It’s a hotter than hell Texas Sunday afternoon and AWD is out and about laying down rubber in his old Jeep Commando soaking up some rays like a boss! Just got out of the gym perfecting my ripped bod and stopped in a local haunt to enjoy some air conditioning and thought I’d post some goodern’ hell Texas Red Dirt Country I’ve been listening to lately. Because if it’s country and not Texas country, it’s sh*t! Suck on that, Rascal Flatts!

I’ve been wearing out some Roger Creager lately on ye olde stereo. Haven’t seen Roger in years so I’m going to have to make a point to look him up when he’s in town. Because the Big Sexy over here might just be having fun all wrong!

Next up is Charlie Robison with Bar Light. This video was shot at the Continental Club in Austin where AWD caught the great Dale Watson two weeks ago for his weekly Monday night show. Here’s Charlie, who regularly plays at Hanks which is about a driver and a six iron from AWD’s Casa de Amor. Well, it’s probably a driver and a three-wood for y’all.

Songwriter extraordinaire Jon Christopher Davis plays one of AWD’s faves about having that Lone Star Attitude:

One thang AWD loves is the great singer songwriters in Texas! I love this one from Austin Cunningham singing about his memories of going to his grandmaw’s house and growing up. This is a beautiful tune and was recorded by Wynonna. Big Fur Hat and AWD caught Austin a month ago when the Big Fuzzy was passing through town. Here’s “Flies On The Butter.” Oh, and as Austin says, he doesn’t use drugs…he only looks like he does!

Here’s a tune from Robert Earl Keen that AWD’s Angry White Brother told him about a few weeks ago. This one says a lot. Especially to a certain someone who will probably be reading this if she’s wondering what’s going on.

I got away from honky tonk on those last two. But here’s the great Billy Joe Shaver singing “When The Word Was Thunderbird” recorded at Billy Bob’s over in Ft Worth.

Well, that ought to keep y’all busy listening to some great stuff most of y’all have never heard. Honky tonk, singer songwriter tunes, and Billy Joe Shaver. Why am I so good to y’all? Because I’m the Big Sexy and I love me some Music That Doesn’t Suck. And I love y’all, too. Except the libtarded trolls. Libtarded trolls can kiss my big ol’ sexy ass! Y’all have a great rest of the afternoon, too!

Hell, how could I forget Dale Watson??? Damn! Here’s Dale pimping some Lone Star Beer before launching into “Honky Tonkers Don’t Cry” and “Whiskey Or God?” Whiskey or God? A perplexing question.

I pity Yankees who don’t get to hear music like this live. It doesn’t get any better than this.


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  1. Snake Oiler says:


    Here’s a deal for you on a Polish AK, complete with first or second gen night vision that’s about the size of a fireplug. Seriously.


  2. AWD I still like this kinda stuff from Jacksonville Florida.



  3. Good line-up … my two favorites are Christopher Davis and Robert Earl Keen … little bit of me in both songs … nice stuff

  4. Spurwing Plover says:

    Real Men dont ride sissy pink bicyles or eat garden burgers and they dont play soccer