands! They tell us they will take what is ours. They are allowed to parade openly as illegals because they know they can! How much can and will people take?

Western countries are being flooded with unskilled, uneducated dependents. Many of whom are nothing more than criminal thugs looking for more wealthy prey.

Here’s the VP of the Border Patrol Union discussing the danger of illegal immigration:

On a recent interview with Bill Hemmer on Fox, Moran said, “They are coming here to do horrible things.” Amazing! Yet our elected politicians (not leaders) concern themselves with the renaming of the Washington Redskins!

It appears the youth in Europe are tiring of watching their leaders kiss the unwashed, violent asses of savage Muslims intent on taking over their home countries. This is inspirational!

Polls are showing in France that if elections were held today, French Nationalist Marine Le Pen would win by a large margin. She wants to hammer down on Islam globally. Bless her!

Here’s another where youth of many western European countries want to destroy the EU:

How many more Border Patrol agents must we see gunned down by illegal alien thugs who had been caught and released numerous times? My prayers and thoughts are with the family of Agent Javier Vega. How many violent, lawless thugs must we import from Africa and the Middle East to prey on our WWII victims like Rupert Anderson and his wife? Must we sit back while unwashed illegals bring Ebola, TB, and numerous other illnesses to our schools and populations because of corrupt, PC idiots who hold public office?

What will happen when an Imam instructs the millions of mindless Muslims who have infiltrated the Great Satan to attack our schools, malls, public buildings?

America once ran on all eight cylinders because Americans lived here. This was before labor unions, the Chamber of Commerce, Big Business, and Big Banks owned Congress and the White House. We are watching America in its death throes. AWD is not sure it can be saved. Perhaps it is best to let it all collapse and then let the responsible clean up the mess and take out the trash. It will not happen without violence. But neither did the American Revolution.

How much will Americans take before it starts? A people can be pushed only so far.

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  1. Seems to me the sheeple are not just asleep, but in a coma. You know, there are priorities…American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, turning into burping recliners….

    I don’t have cable. Don’t want it. My son likes Bob the Builder DVDs.

    The sheeple want to stay in their comfort zone. To them freedom means freedom to go to the mall or a fast food joint or go out and screw half the town.

    • Alexandra, I totally agree and furthermore I….hey, isn’t it time for the NFL game?

      The refreshing thought is that only 3% of Americans actively participated in the American Revolution.


      • This is actually what the Civil War was all about. It was not slavery, but more the war of two cultures. The wrong culture won and so that’s history. The problem is that most of the people in this comment section still support the wrong culture. We are all stirred by stories of the patriots and the examples of sacrifice in the Revolutionary War. But from 1860 on, an evil force has controlled what we call our country. Sure, our fathers fought in WWII and that was a “good” war and got everyone in the same basket, but what you don’t look at is that with WWI and WWII our freedoms went out the window. This has made people minds some distorted that they only look at the countries symbols and see nothing but myth. Many here would condemn someone that did not stand and say the pledge of allegiance or sing the “Star Spangled Banner”. Yet to change, we need to recognize that what was our country and our impression of it is evil and not the freedom loving entity we thought that it was. So, most people are confused and economically comfortable in their little worlds and do no see the issues that will cause problems. If you present them, then you are just pessimistic or not patriotic or not knowledgeable. Then, voting does not work. Letters don’t work. Expressing your opinion does not work. So the only answer is what we did in 1860. That started with speeches and committees of liberty.

    • Nah, they are like beaten dogs. They feel no matter what they do, nothing pans out or works. So they just roll over and submit.

      However, the reason no matter what is done by the electorate does not produce satisfactory results is due to the choices they make over and over again.

      The problem with these choices is they were pre determined. If I gave you two choices for something and both worked in my favor, then its not really a choice, but an illusion of choice. People keep clinging to ideologies, associations with political parties and methods dealing with the system as a way to change things but these things were the choices presented to them to the establishment. People can’t think outside that box they got locked into. When it doesn’t work, they believe all hope is lost.

      The only way out is to create new options and new ideas that don’t play that game.

    • Snake Oiler says:

      In a coma is right. Not to mention lazy, stupid, deluded, and drug-addled. As long as the left can operate their mind control machinery (TV, movies, and to a lesser degree, print media) unchallenged and unimpeded, you’re only shoveling shit against the tide. The good guys need someone with the dynamism and incorruptible nature of a Robespierre or a Lenin to fire up the ever dwindling pool of those who still get it. And legitimate, non-PC mass media outlets. As I have said before, you can get the unvarnished truth from the alternative media (like right here!), but it is an active process, not well suited for lazy clods and those with the attention span of a gnat. The message has to be shot out and belted against the heads of the passive, ignorant masses. Then, and only then….. It has sunk about as low as it can get. What sort of administration could you come up with in your wildest nightmares that would compare to that of Barry the Bath House Fairy and his Merry Band of Bohemian Buttf*****s?

