Great googly moogly! When you thought the Republican Party couldn’t sink any lower, soon-to-be former Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran pandered to a elderly audience recently by admitting he had “grown up doing all kinds of indecent things with animals.” He really said that. I crap you negative! And he wasn’t talking about farm animals like Rosie O’Donnell, either!

Cochran faces a runoff election for his Senate seat against Tea Party supported Chris McDaniel. In speaking with a rural Mississippi audience, Cochran admitted to having sex with animals while growing up. Perhaps Cochran is senile and forgot he’s running for reelection in the Senate and not the Taliban. Here he is in action. Well, not in THAT kind of action. Family page.

Yes lawd, I feel reeeel comftable heah with y’all good people out heah in the sticks. Reminds me when I was one of y’all and actually lived in Mississippi before I was an inportant Newnited States Senatuh! Makes me kind of want to go out and hump a goat like I did when I was knee-high to a grasshopper! I know y’all know whut I’m talking ’bout! Because y’all’s good people! That’s what y’all is! Hey there, Mayor! How’s yo mama’n ’em?

Cochran’s wife immediately came to his defense saying the charges of inappropriate relations with animals was all part of a vast PETA-wing conspiracy.

Is this how low the United States Congress has sunken? Cochran is so old and corrupt that he believes he can score votes with the “good people” of Mississippi by admitting commonalities with them like raping sheep. Of course, the good ol’ boy Cochran who “grew up the road just a piece” doesn’t even live in Mississippi anymore. Farm animals are a little harder to find and hump in Georgetown.

The Republican Establishment and nearly every Repub Senator is backing the chicken-humping Cochran for reelection. Why are we not surprised? This once again illustrates the total corruption of the GOP (Goat On Penis) Party. They cannot be redeemed as they make every effort to destroy America. They are beyond redemption.

Cochran has no business being a US Senator. The only office he should hold in Mississippi is the Town Dog Catcher. Wait a minute!

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  1. Time to get the Zombie Generations off the Videos and get them out to vote. Out of the 535 Assclowns inside the Beltway we need to change 518 of them on both sides. Anyway I think that’s Cochrans best shot.old folks can relate to that and the Zombies don’t vote. Of course I preferred driving a tractor with a chicken in my lap.

  2. The man is sick, senile and disgusting. He and McCain as Senators is an affront
    to decent human beings.

  3. Ah yes fun with farm animals, that really takes me back. I guess old Thad was the one that stuffed the Turkey every Thanksgiving.

    Mountain…Mississippi Queen.

    AWD…Goat On Penis Party… That’s Hilarious!

  4. This sick you-know-what should have been immediately placed in a psych ward until he is stable enough to face charges of bestiality!


  5. “Farm animals are a little harder to find and hump in Georgetown” -AWD

    I disagree Sir Angry. I believe Caligula’s Rome is in full swing inside the D.C beltway.

    But what your satirical story illustrates beyond the pale is elected republicans secretly in their hearts want to be free from responsibility like their democrat friends across the isle.

    I’m fairly confident John Boehner wants to be a woman like Roman Emperor Elagabalus

    And I’m pretty sure McCain is Nero’s horse.

  6. Jumpin Joe says:

    Another perfect example of why we need term limits. These dirty, sick ass nuggets will do or say anything to keep their power. They could care less about this country or the hard working American.

  7. ThiS Just in…Breaking News…….

    We at Jigg Digg News Minute have an exclusive interview with Senator Cochran’s first girl friend…..
    Jigg: Please tell us Daisy, how was sex with the Senator?

    Daisy:,….not baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!

    photo of Daisy below….

    this had been Jigg reporting from down on the farm….


  8. Spurwing Plover says:


  9. farm animals like Rosie O’donnell……damn you come up with some of the best lines…..that’s a damn good one……made me laugh my ass off……….

    ole Thaddy-boy isn’t long for this Senate seat……he’s gonna get beaten like a black stepchild………

  10. Spurwing Plover says:

    Stubborn demacratic donkey meets 25:000 volt cattle prod

  11. “Farm animals are a little harder to find and hump in Georgetown.”

    Well I have only driven through Georgetown but I am guessing there are plenty of pigs there and probably a few goats. And you can’t tell me they are not open to a roll in the hay.

  12. Spurwing Plover says:

    Dumb flat lander kid visits farm see’s a pile ol Milk Bottles and say LOOK A COWS NEST

  13. Being a Mississippian, I can only say about Mr Cochran: term limits….a loooong time ago. I haven’t identified w/repukelican party in many years. Thad already has his next-in-line following him around: Greg Harper. Same song, 2nd verse. Stop the madness.

  14. Methinks Cochran is going to lose ….


  15. Spurwing Plover says:

    Tried to have sex with Elsie her good brother Emler objected