To paraphrase The Bard, “All of Ferguson’s a ghetto stage, and all the players are merely playing their part.” I’m not real sure who The Bard is but I think it was that guy who sang “Ryhthm of the Night” back in the 80’s. Pretty smart guy!

What the world is witnessing in the teargas-filled, ghetto streets of Ferguson, Missouri is nothing more than political theater. And everyone involved is merely playing their part. There is no real care or concern by any of the players for the shooting death of the young thug Mike Brown just like there isn’t care or concern for the hundreds like him who are mowed down in inner city ghettos each weekend. But there are things to be gained by each of the parties involved, hence the feigned outrage by those who probably would have ended up shooting or being shot by Mr Brown in the next few months.

As AWD has written, “Verily, verily, I say unto y’all…the ‘outrage’ over this event is being managed from 1600 Pennsylvania. AWD warned we would experience another Trayvon-like riot before the November mid-terms. As usual, the Big Sexy was right. And sexy. Supa-sexy, bay-bah.

The Dims desperately need two things.

  1. The spotlight off of Obama and his crumbled presidency. Between the IRS, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, VA, etc scandals and the losing of the already won Iraq War, the last thing Democrats needs is to see Barack Hussein Obama’s massive failures on display.
  2. The Dims need every black Democrat (redundancy alert!) to vote several times in the November mid-terms. Polls were showing blacks going back to their usual complacency in terms of voting. What better to stir black voters up more than a racist, cracka cop shooting a “goot boy who never done nuffin’ wrong?” Just ax his Moms. Dims are praying their Missouri charade will motivate blacks to vote against dem racisss crackas in the Republican Party in a few months.

So who, other than the White House and Democrats, are the players in this little ghetto theatrical?

  • Professional blacks – these are not black people with professional jobs, the term refers to black people who make their living being black. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Lamont Hill, Michael Eric Dyson, the New Black Panfers, etc. They all drink from the “evil crackas be keepin’ down da brovas” trough. Unfortunately for black people, the victimhood message of these race charlatans plays very well in the ghetto where it’s easy to blame others for your failures instead of the fact that you’re too stupid to stay in school and too lazy to work. Professional blacks flock to a white shooting a black person faster than Bill Clinton to a sorority pajama party. They can really get their message of victimhood spread across the propaganda media when a black kid has been shot. Except when he or she is shot by another black person. Nothing to see there. Keep moving.
  • Propaganda media – Since the mainstream media is the mouthpiece of the Democrat Party, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and liberal newspapers (redundancy alert again!) also flock to these ghetto riots faster than Whoopi Goldberg to a tryout for a spot in Beauty and the Beast. (You can figure out what role yourself..for libs..it ain’t the Beauty!) Their goal is to keep the ghetto-ites stirred up until November. Propaganda media libtards bring their expensive cameras and effeminate talking metrosexuals into the ghetto streets to report. Like Michael Moore to a all you can eat buffet, the thugs rush to get on TV for their 15 minutes of shame.
  • Ghetto thug criminals – any of those morons with bandanas on their heads and Molotov cocktails in their hands would have shot Mike Brown or anyone else without hesitation like they do every other day of the week. Rest assured that none of the thug protesters had to use any PTO (Personal Time Off for all you unemployed liberals) to riot. They see this as an opportunity to get them that Hi Def or some new Air Jordans and create a little fun havoc. Free at last! Free at last! To rob, loot, and burn! Chances are, many of the thug class in Ferguson already have several black scalps under their belts…if they wore belts. Ferguson shows how close the inner city ghetto in America is to chaos without the thin blue line of police authority. And, like in Rodney King, the police abandon the community when the political correctness hits the fan.


Ferguson once again shows the disingenuous concern by white liberals, Obama, and Eric Holder for black people. They love the black vote every two years but don’t give a damn about them the rest of the time. Black thugs in inner cities have killed more people than cancer since Obama took office. He, Holder, and white liberals used Trayvon Martin like they are now using Ferguson to exploit black people for their votes. Nothing more, nothing less.

Obama makes statements critical of the police and condemns the “racism of America” every time he gets the chance while remaining as quiet as Al Sharpton at a spelling bee when blacks play the Knock Out game and beat an elderly white grandmother or kill a cracka. Or when an Army Lieutenant General is murdered in Afghanistan. White liberals, Obama, and Holder have set race relations back 100 years. It may never return to status quo ante.

So sit back and enjoy the rest of the show from Ferguson. Second act will be more deaths, Molotov cocktails and lootings! Fun for the whole family. Maybe, as an encore, business owners will start killing looters and put an end this fiasco charade. Then the ghetto thugs can go back to killing each other.

You know, I don’t ever want to hear another black liberal talk about Martin Luther King!

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  1. Well, I really enjoyed this post AWD….and it put me to thinking ..(which is rare in my case)
    and I have come to the conclusion that Mooch may well be the father of Big Mike Brown…
    I mean it could not be Barry as he has never had any balls….
    any way good post…carry on

  2. More fun and games from Texas A & M. I don’t remember seeing this before.


    • I am taking my daughter to Texas A&M this sunday. This will be her freshman year.
      I have had the talk with my kids about being in the vicinity of large mobs of black people.
      My kids are half Filipino and Asians don’t fare any better at the hands of black mobs than whites do.


