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Dudes and dudettes…after last nights results in Mississippi were finalized, it left me filled with nothing but disgust, disappointment and pure anger. And I’m still hotter than a pepper sprout today too, it will take a long time for me to get over my anger about what’s taken place. Nevertheless, thought I’d try to try get a few sentences together to share with all of you regarding this important matter.

The republican establishment, the US Chamber of Commerce, the unions (paid black voters), the race card and the votes from liberal democrats, resulted in nothing put pure corruption and filthy tactics…Haley Barbour leading the way from the get-go to defeat Chris McDaniel and ensure Thad Cochran’s win.

We also can’t forget the robocall tactics either disparaging McDaniel and the Tea Party. This particular robocall also used the race card for Dear Leader, as well as stating the Tea Party was racist. – You can read about it here and listen below:

Here’s one of many reports about last nights results:

76-year-old GOP establishment-backed Senator Thad Cochran managed to hold onto the seat he’s held for 36 years, holding off Tea Party-backed challenger Chris McDaniel by less than 2%.

Latest numbers from Mississippi show Cochran, who was first elected to Congress in 1972, leading 50.8% to 49.2%, receiving roughly 6,000 more votes than McDaniel in Tuesday’s runoff election. Three weeks ago, McDaniel narrowly defeated Cochran, forcing the runoff, but failed to receive the necessary 50% of the vote to avoid a runoff.

Cochran, often referred to as the “King of Pork,” mounted a last-minute campaign to court Democrat voters which appears to have pushed him over the top as recent polls showed McDaniel ahead by 8%-12%.

As TPNN reported, Democrat voters were flooded with robocalls, smearing McDaniel and the pro-freedom, pro-Constitution Tea Party movement as racist, encouraging them to vote for Cochran.

The robocall asks voters to say ‘no’ to the Tea Party, ‘no’ to their obstruction, ‘no’ to their disrespectful treatment of the first African-American president.”

The call also urges,” If we do nothing, Tea Party candidate Chris McDaniel wins and causes even more problems for President Obama.”
However, under Mississippi law, voters in one party’s primary must intend to support that party’s nominee in the general election.

Last night, McDaniel told his packed crowd of supporters, “We are not prone to surrender, we Mississippians,” insinuating the fight for Cochran’s entrenched seat may be legally challenged. “Before this race is over, we have to be absolutely certain the Republican primary was won by Republican voters,” he said, referring to Cochran’s dirty tricks.

One county, Hinds County, drew specific suspicion from the McDaniel campaign. In the June 3 primary, Cochran won the county by 5,300 votes, however, he won there by almost 11,000 votes in the runoff election on Tuesday.

“So much for bold colors. So much for principle,” McDaniel said last night.

He continued to shame the GOP establishment for supporting Cochran’s desperate use of dirty tricks to stay in power, saying “This is not the party of Reagan,” but told the audience that it would be by the time he’s done:

“I guess they can take some consolation in the fact that they did something tonight by once again compromising, by once again reaching across the aisle, by once again abandoning the conservative movement. I would like to know which part of that strategy today our Republican friends endorse. I would like to know which part of that strategy today our statewide officials endorse. This is not the party of Reagan, but we’re not done fighting and when we’re done it will be.”

Listen below:

Now, read this suggestion about the possibilty of a write-in vote come Nov:
Tea party leader: Chris McDaniel should run as write-in candidate in November election

So, what say you? – What do you suggest Chris McDaniel do…concede, challenge or go the write-in route?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

As an added bonus, read about this issue and listen below:

Watch a Trio of Democrats Tell CNN That They Voted for Thad Cochran in the Republican Primary

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  1. RidinShotgun says:

    I say challenge!!! Make the Cochrane campaign spend every friggen last dime they have getting tied up in court!!! With little money left for the general election, he’ll get his head handed to him and good effing riddance!!!

    • RS….

      McDaniel has to spend his own money to challenge the vote results. From what I’ve read he doesn’t have that kind of money…sadly.

      Update; Just heard him on Hannity Radio. He may do the legal route. They’re looking it all over now. But, he doesn’t have the money and needs help. I don’t have the link at the moment, but it’s McDaniel2014.com or something like that.

  2. Disgusted Caucasian says:

    Just WTF is it when democrats can vote in a Republican primary WTF????? In my state, you can only vote your registered party in a primary and any party on the ballot, or write-in, in the general election. We were able to get rid of the House Leader but we couldn’t get rid of an admitted goat rapist???????????????????

    This nation has truly gone total ape shit mad.

    • Open primaries need to go. Period. – Full Stop!

