Feminazi: She loves her some big brother and all that jazz!

Montana doesn’t get much attention via the mainstream media…but what’s happened in recent months up to the present time has been a total political circus conducted and performed by the dimwitted democrats…talk about an implosion-deluxe!

Dudes and dudettes alike, you’ll see where I’m coming from after you check out this story below, there will be a short summary to get to the big picture of what’s taking place now.- Click the link and watch below:

Montana Dems scramble to find new Senate nominee after plagiarism scandal

WASHINGTON – Montana Democrats are scrambling to find a replacement candidate who will give them a fighting chance against Republicans in November’s midterm election after incumbent Sen. John Walsh dropped out of the race in the wake of a plagiarism scandal.

Walsh officially dropped out of the race Aug. 7 after being dogged by allegations he lifted parts of his master’s thesis. The New York Times first reported the use of un-attributed material in his paper. Walsh initially called it an “unintentional mistake,” but the Iraq veteran later told The Associated Press that part of the problem might be post-traumatic stress disorder — and then added he wasn’t blaming PTSD.

Well folks, the dems picked this piece of work…and a piece of work she is. Methinks for the first time in a very long time, she will ensure a senate seat for a republican, that being Rep. Steve Daines.

Here’s a short report…just please, please listen to the nutcase from hell and back!:

Democrats are completely imploding in Montana.

The state party on Saturday chose a new nominee for U.S. Senate, selecting first-term state Rep. Amanda Curtis as their candidate.

It appears the party failed to properly vet their nominee as the Montana GOP has complied some disturbing video clips from Curtis’ personal blog.

In a video titled “Meet Amanda Curtis” she describes herself as an anarchist and mocks religion, gun ownership, family values, and concern over the national debt.

So, what’s your opinion of this sweet thang…and do you think Montana has a chance to gain a seat for the republican side of the aisle? – One other fact; Daines is a true conservative to the nth degree.

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. I’d hate-eff… Nevermind.

  2. I’m gonna toss this in for the heck of it. Trust me, this fits what the nutcase Curtis would pull when it comes to leftist tactics.


  3. Spurwing Plover says:

    I can spell her kind in five letters F.O.O.L.S

  4. scizzorbill says:

    One of the few liberal useful idiots that isn’t ugly, at least on the outside.

  5. Spurwing Plover says:

    Well at least in Montana they dont have the idiots they have in Southern Mexifornia no one like that idiot Jerry(Moonbeam)Brown opening the state to illegal aliens and their more mature compared to some liberal state

    • Oh yes we do….we have and have had our share, unfortunately. Ted Turner is one of them…just for starters.

  6. GadsdenFlagFlyer66 says:

    The moonbat is strong in this one.
    [The GOP walking along] – Ooooh, piece of candy (picks it up)….Ooooh piece of candy (picks it up)…. Ooooh piece of candy (picks it up)…. Ooooh free senate seat (picks it up)…

  7. You walked all the way home from Carol Collage and you didn’t need a gun ah? Well…AH-DUUUUUUHH!

    What rapist would want to do you lady! Heck, you would give beastility a good name! If you was walking with a dog, it be the dog who got raped and you would told “Go away fleabag! I’m busy here!”


    Obviously NOT a nice person deep down. Probably be the type that would say upon meeting your five year old child,

    “Oh how sweet! You must be Momsies little mistake! Yes you are! Your the reason mommie is stuck with a loser man and not able to get ahead in life because she chose to have your miserable little self instead of the abortion!”

  8. Howdy BT….

    I would like to thank the Montana Democratic Committee for nominating Amanda Curtis for the run !!

    This will insure that Steve Daines is elected, as long as the GOP in this state doesn’t screw that up!


    How are ya?

    • Bulls-Eye! – That’s exactly what I relayed to my other half…almost word for word!

      We’re doing okay, could be better, could be worse…like about everyone else. How about you and yours?

      • Good to hear your okay…been a tough year for us so far…

        Keep up your good work!

        • Well, things are getting pretty dicey in our life too. Hubby lost job…so, we shall see.

          Btw…I hope your both in good health, that matters the most. Then again, we have OCare…so we’re all in grave danger in one way or the other.

    • MT…by the way, did you happen to read in one of the main MT papers that this senate seat has been held by a democrat for the past one hundred years? It was in either the Missoulian or the Interlake.

  9. does she understand that being a anarchist is incompatible with her desires for gun control, and expanding medicare ? this is simple logic that doesn’t seem to register with her.

    • or you could put two and 2 together and realize these are clips pulled together out of context. she posted 87 videos of the whole legislative session. These 110 seconds is what the repug party snipped together for weak angry white dudes to look at.

      • Of course we realize it…and I’m glad it was done to the flippin’ commie bitch….we don’t need her, she will defeated!

