ISIS murderers beheaded American journalist James Foley in a warning to Obama and America to stop bombing ISIS jihadists as they continue to rape and slaughter their way across Iraq. ISIS is promising to kill Americans anywhere in the world. Just as they’ve been doing.

The American left is as stupid as it is corrupt. Their ideological beliefs can no longer be blamed on naivete. Especially in the case of Islam. I don’t say “radical” Islam because that would be redundant. There is simply too much blood under the bridge to believe that Islam is not a political cult of death bent on world domination.

The Abu Graib story was in the propaganda media headlines for months. The decapitation of James Foley will be over today. American soldiers making fun of terrorist prisoners is news. Muslims cutting of someone’s head is every day. The propaganda media rejoiced in the Abu Graip story because Americans are civilized. Our military doesn’t place women’s underwear on our the head of our enemies. Our college fraternities put women’s underwear on the heads of their brothers. Our modern-day military is supposed to respect the enemy and everything about him and his culture, no matter how savage. Our soldiers must treasure and honor their playbook of death (aka The Koran), holding it in gloved hands with a Muslim imam present to ensure proper respect while our own military institutions forbid American soldiers from possessing Bibles. As the West has sadly learned in dealing with Islam, it’s impossible to win the hearts and minds of people who have neither.

I’ve always found it insane that Western governments continue pretending Islam is anything other than what it is. Islam by it’s actions is a violent, oppressive, cult of death and destruction rooted in hatred and determined to rule the world. But AWD! That’s racist, say the libs. First, Islam isn’t a race. It’s a cult. Second, hasn’t the decades of terrorism and violence from followers of Muhammad proven that indeed Islam is exactly as AWD described?

Here’s the basic synopsis of the ongoing conversation between Islam and Western Governments:

Islam: We are going to kill you and conquer your countries!
Western Governments: No you’re not! You’re the Religion of Peace!
Islam: We will infiltrate your countries, kill your people, and install sharia law!
Western Governments: Hey! Let’s give as many visas as possible to Muslims!

Political correctness has poisoned the minds of the West. Realism is now ridiculed as racism ans such. Here’s the deal. It’s impossible to fight a civilized war with uncivilized savages. Savage animals who encourage their young children to explode themselves and kill infidels are not compatible with Starbucks-swilling, Gap-clothed, soccer moms driving Escalades to the mall. Simply put, Islam is a cancerous disease that doesn’t belong in civilized nations and must be eradicated by any means necessary.

AWD has been saying for years that this will all come to a war of who wants to win more. We know what Islam is prepared to do. They show us everyday. Muslims will do anything and everything they can to destroy the West. They know Western leaders are weak and cowardly and are taking advantage and strengthening their position. Ever find it interesting how Muslims in the West are always crying discrimination when Muslim countries forbid anything non-Islamic? Think Muslims will be concerned about minority rights if they conquer the West?

The West must learn that the traditional “carrot and sticks” policies won’t work with Islam. Muslims aren’t the former Soviet Union. Nor is Islam China. Neither of those countries wanted or want to be vaporized in a nuclear flash. Muslims simply don’t care. And an enemy that doesn’t care to live is not one with whom you can negotiate. You can only grant him his wish. Kill him dead! Muslims respect only one thing. Brute force. America has brute force but doesn’t have the will to use it.

AWD has touted his Kill Them Dead foreign policy for dealing with Muslims for years. Sooner or later, it will be utilized by the West because there will be no other options but capitulation. And AWD will tell you that will never happen in my beloved Texas! Many are investing in gold across America. We are investing in lead.

Kill Them Dead is a simple policy but would be super effective in protecting the West from Muslim terrorism:

1. Immediately remove our troops and assets from Muslim controlled lands. Cut off all forms of foreign aid to any country that is Muslim controlled. Do not sell weapons or armaments to any Muslim country. Completely disassociate ourselves with those parts of the world but leave the following promise written in blood: If any attack on the United States or its assets initiates from your country, we will kill you dead. Without hesitation or mercy.

2. Remove instantly all non-US citizens who are Muslim or come from Muslim controlled countries. Students, tourists, illegals….every single Muslim that is not a US citizen must be deported immediately. Of course, AWD’s plan on securing the border must be implemented immediately.

