There is a reason AWD continually tells y’all Texas is the greatest state in the universe. Because it is. And for all those RINO and liberal morons who keep saying the Tea Party is dead, AWD has this to say. Your mama! You now know the Tea Party is not dead in the Lone Star State. As of now, the Tea Party rules the greatest state in the universe!

The Tea Party in Texas, fresh off a dominating primary season, killed a RINO provision for providing ‘guest worker’ documents for illegals that was passed only two years ago by the GOP.

Fox News reported:

Tea party activists seized control of the Texas Republican Convention on Saturday, winning a harder line on immigration in the official party platform and lifting firebrand U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz to an easy victory in a 2016 presidential straw poll.

Following hours of often contentious debate and an especially raucous vote, the roughly 7,000 delegates torpedoed platform language approved at their convention just two years ago endorsing a guest-worker program for people in the country illegally.

The so-called “Texas Solution” was meant to satisfy the needs of a booming Texas economy and was supposed to act as a model for comprehensive, federal immigration reform. It was also seen as a boon to the state’s fast-growing Hispanic population — though opponents called it amnesty for law-breakers.

The ‘Texas Solution’ provision passed two years ago that would have allowed guest worker privileges to illegals in Texas looked poised to pass again when the Tea Party rose and shut it down!

Indeed, the hall was enveloped in applause when delegate Ivette Lozano, of Dallas, took a microphone to liken a softer immigration stance to negotiating with terrorists.

The final vote results on the immigration plank were close enough that the convention called for a rare roll-call vote– but scrapping the 2012 language eventually was defeated decisively. Even before then, though, booing and shouting so marred the proceedings that party chairman Steve Munisteri repeatedly pleaded for civility.

Get that? A Hispanic delagate Ivette Lozano rose up to speak against illegal immigration and the guest worker program!

Ted Cruz also won the Presidential straw vote by a huge amount over other contenders. Ted won 43% of the vote. Ben Carson was second with 12.2%. Rick Perry only got 11% of the vote. Big spending RINO!

Texas is poised for the most productive legislative session in decades with strong Tea Party primary wins. Many RINO longtime politicians were defeated and will no longer plague Texans with bigger, more expensive government programs as we have seen in the past decade.

Let’s hope Texas is an inspiration to other Red States who also realize RINO governance is only a slower brand of Democrat politics! Molon labe, baybah!

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  1. Awesome, El Duderino! Now in those of us in Arizona can get Gov. Brewer to set up road blocks and turn around the busses full of illegals that the feds are dumping here, we might stand a chance of following Texas’ lead.

    • We ain’t doin to bad in Arizona. Right wing Repos control the Senate and House here, and Brewer is the most liberal of all and she is not a lib by any means. I remember when Demos controlled all and it was hell as a business environment. We can’t do much to stop the Feds, ask Sheriff Joe. They have kinda cornered him somewhat and if it wasn’t for his volunteer posse he would get nothing done.The main problem is Obama and the DC crowd.

      • Alexandra says:

        Somehow I wonder if these illegals aren’t being dumped in Arizona especially for Governor Brewer and Sheriff Arpaio.

        Sheriff Joe’s been quite the thorn in Obummer’s side, I think.

        • I thought that too! She should put them all on buses back to Mexico. “move em out pilgrim”…Oblameo is getting back at her.

  2. Spurwing Plover says:

    No deals when it comes to such things like Guest Workers its just a excuse to allow even more illegal aliens into this nation like Obama has done to Arizona

  3. One more time

    Here’s the Commander in Community Organizer working out.

    President Obama Working Out In a Polish Gym


    Jimmy Kimmel Gets Hold of Vlad Putin Video Making Fun of Obama’s ‘Pumping Iron’ Workout Session


  4. Spurwing Plover says:

    Texas Mockingbird to Mexican Vulture, GO HOME

  5. Here are some questions i have on illegals flooding the USA now with the children ….
    A question that we have seen no one raise, much less answer, is how these thousands of children from poor areas of Central America manage to find their way — en masse — about 1,800 miles through Mexico’s rough roads to arrive in south Texas. While we cannot determine who is coordinating and assisting with their efforts, it is obvious that these children did not accomplish this Herculean feat all on their own.
    and what is up with Obammy`s handler Ms. Jarrett???

    questions that need answers I think ….do you?


  6. Spurwing Plover says:

    Back when Cuba tried to send us their convicts and crazies we should have paid them the favor by sending them a few crazies and insane wackos