Dallas could soon be on fire! Thousands of Dallas citizens protested the shooting and death of an unarmed white man (aka cracka) this week with numerous protests across the Metroplex. Andy Gaynier, 26, was tragically shot by Dallas police when he aggressively rushed a Dallas officer after being told to stay where he was. The shooting mirrors the Michael Brown shooting in St Louis, only this one won’t make the news. Gaynier is the wrong color and Democrats have quit trying to win back white voters.

The shooting of the unarmed white man has the entire Dallas white community enraged. To protest, thousands of Texans got up early and went to work today. Some of the more angry protesters made a point of being a few minutes late to the office.

Local secretary Laurie Johnson said:

“No overtime, no peace! Hey hey, ho ho, it’s 5 o’clock and I have to go…to pick up the kids from soccer practice.”

When asked about the shooting of the unarmed white man, Johnson said:

“Well, he shouldn’t have rushed the police! What was he thinking? But I’m sure he was a goot boy who ain’t never done nuffin’ wrong.”

Motorists all over the Metroplex could be seen driving down Central Expressway, the North Dallas Tollway, and 35 in a light rain and not turning on their headlights (as is the law!) in an open show of dangerous protest against the shooting. Such reckless behavior has never seen before from white people.

Local Quik Trip convenience store management in Richardson was nervous of the volatile situation growing throughout the morning drive. Especially after a Quik Trip store was looted and burned to the ground last week in St Louis over the police shooting of black teen Michael Brown. In Dallas, several white protesters were seen topping off their tanks with gasoline and letting a few extra drops splash to the ground, creating a tremendous environmental disaster that could last decades. Others spilled some of their Original Colombian coffee on the counter, creating extra work for the QT staff!

One man was visibly upset when the QT ran out of 32 ounce Styrofoam cups for his Diet Coke. He was overheard saying to store management:

“What do I want? A 32 ounce cup! When do I want it? Now! If that wouldn’t be too much of a problem.”

Michaels and Hobby Lobby took extra precaution where burning of stores was a distinct possibility in Plano. Protesting housewives with their children in tow went up and down aisles looking for scented candles in delicious scents like Papaya Punch, Candy Apple Orchard, and Fresh Summer Lemon Scent. Dallas Police had warned home stores about protesting trophy wives in McKinney buying ingredients for Molotov Votive candles.

Hobby Lobby protester Morgan Johnson said:

“This injustice will not stand! I left yoga class early and skipped Starbucks entirely with my tennis girlfriends to buy those cute little Papaya Punch candles for our pool party this weekend only to find they were sold out! I’m so enraged because I’m going to have cancel my mani/pedi to drive all the way to Frisco to find them! Maybe I can get Governor Perry to open an investigation on this oppression!”

The protests are scheduled to continue tomorrow where a group of women are planning on taking over the Whole Foods coffee area to trade recipes they saw on Pinterest and discuss social injustice.

Local officials are concerned with the never before seen levels of anger being seen from white people over the shooting of the unarmed white man. They hope the enraged crackas will soon return to their daily lives and quit spilling coffee at the Quik Trip! The city appears to be at the breaking point!

Through a source, AWD has learned that Dallas Police is considering loading their guns with rubber earplugs to restore order. I’ll try to stay alive and safe to continue reporting the violent protests from the front lines at Bob’s Chop House. It’s getting real, people!

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  1. Can no one see what’s going on?! And we (U.S. CITIZENS, all races), are allowing it to happen.. When there is same race violence it gets very little if any attention, but let the police shoot and kill an African American whether it justified, a racist white cop, or a black man using the police to commit suicide and the reporters do not report it as “police shot and killed a 26 year old man today” it’s “white officers shoot what appears to be an unarmed young African American who was on his way to church, but we are still unsure” it’s like they make up whatever sounds worst, and by the time the truth comes out, it’s to late. The media has been trying to start a black and white war and they are getting close to succeeding! All because we as citizens will not place the blame on the one who committed the crime. Cops are getting away with whatever they want! Last month am Oklahoma highway patrol raped a woman during a traffic stop, and I still don’t know her race. He was white, I’m guessing she was as well because if she had been black.. It would have been all over CNN NBC TNT BET CMT ABC CARTOON NETWORK FACEBOOK TWITTER.. Ect. Ect.. Let’s stand as humans, together… And stop these out of control “cops” and let’s call the news stations who report a story and emphasize how the race’s were different as if we are not even the same species! Idk what color someone is, if they hold a badge a commit a crime they should pay just like someone not hiding behind a badge. Let’s stop letting them turn us against each other!!

    • She was actually black as were all his other 4 victims over a 5 mth. period.

      • Oh really? So this pos was targeting the woman he wanted to rape! And got away with it for 6 months?! I’m sure it’s hard after someone who’s sworn to protect you rapes you, and without evidence the woman would be called liars, but knowing that they have dash cams I’m surprised that it took so long to stop that sadistic bastard.

    • Do not the cops have tasers? If they are unarmed tase them not kill them . panic and stupidity all the cases . both sides.

      • Yes a tazzer would be better on an unarmed person. Not all police have a tazzer. They can not carry a tazzer until they complete a training course

    • You moron. That cop was a native American. The woman he raped was, White. Get your facts right. And in case you don’t know, and it sounds like you dont, the story was satire.

      • Ronald W says:

        Anthony Douglas, president of the Oklahoma NAACP told KOCO they plan to ask the U.S. attorney general to review the case and elevate the charges to hate crimes because the alleged victims are African-American.

    • Keep putting it out there! People are slowly starting to understand what the media is doing! I am actually never on these sites, I don’t watch the news and I hardly ever speak up About my views. It has surprised me at how many people understand how the media Manipulates the people. Most people just buy into what ever the news reports! The media is nothing more than a distraction and a manipulator and they abide by what the government wants them to do!

    • But if it was a black cop that rape her it will of make the news. I consider your this story to be racist, I consider this reply to be racist. I hope you not a real cop; because it cop with that mind fromm that need to get out off the street.

    • Wow, but check the history of Dallas Police Department, not good some bad apples in that department.

