Dudes and dudettes, congressman Trey Gowdy has been quietly working behind the scenes since he’s been named head of the Select Committee, much to the dems disdain. Now, when it comes to the investigation regarding what really happened in Benghazi and the deaths that ensued during that time, the O-Team has hoped we would have forgotten all about that silly non-issue by now. Scandals, what scandals!? – Not a smidgeon of proof dontcha know!

Anyway folks, Gowdy recently named a three star Army general to head the legal team on his committee and this may cause a major nightmare scenario for the O-Team, specifically Hillary ‘Rotten’ Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama as well.

Have your popcorn at the ready, this will start-up in September…fasten your seat-belts friends, it’s going to be one helluva an bumpy ride!

By the way, we also know the majority of the leftist msm will not cover what happens behind the scenes (unless forced to), for reasons which are obvious…but we have Al Gore’s Superhighway and C-SPAN to keep us updated and informed with what will be taking place shortly, it’s just a matter of days before the fireworks start! – I can’t wait, how ’bout the rest of you?

Keep in mind, Gowdy is a former prosecutor that’s never lost a case…and I have a good feeling he’s not going to lose this fight either! – Then again, I could be wrong…or I could be right. Time will tell when all is said and done.

Anyway, see what you think after you take a glance at some reports below that pertain to this issue. All are short, succinct and right to the point:

1.) Three-star army general to lead legal team for Benghazi Select Committee

2.) #Benghazi: retired Lt. General to head Select Committee legal team

3.) BREAKING: Trey Gowdy’s Secret Weapon in the Benghazi Hearings Revealed. Obama Is Scared!

4.) Revealed: Trey Gowdy’s New Benghazi Secret Weapon Could Give Hillary Clinton Nightmares


As a side-note: Here’s one more scandal that’s going on via the illegality of the O-Team, completely different than this topic, but still very relevant…and if you want to, you could make connections to all above in one form or another when it comes to the big picture of things and all the he ties that bind:
BREAKING: Nonpartisan Agency Report: Bergdahl Swap was Definitely ILLEGAL

So, do you think O or Hill are, and have been secretly shuddering in their shoes behind the scenes…or not? What scheme do you think either of them will attempt to come up with when Gowdy gets into the meat of the matter and exposes their outright lies during his investigation…hmm?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Spurwing Plover says:


  2. issue subpoenas…..swear them in under oath…..make these sons-a-bitches tell the truth or we will charge you with perjury…..imprison those that refuse to testify until they agree to testify…….

    subpoena president Shtistain…..make him testify under oath………subpoena Cankles…..force her to testify…….get them all………….

    find out who threatened those military personel that were at the facility and told them that if they speak about this incident they will lose their pensions…..and will be charged with conspiracy……and forced to deal with the legality of the federal government coming after them……..who was it that threatened them and force those bastards to testify as to who told them to threaten our military personnel………..

    any and all that committed crimes are to be charged and “”when”” found guilty see to it that they get their lengthy prison stay in their orange jump suits………….

    get this scandal out in the news…..hold news conferences daily…..make everyone aware of the corruption of this communist junta of Shitstain, Cankles Clintoon, and Holder…………

    arrest Shitstain……..arrest Cankles………..perp walk them hand cuffed behind their backs and in leg irons……make sure you do bodily cavity searches………and take pictures so we can all enjoy their arrest, capture, and daily rituals in their prison garb………….


    • Bluto…

      You know I agree with all you said, but I’m starting to wonder if anyone cares anymore. Everything is Mike Brown and Ferguson…I can’t take anymore of that.

      Just tired, glad you’re here. Been wondering where the heck you’ve been the last few days..hope all’s well with you.

      • things are fine…..been here really late at night a couple of nights like 2 or 3 in the morning…….

        • That’s good to know…just glad to know you and your health is fine. Hope your pair of cat burglars are doing fine and still hard at work keepin’ ya a happy man as well.

          Btw Bluto…do you think in the big picture of things, this nation as a whole gives a flying fig about Benghazi and the Gowdy investigation?

