Feminism has turned us all into cattle. And what has it gotten us?¬†We are ruled over by perpetual adolescents while our “moral and intellectual superiors” gleefully orchestrate our eradication. And the vast majority of so-called “men” remain blissfully unawares, which is perhaps moot as they aren’t even of a mentality suitable to resisting their and their loved ones’ demise as it is.

Gone is rule by reason; in is rule by emotion and emotion alone. Gone is sanity; in is pure insanity–the more deplorable and unhinged the better!

Forgive my egregiously scant knowledge of anthropology, but it’s my understanding that matriarchal societies were the exception to the patriarchal rule. Assuming this is the case, what has our defiance of nature cost us?

In days of yore, we (men) didn’t try to “empathize with” or “understand” a woman who was being batshit crazy. (And let’s be honest: at minimum once a month, all women are batshit crazy!) No; what happened was men simply told them to go fly a kite. And if they refused to comply? Well, then, there’s the effing door.

Now? Now we hand them over our balls and ask them what else they need.

In days of yore, men did everything in their power–including self-sacrifice–to keep their women out of harm’s way.

Now? Now we send our women directly into harm’s way.

Back then, the child was sacrosanct.

Now? We kill them with all the care of having a wart removed.

Yes, men start wars and enact genocide. But then, what have we gotten out of rule by women if not wars with useless savages and, to top it off, auto-genocide?

Savages respect the rule of might, nothing more. And the man is mightier than the woman. With women–of both male and female varieties!–in charge, we’ve done nothing but embolden the savages.

And auto-genocide? “Never again” means “never again…for Jews.” For gentiles of European descent, our purge from the Earth can’t come soon enough. And we compliantly accept our removal from the cornucopia of human biodiversity. Why?

Because we “care”,” we “understand,” we “empathize.” …With those who engineer our termination.

Such is the insanity of rule by feminine virtue. Feminine virtue is great for raising kids. But it is suicide in the realm of cultural hegemony.

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  1. Spurwing Plover says:

    The same bunch who support abrtion are probibly the same bunch who belong to idiot groups like PETA or Greenpeace with SAVE THE POLARBEARS bumper stickers and picket McDonalds dress as Cows or at KFC dressed as Chickens and run around on Earthday dressed as Trees,Flowers,Mushrooms or as Gaia and ride their bicycles made in china Too bad liberals wasted their brains either sniffing glue or smoking wacky weed from their hookas

  2. I like your article, keep up the good job red .

  3. The sad thing is red, that the kids are indoctrinated to the core .My fellow peers at college who are mostly of European descant are bewildered at meeting a minority like me who does’nt believe in the lies known as white privilege , and who actuality admires Western civilization , or whats left of it at this point. I can go on and on and on, but I ll end it with this = 85% White school= not diverse, 85% black school= diverse .George Orwell if only you tilted your book 2014 rather then 1984.

  4. RidinShotgun says:

    Indeed! A quick story about an incident I had with one of the self-proclaimed denizens of smart about a year ago; I was involved in a small fender-bender in a parking lot and said female went out of her way not to call the cops. I did so, because I’ve been burned by that act before, anyway she got visibly upset and once the cop arrived all I heard out of her mouth was, “You know, I have a doctorate, you guys better not think I’m some stupid girl, or something and you better not try to take advantage of me.”
    After hearing this about a half-dozen times, I asked her what her doctorate was in and she said, “Conflict resolution.” I asked her again what it was in and she said it again, only louder and added, “Not that you would know what that means, you probably don’t even have an undergrad!” The cop looked at her as though she was nuts, I asked her to elaborate what conflict resolution was and after a rather meaningless explanation I said to her, “So in other words, you have a doctorate in how to play nice with others.” her eyes literally bulged out of her head, she gritted her teeth and enunciated, “What…did…..you…say?!” I giggled and said, “You paid all of that money for a doctorate on how to play nice with others. I mean I could see if it was in IT engineering, or something like that, but I wouldn’t go around throwing that card out there if I were you.”
    The vein in her neck throbbed and she screamed, “How dare you try to belittle my accomplishments, you and people like you are the biggest problem in this country!!!!” I laughed hysterically at her and said, “Now, now there sweetie, your behavior isn’t going to solve this little conflict here.” Now the cop spat out a laugh, but he quickly corrected himself. The angrier she got, the louder I laughed at her, until her boyfriend arrived a short while later. He was very much like what was described above, no chest, no shoulders, spare tire, glasses and a submissive expression. He just stood by while she went into a full-blown conniption fit, never said a word and again, I simply laughed at her. Finally she screamed at him, “What the f%ck are you going to do, stand there all day? How about actually doing something!” He kind of looked at me sheepishly and then spoke with the cop. I got my copy of the info and went back to my car and then left around ten minutes later. Before I left, the cop said to me , “You know, I was hoping she got angry enough so that she tried to hit you. It would have given me an excuse to smack her one, God what an insufferable bitch!”
    Ohhhhh God the gene pool of this country needs a tanker truck full of Clorox!!!!
    BTW BT, who won the races in your neck of the woods the other day?

    • good story, I would understand if she was bragging about an engineering degree, or math, or even business, but damn she;s a loser.

      • To say nothing of her failing to make use of her schooling to actually find a resolution to the conflict. Like liberals everywhere who have the same form of false degrees, the only acceptable resolution is bow to what they want, anything else is flat out wrong in their view.

      • Alexandra says:

        Sounds like one of those useless degrees.

        • No doubt a useless degree that she acquired massive student loan debt to get. Only to whine about not being able to pay it back because what real job could that possibly be for?

  5. grayjohn says:

    What it has gotten me is a distrust of women in general, and paranoia about saying or doing anything around them. So while I am nice, and act like a gentleman, I mostly avoid them.

    • Taylor's Ghost says:

      Same here grayjohn…been there for years. A couple of trips to divorce court were VERY enlightening.

  6. Water, its in the friggin bottled water! It helps shrink testicles. Started with that French water first. Keep drinking it and we will all be cheese eatin surrender monkeys.

  7. Are Feminist crazy? Of course they are.


    Typical feminist.


    Bikini Babe Tasered for a good cause. God bless her.


  8. Sweet Baby Ray says:

    The children are the future. This generation’s lost. Time for all you manly mens to become child rearing homemakers.

  9. Red I logged in again just making sure my avatar is following me.


  10. Angry White Boss says:

    Young Conservatives are our future. We must find and band together as many YCs as we can. I am one. We must become many if we are going to ensure the survival of this Country.