      • I disagree with your comment (Not to mention lazy, stupid, deluded, and drug-addled.) Comments like this are not uniting people but are actually dividing good Americans because people are not perfect. Everybody has their little imperfections and instead of focusing on them we should be focusing on what the real problem is. People are starting to wake up to what is going on in the world and we should focus on uniting good Americans and good People the world over to counteract the problems that we face. There are always going to be people with different views than ours, and I said ours because I agree with you on a lot of things. That said I think we should stop all immigration and deport all hyphenated Americans because they care more about their home countries that they do America. My ancestors immigrated from Scotland but I don’t call myself (Scottish-American) just an American because I love this country and I hate seeing what is happening to it. As for the muslims, (not capitalized on purpose) don’t even get me started on them this reply is long enough . Anybody that threatens America should be dealt with swiftly and harshly and then doused in pig fat. I have had enough of the America bashers and the whiners (i.e. LGBT, CAIR, SPLC,) and any other alphabet soup organization that hates America and what it was founded on.

  2. Spurwing Plover says:

    Time to round up all illegal aliens and return them to where they came from and make their nation pay te bill

  3. When Americans take it back,

  4. VigilantAsshole says:

    I hate to say it. But the only way the majority will wake up in this country… would be for small groups of patriots to force the hand of the government. Or if a total collapse of the economy was to take place. By total collapse what I mean is government hand outs suddenly end.

    The problem in my opinion is if the second option was to take place. People would turn against each other, mass anarchy would begin, while giving the elitist scum running this country the opportunity to declare martial law. Round up all guns, dissident’s, and just about anyone who won’t bow down to the the elected king.

    Sure the Fed can continue to print money, the two parties can continue to play us against each other while we ignore our true enemy, and liberal media and propaganda can continue making men into PC COWARDS. But we are looking directly into the storm, and most people think a umbrella will suffice.

    I think a good start would be getting rid of the two party system, trashing the electoral college, tear down the Fed Reserve (literally), and set aside tax dollars for those running for office so they can no longer be bought before they even reach office.

    However I know my ideas have no chance, because the machine is too big at this point. That leaves only one realistic option in my mind. But what do I know.

    • Snake Oiler says:

      At least from this perspective, it appears that you know a great deal. I’ve found this short clip from They Live to be quite illustrative of our current situation.

      • VigilantAsshole says:

        I appreciate that. I’m no academic, which I’m sure is obvious by the way I write. Spent a little time at junior college, but most of my younger days were spent working, and chasing women.

        I do try to think for myself, and read as much as I can though.

        I always enjoy your posts, and love coming to this site to free my mind from the people who surround me here in occupied CA.

        I would have moved to Texas years ago, but I don’t enjoy dry, arid climates. I’m eyeing the PNW, or Montana (uncle lives up that way). It’s hard for me to find like minded folks in my peer group in SoCal.

        • Snake Oiler says:

          Excellent! And thank you. Your input is intelligent and well thought out – keep bringing it. Best of luck on finding a new place of residence.

    • ” would be for small groups of patriots to force the hand of the government

      Here is a summary of my plan:
      I already mentioned to RedStater to gather up a small pool of money (and like minded people) and begin suing people who vote for the major parties.
      He liked the idea.
      I however did not mention the rest of it.
      What needs to be done is after some time money made in this fashion, to begin brib..err sponsor small time officials’ campaigns in exchange for handouts (this was inspired by the bailouts).
      I did the calculations. Based on the bail out versus money donated by parties lobbying, there is a huge return on investment.
      Step three:
      Use money gained from lobbying to buy up control and shares of various companies. Use them to begin media outlets that support an ideal that is not of the current false dichotomy of the current system
      Step four:
      By now now, the money gained through suing, taking over businesses, and return on lobbying investments would have gained a significant return.
      This money can be used to create private entities to replace government bureaucracies and functions. This is occurring however the difference is the intent which is to replace those agencies under our control. This would be easy because politicians lack a self preservation instinct but will sell themselves out and their power, just as long they get that money. They can be convinced to give us all that control in exchange for rates that a whore would find shameful.

