Hey, ISIS…try stoning these women to death, I double-dog dare ya!
Iraq: Women Peshmerga Of The 2nd Battalion Military Exercise

This will be short, sweet and right to the point…you’ve got to get a kick out of some of the stories below in more ways than one!

Here’s the main report. – Feminazis need not apply!:

Kurdish women are bad-ass. You’ll never guess why they’re the ones on the frontline’s against ISIS. Check this out…

The Kurds have adopted a rather unique strategy for not only eliminating their targets, but also humiliating them along the way.

According to WZ, Kurds are deploying whole units comprised of female fighters to the front line, which has boosted their recruitment numbers, and given them a psychological edge over ISIS. One female fighter explained why the Kurds have decided to put women in the thick of the battle, and it’s sure to make radical Islamists go crazy.

“The jihadists don’t like fighting women, because if they’re killed by a female, they think they won’t go to heaven.”

Awesome. The Kurds have an understanding of what it will take to stop ISIS, and it isn’t peace talks or goodwill offerings. It’s bombs, bullets, and brute force.

You can read more about the story above here. – Plus, here’s more information that’s pretty eye-opening too.

Now folks, listen to what Col. Ralph Peters solutions are to rid ourselves ISIS once and for all…pet goats included! – Dear leader won’t like what he has to say here, not one little bit!

What say you? – Fire Away…Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Spurwing Plover says:

    Defund the #1 supporter of world wide terrorists the United Nations

  2. Ya’ gotta love ya’ some Col. Ralph Peters….


    • Yep…same thing he says in the video I have posted, just more included.

      Btw…I’ve loved this guy for along time now simply because he’s not PC!

    • Gotta disagree with the man on only one point: Obama is not just inept and we are not at this low point because of bungling stupidity (except on the part of the people who bought into his b.s.). I firmly believe these events are intentional on his part and are being fairly well orchestrated by the people who pull his strings .

  3. Awesome I love it! Check this out too.


    • Priceless! – Loved the summation…

      “Recently in Afghanistan, a single Gurkha warrior killed 30 Taliban soldiers. In the aftermath of this incident, the question on everyone’s mind is: “why the hell did the Taliban think that they could kill a Gurkha with only 30 soldiers?”

  4. Pardon me for sounding gay but, I LOVE THAT MAN! Col. Ralph Peters for the win y’all! FINALLY we have someone who has the balls to stand up and say the TRUE solutions to the Islamic plague without tucking tail and hiding from the PC Boogie-Man!

    I truly hope the majority of the powers that were listening and will DO SOMETHING FOR (colorful word) SHAKES!!! Getting so sick and bloody tired of NOTHING happening!

    As for the Kurdish Women soldiers I say god speed and happy hunting! Send those sand monkeys straight to oblivion! Now…need to see if I can find a bumper sticker that reads “Kurdish Women Kick Ass!” Sorry for not censoring that, but I feel its worthy of being said uncensored! 🙂

    It’s a long hard road out of hell, but I’m starting to have hope SOMETHING will be done besides endless hindsight!

    • Hope springs eternal!

      • DRINKS ON ME!

        Round of 40s Steel 211 to me Right Wingers and Strychnine Laced Cherry Kool-Aid for the Left Mules! Sorry, Jim Jones cleaned out all of Cyanide, your just going to have to make do! 😛 lol!

        • Here’s some more trouble to come…


          • Heh…I knew from the start it was illegal! Starting with “America will NOT negotiate with terrorists!” and on! When he agreed to EVEN negotiate a prisoner trade, he showed weakness and even demoralized our troops and vets!

            I also figured he is guilty of aiding and embedding the enemy and as far as I’m concerned he should face a Geneva court and investigation for war crimes! However…I’m just chasing unicorns wishing for that for the black sheep is ‘infallible’ and cannot do no wrong! Heck he could bugger a five year old boy on live TV and get away with it!

            Clinton may have gotten away with a BJ in office, but this guy is getting away with treason and mass murder!

          • Bulls-eye…you nailed it!

  5. You might like this opinion piece…




      Seriously…ouch! Now I’m going to be smelling nothing but Irish cream java all day! Lol!

      That is AWESOME! Simply AWESOME!

    • mag…

      Saw that this morning at a regular site I go to daily…says all you need to know about O and his priorities!

  6. Obama should take a lesson from the Russians.


  7. The US should fund the kurds, play middle man and peace maker among nations states in the area (mostly Arabia and Iran) , stay home, fix our bussiness and get ready for war and move in for the kill when they done kiling each other.

  8. Bring on the MOAB’s. We never really tested these and now it’s time.

    Barbecue them all.

    • Chhleo…

      I know I should look it up, but if you could tell me; what are MOAB’s? I already understand what they do, I think, just by what you posted…but I could be wrong.

      • “MOAB”


        TERRIBLE weapon it was! After an all night binge at at Chipotle, jalapeño gut bomb burrito night, a weird chemical reaction happens inside her and they strap her down, aim at an enemy state and…it’s too terrible to say!

        It was labeled a weapon of mass destruction and a oversized cork was installed to prevent the end of the world! Hence why the First Lady is so backed up and bitchy!


        Okey I’m terrible! XDDD But THATS funny! Lol!

        I honestly don’t know what they are, but I think they fail in comparison to the Michelle weapon of dooms day! 😛

      • Oh I see, Mother of All Bombs. It’s those baby nukes my army friend was all excited about a long while ago.


        • I got a kick out of your first post…but I certainly appreciate your second post. Most appreciated.

          • No worries BT! ^^

            Figured you and the majority of us here could use a fun laugh what with the drama we had on the riots and trolls pulling ‘Know it all Hipster’ back talk.