  2. Sir Osi Of Liver says:

    More like STUPID WHITE DUDE. Glad you feel like making jokes at this time. We have had white women “fingered” on the side of the highway, White women raped by cop in NY, White baby (2 year old) raped by demented cop in Idaho, White police chief son (Kelly Thomas) beaten to death in front of a video camera and till no cop convicted of a crime, we have had numerous homes where the white owners were killed as police made a “error” drug raid at 3 in the morning, we have had White college aged girls going back to their dorm from a sorority party shot dead by white cops for no reason etc etc etc. Had white protested these incidents may not have happened again, but as I write they are continuing unabated since little news coverage has put the spotlight on the case or the cops. I would suggest you visit COPBLOCK.ORG for all the latest CRIMINAL COP ACTIVITY…..

    • Did you deliberately miss the point or are you dense? While everything you say may be true and certainly tragic where was the burning, looting, demonstrations and outcry for these victims? Is Obama sending White House representation to their funerals?

    • If your going to say such crap post links.

    • well seems to me we need to get rid of ALL white cops. Since according to you and the media all white cops are worthless deranged and psychotic animals. Fire or better yet kill all the white cops and replace them all with African American cops so America will once again be safe from the crooked white cops destroying our country. We are truly fortunate that we have the black community that can save us all there will be no more racially motivated shootings, racism will be irradiated, and the country will never be endangered by the white cop again…….. Oh and just in case your racist ass don’t get it….. this is sarcasm. Grow up and figure it out there are bad cops, it’s not about the color of no ones skin it’s just there are bad cops. There are also bad doctors, dentists, preachers, priests, and shelf stockers at the local grocery store. The only difference is we don’t hear about them they don’t cause racial tension, riots and the new civil war they are starting!

      • I think you may have mat have meant “eradicated”…

        • IDK, I kind of like “irradiated”…something about racism that glows in the dark is very appealing. But her run-on sentences and incorrect punctuation are killing me! LOL

          • Get over it. Compared to the topic, well, totally unimportant.

          • white/black by choice? says:

            I am so glad that the run on sentences are what you got from the post. Look at your own reply. You can’t even spell your words.

          • Still not keeping with the subject
            I’m not perfect, never said so, but atleast I was on topic..,.get a life you nitpickers…..our country is in dire straits and all you think about is grammer.

      • When doctors and dentists fuck up, they are held accountable. Priests and pastors, maybe not so much. And when a stock boy makes a snap error in judgement, people aren’t killed that don’t deserve to die. All I want to see is that there is some accountability for people that are expected to know and enforce lawswhen they themselves break a law. I don’t want to see them get any free passes, not even for minor traffic offensives. I think they should be held to a higher standard.

        • Tom, I believe most will agree with you on this. I do. There are “badge heavy” cops who do a lot of damage to the profession. they should be removed from the force. That being said, I believe the vast majority of cops are good people who do a very difficult job.


  3. Lorrie Grimes says:

    I’m sorry for laughing, I know this is a very serious situation, but I read this and it is hilarious. Maybe because I live in DFW area and I went to Hobby Lobby today. I wish someone had told me about the coffee get together at Whole Foods. I woulda been so down with that!

    • Ronald W says:

      I’m game for coffee hope thay have hazelnut lol we can throw coffee beans as people walk by

  4. RIGHT ON….good points…. I recall in the looting there were no work boots taken, nor suits and white shirts and ties.

  5. The revolutionary was was a bunch of rebellious colonists throwing tea into a harbor and fighting the British all because they paid taxes and were not represented!

    • I’ve got a goldfish ……..if we’re just throwing in random comments…….??

    • Yeah they dumped British tea and fought the British. Not burned their own neighborhoods and local businesses. And oh yeah attacked every white person they came across.

  6. More exceptable “collateral damage” (with more of this is coming)

    Texas: illegal alien guns down Police Chief

    (CNN) — A police chief in a small Texas town was shot multiple times during a traffic stop Saturday afternoon and later died, authorities said.

    Michael Pimentel served in Elmendorf, a suburb southeast of San Antonio with about 1,500 residents.


    • Fact check says:

      Just to fact check you buddy. This link nor any story I can find says he is an illegal immigrant. But nice right-wing spin attempt… Shame on you

      • Don’t worry amigo, CNN and most liberal media routinely “protect the rights” of illegal aliens and don’t disclose their immigration status.
        20% of the U S Federal prison system is madeup of illegal aliens.
        Just a fact check buddy, how many american victims of illegal alien crime do those numbers represent?

        • you murder people and steal their land, but your the victim of illegal immigrants, you kidnap people from their homes and enslave them and create institutions to perpetuate oppression for hundreds of years and your the victims of racism it must be hard to be the victims of so many horrible things perhaps you should go back to europe im sure they will be very sympathetic to your plight

          • You’re absolutely right, the American people have done some unthinkably horrible things. And hopefully karma took care of that. I think we can all agree that we just want to be able to live together in peace without the media trying to get us to fight each other.

          • I was born and raised in America therefore by definition I am an American. No my family was not originally from here. Yes they came from another country, but I personally did not rape, steal, or plunder anything from anybody. I also know as far back as I can trace my lineage neither did any of my ancestors. We were to poor for all of that. The fact of the matter is it is not race that drives people to do those things it was originally greed. Now that greed has been cultivated into hate. Not just hate for race, but gender, age, size, religion and the list goes on. I have no problem calling those haters out. By all means call people who behave criminally out as well. But please dont blanket any one category be it race, religion, gender or whatever as being evil. Because that just feeds the hate. We should have a common goal of identifying bad people regardless of there race, religion, gender etc. not attacking one large group distinguished by their skin color. I am personally offended when someone calls me a murderer, plunderer or rapist because of my skin color or family lineage. I have never done these things nor will I ever do these things. The point of protest is to bring light to a problem that needs to be fixed. Not point fingers at masses that truely had nothing to do with it, or to hurt people, damage or steal from others. The world needs another Martin Luther King Jr. He saw the world for what it could be if handled appropriately. Which was not through blame or violence but through education, understanding and change.

          • The press loves fueling the racist fire. They want unrest; it gives them something to write about. Cops shooting people, well, regardless of what ethnicity one is, it is morally wrong and in the eyes of ones God, is a sin. I am sorry but I don’t trust anyone in an authorative position. I have a very hard time telling my grandkids if you have a problem you can always go to police (and hope not to get sexually abused). Glad I live in Alaska. Us know I have a brief FYI. The head of police in Palmer AK use to work as a cop in New Mexico. He was so corrupt, he was sent to Palmer. Another officer told me this. I guess with all that I’d happening, this is par…….