Muslims who are US citizens must be closely monitored as their loyalty, based on experience, to America is suspect at best. Our safety and security cannot be based on trust for those who have not been trustworthy in America and in other western democracies. Before you libtards start screaming racism, just research Major Hassan of Ft. Hood or the Times Square bomber. Oh, and also that little thing that happened on 9/11. The safety of my family and fellow countrymen comes way above the feelings of Muslims.

Obama should make a national televised speech that declares if ISIS kills another American, the last thing they will see is a blinding flash and feel like they are on the sun for a millisecond. We know, of course, that Obama would much rather drop a nuke on the next Tea Party rally than with his fellow friends of Muhammad. But one day some American President will be forced to use the ultimate power to destroy an enemy that will not hesitate to use the same power on America. Don’t think they’re too far away from nuclear bombs, either.

The battle against Islam is a battle of survival. How long before they once again attack the American homeland and commit the atrocities they’re doing in Iraq in your hometown? Think they would hesitate to take out a school or shopping mall after raping and butchering the women and children there? And yes, liberals, many of the dead will be your friends and family.

I love the sign Pamela Geller posted in the NY Subway system. It was immediately attacked by leftists as “racist” and “Islamaphobic” which means every word is true.


I support the civilized. Annihilate the savage.

After watching weeks of rapes, murders, beheadings, etc from ISIS, we see Abu Graib wasn’t a big deal after all. Ask James Foley if he had preferred women’s underwear on his head rather than getting his head chopped off!

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  1. Doctordrewl says:

    Abu Graib is more relevant now than ever… You think those photos made it harder for these monsters to be brutal? Don’t buy into the clash of civilization concept… What’s going on in the Middle East is about Imperialism… It’s almost always justified via controlled opposition.

  2. And what BHO just had to say a few minutes ago really has ISIS shaking in their blood-filled boots.


  3. OBAMA the Muslim – HIS OWN WORDS

    Muslims practice taqiya, or sanctified lying for the cause of advancing the spread of Islam.

    NAVY Seal Ben Smith drops Koran

    Michael Savage on Islam

  4. The same idiot leftists (I know, repetitive.) that cry about ‘separation of church and state’ and feminism, and pro-homosexual rights, are more than willing to accept Sharia law! It is insanity! The very defenders of these animals are the first ones to go to the chopping block… LITERALLY!

    I agree. Nuke them from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure!

  5. Stuart Devers says:

    Like most sane people i am totally disgusted by this and other barbaric acts committed against innocent/defenceless citizens.. In the name of Islam…
    American/British/coalition forces died in Desert Shield/Storm for what????

    What really f_ _ _S me off about the government’s both sides of the pond is the way they are always appeasing Islam!!!!

    Ex service men both sides of the pond have to put up with all this crap when they are fighting on the front line… Several British soldiers have been prosecuted and even imprisoned for not adhering to human rights issues….

    Same with some American servicemen…

    Can you imagine when the British liberated Belsen and being worried about offending any SS captured..Same with the Americans when liberating Dachau…..Its a fight fire with fire!!

    I say f_ _k Islam and all its barbaric teachings and ideology… Would you appease a rabid dog??

    No,you would put a bullet in its head!!

    I will pray for James Foley and his family in name of my god!!!

    God bless all

  6. For conservative people who always talk about the the infallibility Constitution, you certainly are willing to break it when it suits you. Part of so called separation of church and state means that there will be no legal reservations for any specific religion. It would be unconstitutional for you to specifically target moslems for deportation or monitoring. Theres nothing you can do. The moslem is here to stay, they after all built the fabric of this nation.

    • Freedom of religion is one thing, but belonging to a proven dangerous cult where it’s members are determined to commit mass genocide at a giving signal is another and yes, Islam is a dangerous cult founded by a Dangerous man and or warlord!

      As a metaphoric example, think of it as sharing a duplex home with Charily Manson and his family, after all Charlie’s belief system was about “Love and Peace” also! Wouldn’t sharing the same living space with them make you feel very uncomfortable and want to keep a close eye on them and or evict those would pull a knife on you and yell “Helter Skelter!” (Metephoric example of “Allah Akbar!”)

      Well that’s how we feel about Islamics! We’re sharing a duplex with the Charley Manson family and don’t feel very comfortable about it.

      No one was suggesting prohibiting the free exercise of the first amendment, just making sure no is going to pull a ‘Jihad’ on home ground.

      • Im pretty sure expelling all moslem students from the country for no reason other than their Mohammadian faith is against the constitution. Visitors to our country are protected by our constitution too.

        • That’s the way things happen during times of war!

