AWD never thought he’d be awarding the highly coveted Dudette of the Week award to a beauty pageant filly. Usually, most are politically correct, plastic-y airheads whose only talent is having huge tracts of land on their chests. Not a bad talent, mind you, but not enough for the Dudette of the Week award.

But sometimes (rare that they may be), big boobs are just not enough. I can’t believe I just wrote that. Here’s an example of one of those rare moments:

Last night, Miss Nevada Nia Sanchez was asked about sexual assault on college campuses and what needs to be done about it. We’ve heard a lot about date rape and whatnot over the past few years from feminist lebanese types. The very types who don’t have to worry about date rape and whatnot. Or dates.

Here’s Nia Sanchez:

I’m sure you’ll all agree her answer was well-reasoned and makes complete sense. Well, not to libtards! Feminazi, lebanese types got their little flannel shirts in a wad over the suggestion that self defense is the answer.

Here’s some of the Tweets from the ever-offended lebanese feminist types:

haley tweet

Haley, sugar, you ain’t got nothing to worry about, bless your little homely heart.

Here’s another from some tool named Elisa Benson:

elisa benson tweet

So what is your answer, Elisa? Special classes and seminars discussing sexual assault and date rape for the power forward and pulling guards of the sports teams who have more testosterone than IQ and less morals than a drunk Mezcan? Ask yourself this, Elisa. If you find yourself being overpowered by your date and feel an angry man thing rubbing on your leg, would you prefer to have pepper spray or a gun in your hand or would you rather have a pamphlet against misogyny and sexual assault from the National Organization of (ugly, lebanese) Women?

Here’s AWD’s answer to date rape, sexual assault or any other violent assault. I trained my daughter to shoot from a very early age. She and her brothers were taught gun safety first and how to respect the danger and power of firearms. They never played with ever-present guns in our home or cars because they knew Dad would take them shooting whenever they wanted and they knew the damage guns can do. Even though my daughter is now married, we still shoot together with her husband. We were going shooting last weekend but were rained out.

My daughter now carries a Bersa .380 in her purse along with pepper spray. Her home now contains a growing arsenal of shotguns and various handguns. I would much prefer she have her gun with her if some violent thug attacked her than being unarmed with the support of feminist bufforillas. Quoting stupid feminist talking point lines seems pretty stupid to us when the SHTF. If asked what she would do in an attack, she’ll answer 100% of the time “two center mass, one to the forehead.” Why one to the forehead? “He might be wearing armor.” Good girl. Not the preferred feminist bufforilla answer but the correct one.

So congratulations to Nia Sanchez on winning the Miss USA competition and especially for being the AWD Dudette of the Week! And thanks for being a young person who is not totally indoctrinated by stupidity! Not only a beautiful little filly, she also has something to her. And if you’ll notice, the crowd went wild with her answer. Don’t know who that judge was but she ain’t got nothing to worry about either when it comes to date rape. Or a date.

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  1. Here’s some of what Miss Louisiana said too…


  2. Rape has little to do with sex and a butt load to do with violence,anger..etc…
    I agree women need to learn to defend …with guns self defense…bear spray whatever ….fight like hell to not be a victim…..but I am not one bit surprized by the libtard women`s mind set….here from our friend over at Ambrose Kane is a video that takes a look at the mind and actions of some of the women of today…..

  3. Spurwing Plover says:

    And former rapists and chief William J. Clinton especialy old Slick Willy

  4. A Bersa .380 is my winter choice… A Smith .38 +P snubby is my summer carry. A ‘non English speaker’ yelled at me to ‘get in my car’ a while back. He took off rather quickly when he observed my hand on my weapon. The Sheriff’s Deputy got a good chuckle out of that one…

    My daughters are almost old enough to learn. And they shall.

  5. Oscar2Marine says:

    The libtard men and women all have a similar answer !

    My daughters get more range than I do and it’s starting to tick me off ! Only because they’re getting better but not better than Dad – yet!!!

  6. Alexandra says:

    Funny thing is, it’s black men doing most of the rapes. And they have that sense of entitlement going.

    Then you have the really out-there feminazis that think that women are unable to consent to sex at all–that even *consensual* sex is rape.

    Maybe that’s why they’re so angry and bitter…not getting any….

  7. Mr. Rational says:

    Sorry to rain on your parade, AWD, but when orcs rape and murder 85-yr-old White women, even the lesbians have to worry about them.

    FWIW, Kitty Genovese was a lesbian, and her murderer was Black.

  8. iron_mike_houston says:

    We are talking about college kids and not some thugs on the street. I went to college myself a very long time ago. I would think a woman could handle herself if she didn’t want to give it up. Grab his balls and I’m sure he would lose his desire. Today we are all pussies and can’t make a decision unless we have the government telling us what what to do.

    I say F&ck Barack and the ugly women that are pissed. Don’t worry leisban, I am not going to bang you because masterbation would be more enjoyable.

  9. Bob Smith says:

    More of that “entitled to rape” crap. I can’t think of any men, other than Muslim men, who feel “entitled” to rape.

  10. Every convicted rapist should just have his pecker cut off, all the way off. Might be a little deterrent. A few decades ago a rapist here in Arizona was caught and delivered to the court house door. Figured Cowboys did it the way he was ‘Cut’.

  11. Kinda’ dry at first but this link will have you cheering by the end. There is an audio recording out there somewhere but I wasn’t able to find it. http://ms.findacase.com/resear......MS.htm/qx

  12. Great pick for dudette of the week AWD. I agree with her stance on women and self defense and don’t discount the nice boobs either. My youngest daughter can’t carry a gun where she is at right now but she carries a knife, pepper spray and she is trained in Muay Thai for self defense. I’m confident she could take care of herself.

    Note to the dudettes before you leave work or class headed for the parking lot put your hair up in a bun so you can’t be pulled down from behind by it, also if you go jogging. Put the cell phone away and be aware of your surroundings and don’t watch your shadow watch for shadows around you.