Ann Coulter, the stringy-haired, string bean who fires strings of cute one-liners (just ask her) at her ideological enemies du jour has put the Tea Party movement in her RINO sights.

This is not surprising. Everyone now fully understands that the Republican Establishment and their ilk despise the Tea Party even more than Dims or the Mainstream Propaganda Media. We saw just how deep the hatred runs from the wussypants RINO elites recently in the Mississippi GOP primary runoff where the Elites paid liberal black Democrats to cross over and vote for self-admitted goat humper and big-spending RINO Thad Cochran. That’s right. To save Cochran’s leathered RINO hide, the Republican Establishment paid black Dims to vote for Cochran, who won the runoff by 6,000 votes. 35,000 Democrats voted for Cochran in the primary. Clearly, Republicans in Mississippi wanted Chris McDaniel to represent them in the US Senate. Ann Coulter clearly has no problem liberal Democrats selecting Republican candidates. As long as it’s a life long RINO! After all, Ann Coulter is an Establishment weenie.

Coulter recently penned an article called “TEA PARTY: LEARN FROM AL GORE” criticizing the Tea Party for not sitting back and taking the vile actions of the GOP Establishment in stride. How dare those racist, Nazi, KKK (words used against the Tea Party by the GOP Elite in Mississippi) demand honest and fair elections! Why don’t they just sit back and take one for the GOP Elite team and live to fight again next time? Because there very well may be no next time! We’re tired of elections being stolen by Democrats and Republicans!

Oh, but AWD! The vile tactics used by the GOP Elite were legal. That’s what the RINO Elites and the propaganda media say. AWD says this: Just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right. Keeping women from voting was once legal, too.

AWD has endorsed the Democrat Senatorial candidate Travis Childers. Every single voter who voted for McDaniel in the primary and runoff should join the black Democrats who voted for Cochran in the runoff to elect Childers. After all, he is anti-gun law and opposed ObamaCare. And he probably doesn’t hump farm animals.

If Cochran is allowed to maintain his seat using these tactics, the Tea Party knows full well that the GOP Establishment will recruit black Democrats to vote for their chosen RINO in any race where there are open primaries. Remember, the National Republican Senatorial Committee has backed such stellar conservatives like Arlen Specter, Charlie Crist, Lisa Murkowski, Bob Bennett, David Dewhurst and others in the past 6 years over fiscal conservatives. Perhaps that is the reason why Coulter hates the Tea Party. She told us for months that Chris Christie was the only savior of America. Later, she said the same of Mitt Romney. Wussypants, big-government RINOs! See a pattern here? My guess is she’ll soon be touting El Jeb Boosh as el proximo salavador de Los Estados Unidos (the next savior of the USA)! Y’all really should learn Spanish, you know.

In her article, Coulter says McDaniel and the Tea Party should learn from Al Gore. The only thing anyone can learn from the Tennessee Two by Four is how to perpetuate massive fraud on the American people. Kind of like Coulter’s political recommendations. She says the Dims have not asked Gore to run again because he demanded a recount with George W Bush to ensure votes had been properly counted. The truth is Gore wouldn’t run for office again because he’s making too much money selling Global Warming to stupid people. I wonder if Ann has her Smart Car yet?

She also goes back to Nixon and ends up with John Thune back in 2002 to prove why the Tea Party should give up in Mississippi:

– Richard Nixon had the 1960 presidential election stolen from him, when Chicago Mayor Richard Daley produced enough votes in Cook County to give Kennedy an 8,858-vote margin out of 4.7 million votes cast statewide. Nixon was publicly gracious, and eight years later he was elected president.

– California Republican Bob Dornan had his 1996 congressional re-election stolen from him. The Los Angeles Times, the Fair Elections Group and the House of Representatives all found massive evidence of voter fraud involving illegal aliens and other ineligible voters. Dornan contested the election — and it ended his career. In a matchup two years later against the vote fraud-beneficiary, Loretta Sanchez, Dornan lost.

– In 2002, Republican John Thune had a U.S. Senate election in South Dakota openly stolen from him in his race against the Democratic incumbent, Tim Johnson.

Coulter must have been too busy watching Christie scarf down Sara Lee cheesecakes and clogging bridges to notice we are now in the year 2014 and massive tyranny is being perpetuated against the American people! From unelected governmental agencies like the EPA and IRS being used to harass and silence Obama’s ideological enemies to a government-planned invasion of the Southern border by Third World illegal alien mooching pre-Democrats, this ain’t your father’s 2002, Ann! We don’t have time for the status quo RINOs who have assisted in creating an $18 trillion deficit!

Coulter’s real interest in silencing the Tea Party comes out in the last paragraph :

But some McDaniel supporters can’t think about anything but winning this one primary. They don’t care that they’re gambling with a Republican majority in the Senate — or destroying McDaniel’s future prospects. (Which could come soon — Cochran isn’t getting any younger.) As the nation goes up in smoke, they act as if the future of the country is nothing compared to their color war at summer camp.