  3. Spurwing Plover says:

    The liberal leftists news media scum suckers have been lying big time and A-MESS-NBC is just one of them their lying big time about the whole thing even more reasons to boycott the main-stream news media scum-suckers

  4. Excellent post. Obama needed this incident. It gave him and Holder something to get their teeth into because everything else is falling apart. I wonder what terrible things are happening or getting passed while everyone watches this Ferguson show? What is the little fake president doing while the Media makes this shooting a spectacle? If this nation had guts Sharpton and Jackson would be in jail for blackmail and strong armed robbery. The guard would have shot hundreds of looters by now and the leaders of the violence would be in jail. If you think these tiny brained beings are angry now wait until that officer gets off for protecting himself. This officer is innocent. There will be more looting and burning in a few months. If we handle it right it will be some of the last riots we will see. Don’t count on a strong response from two racists like Obama and holder.

  5. Spurwing Plover says:

    Leftists hollyweird director Spike Lee is calling for more violence typical of a scum-sucker who gloriied the infamous Malcome X and joked about shooting Charelton Heston FRANKLY Lee needs t GO POUND SAND of take a long walk off a short peir

  6. Eric “my people” Holder is in Ferguson right now…..and is speaking with the holy family of the choir boy who was gunned down by the dirty cop who had no business stopping the gentile giant from going to choir practice……….innocent Michael “our guardian angel child” was bringing his friend to church for afternoon choir practice…….the choir was going to practice the wonderful hymnal “”Bringing in the Sheep”” and the racist cop executed this angelic child right in the middle of the street, in broad daylight, in front of his stunned friend, and all the peace loving citizens of Ferguson………..

    how could anyone hold back and not go berserk with this assassination right in the middle of this “”Norman Rockwell”” town……..the tranquility and peaceful little sleepy hollow of Ferguson has been destroyed in one moment of racist hate of the lovable “guardian angel” Michael Brown……….the holy family is now devastated with the death in their holy family…..this intentional murder, the out-and-out-right killing of our scholastic little choir boy who was only looking forward to learning to sing the lead vocals of “”Bringing in the sheep””………the choir is now devastated…………..

    thank you Eric “my people” Holder for coming to our little “Norman Rockwell” town of Ferguson so we could heal and be closer to to our “roots” now in our time of need…………now let us all pray so we may get our share of the flat-screen tv’s out their for the taking……………


    The howl of the mob: Race-based justice

    Pat Buchanan calls clamor to arrest Officer Wilson ‘anti-American’

    If there is any public official who should recuse himself from any role in this investigation, it is not Robert McCulloch but Eric Holder.

    Holder has a lifelong, almost Sharpton-like, obsession with race.

    Three weeks in office, he declared America a “nation of cowards” for refusing to discuss race more. Arriving in St. Louis, he declared, “I am the attorney general of the United States. But I am also a black man.”

    Query. What is the chief law enforcement officer of the United States, who is heading up the federal investigation of the shooting of a black teenager by a white cop, doing declaring his racial solidarity?

    Holder then related several incidents that have stuck in his craw:

    “I can remember being stopped on the New Jersey turnpike on two occasions and accused of speeding. Pulled over. … ‘Let me search your car.’ … Go through the truck of my car, look under the seats and all this kind of stuff. I remember how humiliating that was and how angry I was and the impact it had on me.”

    Holder also spoke of being stopped by a cop in Georgetown when he was running to the movies.

    Fine. The Great Man is outraged by such indignities. But the mindset exhibited here raises a grave question as to whether Eric Holder can objectively lead an investigation of a white cop who shot a black teenager. In Eric Holder’s mind, the verdict already seems in.

    Any defense attorney would have Eric Holder tossed out of a jury pool, as soon as he started to vent like this.


  8. GadsdenFlagFlyer66 says:

    Haven’t we seen this all played out a dozens times in the past?

    There seems to be a pattern: 1) unarmed young black guy is shot, 2) there is a vast media outcry over the young “honor student’s” death, 3) family provides photos of the dead guy taken when he was 11 years old, well before he had opted for the ghetto thug look, 4) it comes out that the “honor student” has been committing felonies, 5) witnesses say the honor student was beating the hell out of the person who shot him, 6) Democrat politicians call for the shooter’s conviction, and 7) prosecutors, fearing rioting, black voters, or what have you, prosecute the shooter anyway.
    Have I missed anything? (H/T to PJ Media’s Ed Driscoll) http://pjmedia.com/eddriscoll/.....the-day-3/

  9. GadsdenFlagFlyer66 says:

    Sadly, for the media, it’s no longer about the “story”, it’s only about the “narrative”. The press will never disclose stories about the typical Chicago weekend. They won’t report on mobs of black people attacking random white people at county fairs or concerts. This took place in Indiana, Iowa and Wisconsin all within a month of each other. Imagine the media stories/narrative if TEA Party protesters were throwing rocks and bottles at MSNBC/Chris Hayes? Remember the “he spit on me” lying congressman? That was front page and headline news until Breitbart debunked it. Spit(that didn’t happen)….rocks(that did happen)…same thing.

  10. A must read from the Oathkeepers


  11. Michael S. says:

    August 31, 2014

    Dear Sir,

    Based on what I saw Black People do in Ferguson, Missouri, my mind and heart has changed about a lot of things. When Blacks or Black Leadership engages in the art of victomology, my ears are closed and thought comes to mind get a life.

    Being a white man, I will be damn if I am made to feel guilty about the plight of Black People. I am tired of hearing about civil rights and slavery. Get over it! Move on and start doing something for your culture and Peoplle..

    Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Faracon, etc. are nothing but Black Pimps who live off the misery of their people.

    M. S.