      Step five:
      Now start having supporters run for office. Not the high visibility ones. The ones that are low visibility, low turn out, high success rate. This would give direct control over various political offices. With the influence through money, services and part owned media, this would make it easier then ever
      Step six:
      Replace services, now by time you have infested various branches of government with private entities (such as the military, police, welfare, social security, healthcare, ,education, road construction ect) and corporations under your control.
      Now any one who supports the current government or two major parties will find out services will be denied to them. Any one of the two major parties will not be allowed on TV or any coverage what so ever. However if they join, they would be given a part of the spoils in the law fare and economic crusade.

      This will create a divide between those who are clinging to the current ideologues of the current false dichotomy versus those who care more about outcome then ideals.

      By now you have created a de facto government which has out grown the current shell of the old dysfunctional one.

      This will piss off the current forces in the end, but due to their willingness to sell themselves out and look the other way, they would be unable to win.

      • Snake Oiler says:

        You are a genius.

        • The tricky part is coming up with an ideal that would give people a sense of belong and new identity that isnt easily absorbed by the left or right. It would have to be a third way.

          • Snake Oiler says:

            Something that would have an appeal to those who reject the doomocrat’s Fascist/Marxist hybrid, the replundercan’s …whatever diluted, nebulous tripe they pretend to stand for, and the Libertardian’s crypto-anarchism. Keep the gears turning, man, you’re definitely on to something.

        • Basically one would have to do what was advised in “48 laws of power” which is redraw the lines of the battle field. So in short find what the two have in common, lump them together and form something thats opposite of that.

          I have considered many options how to achieve this goal. I however need more information, because my knowledge in this area is shaky at best and lacks depth.

          The main plan for a “bloodless revolution” seems remarkably similar to what mutalism prescribes in destroying an old order. Which is hollow them out like an empty shell.

          Beyond that, well my goal through the plan is to unify the nation and make it functional again. Which leads to dealing with the next threat, the threat of Islam.

          As for genius, I’m not sure if I can be called that. I’m a concerned citizen who realizes my destiny and quality of life is determined by the quality of my nation. If it falls, I will suffer, and if it strong and healthy, my life would be much better for it. So constantly asking myself how to solve problems correctly seems to be the source of many of my ideas.

  5. western civilization is under attack every where……from all sides, within and without……from it’s own people…..from invading barbarians…….and it is relentless…..unending……..

    can it be saved……no….it can’t…..at least not without the “gun”…….and some dedicated people sighting those guns in on the proper targets………which is all those who are intent on destroying the republic……

    every day we lose more and more ground…..the “left” has seen it’s chance to take the entire pie with the election of a communist in the white house and has jumped at the chance with everything they’ve got……..the only way to stop them is, unfortunately with violence……or it’s not going to stop….we will continue to lose ground until a real resistance force is formed that is determined to put a stop to the disintegration of our country……….

    the “left” is turning America the beautiful into “America the Shithole”…….and it needs to be stopped………the truth is I fear nothing will happen…….that Americans will simply say “it was good while it lasted” and turn over and go back to sleep…………..

    • Snake Oiler says:

      I believe your last paragraph has things pretty well pegged.

    • VigilantAsshole says:

      I agree with you, and can’t help but see the parallel between the end of our Republic, and the end of the Roman Empire.

      Julius Caesar was also a liberal c**t, much like our current emperor. He believed in redistributing the wealth and lands to the poor, and war veterans (if I remember correctly).

      Of course he, like many other Tyrants tried to disguise his intentions with his social experiments. And preach of how it was for the good of the people.

      He died for his BS, but got what he wanted. Everyone became equal when the system came crashing down, without the rule of law many people become worse than animals. This is simply human nature IMO.

      Those who are not prepared for such realities will be the first to die. The weak are meat, the strong eat.

  6. Snake Oiler says:

    As for what it will take to reverse course, I’m of the mind that there will have to be some sort of major calamity to act as a catalyst. The bulk of the population is sufficiently anesthetized by what the prescient Orwell referred to as ‘prolefeed’. As per Dikipedia:

    Prolefeed is a Newspeak term in the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell. It was used to describe the deliberately superficial literature, movies and music that were produced by Prolesec, a section of the Ministry of Truth, to keep the “proles” (i.e., proletariat) content and to prevent them from becoming too knowledgeable. The ruling Party believes that too much knowledge could motivate the proles to rebel against them.

    When and if said catalyst/calamity does happen, there’s no guarantee that things will go in the right direction. Czarist Russia > WW1 > Revolution/Kerensky > Civil War > Lenin, Stalin, et al. And after a full century, they’re just about back to square one.