          • You have it right. It’s hate and love. Right and wrong. The lines are only confused by the people that want it to be confused. Color is only color. Never is it a clear indication of right or wrong. Just do what’s right. Love and forgive.

          • Right, because we were all alive and participants in all of that. Ya think that maybe, just maybe, circumstances have changed since all that happened? That is a BS argument.

          • I did no such thing, I’m white, my ancestors were slaves, Irish ones. doesn’t mean I was to tell all Brits nowadays that they in slaved me. learning from history is important, but living in the past isnt.


  7. Angry Black Dude says:

    AWD where in the hell do you watch your news ?? im guessing FOX ….. but your views are pretty bias “The shooting mirrors the Michael Brown shooting in St Louis”. Understand although they may be similar in some instances, every occurrence is “UNIQUE”. The fact that the individual Gaynier “RUSHED” the cop, puts his life in the cops hands. Does the cop know of the suspects intent. NOT AT ALL, “Well, he shouldn’t have rushed the police! What was he thinking? But I’m sure he was a good boy who ain’t never done nuffin’ wrong.” …. That cops life was absolutely threatened.

    You should take it to account that you are writing on a public sight for all to see, dont continue the divide of people blaming cases solely on race, yes, race is Partially involved but its also criminal activity involved “actively Threatening an officer”

    • Angrier white dude says:

      Quit your sniveling angry black dude.
      I’m only gonna mention one aspect of
      The whole case……if a 6’4″ 290lb
      White guy rushes a cop…..
      He expects to be shot. So do his
      Friends, family, and community.
      They aren’t gonna point fingers at the
      PO-PO……and use it as an excuse to
      Riot loot and steal.
      So get in your Pontiac Fiero and go the f@@@

      • WOW!!! A white guy gets shot by white cop and you still feel as if you need to attack blacks. What white people are JUST NOW experiencing with white cops has been going on in the black neighborhood for over 50 years….Black see white boys cuss cops out all of the time, yet if a black person did that then its jail or death….YOUR MISSING THE ISSUE…its not about black and white thing…its a Executive order thing…cops have been given this power to turn this into a totalitarian state…but you want to go back and forth on race…Bright kid you are..along with this entire site.

        • And ur really showing how bright you are… I don’t know where ur from … But here in NYC… If ur purple with pink polka dots and curse out a cop.. You will get ur ass kicked … I know this personally being a “white boy” from a lower income neighborhood … I’ve seen my white friends be discriminated against Prob just as much as anyone else.. We get pulled over jus because it’s a bad neighborhood so we must be buying drugs… We have black friends so we must all be in a gang… I’ve been beat up by cops.. I’ve been beat Up by black kids and I’ve been beat up by white kids… You are straight ignorant if you think cops walk around aiming to beat up blaCk people… 90% of the police that I’ve known/delt with want to have a peaceful shift and return home… And I can say that I’ve met a ton more racist black people than white people here in NYC.. And most of the times there reasonings are ridiculous, from 100 years ago, or totally changed to meet their own agenda’s

        • truthurts says:

          I don’t know where you live that people get away with getting loud with cops, but where I live it doesn’t matter what color you are. The quickest way to get the funny slapped out of you is to raise your voice to a cop. It can be a black, white, Asian or any other race of cop, youll get a hand imprint on your face for that. Even a woman cop will have your butt pinned to the ground for getting snippy.

          • Cmon really says:

            So, you find it acceptable that a cop has the legal hall pass to slap you for raising your voice? The level of contempt they show when talking to citizens is deplorable no matter what color they are. If they have the legal right to slap a citizen that is funding their existence then our right to revolt is intact as well. Our constitutional right to maintain an armed militia exists for this very reason. Wake up and stop with all of the black vs white nonsense. We are speedily headed towards a military state while you all behave like children. An

        • latham lee says:

          Bro don’t be so racist and pretend to know how white are treated by the cops…I’m white and have been harassed by the cops my WHOLE life…js…rt…carry on

        • nicholas says:

          Lol one thing that you don’t know is, there is more whites killed by white officers than there is blacks killed, they just don’t make the news

        • White Boy says:

          9 out of 10 times if a white guy is arguing with a police officer its pleading a case that he can’t afford a ticket cause he works 40 to 60 hours a week and hes just barely making it cause the cost of living is so high because we have to pay extra taxes that have been raised so high to pay for wellfare and the cost of high priced everyday products do to ignorant shit like theft.I recently fell on hard times but I didn’t look to stealing and mugging nor did I sell drugs I filled out applications and got a new job. 9 out of ten times when a black guy agues with a police officer its cause he’s committed a crime and denying it cause he knows he fucked up and its pry a felony like possession of drugs, trafficking drugs, grand theft, or what the fuck ever he feels he needs to do to make ends meet in his so called poverty neighborhood that’s more than likely paid for by the working man that’s paying there taxes its like they have a racial commitment to crime every jail and prison in america is filled with at least 80% African american how about get the f**k off you’re asses and do something productive like get a job and stop robbing and shooting at the people that do have a job and bitching and crying racism when they shoot back its not the white man holding u down you’re holding yourselves down and if you still want to be racist stop collecting welfare and living off the 80% or more of white Americans that pay into it and start being self dependent.

          • There are far more white people on gov’t assistance than black people.

          • Tom, that’s true but I believe blacks make up approximately 38% of welfare cases while making up 13% of the population. Whites are (I believe) 40% of welfare cases but make up around 70% of the population. Just a clarification. Thanks.


      • Food Stamp Laquashqa says:

        I see the welfare office didn’t go up in flames. Mmmm, Looting Losers using this as an excuse to steal from people who actually work for a living. Cause there to damn lazy to work. Nothing to do with racism.

      • White people just right over sports. My team won! My team lost! Destroy the city!

    • angry black dude
      So your guessing Fox news, No one here get’s any of their news from any of the msm, you struck out, AWD doesn’t need to try and divide the people, your 47% arab 7% negro in the white house is doing a splendid job of that. you voted for a fake twice I bet.

