Why should Americans abide by federal law when the federal government is not willing to do the same? When a US President continually oversteps his Constitutional authority and willfully selects to not enforce laws, are Americans bound to blindly follow him to their destruction? Or not blindly but willingly follow him to their destruction? This is where we are in America today.

Obama and the Democrats planned the invasion of illegal aliens now flooding the Southern border. They need more life long voters since they have nearly 100% of the black vote sewn up. They plan to grant amnesty and shower the newborn Democrats with welfare and social program for life in exchange for their eternal loyalty to the Democrat Party.

Greedy Republicans will go along with Amnesty to keep unskilled workers streaming in to satisfy the desires of their Big Business cronies in search of cheap labor. Somewhere in all this the Middle Class taxpayer gets lost in the shuffle. Actually, he’s not lost, he’s going to bear the financial burden for all this.

American anger is rightfully rising along border states. Patriots are blocking immigrant buses from entering their towns. Militias are gathering and heading to the border. La Raza and other communist groups seeking amnesty and free stuff are also gathering. It’s a matter of time until someone gets hurt or killed. Rumors abound that the federal government is planning on sending in SWAT teams to suppress American protesters. It’s a powder keg waiting to explode. And perhaps it should! Nothing else has worked in making Washington enforce immigration laws. A President who will ignore immigration law will also ignore deportation law and any other. Count on it!

Who will be the first governor to send the National Guard to shut down the border? Will they forcefully act and do the job themselves instead of endlessly calling on Obama to enforce laws everyone knows he won’t? The first to stand up and tell Obama these words will be the next President of the United States if they will only say these words:

Mr President, you have willfully ignored US immigration laws. There is strong evidence you and your administration played an active role in planning the current invasion of America by illegal aliens, many of them children. Americans are struggling from the malfeasance of your presidency. Citizens of border states are suffering from rising violent crime and job losses due to a porous border and the plague of illegal immigration. It is your job to enforce immigration laws but you have willfully chosen to ignore them. In the interest of our citizens, the rule of law, and our own preservation we will now take the matter into our own hands.

You have turned the US Border Patrol from guardians of our borders to babysitters. You have unconstitutionally circumvented Congress with your so-called “Dream Act.” You have halted deportations of illegal aliens. You have released thousands of violent illegal alien criminals to further prey on innocent Americans. You, sir, have failed in your duties to uphold the laws and Constitution of the United States. As such, you are directly responsible for the reprehensible results of unchecked illegal immigration.

I am ordering the National Guard to immediately deploy to the US/Mexico border in my state and prevent any and all illegal aliens from unlawfully crossing. I am authorizing the use of force to prevent unlawful entry. I will allow our National Guard commanders to do whatever necessary to ensure that not one illegal alien be allowed to cross.

I and the citizens of my state will not be deterred. We will not be intimidated by your threats. I am surrounded by tens of millions of patriotic Americans who will not be further subjected to your malfeasance and tyranny. Any federal officers who are sent to our state to harass or arrest any citizen here will be arrested immediately. That includes Attorney General Eric Holder. If you wish to come and try to arrest me, bring your lunch!


Governor (Anyone With Balls)

The time is at hand. America is facing an existential threat created by domestic enemies in Washington. It is the duty of states to protect their citizens. Who will be the first to stand up and say we will no longer suffer the tyranny of the federal government? We certainly cannot depend on worthless corruptocrats who infect Washington to do anything. They are complicit with Obama in creating this disaster!

Other states will follow if only one has the fortitude to stand up and oppose the federal government and shut its border by force. Anyone? Rick Perry? Anyone? Jan Brewer? Anyone?

Expect much more of scene like thi as more Communist and La Raza moochers seek to silence legal American protesters.

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  1. It is not “illegal immigration,” it is ILLEGAL INVASION. Call it what it is!!

  2. While I wish that Brewer would nut-up and close the southern border, she won’t do it. It’s strange, since she isn’t running for re-election, and as such, has nothing to lose politically.

    However, I think it’s going to come down to Texas getting the ball rolling. Mexifornia will never close the border, no matter how many conservatives protest, and New Mexico would rather perform multiple cavity searches on its white citizens instead of actually dealing with illegal immigration.

    I suspect that if Texas closes it’s border first, Arizona will follow, but like I said, NM and CA are purple and bright blue, and incapable of action.

    • “New Mexico would rather perform multiple cavity searches on its white citizens.”

      • anyone from ny has got to be queer

      • Thanks for fixing my post Red, I gotta stop posting before morning coffee.

        My Way: I was born in south New Jersey, and spent time in NY, and I can assure you that there are more queers in Commiefornia. BTW, how did you escape the HuffPo site?