    • VigilantAsshole says:

      This is a very good point, and when you couple a shallow, uninformed general public. With a vast welfare state, you get the apathy that we see now.

      I also agree, there is no guarantee that tearing the system down will produce something better.

      I have read a few studies that indicate most people who want to lead, or volunteer to lead. Have a inflated sense of themselves. Among other issues. And once they gain actual power, it only gets worse.

      I’m in need of a few frosty ones to get all this shit off my mind. At least temporarily. You folks have a good weekend.

      • Snake Oiler says:

        Like that interesting guy says, ‘Stay thirsty, my friend’. Or, in your case, ‘Quench that thirst, my friend’. And remain vigilant.

    • Chump Change says:

      But do you think any direction is guaranteed if there is no apocalypse?

  7. Great piece AWD. The people that care about America are awake, the rest are either zombies strolling through life or people out to intentionally destroy any resemblance of America and how it was founded. We all know the mess America is in now didn’t happen overnight it has been going on for quite a while but has definitely accelerated under the progressives. We also know what it would take to bring America back but it wouldn’t be done without a lot of bloodshed I’m sure and I don’t really want it to have to come to that. Who would step up and do something anyway? I don’t know, I had always held out some hope that if it does come to that maybe the good men and women in our Military and Law enforcement might but that hope is dwindling. I’m not blaming them I love our Military it’s the best on earth. We need a leader to step forward whoever that may be. The political system is broke and electing different people may slow down the demise of America but won’t stop it. I don’t know what the future holds but I know who holds the future… Just my 2 cents.

    Bill Whittle…Boiling Frogs


    Born Free…


  8. Navy SEAL Benjamin Smith says Obama is a Muslim & Drops Koran Quran on Ground


  9. Vice President Joe Biden Calls Illegal Immigrants, “Already Citizens”


    Uh, it’s getting late…

    White students no longer to be majority in school


  10. Dwell on this………………. There will never be a flash point.


    • Snake Oiler says:

      The U.S. is well on the way to becoming another Brazil.

    • Wake up and smell the multicultural diversity!

      If the american people were going to do something, it would have already happened.
      Obama/Biden and Pelosi (as well as John Boehner) are going to finish the job with this last great flood of illegal immigrants. 97,000,000 are out of the workforce with the welfare underclass exploding…This really is “the fall of Rome”

      This psychotic lemming like national suicide is sickening and I’m thoroughly disgusted with my fellow americanos. Have no fear, the Millennials are in the wings, all ready to hoist the white flag to a hip hop soundtrack.

  11. Spurwing Plover says:

    End this diversity poppycock end all imagration of any kind and return the ones here illegaly including Obama and his family

  12. Oh man, watching that video by the young French brought tears to my eyes. Maybe there will be a future for the white race – if they are willing to fight and kill for it if necessary. Thanks a lot AWD, you made my day!.

  13. Good time to throw this in.

    A 94-year-old Prophecy Is Fulfilled.

    H.L. Mencken (born 1880 – died 1956) was a journalist, satirist, critic, and Democrat.
    He wrote the editorial below while working for the Baltimore Evening Sun, which appeared in the July 26, 1920 edition.
    “As democracy is perfected, the office of the President represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and complete narcissistic moron.”
    —H.L. Mencken, the Baltimore Evening Sun, July 26, 1920

    • Snake Oiler says:

      Close. Obutthole is more tool than fool. He’s only doing what he is programmed to do, not that it would be at odds with his own ideas.

      • Agreed, he’s simply doing too much “wrong” for it to be coincidental, incompetent, inexperience, or any other excuse his supporters/MSM critics want to use in order to cover for him.

  14. Snake Oiler says:

    “…An insane experiment with multiculturalism and mass immigration…”

    • It’s not an “experiment” amigo.
      The same forces that are moving the Islamist into Europe and that shifted the entire U S industrial base to “China” (see totalitarian- communist- The Peoples’ Republic of), are moving on the absorbtion concept and The North American Union.
      Obama and his commie pals have quite another agenda:


  15. Chicago guy says:

    Here is another reason to despise obummer and his epa.

  16. Frankly, I’m surprised and disappointed it hasn’t started already, well, maybe not surprised, but disappointed for sure. DC needs a thorough cleansing of all three branches, the Executive needs to be wiped out, Congress and the Judiciary, with few exceptions needs the same cleansing. It’d be good to see many of our youth up in arms like those European youth in the linked videos because our youth is where it’s going to get done. What happened in the MS GOP primary is just one example of our corrupted political system, it’s got to be cleaned up and responsibility/blame assigned and punished.