    • Based on your name….YOU ARE THE ONE THAT IS BIASED…..bottom like 320 lb MAN kept advancing with his threatening body…and did not stop….officer had damage to his head….so was shooting in SELF DEFENCE….game over.

    • Thomas Gross says:


      • What do you mean earned? We are all born with the same rights. It’s just that done people’s right are systematically violated everyday without a second thought.

  8. Hectotylus Fuerte says:

    This is a terrible satire on the tragic
    Shooting of that poor innocent
    Afro-American unarmed boy in
    It makes me sick to my stomach at the discrimination and continued
    Profiling of Afro-American men.
    I mean…..I dunno about anyone else but these poor people are singled out for things like school
    Lunch programs, minority scholorships, united Negro College Fund, racial quotas for college and
    Medical school admissions…..
    They are just singled out!!!!!
    I don’t know about you all…..
    But whitey here….didn’t have anything offered to him except…”ask your
    Parents for help”……so in college I watched myself and my parents struggle to pay the tuition while the minorities went for free and were driving their Pontiac Fieros and Nissan 300zx…….then because
    Of racial quotas get into medical school with mediocre grades.
    I’d like some of that discrimination pushed my way. Oh….and if some big 290 lb 6’4″ white man charges a cop….guess what? He and every other whiteboy from sea to shinning sea would expect to get shot. …..just sayin

    • Stop right there…POOR INNOCENT??? Leave me weak with laughter….MORON

    • Stop right there…POOR INNOCENT??? Leave me weak with laughter….MORON


      Erectile Dysfunction: Everything You Wanted To Know But Were Afraid To Ask [Kindle Edition]
      Hectotylus Fuerte

    • You do realize that his post is using sarcasm, right?

    • Mike Smith says:

      Singled out huh, all those programs where put in place, because despite being qualified blacks where shutout, you see don’t blame the black kid that’s in school on a minority scholarship, blame your white ancestors who made it a duty to shutout that black kids ancestors, and contrary to what you believe HBCU’s (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) birthed from that discrimination of your ancestors, white people want to sweep things under the rug and want to move on you people hate to be held accountable, e fact is everything that’s in place now that are hurting the white children of today where put in place, because their ancestors didn’t have sense enough to see a human being as such, so don’t blame them blame your ancestors…

      • Oh bullshit! Are you really going to drag out that old ass excuse of slavery and how bad blacks were treated? News flash, slavery ended in the US about 150 yeas ago. Fifty years ago, WHITE people enacted civil rights laws that recognized equal rights for blacks. Since that time, whites have dumped BILLIONS of dollars into raising blacks up from the tribal, mud hut level (that they still prefer) and tried to assimilate them into civilized society.

        What has that gotten white people? The knockout game, social blight, out of control crime (over 50% of violent crime is committed by less than 13% of the population! AKA young black males), Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, white flight, rampant black on white crime that is ignored, I can go on and on.

        An all white college is racist if they don’t admit blacks, but an all black college can get away with not admitting whites, yet you want to drag out discrimination? There is more discrimination against whites than blacks, but whites put up with it and soldier on, all to help the poor discriminated against black man. Yet you don’t say shit about this overt anti white attitude.

        Sweep things under the rug and move on because we hate to be held accountable? Exactly how long are 100% of whites today supposed to be responsible and repay actions committed before we were born? When will blacks stop whining and man the fu@k up, step up, and take responsibility for their own failures, instead of blaming whitey? NONE of my ancestors were slave owners, but they were indentured servants(slaves to you). Kindly explain why you are holding me responsible for the sins of someone else’s great great great grandfather.

        Blacks are so used to screaming discrimination and/or racism, and living off the government tit, that they only see through the lens of entitlement, and what they “think” they are owed. Here’s another news flash: White people don’t owe blacks shit, not any more. We have paid for all of the so called discrimination many times over, and we are tired of paying.

        It’s time for blacks to get off their lazy asses, stop selling/doing drugs, get educated, build strong families, stop embracing the thug lifestyle, and start contributing to society in a positive way.

        • Amen well said my friend !!!

        • Mike Smith says:

          WOW!!! I see we have another white person that gets his stats and info from the TV and news paper, first off let me correct you about the college thing I Graduated from an HBCU, and every perk a black person gets at a white university white people can get at a HBCU , because they are considered a minority there, secondly, white people account for 63% of people on public assistance, this is a true stat, go to the U.S. Labor Board’s website and you’ll see for yourself, and as for white people not owing and have paid enough what exactly have you paid?, I mean the government has passed laws in the past, but what have you actually paid, not any white person, not white people as a whole, im talking about you, because if you’re talking about taxes, I pay those too every time I get my lazy ass up and got to work and earn a living I have to pay taxes, and those tax dollars go towards not only blacks on public assistance, but the lazy ass white people that are on it too, so I ask again what have you paid?, I busted my ass to get through undergrad and grad school to be where I am today nobody never gave me anything I worked hard for all that I have and it makes me sick when I go in the supermarket and see hood rat Keisha or trailer park Suzy in line with two carts full of food with an EBT card taking 45 min to check out, and all of this is paid off of mine and other working peoples back, but it also sickens me to know that a country that I love and believe in, that in some parts of this country believe that as a black man I don’t deserve the rights that this country was founded on.

          • Mike, thanks for being a responsible American! If only there were more of us in every race!


          • What have I paid, personally? Well, how about being passed over for jobs and promotions that went to blacks who were less qualified? How about being called white devil, racist, privileged, etc, just based on the color of my skin? How about being openly hated by blacks for just being white? How about having to put up with being called cracker, whitey, honky, ofay, etc, with no one saying shit until I respond with ni@@er, then I’m called racist? How about black history month, when white history month would be called racist? Don’t try to play that game with me, you have already lost, there is more discrimination against whites that is ignored just to give blacks an advantage, that’s how I/we have paid.

            As to your being a grad of an HBCU, you may want to get a refund. Either that or you are just being blind to real stats or twisting them to fit your theory. Remember, that the majority of America is classed as white. This includes Asians and Hispanics in many cases, such as crime stats, and your labor board. When blacks comprise appx 13% of the population, yet account for almost 40% of public assistance, well you re-do your math, and you will come up with a true number, even if you don’t want to admit it.(HINT: It’s called a ratio)

            Blacks are not the victims of some vast conspiracy created by white people to keep them in poverty. That is done by blacks themselves, along with the victim mentality that they have taught themselves over the past few generations.

