Reaching out to liberal black Democrats and painting Chris McDaniel and his supporters as “racist, Nazis, and KKK members” to keep lifelong pork spender and admitted porker of farm animals Senator Thad Cochran in office will be remembered as “The Day The RINOs Died.” They may have won that small battle using such tactics but they have lost the war.

Mississippi Republican voters soundly rejected another term for Cochran, who has been in Washington since the early 1970’s. After McDaniel took more votes in the primary election, Cochran’s Establishment buddies lept to action. What did they do? Try to win over McDaniel voters for the run-off election? Hell no, that would have been the honorable thing to do. But when has the Republican Establishment ever been honorable? No, they spent big bucks advertising on black radio stations saying the Tea Party and McDaniel opposed the first African American President only because he’s black. They GOP Establishment used the same putrid lies against the Tea Party that we have heard from disgusting Democrats like Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and John McCain.

While receiving 35,000 Democrat votes in the runoff, Cochran won by only 6,000 votes. McDaniel supporters are finding that many of those run-off votes were illegal because the Democrats had previously voted in the Democrat primary. This isn’t over yet as McDaniel has not conceded and apparently is going to court for another election.

What are the results of all this? The Republican Establishment can NEVER again lie about having conservative values. The Establishment backed a man who promised to spend more than the other candidates while disparaging and lying about a fiscally conservative candidate and the Tea Party movement. The Establishment supported a man who ran scare tactic ads telling liberal black welfare moochers McDaniel would cut off their benefits and not allow them to vote. That this tactic worked is a sad indictment against black Democrats in Mississippi who proved themselves to be welfare moochers only interested in getting something for nothing!

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has supported EVERY liberal candidate in every election while disparaging the conservative! The NRSC has backed in the past few years Arlen Specter, Charlie Crist, David Dewhurst, Bob Bennett, Lisa Murkowski and other progressive RINOs over qualified fiscally conservative candidates.

The Establishment can never again hide its hatred for conservatives and the Tea Party movement either. Time and time again we have watched RINO GOP leaders disparage the Tea Party in word and deed. The Cochran theft of the run-off is merely the most recent example of how low the lowly Republican Establishment ilk can slink to maintain power.

The GOP Establishment is out of the closet. The truth has finally emerged. Light has been shined on the RINO cockroaches and conservatives have finally learned the hard way that there is no difference between the Republican and Democrat Parties in Washington. They are the Ruling Class Orwell wrote of in the book 1984. Both are loyal either to Big Labor/Big Business/Big Banks and care nothing for their constituents. They make grandiose promises during campaign like they’ll “complete the dang wall” only to return to Washington and push Amnesty. ES&D, McCain!

The Republican Party of Ronald Reagan is dead. What is left is a rotting, bloated carcass of corruption that prostituted itself for the highest bidder. As we have seen throughout history, morally bankrupt institutions cannot stand. America was founded on principles and foundations of morality. It is being rapidly destroyed by the opposite. The People are now ruled by The Corrupt Few. Nothing good can ever come from it.

Perhaps the last of the loyal Republican voters have had their eyes opened by the despicable tactics utilized to keep Thad Cochran in office in Mississippi. If their eyes haven’t been opened, they are stupid enough to be Democrats. Or Republicans. What does it matter?

Thad Cochran must be defeated in November. Those who are loyal Republican voters MUST vote for the Democrat (who is fairly conservative and opposed ObamaCare and anti-gun legislation). If the GOP Establishment is allowed to win in this fashion, they will use it over and over against Tea Party fiscal conservatives. Vote Childers in November! Send Cochran back to his mama’s farm to get reacquainted with his farm animal friends.


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  1. The following pic is of a group that opposes Thad Cochran…please help them..the abuse must stop…
    do not vote Rino ……

    thank you


  2. I just posted this on another thread, gonna toss it in here too.


  3. Seeing how low the RINOS can sink sickens me as it shows exactly how this commie in chief won the white house on PA Ave. Our system of elections are permanently broken and I fear beyond repair.For the first tine in my life , I am no longer proud of America.She stinks of corruption.

    • That is my thought exactly. The voting process in the US is over for our lifetimes. The country is shot, we have an influx of people that don’t need to be here, the economy is in the tank and inflation is taking off and will only get worse. We have the Dems actively working to destroy the energy grid, our influence in the foreign area is gone, thus increasing the issues of security (the answer, double down on eliminating our freedom). The Dems have taken over health care, auto industry, insurance, banking, and made it excessively difficult for the average small business owner to operate and make a profit. I don’t know anyone who is not afraid and depressed over what is happening. We all anticipate that the market (propped up by Federal dollars) will fall and the dominoes will start to collapse. We need to organize.

  4. Mr. Rational says:

    I note that “republicansforchilders.com” was just registered.

    I think it’s starting.

  5. And when Thad loses to the Democrat he can spend more time at his private heavy petting zoo loving the animals whenever he wants.

    This isn’t about Thad screwing with farm animals but it is about a Texan screwing with Muslims.


  6. Chris McDaniel should demand another election and this time let the great mascot Colonel Reb (SaveOleMiss.com) count the votes. Remember him ? I recall going to the Georgia – Ole Miss football game in Jackson in Oct. 1972 when gas was around 32 cents a gallon and Thad Cochran was running for the House and Colonel Reb was there. That was a while back. (Herschel Walker was 10 years old in ’72.) Chris was smart not to concede. Dirty pool ! With party registration, Cochran would be history. They still play Dixie (several versions) at FightMusic.com (school bands). Just scroll down to the SEC and Ole Miss. Is it still legal to play it ? No other school is gutsy enough to do so.

  7. inagadadavida says:

    This could be a turning point, or not… maybe it will wake some people up.

    I was watching the “news” on the tube the other day, and some talking head was on there spouting on about the TEA party being the base of the Republican party, and a representative of the Republican party (from Mississippi, if I remember right), basically saying that TEA is not going to vote for anyone else but Republicans.

    If this is true, then the TEA movement is dead- scratch that, it never even existed. You can’t “take back the Republican party” if you’re the 95% voting bloc that will never turn against “The Party.” The party will take you for granted, and rightly so!

    This is an excellent opportunity for a lot of people to experience voting for someone other than a Republican, and see how it feels. There seems to be no question that the Dem in this race is way to the right of the big-gov’t Republican turd. You want to send a message? Ok. How about “you nominate this guy to represent your party, and we’ll vote for that guy instead.” That will make it clear, nothing else will. Otherwise the Republicans are correct that they have all of “us” sewn up and can go worry about other things, like committing high treason.

  8. inagadadavida says:

    I also forgot to mention (I know I’ve said it before!):

    Where does this idea originate that the Republican party is the party of Constitutionally limited, fiscally responsible goverrnment?!?!? Let’s not forget that the R party was founded on the idea that there is one “United States,” that the Federal government is sovereign and not each of the several states. A few decades later, early in the 20th century, the Republicans became the hideout of the “Progressive” movement e.g. Theodore Roosevelt. The Rep’s have brought us such hits as the Constitution-shredding “Civil Rights Act” and “Patriot Act.” I could go on and on!

  9. aceydoozy says:

    Breitbart has article stating that True the Vote is suing MS SOS asking a Judge for immediate injunction so that election results can be examined:


    Hope it gets results.