As many have figured out, AWD is involved with a little cultural exchange mixed with a little bidness. OK, a LOT of cultural exchange and just about zero bidness. But when I can get the @#&* internet to work here I’m checking in on what’s going on up in the Great Satan. And that’s kind of bidness, yes?

I read where Erick Erickson reported what we already knew about GOP Senators financially backing the despicable tactics against the Tea Party in Mississippi that won the run-off for Thad Cochran. Like AWD has been saying forever, the Republican Party is not your friend. Not unless you’re the Chamber of Commerce or the Democrat Party.

I’ve seen that a post I wrote in October of 2013 is being passed around a lot in the Twittersphere. So I thought we’d repost it and discuss again how the Republican Elite must be crushed. If no other reason than they desperately deserve it. The other being America will not survive without a banishment of the wussypants RINOs running the GOP. That’s the kindest punishment I could think of to do that didn’t include violence. I’ll also have some thoughts on some observations I’ve made while spending a few days outside of the USA soon.

Let’s face it. The modern-day Republican Party is a party of failure. Whipped dogs! A Party of appeasement to the Democrats. A Party of no can do. It is a political party of nothing. So, knowing this, why would any fiscal conservative continue to support a political party that continually fails them? At this point, perhaps it is time the Tea Party pulls its support from the Republican Party and delivers the deserved death the current Republican Party so deserves. Without the conservative vote, the Republican Party dies. The time has come!

After two disastrous elections, the Republican Party continues to distance itself and insult the largest segment of their base, conservatives. Juan McPain and Mitt Romney lost the last two presidential elections not because Hispanics voted Democrat. That has been going on since forever. The two past RINOs lost their elections because Tea Party fiscal conservatives were disgusted with their party’s RINO nominees and stayed at home on election day.

So what do the stupids in the GOP leadership do after losing the last two elections to the most disastrous and defeatable administration in history? Move to the right and embrace fiscally conservative principles? Denounce moderate losering platforms that embrace big-government policies? Hell no! That would be the smart thing to do. They immediately seek to pass Amnesty and give 30+ million illegals the right to vote for Democrats which ensures the total destruction of the Republican Party! Party of Stupid!

Tea Party conservatives only ask one thing. That the federal government spends less than it takes in. Just like American producers live our lives. For that, the Tea Party has been castigated as “extremists, terrorists, anarchists” and other stupid names by corruptocrats in Washington and propagandists in the left-wing mainstream media. How horrible it is to demand the federal government not borrow, print and spend $3 billion dollars each day!

Enter David Frum, former George W Bush speechwriter and current RINO idiot wants the Tea Party to leave the Republican Party. I think he may be on to something. Frum tells the Tea Party not to let the door let the door hit them on their way out of the wussypants RINO door. He said:

Tea Party “extremism contaminates the whole Republican brand,” writes Frum. “It’s a very interesting question whether a (Tea Party) bolt from the GOP might not just liberate the party to slide back to the political center—and liberate Republicans from identification with the Sarah Palins and the Ted Cruzes who have done so much harm to their hopes over the past three election cycles.”

Harm their hopes like John McCain and Mitt Romney? Last time I looked, those big-government RINOs got their asses handed to them by the most vulnerable idiot President in American history. Yeah, the GOP should concentrate on Amnesty for illegal aliens! Unfortunately, Romney would have lost the election even if he had won 85% of the Hispanic vote! Romney lost because millions of CONSERVATIVE voters stayed at home rather than cast another vote for the latest RINO tool. And we will stay home again in 2016 when the GOP serves up it’s latest loser RINO canidate.

The major reason AWD has become less involved in the Tea Party movement is because the Tea Party movement depends on worthless morons like Mitch McConnell, Boo Hoo Boehner, and the other worthless RINO corruptocrats to carry the Tea Party water. Unfortunately, the GOP hates the Tea Party movement more than the Dims. So why bother?

The best thing for the Tea Party movement to do is to 100% quit supporting the Republican Party! Republicans are the Party of Stupid and Defeat. They are nothing more than appeasers to the Democrats! Republicans view themselves as wise, learned leaders who are offended at the Tea Party notion that the federal government should spend less than it receives in revenue. They insult us while seeking to bend over for the Democrats at every turn. That is how pathetic the Republican Party has become.

Screw David Frum and those RINO scum who think the best thing for America is to add more trillions in debt to America and fund the laughable ObamaCare! We’ve seen the danger the wussypants RINOs pose for our republic. We want nothing to do with them!

AWD is on record stating that I am through with the wussypants RINO Republican Party! I will never again hold my nose and vote for the lesser of two evils. Should the GOP run morons like fat RINO turd Chris Christie or another idiot like Jeb Bush for President in 2016, AWD will pass them by and vote for conservatives down-ballot in Texas. I will never again support a failed and dying Party of moral and ideological cowards that are mere Democrat-lite! Better to watch the current GOP disintegrate and be relegated to the toilet of history as just another Party that lost its way by appeasing its enemies.