            Understand, I’m not referring to ALL blacks, there is a very small percentage of blacks who have made something of themselves. They are usually referred to as sell outs, uncle toms, Oreos, etc. by their own people. But they are the exception to the rule. Whites as a whole, tend to be peaceful and law abiding, with a small percentage that are habitual criminals. Blacks tend to have the exact opposite, that is most are habitual criminals, with a small percentage of them being good solid citizens.

            You want equal treatment, respect, etc, then act like it. Whitey isn’t your enemy, your own people are. I know, it’s a hard truth, and it probably hurts, but instead of lashing out at a group of people who couldn’t care less about you, try instead to clean up your own peoples act.

            EDIT: if indeed you are a hard working, honest, educated black man, congratulations, you made it. I’m not against you, or other blacks who have succeeded. Like you I dislike the hood rats, thugs, ignorant rednecks, and assorted white trash.

          • Michelle says:

            Black people meet.com, I wonder what would happen if there was a white people meet.com?

          • JMV……man you said it all for me……I have experience much of the same…..being passed over simply because I am a white man…….and I knew that they we passing m over at the time for that reason……..and the less qualified black got the job because his skin was black and was nothing more than a god damn dumb-bell…….

          • I hear ya Bluto, man I get so tired of expressing an opinion, then having to defend myself just because some thin skinned black, homosexual, Hispanic, woman, etc. assumes that what I or any other white says is taking them in as a whole. They’d rather just jump down your throat and scream racism, or whatever, instead of sitting and digesting what was said, and accepting that there is a lot of truth in the statement.

          • You’re in the minority in more ways than one . I agree with most ( but not all ) of what you said but don’t expect a pat on the back . Not you , me , or anyone else deserves a pat on the back for doing the right thing . That’s why it’s called the right thing , because it’s what you’re supposed to do not something you get bonus points for . I’m not saying you’re expecting a pat on the back I’m just saying welcome to my world .

          • Welfare Statistics
            Total number of Americans on welfare 11,400,000
            Total number of Americans on food stamps 41,700,000
            Total number of Americans on unemployment insurance 10,200,000
            Percent of the US population on welfare 4.1 %
            Total government spending on welfare annually (not including food stamps or unemployment) $131.9 billion
            Welfare Demographics
            Percent of recipients who are white 38.8 %
            Percent of recipients who are black 39.8 %
            Percent of recipients who are Hispanic 15.7 %
            Percent of recipients who are Asian 2.4 %
            Percent of recipients who are Other 3.3 %

        • crazy for even responding to ignorance says:

          You are so hateful of black people that you don’t even know it. I’m in college to become a psychologist, am I going to be able to get a job. Probably not because I was profiled as one of those black men who committed some heinous crime. Have I done some bad things in my life? Yes but what person hasn’t. Am I a bad person… come on I chose a selfless profession that requires the memory of a doctor but only pays half as much at best.

          You may not be one of those people who discriminates (although I believe you are), but that doesn’t change the fact that there are people who do. Use your analytical skills, how does 13 percent of the population support the multi billion dollar drug industry alone? Thugs may exploit the weaknesses of others but I’ve taken macro economics and one industry cannot sustain itself. So where is the money coming from?

          You can’t blame hip hop music, it’s only 40 years old. Rock is far older. What is “partying like a rock star”? All black men are thugs? Half of black men are thugs? In psychology we call that an availability heuristic. It’s when you make a quick incorrect judgment based on limited information. When you study criminology, in an accredited college, their standard text will tell you there are disparities in criminals of different races being convicted.

          Does this mean one race commits more crimes? It could. But you only have limited information right? Add in the fact that police are asked to predict where more crime will occur using their own judgment, and arrest reports. Ok so you are a police officer, obviously you are biased (didn’t say racist). You think black men are more likely to commit a crime. Your focus is on black areas, your paper work for younger officers become tainted. If I’m putting all of my attention on one of my children the others are free to do whatever they want. Does that mean my other children were perfect? Probably not. But I caught my child that is so bad that I have to watch him all day stealing one cookie. Job well done for me right! well in that whole process my wallet went missing off of my dresser. I didn’t see who did it, but he’s the only bad kid in this house, so I must have had a mental lapse. Do you get it?

          I’m not saying that someone who does something wrong doesn’t deserve to be punished. What I am saying is equal out policing and you will see the numbers correlate with the population division.

          • A psychologist takes what someone says or does & tries to figure out what they really mean & why , so do the rest of us . A psychologist thinks they understand things better than anyone else , so do the rest of us . A psychologist has a degree , we didn’t waste all that time & money ? . At an HR meeting once they were explaining all our benefits . One was 3 free visits to a counselor each year . They said if we had marital problems or drug or alcohol problems or if we just needed someone to talk to we could go . I told them if I had a problem and just needed someone to talk to I’d get a pint of Wild Turkey and go see my buddy Coot . Everyone there agreed that would probably be a lot more help

        • U r so right. When I was a kid in ’69, I was a white kid out there risking my life, running from the cops and their dogs and firehoses protesting for equal rights for blacks. If I’d only known what would come of it! If I could go back and do it over, my protest sign would say: You can’t handle freedom!!
          Back then, blacks knew better than to act out in front of white people–they’d get their ass beat by the police or anybody else so they behaved themselves in public. So, we went to work to get them equality and we got gangs, bass “music” that shakes buildings and blacks acting out in public, unable to socialize into the mainstream. I wish it could go back to the old days. I used to think it was deplorable the way blacks had to shuffle and demure to whites–now I know there was a damned good reason for controlling them so tightly. There are exceptions–blacks with enough caucasian DNA to be able to access their higher brain functions and behave like civilized people, but for the most part, they’re animals, only capable of instant gratification and responding with unreasoning violence if they don’t get their way. It’s so disgusting.

        • Tired of reading about this says:

          I’d like to also point out that the majority of black people, who were not born into slavery, were sold to “whitey” (not just the British but every major superpower of the time) were sold to them by rival AFRICAN tribes.

