Gadsden Flag

Bite it.

Is Cantor going down like Bawney Fwank at The Cock? Sure seems that way! I don’t hold out any hope that Lindsey Fredo Graham will face a similar fate, but what the hell—may as well dream while some dreams are coming true, no? Anywho, I don’t know squat about this Dr. Brat guy but could he be any worse than amnesty shill Cantor? Methinks notty.

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  1. Thank god this piece of sh*t is gone. but unfortunately Obama is already implementing a de facto policy of amnesty…… Founding fathers, we repent and are sorry for letting these psychos ruin this great country you handed to us on a golden plate. Gold Help Us ALL.

  2. ThisObamaNation says:

    Judge: Obama Aided, Abetted Terrorists, Should be Facing 10 Years to Life

    The U.S. Sargeant At Arms Andrew B. Wilson Has The Power And Authority To Place Obama Under Arrest For Treason.
    You Can Call Him At His Office Between 8:30 – 5 PM EST And Leave A Message With His Staff.
    Please Be Respectful And List The Reasons That You Think Obama Should Be Arrested For Treason.
    Please Call 202-224-2341

  3. Hopefully jigg will give us a special report from jigg digg news.

  4. The TP is not dead, this caught everyone by surprise, an unknown with no money beat an established rino. If Graham meet’s a similar fate tomorrow it will be great news.

  5. Breaking news …This Just in……….Crazed tea party supporter and a fine looking man..Mr Jigg was able to draw the attention of not only of metro-pickle sucker/hitmen and the GOP old farts long enough for the South to rise again…at least rise up enough to kick Cantor`s arse out of the primary… of tea anyone ????
    Oh yeah…..OLe Virginny is full of surprises and some really angry folk…..change is coming…

    and as a bonus tonite we here at the JIgg Digg News Minute give you a bit of history about the flag we tea party types honor…..enjoy…..

    and remember don’t be a tuff a bottle or two of the Dude`s Lavender scented bath Oil today only 19.95 for a two ounce bottle …sold where ever Metro`s meet ..such as StarBucks..etc…
    this has been Jigg reporting from deep in the southern woods…no where near a Starbucks

  6. Spurwing Plover says:

    Anyone who supports Bigger Goverment and Amnesty,Gun Control and Higher Taxes no longer deserves to live in the U.S. of A anymore and that inclueds a lot of those villians in Washington D.C.

  7. iron_mike_houston says:

    It is a great day for the Tea Party. Cantor was a rino not wanting to listen to the conservative voices on illegal immigration. I’m not even sure if we beat back this effort to make 20M people citizens that we have won since our ball-less president won’t enforce any laws.

    It will be interesting if Cantor will still try to pass immigration reform. Maybe Cantor and Paul Ryan should visit their districts to get the opinion of voters. I know they are getting the opinions (and money) of the Chamber of Commerce.

  8. captainmike says:

    As a South Carolinian I would just like to say that it is obvious that the voters of my state are dumber than a box of rocks. My sincerest apologies to my countrymen.

  9. David in SC says:

    The only good thing we got was Tim Scott getting re-elected. Something fishy went on here. They, yes, the invisible “they”, moved our precinct without informing anyone. Even the poll workers were put off by it. I would like to see the last 3-4 primary numbers for my precinct vs yesterday. I may research that today.

    The TEA is simmering people, it didn’t go away, it did not die, it went below the radar, it’s not a group or building, it’s a cloud of thought spreading for almost a decade now, that vanishes when you try to label, categorize or control it. Kind of like the tide coming in….

  10. Brat wins……..yippee………bye bye Cantor…… POS

  11. Chicago guy says:

    The conservative treehouse does it again with this gem of a related post. follow their links for some insight into these rino bastards. http://theconservativetreehous.....any-other/