          • …and you figured right when it comes to my state of mind. – I for one thank you. 😉

  9. Cooter Brown says:

    I got a solution for all this Islamic Bull Crap going on. The next beheading one of those pecker woods pull go check out one of the Gitmo Muslams, stand him in front cannon holding a Pig and Vaporize his ass and put it on youtub. Didn’t General Pershing ” If I spelled his name right” do something like that years ago when he had a Muslim problem. We could have a BANG UP time.

    • That we could. I have had my fill of these of these barbaric bastards.

      Heck, I heard on one of the radio shows we had today that I listen to suggest getting one of the family members of ISIS that behead and do the same to theirs via video tape for all for all to see. See how long this practice of theirs lasts if anyone had the guts and temerity to do so.

      • This is a cut and past on a rather inspiring story in regards to how General Pershing dealt with Islamic terrorists! I was inspired by Cooter Brown to look him up!

        The site link refuses to work when I copy it so I copy and pasted what was written instead:


        “In the years preceding World War I, General Pershing was commander of the American forces in the Philippines. The small Moslem community on the island nation began to wreak havoc against the Philippine government and American forces. The American troops captured a large group of these terrorists. During the interrogation by the Military Court, the fanatics were heard to repeatedly shout, ‘Allah Achbar! Allah Achbar! Jihad! The Philippines are the lands of Islam!’

        “Pershing ordered the Amalekites executed one by one in the presence of the whole group. (The author is referring to the prophecy in the Bible that the Amalekites would be a very vicious and war‑like people down through history.) Moslems will not eat pork believing that no one could enter Paradise if there is even the smallest amount of swine flesh in their bodies. Knowing this, the General first ordered the firing squad to shoot large hogs. After they skinned the swine, the executioners rolled their bullets in pork fat and passed fat through the barrels of their rifles while the condemned watched. As each condemned terrorist was executed, his corpse was wrapped in hog’s skin and buried on the spot. The entrails of the swine were dumped over the corpse before the grave was covered. Three of the convicted Amalekites were released to take the news back to their Islamic Communities. That ended the Islamic Jihad in the Philippines. Terrorist incidents from Islamic Fundamentalists were unheard of until a decade ago when the U.S. State Department recognized the PLO as legitimate ‘Freedom Fighters’ ” (Vendyl Jones, RESEARCHER [Arlington, Texas: Vendyl Jones Research Institutes, January 2001]: 20).

        I think I really like this guy! 🙂

    • Creative yet a waste of a perfectly good pig. My idea is slightly more sick and twisted for its inspired by the most sickest of all movies ever made “The Human Centipede.”

      First, we take one captured ISIS militant and we sow his lips to the anus of a pig, then we sow another militant to his anus and so on tell they all share one single GI track! We’ll call it “The Great ISIS Centipede!”

      Now…the pig serves as the master track as it will be feeding the others and so on with raw, hot, steamy SCAT! The pig will be well feed with a high diet of processed human flesh, fallen ISIS soldiers, cannot let valuable meat go to waste after all, high fiber additives and LOTS of fermented grains and fruits…throw in some hops also!

      Now after the creation is done we post it on a live feed for ALL the world to see and set forth a warning to any and all Islamics everywhere…


      Oie…I think I just made myself sick writing all that…yap…not feeling so good! Lol!

      Anyway…Justice best served raw and steamy! (I think I’ll skip dinner now) lol!

  10. Btw…how come none of you dudes are talking about the awesomeness of these fighting gals that serve on the frontlines…hmm?

    • The only way that will happen is if the US funds the kurds. Including these ladies. However they are doing this because if they don’t they will suffer a fate worse then the men if the extremists take hold of their homes.

      When everyone is fighting for existence, it seems all difference go out the window.

    • I admire there bravery and salut there determination to take out those ISIS sand monkeys, they’re an inspiration to us all! However…I cannot help but feel America is going to screw them over somehow, Obama mainly being he cannot stand seeing his Islamic bros being out down like the rabid animals they are.

      I still cannot help but worry and sense a malevolent force creeping along.

      Perhaps it’s a lingering symptom of being demoralized by our own leaders but I honestly hope it’s just my imagination and someone, somewhere in office will back those soldiers up with whatever weapons and ammo they need to send those animals to oblivion!

    • The Kurds will stand, and they will fight. Their track record shows that. However they’re lacking heavy weapons and recent combat experience. They’re not even asking for advisors, they want the tools to do the job themselves.

      One complicating factor might be the attitude of the Turks. Erdogan is quietly Islamising the place, and things are likely to get worse there.

  11. Hamas and public executions…


  12. Have you heard about this? – 200,000 of them trappped. Rescue plan may be coming…


    • These people if rescued would be grateful and willing if the US would arm them, put them in uniform and ship back to fight,
      They would have a bigger stake in the fight.

      • I think it might be far too late for that now in this case.

        O should have taken advice from many military advisers etc and left a contingency force in Iraq…none of this would have happened. I blame him for all of this. But, hey…according to O, ISIS was just the Jayvee team.

      • Doesn’t matter who you equip and train. If they are from the mideast, they will betray us. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, until my enemy is dead, then I can turn on my friend and kill him, because he doesn’t believe or think like I do. Thats the way they think, every last one of them. It doesn’t even matter if they are Christians, they will turn on us, just like every other sect in the mideast that we have trained and equipped has.

        We either pull out and keep a close eye on them, or we go in and wipe them from the face of the earth. Thats the only way to deal with them, and thats because they never evolved past the fifth century, and never will.