          For those who don’t understand, I’m in no way Condoning the actions of my ancestors as I and every person alive today had absolutely nothing to Do with it, but if you want us too somehow take responsibility of something that happened (so long ago that you don’t even know a person that knew a person that was a slave) then you would have to take responsibility for what your ancestors did.

          And I for one think That is by far the most ridiculous concept I’ve ever heard. I mean really think about it, it’s just not Reasonable.

          Slavery was an unfortunate historical plague that every part of the world has been at one time or another affected by, but that’s just it, it’s history…. that no one alive for generations actually experienced.

          All that being said, everybody, including blacks whites Browns blues whatever need to quit the bullshit, cause we have more very serious threats that effect all of us as Americans whether your any of those colors. If we can’t find a way to put the bullshit to the side and stand together in the face of people who would See every one of us killed. These other Worldly threats don’t give two shits what color you are just that your American.

        • Billions?? Try many trillions of dollars. The cost is beyond counting at this point. I approximate the effort but get it right. Billions is just pocket change at this point.

      • You really need to do some deep checking into history… The first person to Owen a slave (African) was a black man…. 40 + black people owned (Africans) before the white man did.. So your research before you blame white people.. Also to be technical their is no such thing as African American you are either american or your not.. So for those of you who claim African American you need to go back to Africa and come here legally..

      • Maybe you should blame YOUR ancestors. After all, slaves were nothing more than captured, weak Africans, being sold by OTHER AFRICANS. Slavery would have never existed without your own ancestors selling their own people.

      • WTF! People use any excuse they can to pull the race card. Don’t hear any native Americans bitchin cause of some crap that happened before their grandparents grandparents were born!!! Who wants to live in Africa anyhow? They did the African American race a favor. Get over that crap already people!!!!

      • OK if your going to blame ancestors please blame your own ancestors for slavery… check your facts no one went to Africa and stole slaves they bought them from your ancestors so blame them not the ones who bought them … TY for providing such an easy answer for telling you to shut up about slavery and get over it …..

      • And 60 years later, (that’s like 60 generations the way blacks breed) your all still getting everything free and your race is more f***ed up than when all the welfare started. So when does it end.

    • Cebel McCaffrey says:

      All that you said has some truth but it just levels the playing field. You see since my grandmother probably helped make all of your cotton garments at the same time not able to afford to by them I think it is time the majority sacrifice for the good of the country. you all have already sealed your wealth off the backs of disenfranchised black people and you continue by killing us for sport, increasing your wealth by incarcerations, and charging.fines unjustly. Get over yourself because Jim Crow is on its way out.

  9. Why would any American patronize starbucks, Morgan? they are anti-Constitution.

  10. Elizabeth Wood says:

    This is actually the Palmetto Expressway in MIAMI, FLORIDA!

  11. We have to support the people and businesses that are trying to do the right thing even if we pay a little more with our time or money. We cannot support injustice and still seek justice nor can we support corporate expansion at the expense of our local businesses less we will have no local businesses left. Foreign and Corporate take overs of our neighborhoods and media is just as concerning as our societies breakdown and desensitization to basic human treatment. ..Remember what doesn’t look good usually does create a bad image in our head. That’s why how we present ourselves is so important. Of course there are many things that look good on the outside and taste like dirt. So while what’s inside is more important than what is outside a nicely wrapped package only helps more people to see what really counts. Present yourself the best you can and let what’s inside humbly complete your package. Share the truth.

  12. It’s time to move past the blame and past the hate. It’s time to acknowledge that we hold the keys to our future. It’s time to realize that a group of people showing kindness will produce better fruit than a group living with the intent to control, manipulate, oppress, bad mouth, dehumanize and the list goes on. But look how simple the solution is… Show Love First & Always Return Kindness. (ARK)

  13. Doesn’t anyone know what parody means?

  14. Hilarious! In protest I will not use my left turn signal TWICE today! ( unless I’m in a school zone).

  15. Shouldn’t this site be called http://www.stupidracistangrywhitedude.com? What worthless low lifes you idiots are.

  16. Robbie Mock says:

    WOW… Dallas taxpayers drive all the way to Miami to work??? now THAT is dedication!!

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  18. Adriana I. Pena says:

    The squeaky wheel get the grease. When whites learn how to riot (they used to know once), the media will pay attention to them. As it is, they are content with suing, getting a settlement, which comes out of the city’s budget, and nothing changes.

  19. http://www.nbcdfw.com/news/loc.....05511.html. Notice that the people speaking out against the behavior of the police in this case are NOT white? Think on that.

  20. If blacks aren’t being “persecuted” and held down by “the man”, they are busy killing each other, by the motherf…g thousands (annually, like clockwork). Start naming the shithole cities: Altlanta, New Orleans, Detroit, Oakland. Philly, Baltimore, D.C.- etc etc- add nauseum.
    It’s called “shitting in your own nest”

    Reverend “pimptown” Sharpton needs to get his ass to Chicago to stop the black on black record breaking homicides,
    By the way, is he married to that young lil sex bomb in his limo? No? I didn’t think so.

    • crazy for even responding to ignorance says:

      Whites kill Whites, Blacks kill Blacks Mexicans kill Mexicans… quit listening to your fox news and start reading for yourself. It actually makes sense too, how many people leave the area the live in to commit crimes? Unless you are smart, or paid to do so, not many! But people who are thinking logically don’t commit crimes that aren’t of passion. So it’s inbred genocide to all!

  21. There is a difference between a riot and a REBELLION!

    This situation is sad but history has indicted this country’s law enforcement. Police, groups like the KKK and vigilantes have been killing black men and GETTING AWAY WITH IT, breaching the constitution that is supposed to hold us all accountable. How far back do you want me to go?

    This is a FOX v. NBC war that both sides are using to keep a government funded psychological warfare program going. Al or Jesse are who the media has appointed as “black leaders” but they don’t speak for me. Bill O’Reilly makes good points in about 6% of his diatribes. Sharpton or some buffoon is set up to be the target. The puppetmasters control both hands. FOX will focus on the handful of looters, which I don’t condone or defend, and use that to be the crux of his attack on the character of the community. I’m gettin’ that info the media doesn’t tell you, that’s a separate discussion tho.

