Noted goat-humper Thad Cochran, the RNSC and the Mississippi RINO Establishment proved in last night’s run-off primary election what AWD has been saying for some time now. There is little to no difference between the Republicans and Democrats. There is nothing, NOTHING, that elected politicians (not leaders) wouldn’t do to hold on to their precious ruling class seats. Eating glass and selling their children for medical experiments included.

The Establishment and Senator Thad Cochran did the equivalent of selling their children for medical experiments to keep him in office. They actively asked black Democrats (the most loyal Democrat voting segment in America…besides the dead) to cross over and vote for Cochran in the runoff election to defeat the Tea Party candidate. I crap you negative.

Here is a radio spot that ran on black radio stations in Mississippi. Remember, this was supported and funded by the Republican Establishment!!!

It appears Cochran received 35,000 votes for Democrats to win by a mere 4,000 votes. So the Republicans in Mississippi soundly rejected RINO Thad Cochran and elected conservative Chris McDaniel as their choice to represent them in the Senate in Mississippi. Cochran won because of those with whom he is supposed to be ideologically opposed to. And Cochran and his RINO ilk accused the Tea Party of racism in their opposition to America’s “first African-American President.” Damn those bastids to Hell!

What should the Tea Party do about this? In AWD’s opinion, the answer is easy. RINO Republicans have for too long taken advantage of the Tea Party vote in general elections. They figure the Tea Party would never support a Democrat. And they have been right. Until now. But when the Republican depends on the votes of liberal Democrats and disparages the Tea Party while accusing their opposition to Obama and his agenda, we see that the Republican candidate is no better than the Democrat. He’s only interested in keeping his precious seat in Congress, even if it’s in direct opposition to members of his Party.

So what to do? Tea Party members in Mississippi should vote for the Democrat in November and unseat Cochran. The Republican Establishment should know if they reach out to liberal Democrats to win primaries, the Tea Party will support the Democrat in the general election. Payback is a bitch! The Republican Party must pay a price for their despicable actions!

But AWD, Cochran’s seat in Mississippi is critical in the Republicans retaking the Senate! To that AWD says, so what? BFD! By reaching out to Democrats to keep his Senate seat, Cochran has proven himself to be a worthless Democrat. He must pay the ultimate price and become a corrupt lobbyist instead of continuing as a corrupt Senator!

Does anyone really believe at this point that the Republicans would change one little thing from what Harry Reid and the Dims have been doing in the Senate? Repeal ObamaCare? Not a chance! Big Business and the Chamber of Commerce want ObamaCare and all it’s tremendous costs pushed onto the taxpayer and away from company paid employee health plans. And Big Business and the Chamber of Commerce OWN the Republican Elite!

Again, the RINO’s putrid sell out of the Republican electorate in Mississippi proves there is no difference between the Republicans and Democrats in Washington. The lies they put forth against the Tea Party make them unworthy of a single Tea Party vote in November. Live by the RINO sword in the primary, die by the RINO sword in the general.

AWD calls on every Tea Party conservative to either vote for the Democrat in Mississippi in November or vote for Chris McDaniel as a write in candidate. Thad Cochran, John McCain, Reince Priebus, Mitch McConnell and the rest of the Establishment ilk CANNOT be rewarded with a Cochran victory after what they did. They must pay a price for their treachery. Because the Establishment reaching out to liberal Democrats to keep a lifelong corruptocrat is the most despicable action I have ever witnessed from RINOs. And I’ve witnessed a lot! Too much to ever support anyone supported by the Republican Establishment. Let it all collapse! It’s going to one way or the other!

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  1. I think a write in campaign such as happened in Alaska and worked would be good. If it was done right it would elect Chris McDaniel, at worst it would deny the Goat Humper his seat and give him some leisure time to hump his heart away. This way Cochran is out, period and maybe a write in would work. Sends the same message.

  2. Eastwood Ravine says:

    Ideally, a write-in campaign would be the way to go. However, in a three-way race, it’s a hard bet to win by a plurality, which is what a win would be. It would probably put the Democrat’s candidate over-the-top of Cochran and McDaniel. Either the Tea Party should write-in for McDaniel, or abstain from voting in the senatorial race.

    Basically, the Tea Party should learn from this, make the Tea Party an actual party, and start competing. The establishment will start to get it when they come in third over and over and over.


  3. aceydoozy says:

    Disgusting idea, but I agree there’s no difference between ‘rats and RINOs/elitist/establishment repubs so “what difference does it make?”

  4. aceydoozy says:

    More on MS Senatorial primary from Lawrence Sellin: http://patriotsforamerica.ning.....hare_topic

  5. While I am not down with the conventional wisdom that black voters swung this thing to Cochran, it is perfectly obvious that he pandered to black votes.

    He made the bed, so let him sleep on it.

    McDaniel voters should at the very least not vote in November. Let all those blacks that Cochran suddenly loves so much carry him to victory, except, they’re voting Democrat.

  6. Carolina Patriot says:

    Your suggestion is EXACTLY what I have been posting at every conservative slant news site for 11 months. I am consistently attacked by Republicans. It is time to unseat these Republican parasites that lie to our faces and then smooch the backside of the Democrat Party and its constituents. I have no representation in Congress, as long as Republican vote and believe whatever it takes to keep their parasitic jobs. The Tea Party now needs to conduct a highly visible public campaign to request all Tea Party Votes go to Thad Cochran’s Democratic opponent.

  7. the republican party has shown it’s true colors…….. and they aren’t for a constitutional America but are for a crony capitalist America that only represents them and their power and to hell with the base of the party………what the repubs did in Mississippi shows us that we are on our own…..that the repubs will do anything to remain in power and sell us out……and that is just what they did….sold us out……

    o.k., so we have been sold out…….I am comfortable being on our own…..we have to know just where everyone stands and now we do and I do not in any way stand with the republican party……so what do we do…..just what is being suggested….vote Thaddy boy to hell out of orifice…….vote for the dimicrat……and teach the repubs a lesson……and if we have to do this in other states then that’s what we have to do…..the republican party has forced the issue and now they must pay for betrayal……and make no mistake they have betrayed us and they did it gleefully…..laughing at what they have done……sitting in back rooms with their feet up, drinking their scotch and soda, smoking their big fat stogies laughing their asses off……..

    but he who laughs last laughs best Thaddy boy…..he who laughs last laughs best……if I were a Mississippian I would vote dimicrat and would encourage everyone else to do the same and shout it from the roof tops letting the republicans know just we have done………

    vote dimicrat in Mississippi…….yes it’s time for a new strategy and for getting revenge on these bastards who are selling us out…………it’s time for a revenge vote…………

  8. I’ve posted this a few other place, gonna put it here too….


    • I knew there would be voting irregularities and dimicrats voting twice in both primaries….so I’m glad to see and welcome a challenge by McDaniel to over turn this bullsh!t……..if it doesn’t overturn it then I’m all for a revenge vote………..

      and I’m not surprised that the blacks knowingly have tried to vote more than once……it’s par for the course by the blacks……..

    • aceydoozy says:

      that’s good news, hope it works out well for McDaniel.

    • the blacks that voted twice need to be prosecuted…….to the fullest extent of the law……….

      scrutinize those votes…..the entire registry has to be gone over with a fine tooth comb….and root out those dimicrats that broke the law by voting more than once…..

      prosecute…..prosecute…..prosecute…….prison for those that voted more than once……