The fact that the Republican establishment views fiscal conservatives the same as the socialist Democrats proves that it’s time the GOP is flushed down the toilet of history. The current GOP is nothing more than cowards seeking to preserve the status quo in Washington when the status quo is destroying America. Tea Party conservatives will have nothing more to do with that!

Losers like David Frum only illustrate the need for Tea Party conservatives to go our own way and vote for those in which we believe. Ted Cruz in 2016! Anything else will result in President Hillary Clinton! Every time the GOP runs a RINO idiot, they lose. And the fact that the Republican establishment wants to grant millions of illegals the right to vote and kill them shows how stupid the GOP has become!

The Tea Party realizes ObamaCare will be the final nail in America’s coffin. Hell, ObamaCare can’t even get the website to work after spending $650 million creating the thing! That the GOP elite is set to fund ObamaCare shows the lunacy and disaster the GOP has become. How many more trillions in debt would the GOP elite put on the backs of American producers? The number is endless just as long as the GOP can continue to live as kings on our dime.

Our enemies are not Democrats. Our true enemies are those in the GOP we have supported and who have failed us time and time again. Never again. Death to the current GOP! Long live the Tea Party and the principles of fiscal conservatism!

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  1. In Mississippi…..

    I would encourage McDaniel to make an independent run……

    or conservatives to stay at home….or even vote for the democRAT……




    • I agree……the republiturds need to be taught a lesson……..Thad and the Haley Barbour machine need to be defeated…….running McDaniel as a third party candidate has an appeal………I think he should run just to see what would happen if we split off from the republitards………… sure as hell isn’t going to hurt… why not………..

      I know the dimicrats would love to see us split up……create a third party but I don’t see any other way……we have no party with the republiturds……lets face the truth……the repuliturd party does not want us in their party………so we lose no matter what we do……at least if we start a third “conservative” party we stand some kind of a chance to force coalition and stop the erosion we are facing now………..

    • Snake Oiler says:


      Did you hear that folks, they’re such “proud Republicans” that they’re willing to support a Democrat for governor. No more blaming the Tea Party, whose only gripe is that the GOP doesn’t stick to its own principles. It’s the RINOs who will do anything, including buy votes from Democrats, or vote for Democrats, rather than have a principled conservative in office.

      I believe the canary in the coal mine has just croaked.

  2. The enemy of me is my enemy. The GOP has made it clear that I am their enemy. Therefore…

    • I love it when former Republicans (myself included) abandon the GOP. The ‘stupid party’ (as Sam Francis used to call them) has not only given us one wussy-pants RINO after another, but they’ve aligned with the Democrats to shove amnesty down our throats!

      For that alone, I have declared myself an enemy of the GOP and I will forever do what I can to drive them into obscurity and irrelevance (although they’re accomplishing that pretty well on their own!) like the Whig Party!

      The GOP is a traitorous party, political enemies of the American people.

  3. kansas repubs turn on brownback…….

    here in virginia, eric can’t-or lost to tea party candidate Brat……

    now the state GOP financial committee, controlled by can’t-or backers, is moving all the party’s money out of state….so brat can’t use it to replace can’t-or

    definitely time to cut our losses and move on.

  4. RidinShotgun says:

    Everyone should read Vince Flynn’s very first book “Term Limits” an idea whose time has come.

  5. aceydoozy says:

    Death to the current GOP, I’ll drink to that. What then would happen to most of the deceased GOP, they’d join the democrat party.

  6. “Kill the Republican Party” – Now that’s hope and change I can believe in!

  7. “If ye love wealth better than liberty,
    the tranquility of servitude
    better than the animating contest of freedom,
    go home from us in peace.
    We ask not your counsels or your arms.
    Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.
    May your chains set lightly upon you,
    and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”

  8. Czar of Defenestration says:

    I support every word you write; much of it I’ve said for *years*.

    That said, a separate 2016 Presidential candidate WILL guarantee a Democrat win.
    AND THAT’S OKAY…BECAUSE ya gotta start somewhere.

    Having a Third Party now would be great…good for generating “buzz”, motivating people around the country, and more.
    It would be nice if things could fall into place sooner than later, but I dare not be so optimistic.

    I still think it’s good to stay registered as a Republican, if for no other reason than to participate in Primaries (see: Brat, McDaniels), especially through 2014 (think: US Senate).
    But, after that, SCREW the GOP.

  9. Right!

  10. I have never heard such a digital precise appraisal of the politics at hand, there should be a new position added to the ballot,”Sargent at arms,” who,s job it would be to put foot to ass when a sack-less rino poses as a viable choice and wants our vote, i vote for the Dude, amen, shan-tay, ba goosh.

  11. You all are right what is there left to lose at this point, oppression is here!