Know the way to turn a staunch, dyed-in-the-wool, lifetime Republican politician into a Democrat in only one minute? Have them lose their primary for reelection the minute before! They come out of the closet faster than Barney Frank at a Gay Boy Scout Leader convention. Arlen Specter, Charlie “Tri-Sexual” Crist (he’ll try anything sexual) and Lisa Murkowski (she was too ugly for the Dims to accept so she’s an Independent) all changed parties after constituents selected another to represent them in their primaries. The upcoming Mississippi Republican runoff election might soon see a former RINO dinosaur magically turn into a Dim overnight!

As AWD has pointed out on numerous occasions, there is virtually zero difference between the Dims and Republicans. Currently, we see the Dims led by Hussein Hopenchange ignoring immigration laws to build their future constituency while the wussypants Repubs are pushing amnesty legislation to build the Dim’s future constituency. They work together that way. Kind of like a tyrannous ying and a retarded yang.

RINO wrinkled bag of big-government bones and Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran finds himself in deep Dukakis. He’s been in Congress since before the ink on the Constitution was dry but recently lost his primary race against Tea Party-supported Chris McDaniel. Neither won a majority of votes and now the two find themselves in a runoff. McDaniel sits in the proverbial cat bird seat and appears to be gaining momentum. This spells huge trouble for the RINO GOP Elite. Not only will they lose one of their hard-core wussypants who can be depended on to piss away money and vote the wrong way 24/7, it also means Ted Cruz and Mike Lee have another Tea Party bullet with McDaniel to shoot at the corrupt Senate spending machine.

So what is Cochran’s goal, other to leave his house each day with a clean Depends diaper on? Move hard to the right telling the Tea Party lies he has no intention of keeping once reelected? Nah, that trainwreck left RINO Station long ago with the GOP and Tea Party. Cochran’s and the RINO’s strategy for him to stay in office is to….get this….RECRUIT DEMOCRAT VOTERS in the runoff! I crap you negative!

Here’s what RINO and fat bastid former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour said:

“A larger electorate is to Thad’s advantage. The McDaniel people did a very good job of turning out their vote … I give this as an example of expanding the electorate: School people β€” teachers, administrators, bus drivers, parents, parents of special-ed students, will be much more motivated to go vote if they know one candidate, McDaniel, wants to do away with $800 million in federal support for education, while Senator Cochran has always supported it.”

“A larger electorate?” You mean Democrats, you roly poly piece of RINO crap! I have to laugh! So the only way Cochran can win is with the votes of teachers, union members, special interests, etc (Democrats) because Cochran knows how to bring home the pork. Pork America can no longer afford! And Barbour has no problem with it! Well, he’s on the Republican National Committee. Go figure.

Here’s the deal. RINO Republicans (Democrats) only support RINO Republicans (Democrats). They despise new conservative blood from the Tea Party. The truth is, they’d prefer to see a seat won by a Dim than a Tea Party conservative. Why? Because the Tea Party will end the ruling class party club of lifetime corruptocrats like Thad Cochran. As AWD has said many times, Washington corruptocrats don’t give one little damn for their constituents. They are bought and paid for by special interests.

When Cochran loses the runoff, it wouldn’t surprise AWD if he runs as a Dim or Independent. The greed and egos of lifelong corruptocrats knows no bounds.

For all you believers in the Republican Party, time to wake up. If you’re a conservative, you better know the Republican Party hates you on the national level. Mostly at the State level, too. It’s all about power and money. And that is it. And that’s why AWD hates politicians. But I hold a special hatred for the corrupt, dishonest Republicans. Unfortunately, I have to depend on them. And when has the Republican Party failed to disappoint?

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  1. Hell… lets cut this RINO also, then he can join his real party, the Dims.

  2. Ron Paul earlier today endorsed McDaniel, bless him. but….his son on the other hand, well I guess McDaniel wasn’t important enough for Randy to endorse, unlike Romney and McConnell who randy trampled over people to endorse .