  10. Spurwing Plover says:

    Liberals are so darn pathetic their way beyond recovery from their stupid philosephie’s and ideas. Probibly when to a NEA run school

  11. keep on walking through unlit parking losts babe…….and we won’t have to deal with you for very much longer………

    and yes, you are right about the debt….it’s bull…..you don’t have to pay the interest or the principle on any debt now incurred…….your children and your grandchildren will pay that debt for you……I’ll bet they will thank you for that……..so you just keep on keeping on……

    smoke some more of your weed…….

    like Alfred E. Newman…..””What Me Worry””………..

  12. Hey Bigtimer is she a transplant? Or a seasonal resident from another state?

    What I found curious was she confesses to having urges to violently punch people, could this be tied to her desire for gun control. Would she act upon those urges if she was certain innocent victims could not defend themselves.

    She sounds and looks like the perfect Nazi

  13. Jumpin Joe says:

    This beotch may live in Montana, via what part of California. This is a prime example of communists moving to free states and trying to screw them up just like the hell hole they came from. Anyway, thanks dumb ass demonrats for this piece of sheet.

  14. I don’t know if it’s due to a state of grief or denial, but why dose these types of people, those who enforce gun control with an iron will, are often those who have had friends or family do something stupid? According to what I’ve read, her brother at age 16, killed himself playing a game of Russian roulette and it was because of these she wants to enforce heavy background checks on mentality.

    I will confess that once upon a time I was all for gun control, mostly because I wasn’t much into guns and even today I see them as a necessary evil. However I woke up that criminals don’t believe in following the law and guns are like pot or sex, if you look hard enough you will find it!


    We had an idiot here in Alaska who got playing around with a .44 and shot himself: http://www.connectmidmissouri......?id=590315 What’s sad is he was a solider and should have known better…anyway…most everyone here said the same thing, “What a stupid idiot!” Then left it at that…more or less…Why? Nobody’s fault but his! However…someone wanted a scapegoat and so they crucified the guy who provided the ammo. Other then that it went no further then two idiots playing a dangerous game under the influence.

    It would be nice to see responsibility going to the responsible for a change! No more punishing the whole for the mistakes of the one!

    This comment is not really important I know, but I’m just sharing a thought and wondering if behind all the heart touch sentiment with gun control, that a malevolent sleeper cell agenda is waiting to strike.


    First it’s installed with preventing criminals and crazies from buying guns.
    “That’s fair!”

    Then comes tougher restrictions on what gun you may buy and how much ammo you are allowed to have.

    Next comes harsh gun license and mountain’s of paperwork! No license renewal and you are guilty of having an illegal fire arm.
    “Now wait a just a second here!”

    All guns owned by civilians become illegal and are confiscated.

    Final Stage
    Socialist Reformation, constitutional amendment right suspension and Enslavement to the People’s Collective.
    “Why didn’t I see this coming?”m

    Or am I just being paranoid?

  15. Well…if she tried walking home in the dark in, say, Detroit…she likely wouldn’t be making any videos!

  16. Assessment…………..

    Pathologically……….., a scheming, ruthless, vicious, beyond cold-blooded megalomaniac whose sole purpose is to control with no sense whatsoever of or toward propriety, ethics, morals combined with no remourse in the least. This same inherent nature is that of Obama, Castro. Was that of Hitler, Stalin. Any questions?

  17. Eastwood Ravine says:

    She is definitely kooky; however, Amanda Curtis is saying is exactly what most Democrat voters believe and think. If you challenged their beliefs, they see us as the stupid people. These people think Michael Moore’s documentaries are gospel.

    Just like Obama in 2008, what she is saying is exactly what the Democrat politicians will be believing, publicly or privately, for the next generation. Whilte Amanda Curtis is part of the problem with the Democrats, she is really only a symptom of what is really wrong with that political party.

    And both Democrats and Republicans are screwed up!

  18. Hey Amanda and ilk…take this!


  19. Spurwing Plover says:

    In montana the stupid Jackass Party is self distructing i,ll bet their feeling more nervous then a long tailed cat in a rocking chair factory

  20. Montana is a perculiar place. I spent ten years there at Malmstrom AFB. The majority sure hated us military, my wife being am exception. They had this funny idea that all us young Air Force guys were there to marr their women and take them away. During the Reagans years, the folsks raved at how terrible he was and how his economic policies were killing America, yet they failed to see any role played by the Democrats. They reminded me of old Southern folks who were stuck on their Demicrats come hell or high water.

    • Douglas…

      Yep…we have tons of leftist-loons in this state. People are wrong to say MT. is a red state…some of it is, some not at all…especially in the bigger cities. We’ve been infiltrated by many dems from other states. The greenie-weenies have destroyed many industries and small towns, logging, mining, etc etc. I pray Daines wins the senate seat.

      Btw…thanks for your service to this nation, eternally grateful.