    • you said it! we are forked can’t take any more

    • Open primaries started in the 70’s here in the South due to the fact that everyone was registered as Democrat and that was the only primary in many states. When the Republicans got enough power due to the Democratic turn to communism, they started the open concept to get more conservative people in power. That was at least the explanation given to the average voter. In reality, there is only one party with different names and that is the progressive party. Both Republicans and Democrats adhere to that concept.

      This vote clearly indicates that those of us who want a return to non-invasive government and freedom are wasting their time at the polls.

  3. Oscar2Marine says:

    Sadly – You can use this as a sign of things to come! In a battle of Free Stuff vs the Constitution – free stuff will always win out in Amerika !!

    • What happened last night makes one not want to vote at times.

      • Yep. everything is rigged .We must have a revolution

        • Joy…check out the links I just posted at the bottom of the thread…the last one should have you steaming!

          • BT, Just read that. WTF. My friggen head exploded!! Can’t take any more. This is just too damn much. STUPID DUMB FORKS………..all.

          • Mine too…and we thought dems were bad!

            Joy, I am still so furious I can barely see straight!

            Btw…McDaniel is going to be on Hannity’s radio show at the top of the next hour. In fact he’s talking about this issue and how furious he is too.

            I’m curious of McDaniel has decided what he’s going to do about this issue.

  4. Spurwing Plover says:

    They certianly dont need any pork spenders anywhere

  5. Please folks, take a second to check these out…all infomation you need to know. Plus, check the flyer out in the last link.

    First one…






    • Long time ago there was a joke about why all the trees in Alabama bordering Mississippi tilted to the left — the punchline being “‘cuz Mississippi sucks”, but now the old joke has become a truism. I will NEVER vote for another (R)ino again….politics = poly, meaning “many” and ticks, meaning “blood-sucking insects”. As far as grumpy can tell, Thad just did to the sheeple of Mississippi what he did as a yoot to the ewe.

  6. If it were me, I’d definitely go write-in — deny the bastid his incumbency; GOP tricks won’t work in the general.

    And of course, here’s Tingles view…..

  7. The Republican RINOs and Democrats are so shit scared of the Tea Party that they are willing to team up and have democrat voters vote for a RINO just to beat a Tea Party guy and keep the status quo. This is a clear case of corruption if there ever was one.

    Can the pervert be recalled? I don’t know about the voting regs in MS. If all else fails, go for the write in.

  8. Here’s El Rushbo’s two-cents…


  9. I’m at a loss for words……the only words I can muster right now are swear words…….this much is for sure, we know what the GOP really thinks of us conservatives and tea party members……and the extent that they will go to keep their dirty hands on the reins of power………

    where do we go from here…..we have no political party that represents us….the people….the grass roots……it certainly insn’t the GOP and none of us will ever go over to the commie democrats…….where do we go…..these entrenched statist bastards are doing everything they can to keep their hands in the cookie jar at the expense and demise of the country…….as far as they are concerned the country can go to hell…..what the hell do they care as long as they have their seat at the trough……..

    I am thoroughly disgusted….and in a quandary as to what do we do now…..how do we solve this……our own party hates us……..and doesn’t want anything to do with us….lies about us…….the GOP would rather let the communists have the country than see that we participate in the process and have any say as to how the country should be run………….

    thoroughly disgusted…….I know a third party won’t work but I want out of the GOP…….and it seems as though there is no other choice but to start a third party……..I don’t have any of the answers…but I know I want no more of the GOP……….

    • Bluto…

      I just listened to McDaniel on with Hannity on his radio show. He and others feel as we do. He’s looking at all angels know, from a legal to challenge to possibly a write in possibility. He’s disgusted beyond words with what the GOP and Barbour etc have done to him…from the race card issue onwards. He’s leaning more to a legal challenge at the moment. We should know more later. He’s asking others for help with funding if he decides to go that way. When I see his link to that somewhere later, I’ll post it.

      You can color me furious too. It’s beneath contempt what they’ve done.

      • Big……..if we don’t destroy the GOP we can expect this sort of thing to keep right on happening over and over and over………..I know that means the dims will win if we abandon the GOP…….I just can’t bring myself to support the GOP again…….but I’ve had it…….they went too far this time…….openly courting blacks dimicrats to throw off the election………

        I can see Haley Barbour, Orin Borin Hatch, and Thad Cochran sitting in a back room smoking big fat stogies and drinking scotch and bourbon drinks laughing their asses off……….

        • Don’t forget McRINO, Rove and Mitch the Bitch either…he campaigned for him a few days back. I can’t take anymore either. I was so disgusted last night I couldn’t talk. I went to bed early….seething with fury.