Oh, so the Tea Party should support the Party and candidate that disparaged and lied about them being Nazi, racist, KKK members so the wussypants Republicans can retake the Senate! Oh that’s good! Because everyone knows Turtle-Head McConnell is champing at the bit to turn things around! The guy who has gone along with every spending increase, Continuing Resolution, and debt limit increase while fighting the only two true conservatives in the Senate, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, is ready to rock against Obama! Are you that stupid, Ann? I saw a guy from the Tea Party on TV a few weeks ago say the truest words about Mitch McConnell I’ve ever heard. “McConnell is Harry Reid Lite.” So spare us the “Republicans controlling the Senate” BS!

Coulter shows how in the bag she is for the RINO Elites with this insult to McDaniel:

Most appallingly, a McDaniel supporter, with the help of three others, was caught sneaking into Cochran’s wife’s nursing home to take photographs of the poor Alzheimer’s-ridden woman. The ringleader of this cruelty-to-dementia-patients campaign has now committed suicide.

McDaniel’s team complains about what Cochran’s supporters said about its guy? Nothing compares to that ugly nursing home stunt.

So McDaniel is responsible for the actions of everyone who supports him? Is Coulter responsible for every comment made on her articles? McDaniel is only responsible for his own actions and words. Just like Ann Coulter is responsible for her own actions and words. Like the words saying she and Bill Maher are good friends. And those words told me more than I ever needed to know about Ann Coulter.

Ann, you’re not the first to go down this stupid path. It’s quite common with you DC types who love to get invited to the cocktail parties at GOP headquarters where you can insult and make fun of those rube teabaggers. We know who you are and we know what you are. And it’s time you shut the hell up giving advice to the Tea Party. You obviously don’t have a problem with your GOP ilk using the same vile words and lies to destroy the Tea Party as Al Sharpton, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Eric Holder, and Obama. Instead of telling the Tea Party to sit back and take one for the RINOs maybe you can spend your time better finding a petting zoo for Thad Cochran. He’s screwed the American taxpayer long enough. Maybe it’s time he goes back to screwing farm animals and give us a break!

So shut your piehole, Ann. Better yet, eat a cheeseburger or four. Americans who demand fair elections and massive changes to Washington could use the silence to continue our work trying to save America from the Democrats. And Republicans.

Oh, and Ann? You’re AWD’s RINO Of The Week! Congrats and condolences!

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  1. Jack Daniels says:

    Man I can’t stand that female. Never thought or beleived for a minute that she was a conservative. She used to say the ‘right’ thing to sell books. When she started openly attacking Tea Party members, Sarah Palin and other conservatives….I had me my TOLD YOU!!! moment in spades.

    Hey, you’d think the fact that she drools over liberals like stewart and maher and hangs with ultra libtards like this would set off the alarm off.

  2. Mr. Rational says:

    Aw, c’mon AWD!  Don’t hold back, tell us how you REALLY feel!

    (I keed, I keed.)

    I grinned the whole way through.

  3. With friends like Ann, who needs any enemies?I’ve been suspicious about her for awhile, now I know.

  4. Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement – Crisis At The Border – America Under Attack


  5. ThisObamaNation says:

    Ann Coulter jumped the shark back when she pledged her undying love to Chris Christie.


  6. captainmike says:

    “Keeping women from voting was once legal too.” I have heard more than one (intelligent) woman say that it was right also.

    Ann Coulter is neither as bright nor as funny as she thinks she is.

    • “Keeping women from voting was once legal, too” – Ah, the good old days! I know it’s not politically-correct and about as improper as farting in an elevator, but sometimes I truly long for those days.

      Yeah, I know, there’s some really good women out there who ‘get it’ and vote with an informed mind. But there’s sure a lot more who vote only their hearts and completely by-pass their brains. And that’s the crux of the problem. Women, by nature, are emotionally-driven, not particularly logical in the formal sense, and who are easily led and somewhat gullible.

      When the right to vote was given to them, it was just a matter of time before the loonies and radical Leftists were voted into important political offices. Granted, this wasn’t accomplished solely by women, but it would be hard to deny that the Left has a massive female base that votes for the most ruinous candidates.

      Hmm, maybe our founders had some sense about them when they limited the right to vote to men and those who owned property?

      Oh well, just my two cents.

  7. Sweet Baby Ray says:

    Not everyone can take the shot that wins the tournament. Not even everyone that’s actually on the team can be on the court when the tournament is called. Shouldn’t the whole league work together for the betterment of the league as a whole? There is no “I” in team.

    If you’re calling in life is to rule The American people, shouldn’t you play nice with your fellow rulers? At least for the betterment of the league? Isn’t that the Right Thing To Do(TM)?

  8. I never like that Mann.

  9. I can’t stand her. She’s about as attractive as an ironing board and her voice makes you want to be born deaf.

  10. Finally, I agree with AWD in something

  11. Ride the lightning says:

    Another disgusting RINO trying to preserve the status quo…. she needs her gag reflex to be tested ( roughly ) every time she opens her mouth.