  17. Gee, I hate to quote myself but: “The great wheel of time will grind their arrogance into dust”

    “Tells us what you’ve seen in faraway forgotten lands.
    Where empires have turned back to sand” -MB

    200 or so years was a good run…”It was a hell of a party Woodro”.

    “All things must pass”

  18. Chump Change says:

    America’s real, true patriots will keep their powder dry – like dust in the wind.

  19. Snake Oiler says:

    In response, a Washington Post scribe celebrated the idea that “Whiteness has less and less to do with being American” and averred that nonwhite immigration brings the “fresh blood needed to cure what ails us.” Taking the “sick blood” analogy one step further, a retired Episcopal bishop writing for the Daily Beast alleged that “Racism Is White America’s HIV,” claiming that although it can never be cured, it can at least be contained. Meanwhile, one of Gawker’s endless Rolodex of smug geeks referred to “Ignorant White People” in a headline, while a hairless beta turd at Business Insider wrote an article whose headline included the phrase “White People Suck.”

    What do these four white-bashing columnists have in common? They’re all white. There is indeed a war on whites, but it’s largely being waged by whites. We are a uniquely suicidal race.


  20. these days i am always heart broken ..
    awd is probably close or right on the money ..

  21. “collapse”

    If you know a hurricane is coming you only survive if you prepare to take advantage of the situation. Here’s you chance if with ingenuity and cunning to gain incredible amounts of wealth and power for your self, if done right.

    I tried to do something along of the lines like this but ERRR gone into some major snags that make things unlikely.

  22. LA-Cuphabacra says:

    I keep hoping that as the last of these baby-boomer and “greatest generation” fossils infecting the political landscape continue to die out we’ll see a return to results oriented policy making in Washington. Generation X isn’t far from taking the reigns of power and we are by and large not as idealistic and reality deprived as the Boomers. Yeah there’s the equally loopy Millenials to worry about, but a good dose of the disaster coming our way might wake enough of them up. Then we’ll just have to pick ourselves up by the bootstraps and get back to work.

  23. bargis tryhol says:

    That’s it by golly! After reading this I just can’t take anymore!


  24. Go ahead and give the country away….gov’t keeps getting bigger and bigger..what the Hell just tax the Middle Class..go ahead and tax me..I only have to pay…Car Note every month so I can go to work and you tax me Blind..I only have to buy food..you don’t tax me on food but it’s expensive and then there is gasoline up..up..when dose it ends put my kid through college so he won’t stand on the corner listening to rap music…and selling crack…and having babies….oh and mine Middle Class status that I worked for hard for…I am beginning to feel as if I am no longer in the Middle Class…go ahead keep the borders open let everyone in what the hell school taxes are about to raised again in my town…hmmm…why because the illegals are starting school and we have to hire teachers to teach them English..why because it’s the Law(but they are illegals!!!..I am a Hispanic man born and raised in New York(yes a Blue state with liberals bleeding hearts) I worked hard for everything I have no I come to find out there is a better way just walk into a Welfare Office and you get paid..no need to work stay home smoke crack…watch t.v…..collect thanks to tax payers(suckers like me) …..Gilberto

    • It’s not just an illegal immigration problem at our southern border its an immigration problem. We do have a large number of illegals crossing the border, its the problem we are all aware of as it makes the news. These people can be caught on camera crossing the river, etc. We also have just as many if not more immigrants coming to this country legally. I live in the Dallas, TX area and there are entire neighborhoods of people from India, they are coming over here in droves. You can go to the grocery store at times in Plano and be a minority. While they are law abiding, have jobs waiting for them here, make decent money and pay taxes, in an economy where we have 10% + real unemployment among US citizens why are we just rubber stamping work visas? What do these people do when they arrive? Start having babies, one right after the other, and while the average Caucasian family has 1 or 2 children they have 3 or 4. These babies have dual citizenship (US and India) meaning they are can live and work in either country and are eligible hold the office of President.
      I’m not bashing a group of people by any means, this isn’t necessarily against them but we have a serious problem on our hands and it may already be too late to correct it. Our way of life is under serious threat. When a group of people gets large enough they can start putting their own representatives in office and changing our laws to suit them. Look what is happening in England, last year the #1 name for male children born there was Mohammad. How long before England is an Islamic state and the members of Parliament no longer wear wigs but turbans? I think we are facing a new type of war. Countries used to conquer and claim territory using armies. Why not just populate the country by sending as many people legally as possible and having them reproduce. Takes a little longer but when you finally take control all the infrastructure is untouched.