          I’ve had my fill and don’t know what to do from here. I do know if I lived in Mississippi I would not vote for Thad.

      • Hi Buddy, The gang was here. Will catch Hannity later on his re-broadcast on a philly station. Buddy, where the hell do we go now? Bluto is right. So fed up. LOL

        • Joy…I don’t have the answers to that. Mad as hell, not gonna take it anymore is all I know.

          Btw…did you catch McDaniel on with Levin too?

  10. mic doodle says:

    I would love to see that old piece of shit challenged with a 55 grain 5.56. This one example really demonstrates why the Republicans will continue to lose. Wielding demorats as a weapon to piss off your own base…brilliant. hopefully every one of those democrats will vote for you in the general election then.

  11. Mark Levin is on fire about this…mincing nary a word. – Sold their souls they did!

  12. Snake Oiler says:

    “…The robocall asks voters to say ‘no’ to the Tea Party, ‘no’ to their obstruction, ‘no’ to their disrespectful treatment of the first African-American president.”

    The call also urges,” If we do nothing, Tea Party candidate Chris McDaniel wins and causes even more problems for President Obama.”..”

    At least in recent memory, what Cockroach has done is about the most despicable thing I have ever seen.

  13. just went over to tpnn and voted for starting a third party…………

  14. Write -in…….

    Thad started the down the road to mutual destruction by appealing to black democRATS to stop McDaniel……

    It would serve notice to other republiCANTS not to go this route……

    and if the democRAT gets elected so what……

    not much difference from Thad.

  15. mcdaniel should fight, fight, fight…..and if cochran is still the only choice on the ballot..i would humbly suggest the tea party supporters in mississippi turn the tables on the establishment GOP..send them a “stinging rebuke”….and vote for the democrat

    since mississippi is a hard red state, the tea party can take the seat back in 2 years…like the republicands did with perillio in virgal goods virginia seat.

  16. In 1960 Kennedy “beat” Nixon. Rather than challenge the voter fraud – fix that principally came out of Illinois, Nixon chose to let the chips fall and let it go………………

    Cochran is, of course, part of the GOP establishment which is one half step to the right of the Democrats, if that……. It, the GOP is all about big government, increased taxes, more false flag wars, the military industrial complex, etc., etc. By the way, so is the DNC………. You have scum like Barbour, McConnell, Boehner, Rove, the brain trust at the GOP……., they and theirs are all in it. They succeeded in Ole Miss by lies, smears and fear.
    In Colorado – Colorado Springs, a too nice retired O-8 (Maj. Gen.) was unsuccessful in defeating the similarly endless lie-ridden, smear and fear campaign of POS RINO incumbent Doug Lamborn (R-Colorado) and this was a 100% Republican only primary. At the end of the day in spite of pieces of shit like a Cochran or a Lamborn, it’s not them, it’s the voter….., the microcephalic/single-helix worthless voter who is your next door neighbor, your co-worker, that guy or gal on the flight sitting next to you and on who, more than anyone else is to blame.

    I hate this once great nation. I really do.

    What should McDaniel do? I say phuck decorum, phuck the GOP……….., go on a scorched earth campaign and expose all the enemies of the State (the aforementioned) by name and affect a write in on the November ballot. What…….? You condemn me as same might automatically usher a Democrat? So? Honestly, what is the difference? The GOP wants to play dirty. Well then, catch this……..
    And by the way this makes me sick…………….. In Colorado, the defeated Major General – Bradley Rayburn – upon being victimized by endless lies, smears and the rest is now saying that “for the sake of the party he will campaign for (pos) Lamborn……..” In other words he is willing to get down on his knees for Lamborn.

    I just lost ALL respect for that highly decorated General.

    At this point you fight and fight beyond aggressively with no mercy, respect nor dignity or do the house a favor, crawl in a hole and die.

  17. aceydoozy says:

    Don’t concede, do one of the other; but, on another note, this primary shows that there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the elitist/establishment republicans versus the democrats, they even use the same tactics.

  18. OhioVietVet says:

    Like my Dad always said, I’ve never seen anything like that in all my put together. Just how damn crooked can you be without anyone doing anything about it?? We’re doomed I tell ya!!

  19. iron_mike_houston says:

    I don’t care if a dem wins the race or if a demlite wins in MS because what difference does it really make. I don’t want to see Reid as the senate leader but what difference does it make if McConnell is in charge and we get the same results.

    RUN THAT RINO OUT and make the Tea Party responsible for it. I will NEVER EVER vote for a rino. I will NEVER EVER give money to the GOP!