    He precursors all of his lies with some of the facts, like looting is unacceptable or if the officer is found guilty, then he should spend life in jail, but he disqualifies all of it when he talks on and purposely fails to acknowledge this…

    The people are tired of it. And still, the cop has raised hundreds of thousands while on paid administrative leave.

  22. Its sad how as regular citizens in the U.S. cant relate to each other due to race religion and politics, its plain to see whether white or black the police forces all around us are militarizing, its just bad that by the time martial law is declared, and curfews are put in place, it will be to late to unite, its pathetic how this article is written not only minimizing what’s going on in Ferguson, but minimizing what has also happened with the white guy being shot, but let me keep it moving, because I see that this site is where the racist gather to vent….

    • Critical Thinker says:

      When you say, “regular citizens in the U.S.”; what are you saying?
      “citizens of the United States” are defined at 26 (Tax Law) Code of Federal regulations 31.3121(e)-1 as “includes a citizen of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands, and, effective January 1, 1961, a citizen of Guam or American Samoa.” Where do you think Citizens of Texas was included in that definition? FYI: It’s not.
      Please be conscience that a “citizen of the United States” is not synonymous with a Texas Citizen, not to be confused with a “resident of the State of Texas” which is synonymous with that “citizen of the United States”

      • “Regular citizens” probably means regular citizens unless the reader WANTS it to mean something that fits their agenda . Everyone wants to find hidden meaning in the statements of others so they can criticize something that wasn’t even said . If the person that posted that meant something other than “regular citizens” but didn’t say so then they were actually being polite enough to not say so ! Read what they post not what you want the words to be . If you don’t like this person , have the balls to say “it don’t matter what you post , I still don’t like you”

  23. John Wedgwood-Greenhow says:

    What is the point of this idiotic story. If an unarmed man was shot by police that is worthy of investigation but Dallas doesn’t have a history of oppressing white people. The rest of the commentary about white people protesting by going to work, etc. is racist crap.

    • Now a story about white people going to work is racist ? Someone has a complex ……& a doody diaper

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  25. Best article ever written. Wish the whole idea of race would just go away as we are all the same, but blacks seem to have a hard time letting go.

  26. Critical Thinker says:

    Ok people; stop your whining and let me break it down to you. It’s really simple.
    Indictments come from the Grand Jury, NOT a prosecutor. He only recommends them to the Grand Jury.
    The Grand Jury is formed by volunteers in that county’s community; that’s you, the victims friends etc.
    The community are all of you people; cops, politicians and lawyers cannot serve, they are public servants.
    It takes 16 minimum to vote “YES BILL” to get an indictment for each charge you think someone deserves so he can/will stand for a public trial to be heard by the Petit Jury (the people).
    What do you think would happen if 20 people collectively volunteer, propose their own charges against those police involved and have a vote to indict those cops by name for all charges they feel he violated including manslaughter? FYI: man slaughter also includes in the performance of a legal activity. hint hint.
    A warrant shall then be issued for the immediate arrest for the cops involved, have all licenses suspended with any passports, their weapons seized with all his bank accounts to prevent fleeing from the county.
    He will then be required to stand trial and face prosecution.
    Now, go and do likewise, if you don’t; then we have no pity on you.


    We stand today, two weeks after the shooting Death of Unarmed John Crawford, a week and a half after the Police Shooting Death of Unarmed Michael Brown, about a week after the shooting of Death of Ezell Ford in Los Angeles, in the wake of the Choke-Hold Death of Eric Garner in New York, years after the shooting death of unarmed Sean Bell and Amadour Diallo also in New York, years now after the Shooting Death of Unarmed and Hand-cuffed, Face Down Oscar Grant in Oakland, years after the shooting death of unarmed Kendrec McDade in Pasadena, a decade after the asphyxiation of unarmed Johnny Gammage in Pittsburgh, more decades after the choke-hold police Murder cover-up of Ron Settles in Signal Hill, the Police shooting of Eula Love over a $22 water bill payment in 1979, and of so many others.

    We are told these are isolated incidents.  We are told that they are simply the Officers procuring their own safety and if only the “suspects” had surrendered or obeyed they would still be alive today.Every time.  In each case.  Police never get it wrong.  They never make a mistake, are never in a bad mood, have a short temper, may have been overly fearful and may have overreacted.  Because in nearly all these cases that’s what we’re initially told by Police sources and their supporters.  
    “It was a good shoot”.It’s a familar broken record. “”You know what is really starting to piss me off is how so many white people play this game!! The game goes like this: Michael Brown was murdered by a white police officer . Shot 6 to 9 times twice in the head! WHITE PEOPLE RESPONSE: What about blacks killing blacks? Something that has “NOTHING” to do with the police officer a Government official a tax paid employed a police officer killing an UNARMED” injured human being. That happen to be black!!!

    When John Wayne Gacy, Jr. , also known as the Killer Clown, was an American swhite serial killer and rapist who was convicted of the raping and murder of a minimum of white 33 teenage boys and young men in a series of killings committed between 1972 and 1978 in Chicago, Illinois. That was white on white crime never ever mention by whites or the white control media!!

    • Tyrone,
      Like most of your kind, you have missed the point. You people whine like bitches whenever a cop kills a black, even though it doesn’t happen that often. You yourself went back to ’79 for examples, yet that number is NOTHING when you count up the number of blacks killing blacks. Yet you people don’t have shit to say about your people killing off each other faster than the cops are doing it.

      As far as Mike Brown goes, you need to catch up on the latest news, such as the release of his autopsy that shows he didn’t have his hands up, and the released info on the investigation, which shows more witnesses corroborating Officer Wilson’s story.

      Oh, yeah, we don’t talk about John Wane Gacy, we just make movies based on him…

  28. David Montgomery says:

    This is so funny!!! After reading many of the comments I felt obligate to respond.
    Boo hoo poor black people were slaves. Well, my white ancestors were also enslaved. Correct me if I am wrong, but every race has been enslaved at some point. So quit crying, and be thankful you are not a slave.

  29. John Galt says:

    That about covers it. Watch Special, ad nauseam, to the exclusion of ALL ELSE coverage of this travesty NOWHERE, not on ANY of the Main Scream Media!