        • Frank The Tank says:

          Hi JMV so you’re a fellow Jersey boy? When was the last time you had a taylor ham egg and cheese on a roll 😉

          • Frank,
            My family left when I was about 8 years old. My father was in the Army, and we moved a lot once he got into the Warrant Officer program, and got accepted into flight school. We ended up in Mexifornia of all places, but that was before it turned into a bastion of libtards, so its been about 45 years since I’ve had any real food!

    • I hope your thoughts are correct; it would be nice to see some politicians “step up to the plate”. However, barryO would be licking his chops if we did. It would give him the chance he’s been waiting for to impose marshal law before 2016 – talk about a civil war… I think there’s some people out there that are angry enough just itching to get into a brawl.

  3. Excellent piece!
    Governors, this really is the moment of truth.
    Will just one stand up?
    There is no tomorrow, If not now.

  4. freespeechzone says:

    In my opinion, regardless of the noise or potential action by states—make NO mistake that the Feds will intercede and continue the stream of diseased, uneducated, unskilled, bringing NO value to OUR country humanity.

    The Federal response will try to reinforce that anybody that gets in their way, will be ‘dealt with’. I believe that they WILL provoke violence to justify the murder of any who protest—and to discourage the masses.

    Barack Obama and his minions believe in destroying the United States in the interest of ‘payback’ for his delusional beliefs we have created these 3rd world crap holes.

  5. Think Perry will have a set of cojones and tell Obongo to eat dirt. Brewer may be getting an ear ful about kicking out the illegal scum. Hope someone gets it going and others follow suit. SEND THEM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Liberal presidential icon George McGovern 1975: told Newsweek, “I think the Vietnamese are better off in Vietnam.”

    Senator Joe Biden 1975: complained about the Ford administration’s move to bring Vietnamese refugees to the U.S., saying the White House “had not informed Congress adequately about the number of refugees.”

    Gov. Jerry Brown 1975: Don’t ‘Dump Vietnamese’ Refugees on California


  7. Spurwing Plover says:

    Like the Robot from the classic 60s Sci Fi series LOST IN SPACE would say DANGER DANGER WILL ROBINSON ALIENS APPROACHING ALIENS APPROACHING and Der Fuhrer is allowing this illegal invasion of america as wanted by the CFR<UN and the rest of the NWO pukes

  8. Spurwing Plover says:

    I see Der Fuhrer is planing to send his Imperial Storm Troopers to the border and some mexican scumballs burned a american flag on the 4th its do the same with a mexican flag on Cino Demayo

  9. It’s time for Perry to stand up and practice what he preaches at campaign stops. Talks big but yet has not secured the Texas border with Mexico. He’s not up for reelection either but want’s to run for President so watch him bow down for the Latino vote. All talk and no action.

    Since the Feds control the border crossing he can’t close them but nothing is stopping him from setting up check stations 100 yards in and bring all traffic to a near standstill until every person and vehicle is unloaded and searched. Thousands of trucks from Mexican factories and farms are headed north. Until the Mexican government closes their southern borders and stops assisting the illegals with transportation services to our border shut down all commerce in and out of Mexico.

    PS – anybody that vacations in Mexico is aiding and abetting this insurgency.

    • Joe Stalin says:

      Remember DEA agent Enrique S. “Kiki” Camarena who was murdered in Mexico during the Reagan presidency in 1985? The US government slowed down border crossing checkpoints to a crawl by inspecting EVERYTHING to put pressure on the Mexican government. The Great and Powerful Obama will NOT do the same to get our firearm carrying military guy back nor to force them to stop letting the Southern Kiddy Infiltrators transiting the full length of Mexico (over 1,000 miles) to arrive as Hispanic parasites on American soil.

      Obama is President of the Third Worlders in America and acts like it.

      Obama needs impeachment NOW for failure to uphold his duty to prevent INVASION.

  10. None of them will.

  11. Kathie Glass, Libertarian for Texas Governor, is the only candidate for governor in Texas who agrees with this post. See this link to the letter she wrote to Rick Perry in 2010: http://kathieglass.org/sites/k....._Guard.pdf

  12. PAmadwoman says:

    I have to wonder about the hordes of children coming across. A child doesn’t just up and leave his Mommy and Daddy, even if they’re so poor they’re eating dirt. So how is it they are all by themselves, all in droves? Almost sounds like they are being rounded up like cattle and herded in. As they say, something is very wrong with this picture.

    • Speaking of which, I’m trying to remember what even ignited this. Anyone recall how and when this all started–the “surge”, I mean (obviously I realize illegals have been slipping over the border since time immemorial).

      • Red,
        as poor as these folks are way down in places like Honduras, they do not simply wake up one day and decide to travel 1000`s of mile thru hellish conditions with a child to reach USA …this whole thing has been very will planned and aided by money….
        on another note Red…this following report is for you and all my New York friends…beware it has begun..

        hang tuff

  13. cranky.white.woman says:

    This isn’t immigration. It’s an invasion.

  14. Spurwing Plover says:

    All those who support illegal imagration and amnesty are Traitors all