          • second part of the questin first……no….the dumb-ass electorate couldn’t care less but we still have to expose these bastards………

            Oogy and Zog are doing fine…….I have three more……King Tut, Sneaky Pete and now I have a new one Ragamuffin………King Tut nailed the people’s cat behind me and one of the kittens looked just like King Tut……all black with white paws…….the lady behind pulled a fast one on me……King Tuts off-spring started following him around and he ended up on my door step… neighbor claims someone dropped him off but she let him out so he would follow his daddy around…..she knew he would end up with me….it was her way of getting rid of one of the litter…..the little thing was emaciated….he was nothing but skin and bones….pick him up and all you felt was his ribs poking through……I brought him inside and started feeding him……he’s now dong fine…..growing and filling out………Sneaky Pete just showed up on my door step and refused to leave so I started feeding him……….I didn’t want all these little free loaders but I got them anyways……..I can’t let them starve…….Oogy and Zog are my little guys though…….they’re my little boys…….. I pretty much keep Ragamuffin in the house…..he’s too little…..don’t want anything to happen to him…..he couldn’t defend himself… he jumps up on the sofa and plays………..Oogy and Zog chase him through the house……..he makes me laugh all the time……..

          • Bluto…you’ve got me grinning with your scenario. Nothing, and I mean nothing like animals…they are our wake-up call and joy too. Also heartbreak when they go.

            My oldest dog, one and only is about to go…and my one cat left is getting really old too. Guess I’ll have to get replacements in the near future, but for now…my hands are full caring for them until the end. You get the picture.

            Btw…usually I always have a more than one of each critter mentioned that wander in looking for a home…but that hasn’t happened in years.In a way good, in another way…not so good. Anyway, I bet you know where I’m coming from and I’ll leave it at that.

            As to the topic in the blog post…I don’t think much of anyone really cares at all. – speaks volumes about our nation as a whole.

            Heck, Holder was ordered to hand over evidence about Fast and Furious by a judge yesterday, nary a word in the msm, everything is the race card game.


  3. GadsdenFlagFlyer66 says:

    The real nightmare is for the families of the fallen, whose government abandoned them. I’ve seen all the subpoena and hearings I can stomach. Until I hear, “arrested, convicted and sentencing pending”, I don’t buy any of it. On a side note, I do believe that if anyone can get it done, it will be Trey Gowdy. I like him a lot and I think he should be Attorney General, you know, if we actually had an Attorney General.

  4. scizzorbill says:

    “secretly shuddering in their shoes” I doubt if either of them are worried. Concerned maybe. Both have been successful with their spin teams to control the many negative situations that O and H have created. There is a time limit for continued success, and that time appears to be on the horizon, especially for O. If H survives the Gowdy hearings, she will probably go all the way, as her supporters will rally around like never before while demonizing the opposition for their witch hunt.

  5. Cooter Brown says:

    Well here comes my take on all this.. We have 3 major scandels that we still don’t have the answers due to Eric the Holder of all the evidence that he refuses to release to WE THE PEOPLE that we still don’t know the facts.
    Fast and Furious, IRS and Bengazi. So I say let’s start putting there asses in Jail for contempt of congress. And the person or persons that told the camander to stand down on the rescuse mission for the Bengazi four needs to be shot. We still don’t know who that was but I suspect it was Hillery and Pennetta with Obummer’s blessings. But watch them blame a hard drive crash on that one.

  6. Jeffrey Ziegler says:

    You got to be kidding me! Dana Chipman was the most UNETHICAL top lawyer which the Army ever had. He promoted junior lawyers who would be have been disbarred if they did that in the private sector. And don’t ever get Chipman to answer anything. The US Army paid for him to go to Stanford Law School on the taxpayer dime and it was impossible for him ever to answer any kind of question which he did not like. He also was responsible for putting people in the Fort Leavenworth prison because he had his own “quota” system going on. Chipman is the bottom of the barrel when it comes to lawyers. Appointing him to investigate ANYTHING would be like appointing Idi Amin to investigate human rights violations. Makes me sick, quite honestly as I knew Chipman personally. He managed to scrape by on the skin on his bald head……..