          Well at least they will be given a ride home and not locked up in a prisoner camp like what we did to the Japanese in WW2.

          To answer the other question…honestly the only place I would love to see nuked to oblivion is Mecca…or at least bombed to nothing but a deep dark creator!

          I’d also like a brand new 4×4 Ford Ranger with an ice chest full of Steel Reserve 211 High Gravity and a foxy lady in the passenger seat who thinks I’m the Stud of Studs…but…it will never happen so what I want is irrelevant in truth! 😛

        • “Faith”?
          How about a totalitarian ideology posing as a “religion of peace”

          Sedition is not covered by The Constitution amigo.

    • SalsaChupacabra says:

      Obamist, your heart is in the right place vis-a-vis your desire to protect religious liberties as they are guaranteed in our Constitution. The problem is that Islam-As-Religion is indistinguishable from Islam-As-Totalitarian-Political-Ideology. It is one thing to want the freedom to practice your faith and live your life as you see fit, but quite another thing entirely to see your faith as supreme above all others; requiring you to wage ideological and literal warfare in order to ensure its dominance in society. Utilizing the surveillance powers of the state is arguably a necessary evil in order to ensure that Muslims don’t go from being harmless eccentrics to dangerous insurgents. Freedom of Religion has its place, but it is by no means a more important right than the immutable right to life and security in one’s nation.

  7. Spurwing Plover says:

    And were still buying their oil so the damn polar bears wont come to harm SCREW GREENPEACE and ROBERT REDFORD lets drill in the ANWR and tell the granola munchers/tree huggers to GO POUND SAND

  8. Why can’t we join our friends in Isreal and once and for all get rid of these terrorist flying over and dropping several bombs…big deal why don’t we just drop everything we have

  9. Spurwing Plover says:

    These cowards hide their faces behind hoods and masks this hooded pig needs a sniper bullet right into his brain

  10. Chump Change says:


    Yes. Simple, as that.

    It’s not acceptable that Republicans are swapping pictures of six year old girls dressed like pole dancers, just because Democrats are swapping pictures of six year old girls dressed like pole dancers. The Republicans’ pictures aren’t even acceptable if Democrats are swapping six year old girls.

    Black or white, burqa or calico, it’s the act that matters, not the actor. Or, so I thought was the point of this blog.

    And – by the by – The Boston Marathon would be a much better comparison than Abu Graib.

    • SalsaChupacabra says:

      I can’t speak for the Irate Pale-faced Male himself, but my take from the tile of the article was that it is meant to point out the disproportionate media response to Abu Graib vs. the relative non-response to the recent beheading of an American journalist. I doubt we’ll be hearing about the latter for long, whereas the talking heads couldn’t shut up about the former for weeks.

      On the other hand, I agree with you in principal that wrong is wrong no matter whodunnit.

  11. Obama Rushes Off To Golf Course After Giving Statement On Beheading…

    Obama should have announced the releasing of a 1000 drones operating 24 hrs a day hunting ISIS members…No above ground movement unopposed period!

  12. Islam, the religion of pieces.

  13. Obama gave a little speech on the beheading of an american with no tie and filled with scripted platitudes and hackneyed cliches. He then headed off to golf.

    (Instead of announcing the release of 500 drones to oppose these psychopathic ISIS vermin in the sky 24 hours a day. Clue: they have no air cover and are literally sitting ducks and this Islamic sympathizer refuses to act with the full force and might of the U S military!)

    ” The U S is not and will never be at war with Islam” —-Barrack Hussein Obama

    • I’d like to reply with one of my humors jokes and or poke fun at the black sheep in office, however…nothing funny about what happened to that poor man who was savagely murdered! 🙁

      “Hell is full of good wishes and desires, but heaven is full of good works and actions!”
      – Saint Bernard

      “The worst sin is not the acts of wicked people, but when good people stand by and watch as innocents suffer!”
      – Origin Unknown

  14. The US media has sold out completely to leftist. Their knee-jerk reaction on anything is to be anti-American because their bosses (the Democratic party) is anti-American. Any small infraction any American does is magnified by the US media (the democratic media) into some attack on basic humanity. America is demonized constantly. If the enemies of America do something completely outrageous and barbaric our democrat media will broadcast it a few days and then the incident is forgotten. On the film of the beheading alone we should have a terrific armed response against ISIS and kill ever one of them. With Obama……(the racist)…. nothing will be done because, after all, the reporter beheaded was just a white man.