    Make the establish GOP pay for their crap in this election!

    I hope the dems use racism to win so that voters realize what is going on!

  20. inagadadavida says:

    This is why I’m registered as Unafilliated. (NC lets you pick to vote 1 primary ballot- R/D/ or L if you are Unaffiliated)

    This is why I wrote in a comment a few weeks back that the Republican party is not conservative, never has been, never will be. Cock-ring is not a RINO. He is the pure definition of a Republican. This party is as incompatible with TEA as the other party.

  21. bigtimer,
    He should go the write in route, I believe he could pull it off once everyone in Miss realize what took place, since there’s no difference between the two party’s now even splitting the vote and giving it to the Dem’s is something the Republicans haven’t thought all the way through.

    • ga steve…

      If I lived there and that’s the only choice I had without voting dem or for Cochran, I would do the same as you suggest too.

      I also agree with you about the repub bigwigs not thinking this thru too. – Too bad, they own it.

  22. My, I still don’t know quite well what to say! Bet he ought to challenge it. We can’t take any more of these nonsense!

  23. I say vote for the Democrat..he seems to be pro gun, pro life and voted against Obamacare as a congressman. If elected he’d probably be like a Zell Miller a few years back..Screw Cochcran..Barber, Rove and these lousy f**kers!!!

  24. Btw…it really upset me that Tom Tancredo lost his race in Colorado last night. I love that guy, have for more years than I can count now.

  25. Might as well do a write in. Doesn’t matter which named party wins it will be a totalitarian psychopath taking office. Heck, I’ll do the write in anyway. I voted for Ron Paul on a write in.
    With the electronic balloting it’s pretty sure to be a fix in my opinion. For instance : in both the primary and the run off here in the Magnolia state the voting machines I used did not scroll the selection you made into view. Only after you cast your vote could you check the name as it rolled swiftly by. Both times my vote was correct (for Mcdaniel) . Now envision a party behind 2 points in a poll .2 out of every 100 votes for the opponent is converted to the party favorite. The odds of being noticed by other than a distrustful malcontent redneck racist such as me is not much . Now figure in the timid folk who don’t want to cause a scene and let it slide. Now add in a touch of ridicule and eye rolling by party poll workers when called out about the mistake and then simply say that “you must not have understood which button to push . Not every one is computer savy.” Add these up and an election is controlled. Before this scenario is discounted think back an election to a Diebold employee testifying before congress about how the electronic machines are rigged.

    • Here’s some major fraud for ya!


      • Snake Oiler says:

        What are the chances anything gets done about it? Check out this turd:


        Fantastic comment:

        He (and all his libtards buddies) would cry like a little baby once Sharia law was imposed. Especially their homosexual or LGBT colleagues.

        And to think the media actually care what these idiots say and think. .just look at newspaper headlines or watch TV news and you will see just HOW LITTLE real world & national news is presented.

        Where are headlines:
        US Economy sinking; Q1 GDP down almost 3% with lowest workforce participation rate? and/or
        US being invaded by Foreign Forces. . .Southern Border being overrun by hordes of male teens (and others)? and/or
        US failed Foreign policy had emboldened Russia & China as well as wreaked havoc in Middle East?

        I can go on and on.

        You get the point!

  26. NAACP speaks out…says they’re owed by Cochran now.


    Here’s some more…


  27. Uh-Oh…things may turn out different.


  28. captainmike says:

    I keep hearing that the creation of a “third party” that represents the interests of the conservative base of the R party is a bad idea. I cannot understand why. I suspect those who say that are the rinos of the R party and want to keep “the base” from abandoning them but force us to hold our nose every time we go to the polls. I am sick and tired of that.
    Here in SC we get stuck with Grahamnesty again who apparently pulled some of the same Cocchranesque bullshit to win the R primary. He won 57% of the vote which truly sickens and saddens me.
    I think the solution is to create not one but two “new” parties, a conservative, Constitutionalist party and an ultra far-left “social-progressive” party. (We actually already have the latter in Vermont in the form of Bernie Sanders). The far left party should be way, way out there and its candidate should basically run on the platform of “everything will be free if you vote for me”. He should be black or Latino and preferably a gay atheist Hollywood celebrity.
    The Constitutionalist Party platform should be basically that of the Tea Party and would take all of the conservative R base as well as a lot of the so-called Independents, whom I believe are mainly conservatives who are fed up with both parties (there are conservative Democrats out there).
    Both the R and the D parties would be marginalized and then nothing would ever get done in Congress. You have to like that.

  29. Outrageous, unbelievable madness and illegality. Please check this out!


  30. I say challenge…I will support with $$$.