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The other day, Dennis Mangan posted this video by the great CGP Grey (producers of incredibly pithy, informative videos, such as The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England Explained  and Can Texas Secede from the Union?).

Other astute observers have discussed this problematic future before (see, e.g., The Derbs, Half Sigma, or Douglas Rushkoff). It’s all very worthwhile considering before it’s any further upon us.

I don’t wish to duplicate the effort here, but rather look at a potentially troubling scenario—one that I will call, for fun, “institutional racism”.

In the film Elysium, the Earth-bound enforcement of laws and meting of justice is entirely within the domain of robots (AI). I think there is something to this. Wouldn’t the idea of replacing biased judges and evil, racist cops by wholly objective machines—dispassionately weighing evidence and judging solely upon that evidence and strict logic—be just too grand a prospect to resist?

Now consider: That artificial intelligence has to be programmed. And who will program it? The output of radical, left-wing academia: i.e., liberal dweebs. But these sniveling Liberal Establishment sycophants will just be the order-takers, transmuting commands into code.

So from whom will they take their orders?

From bureaucrats in the ever-expansive Federal Leviathan.

And what will these Federal Leviathan bureaucrats demand of the “justice” and “law enforcement” algorithms coded by the dweebs?

They will demand of the code exactly what they demand of the present-day courts: That the enforcement of the law not be “colorblind”, but, rather, that it does not exhibit a “disparate impact” upon Africans and Latinos.

I.e., the “social justice” model programmed into the machines, in order to fulfill the ridiculous dictates of “disparate impact” ideology, will either have to convict a lot of innocent whites, or release a lot of guilty blacks and browns.

Put another way, the very same insanity currently being foisted upon us by radical left-wingers in every hall of power will simply be coded into machines by the very same “moral and intellectual superiors” who lord over us now.

But there’s one big difference between radical, left-wing people, and radical, left-wing machines:

The Powers That Be will declare that the overtly racist decisions of the artificial intelligence are “inherently objective” as they’re the work of “strictly logical” algorithms based upon “nothing but data”, and not evil, rednecky racism. Following, the left will, as usual, claim that anyone who objects to their robotically controlled social engineering is anti-science, anti-technology, a Luddite, a rube, a racist, a throwback who deserves to be eradicated from polite society, etc.

Now expand this to other areas where “disparate impact” has wormed its tentacles: school discipline, employment, vendor selection, scholarships, academic admissions, etc.

I.e., the discrimination that we, as whites, face today will be far worse in this hypothetical future, for this anti-white animus in our judicial system will be universal, hard-coded, and impossible to challenge.

In conclusion, he who controls the programmers controls the future. And right now, those in control hate us. This must change.

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  1. From way back in the days I did some programming, there was an acronym frequently used to describe an errant programmer – GIGO – G.arbage I.n G.arbage O.ut

  2. Spurwing Plover says:

    All 50 states needs to totaly suceed from WASHINGTON D.C. and the UNITED NATIONS time to become a independent nation again and lets also round up and deport all illegal aliens and Black thugs

  3. We are all already out here . All across America ! —–If all states could suceed from washington in time
    we would. But,…it may only be 5 or 10 states to break away. Probably far northern states.

    If people would just network with each other.