  30. I’m just carious, make sure I have this correct. Blacks (so called Americans) are pointing their fingers, stepping on our flag, rioting, and just proving how correct us White Americans are by the black community causing crimes once again.

  31. Gotta pay those tax dollars to keep the chimp outs coming. No time for whites to protest when they actually work to live.

  32. Unstoppable_TrUtH says:

    Just in case some haven’t realized it yet… This article is satire with a glint of truth behind it. Now, I am white and I have friends of all ethnicities and every last one of us have kids and some of us have wives or husbands. We all view the world through the lenses of adults that have responsibilities ya know bills to pay and kids to feed. See the truly uneducated and race hustlers looking for a quick buck are the ones blaming white America for a life circumstance that NONE of them alive today has lived. In other words, not a single black person breathing air born in America today knows anything about being a slave because they’ve never lived a REAL slaves life, from my reading, I don’t imagine any of them would want to either. No white person born in America alive today has owned a slave. It’s time people moved on and stop demanding special treatment concerning a circumstance they never lived in.

  33. I’m a black man the sun came out today I want special treats someone give me a job.. Come on let’s

  34. jamie Mayberry says:

    My friend Jonathan Puckett was shot inside dallas Texas Wal-Mart they have him in dallas county jail and the DPD is trying to cover it up he hasn’t done anything wrong to deserve this I live in michigan and has been standing out in front of all local Wal-Mart protesting against this hateful act of police brutality and excessive force Jonathan is still being held at the dallas county jail because he is in the process of suing Wal-Mart and the DPD please help in any way you can thanks

    • he has a record, was shoplifting and pulled a knife on the cop when he couldn’t get away fast enough. He is being held in Dallas for stabbing the cop in the hand and a Parole violation in Kentucky where his record includes: Robbery, Burglary, Assault, and Escaping Custody just to name a few!!! He is not an innocent he got caught!!!! If he can’t do the time, and take his punishment then he should get a freaking job and buy stuff instead of stealing!!!

      Hate to break it to ya, but your friend is a criminal!!! So tell me how is he the victim in this?

  35. Everyday Racist says:

    n****r n****r n****r. Cracker cracker cracker. Bullets hurt us all. Get the fuck over it, black people. Slavery was ended 150+ years ago. Open discrimination isn’t as prevalent anymore. Now all you look is ignorant AND stupid. The real problems aren’t the cops, it’s the PARENTS. “He didn’ do nuffin mayne” is obviously wrong. Thank goodness it wasn’t a hook nosed kike jew bastard that got shot. Something might of actually happened.

  36. Barbie Mackay says:


  37. Barbie Mackay says:


  38. White Cop says:

    Does any body ever think about what cops do for a living? Day after day I go out in my community and I and I hunt down the people that are a menace to our society no matter how dangerous the situation may become. I do this to help the law abiding citizens that make my community. I know that at some point I may meet that bad apple that kills or hurts the people of my community. The only people I get to deal with are the ones who commit crimes and would love to hurt me. I know that someday I may be have to use lethal force to protect myself or the people in my community. I do not look at my community as blacks, whites, Hispanics or color. They are the people of my community. I pray that I don’t make the mistake of shooting someone that really did not intend to hurt me or someone of my community. I love and respect human life to the extent that someday I may take a bullet to make sure I am making the right decision. I am not going to blame a color for what us happening to this country. I am going to blame the drug that makes people steal and kill to get it. I got into this job to make a difference and am constantly wondering why. I have been called a pig, have been chewed out and singled out for trying to make a difference. I do ask to be respected on scene but I will not stoop to the level of the people I am in contact with on a regular basis. If you break the law I want to bring you to justice no matter what color you are. I believe we are all lucky to be in the country we live in. I see more negativity than good because that is the race I am after. We have doctors and good athletes our community who are black and Hispanic and white and I protect them the best I can. If I had the choice I would never need a gun to protect these people. Unfortunately there are people who would rather see me dead to protect their criminal interests. These people are the ones I will point my gun at if I feel I am forced to do so. I am like every other person I. This world who wants to live in a peaceful society and kiss my family good night. If I die doing this very thing then God rest my soul and I hope I have made a difference for my community and they miss my presence on this earth.

    • The saddest thing is that you are judged by the actions of BAD COPS!!! I HAVE RUN INTO A FEW IN RURAL ARKANSAS!!!! I commend you for your bravery, I fought for this country with the same attitude! And I thank you for your daily service!!!

  39. it’s been done a few years back . out of uniform black cop shot and killed a white man, in my opinion some white trash tex ranger called it a good shoot . then some trash lawyer got the murderer a chunk .
    wonder what the law dog got and the legal buzzard .

  40. Kathleen says:

    For recent comments,
    Has anyone noticed this article was released August 18, 2014. 9 days after Michael Brown? Suddenly resurfacing 9 months later after another a major event of destruction. To me this shows the effect media has. Add fuel to the fire with the protection of the First Amendment. Absolutely wrong and should at least be called out.

  41. How can you publish white man and put a.k.a. Cracka. If you publish for coloreds then it’s black man or African-American. Why not Caucasian and white! If you print Cracka then Nigga needs printing also. Be fair! Sorry ass press and news is our problem today!

  42. Etien De Lamothe Cassel says:

    AWD-In reality it’s more like angry white douchebag.

  43. In response to red you’re an F ing idiot. Tell me now how many of your ancestors have you met that have been enslaved? My guess is not 1, now I’m a black American not African American I’m American. I’m 41 years old and I’ve lived in flint Michigan for my entire life, went to school where we outnumbered white students 10-1 so on a daily basis I witnessed hate crimes growing up but not what you’re thinking it was always blacks jumping whites and it wasn’t just the dude’s it was the chick’s just as much if not more and the worst part was most of the time we were getting our asses kicked and once one seen that 5 jumped in to save the day. All of my fellow black Americans are probably calling me an uncle Tom right now and that’s fine fact of the matter is I live in the most dangerous city in America and have for 41 years and whites are the minority here and have been for long time as horrible as this city is it sure seems like the races get along for the most part. How about we start saying “lives matter” instead of putting a color on it, cause to me what these over paid uneducated idiotic athletes are saying is hispanic, Italian, oriental and Caucasian lives don’t matter and to this black ass American that’s wrong