The Imperial Dictator has been slammed down by the Supreme Court of the United States repeatedly recently, yet he ignores them all, slaps back at their decisions using national television and his lapdogs to do so. I’m tellin’ ya folks, his arrogance knows no bounds…and so far he gets away with his narcissistic defiance to the likes of which this nation has never seen since her inception! He’s a stark raving madman!

He and he alone rules over this nation, period, full stop. He sees everyone else as peons below him, so all must bow and obey when he deems it so. Barack Hussein Obama is the commander of the world in his sicker than sick delusional mind. He has no doubt he’s above the law, the constitution, congress and the separation of powers when it comes to a coequal branch of government. They matter not to him. His ideology and agenda must come first and foremost…so he circumvents and bypasses congress them using AG Eric (‘My People’) Holder to help.

BHO’s enemies thru his looking glass are all to be brushed away and put in the dustbin of his history for him to achieve his goals..along with the aide of other federal heads of governmental departments like the EPA, IRS and the DHS, just to name a few. In his mind, he and his cohorts will not be stopped…and so far they haven’t been, so why should he think differently…hmm?

I could go on and on, but you all get the big picture and know full well how the King and his cohorts work by now. He’s a power-grab, power-mad enemy within…and it seems he will not be stopped by anything or anyone, anytime soon…if ever! Yet he must be stopped before it’s far too late…we’re on the brink of destruction now, just as he designed with his real transformation of America. – Agenda completed. Valerie Jarrett is proud….so is Soros, along with many other uppity-up evil entities behind the scenes.

Men in little white coats need to come and carry him away in a straitjacket…ASAP! Of course we need to throw in some law enforcement officers provided with handcuffs for future use to that mix as well!

Now that my ramblin’ rants over, what’s yours?

Here are some reports you truly should check out that go with this topic. – See what you think about each of them…it takes little time to do so. You should really like the one from the far left using the race card vs Boehner too:

1.) Top Republican Defends Boehner’s Plan To Sue President Obama

2.) The Racism Behind Boehner’s Threats to Sue Obama

3.) Did This Senator Just Give Obama Permission To Break The Law?

4.) Obama pursuing executive actions on immigration, after House effort stalls


The leftists are insane…we must fight their insane world and bring back our country to some sense of sanity, morality and normalcy, just as our forefathers fought and died for since the beginning of our beloved nation before it’s far too late, if it isn’t already.

After all is said and done, consequences matter…or do or don’t they anymore?

Impeachment and Conviction needed to take place yesterday, still does today…yet we all know that will happen when hell freezes over first! What do we do now…hmm?

Toss in your rant about any or all mentioned above. – Fire Away…Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. He has gone way over board as most narcissists do. He is just part of the machine of governance, an arrogant one at that.
    The whole rotten tomato.

    • michael…

      Succinct and to the point:

      “Its executives dabble in politics without understanding the ideas behind their policies. They have nothing but blind spots and their greatest blind spot is believing that their superiority will prevent them from making mistakes and makes them better able to make decisions about people’s lives. It is this very certainty that has made them such excellent puppets of the left’s Consensus expert class.”

      The last sentence in your link connection puts it in a nutshell – Hope others check it all out too.

      • Hi, On World Net Daily..Miss.GOP State sued over voter fraud. Yippee

        • bigtimer says:

          Yeppers, saw that news too. Posted mine at the new blog post that has to do with the Cochran campaign. Have you checked it out yet?

          Just check out the ‘Busted’ blog post.

  2. Mr. Rational says:

    Zero is just a big-city Black mayor writ large.  He has exactly the same “big man” attitude of “I am the law, I can do no wrong”, exactly the same corruption, you name it.

    The difference is that he has the national media doing damage control for him, including covering up whatever sexual indiscretions have gone on in the WH.  This suggests that he truly is gay, because tons of women told their stories about WJC even during his first term.

  3. Snake Oiler says:

    Obama Sends More Troops To Iraq — Number Up To 750

    And where are Code Pink and Cindy Sheehan?


  4. Comanche says:

    Watched his speech yesterday and concluded that he is Delusional. The threatened lawsuit by Boehner is just hot air. Better than a lawsuit is to reduce funding to various agencies, that is not going to happen either.

  5. mic doodle says:

    Yes they have. Only john boothe can save us now.

    • Bull-Eye! – Islamic Terrorist…


    • Snake Oiler says:

      The article was very good. One other thing to consider – the republican establishment was complicit in the election of this maniac due to their nomination of two totally inept tools that ran against him. Pathetic.

      Obama can’t put two intelligible words together without the aid of a teleprompter. He can’t throw a baseball. This man, who often talks about “shovel-ready jobs,” barely even knows which end of the shovel you actually dig with. You might actually break into laughter when you see your president grimacing and straining while lifting a tiny pair of 2.5-pound dumbbells.

      • Check this one out too…better late than never.


        ‘Worse than Nixon’

        This paper is from Big Sky Country.

        • Desert Rat says:

          The Billings Gazette endorsed BHO in 2008? Did I miss a meeting? The Billings Gazette? Seriously? Then again, former Idaho Governor Cecil Andrus, a democratic I know, but a reasonable guy, campaigned feverishly in my home state of Idaho for that piece of crap Obama. Cecil, a hunter, outdoorsman, generally level headed dude, campaigned for a man who has no morals, integrity, or values in line with the state of Idaho. I just don’t get it………We are living in a different world then I know.

          • bigtimer says:


            We have tons of liberals here..especially papers. It disgusts me too.

            Remember, we’ve had two dem senators for years now. Hopefully we can change that this time around.

  6. But, but, but…O has the power to heal!


    • Snake Oiler says:

      Gutierrez seems to believe a significant portion of the population is sufficiently stupid and delusional enough to believe his rubbish. And, according to the latest polling, about 40% actually are.

  7. Obama is refusing to protect the public safety and is openly overriding Federal Immigration laws passed by Congress!

    The murder capital of the world is right across the U S border
    Ciudad Juarez è Murder City


    Red Alert: Borders Wide Open To Terrorists

    This is a wake up call for those unaware of the dangers lurking in towns close to the United States-Mexico border.


  8. Another ‘order’ from BHO! – Protecting transgenders…


  9. Chump Change says:

    How can you impeach a Nobel Peace Prize winner, like Barack Obama or Anwar Sadat?

  10. bigtimer says:

    “So Sue Me”….he said it again today!


  11. Spurwing Plover says:


  12. bigtimer says:

    This is a spot-on video about BHO…foreign and domestic.


  13. Almost everyday, Ovomit sinks the office of presidency to new lows. I have never hated a single poltician as much as I hate this arrogant mulatto.


    • bigtimer says:


      You aren’t alone whatsoever!!

    • ditto that……he makes my blood boil! Must be stopped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! POS

    • Snake Oiler says:

      Laughing and applauding, the first lady Michelle Obama added, “There’s no crack in our pies.”

      What she really said was “There’s no crack in our pipes” and demanded more.

  14. bigtimer says:

    Here’s the memo from Boehner…


  15. Worst prez in seventy years!


    • Snake Oiler says:

      But just look at all he has done for LGBT people! That’s a million times more important than a healthy economy, secure national borders, respect from foreign leaders, a strong military, etc., etc..

      Mmm Mmm Mmm! Barack Shit Stain Obama!