  3. Spurwing Plover says:

    If they insist in ignoring the american people and the Tea Parties then theyll loose big

  4. democRATS and republiCANTS…….

    just opposite ends of the same big government party……

    one for the leeches that don’t want to work and the other for the leeches that want to sell us defective goods and services……

  5. Spurwing Plover says:

    New symbols for both parties the Republican Chcken and the Deamacratic Pig

    • Alexandra says:

      There’s this bumper sticker that says: “Elephants and asses, Screwing the masses.”

      I want one.

  6. iron_mike_houston says:

    Cochran is a shell that is controlled by someone. He is a rino puppet.

    • How is the family? Amnesty my ass. That crap is flooding in here like a damn tsunami! Children??? Have you seen the photos??? Ms 13 gang members and mostly adults. Makes me puke. Put them all on buses and send them to the White House and homes of every Senator & Congressman who endorses this shit. BASTIDS.

      • Hi Joy the family is fine thank you for asking. Little Sexy is already over 3 pounds now. Hope all is well with you and yours.

        • awwwwwwwwwwww that’s great Magnum. Kiss the baby for me! We are all well TY. Kids are good. I pick up my oldest Granddaughter every day from kindergarden. When they wrap their arms around me and say Love you Gam ma ……better than winning the lottery! Makes me sad to think of their future in this country. We need a revolution. LOL

          • Joy I will give him a kiss for you. I’m so happy for you that you get to spend so much time with your Grandkids. I too worry about his future in this country unless there are some radical changes. I’m ready for the revolution when you are. LOL.

      • Sweet Baby Ray says:

        I hear GITMO’s switched off the “NO” on the “Vacancy” sign.

      • Crusading Conservative says:

        I’ve given this some thought … remember when the names and addresses of legal gun owners was released a few years ago? Well, I think that every one of the ‘refugees’ flooding our country should be given the name and address of an Obama supporter/voter or liberal politician and cab fare to their house. The people who support open borders and liberal policy should have to live with it before we do.

  7. Alexandra says:

    I went from Democrat to Republican to Constitution Party/independent.

    Before y’all lynch me for the Democrat part–let me explain. LOL

    My parents were lifelong Democrats. I was always told it was the party of the “working man.” Maybe once upon a time it was, but it’s since been hijacked by all these left-wingnuts and extremists. I voted for Al Gore in 2000 and I think I voted for Clinton in 1996. At the time I was working in a union shop, and unions typically support Democrats.

    Before you shoot me–keep in mind that I was NOT informed. Hindsight is 20/20. Let’s face it, if a candidate waves a Bible and says they believe in God, it doesn’t matter what their platform truly is, they’ll have uninformed Christians (which I was) voting for them.

    By the time 2004 came around I was ready to vote GOP…but I wound up voting Constitution Party. The early 00’s were a time of learning for me.

    I guess I leaned a bit to the left around the turn of this century. A lot of things I was ignorant about, now that I look back. I used to think we should keep abortion legal and just stay out of it, just in case a woman *might* need it (but not use it as birth control)…but the more I thought about it, the more I realized…why would a woman need to kill her unborn baby? So by the time I was carrying my own child I was solidly anti-abortion.

    I don’t trust anyone with an R or a D. Two wings of the same bird of prey, the way I see it.

  8. You are correct AWD. We were stuck with Fritz Hollings for many years and now we have that faggot Lindsey Graham in his place. There is no difference between Repubs and Dems.

    The only reason people voted for Graham is because Hollings is dead. Oh, maybe that is actual difference between Dems and Repubs. The Dems would vote for the dead guy.

  9. I think its great news Problem is butt sniffer (McCains) made it I think theres only about 500 more to go. I can’t believe the Ohioans are now using Dental floss instead of tree branches so they will get rid of Whiner Boehner

  10. Disgusted Caucasian says:

    There IS just one major difference between the R’s and the D’s. The Dems want to drive the car off the cliff at 100 mph where the Republicans are perfectly happy with doing it at 35 mph.

  11. Dems are campaigning for Cochran…