Dudes and dudettes, I’m quite sure everyone here has heard the news about the missing Malaysian airplane that went ‘poof and bye-bye‘ right out of the sky by now. If not, check out the links that will be provided. – At any rate, what’s the first thing that pops into your head about the mysterious disappearance of flight 370? Mechanical error…pilot error, or terrorism? Keep in mind that two of the passports turned out to have been stolen, they were used by two passengers aboard this plane as well.

Here’s a quick synopsis via this link:

A Boeing 777 pilot flying 30 minutes from the missing Malaysia Airlines plane told the New Straits Times in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia that he made contact with MH370 minutes after Vietnamese air traffic control asked him to message the plane.

The captain, who declined to give his name, said his Narita, Japan-bound plane was well into into Vietnamese airspace when controllers — who could make contact — requested that he relay with his plane’s emergency frequency a message to MH370 so that it would establish its position.

“We managed to establish contact with MH370 just after 1:30 a.m. and asked them if they have transferred into Vietnamese airspace,” the pilot reportedly told New Straits Times. “The voice on the other side could have been either Captain Zaharie (Ahmad Shah, 53,) or Fariq (Abdul Hamid, 27), but I was sure it was the co-pilot.

“There were a lot of interference… static… but I heard mumbling from the other end.

“That was the last time we heard from them, as we lost the connection,” the pilot said, adding that he thought nothing of the lost contact since it happens frequently — until he learned of MH370 never landing.

“If the plane was in trouble, we would have heard the pilot making the Mayday distress call,” the pilot said. “But I am sure that, like me, no one else up there heard it.

“Following the silence, a repeat request was made by the Vietnamese authorities to try establishing contact with them.”

For tons of more information regarding this issue…click the link below:

No sign of Malaysia Airline wreckage; questions over stolen passports

Listen to the report below:

Also, read about the 20 Texas employees on board too:

American passenger on missing Malaysian Air flight was from North Texas, 20 on board worked for Austin-based company

Throw in your two-cents…whadda ya think happened? Will there be a cover-up after it’s found…and all the jazz goes with it? Many of us have long memories, we know what goes hand in glove from previous experiences like this within our own country from the past…don’t we?

While I’ve refrained from talking about this since it happened, it looks like it’s time we do now. Then again, by morning…we may know all the answers…or maybe not.

What say you? …Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Nostradumbass says:

    Obviously, the probable cause of the accident was an explosion of flammable fuel/air vapors in a fuel tank, and, although it can’t be determined with certainty, the most likely cause of the explosion was a short circuit. Same thing happened to TWA flight 800 in New York, eye witnesses be damned!

    • Eye-witnesses be damned is right! – I’ll never forget that BS from our wonderful govt. about the downing of that plane. They truly think we’re all stuck on stupid.

    • I’m sure the NSA will clear things up for us. They will give “O” his teleprompter and send him out to clear things up.

    • Spot On analysis.
      I think it was a test run.

  2. Spurwing Plover says:

    Could this be like another TWA Flight 800? or a Bermuda Triagle incedent?

  3. Don’t forget about that 20 Texas employees that were aboard as well.


  4. Hmmm? Sounding very odd. Sorta like the bankers “commiting suicide” … some digging needs to be done about this semiconductor company. So poof…. it is gone?

  5. More interesting is the near blackout of news. The plane has been missing for over 24 hours and nothing new. Is the oil slick jetA?? Is there any debris?? Did it really turn back?? Are the ELT’s(Emergency Locator Transmitter) really quiet?? Are the recorders pinging?? Now four fake id’s??

    • Yep…it seems the number of fake ID’s are increasing, at least that’s what I’ve heard here and there this morning.

  6. Spurwing Plover says:

    KAL flight 007 a totaly unarmed 747 airliner shot down by the russians claiming it was ona spy mission typical of the communists to lie about everything

  7. The Mohammed Quotient for the two pilots was 100%. It has happened twice before, that we know of. Allah Hu Akbar and push the yoke forwards, you’ll be meeting Allah shortly.

  8. Come on, just say the truth. Some ragheads stole the passports, got on the plane, and either blew it up, or took over and flew it into the sea. Either way, the authorities need to stop speculating and find the plane, recover the black boxes, and then, maybe, the truth will become known.

    • …and that’s a mighty big ‘maybe’ when it comes to the truth coming out after all is said and done.

  9. Off topic…but just curious as to what you all think about this?


    • Heh, it’s going to be used in “trigger events” to be identified as domestic terrorism so that the Ovomit junta can justify declaring martial law, therefore releasing DHS to make use of that billion rounds of “training” ammo…..on us, the real citizens of the USA.

      Ya know BigT, it figures. I’m in rare form today, and there isn’t a troll to be found…

    • Excellent information Red…hope others check it out ASAP!

    • Looks like china may take care of North Korea for us.

      • You could be right. It’s going to get interesting in the near future…no doubt about that. China is something I worry about too….always have. Along with Russia and Iran. What a mess our country is in with Dear Leader at the helm.

    • Red,
      in the old game of connect the dots..I believe you have hit on something here ….i do not know how nor why yet ,but I feel in my gut all that knife killing in China Called China’s 9-11 ..is connected to this plane going down……very often the reason is far removed from the act….thanks Red great comment.


  10. Independent Accountant says:

    Does anyone remember the Egyptian airplane which crashed when the co-pilot decided to kill himself and the army officers aboard? My vote: either the pilot or co-pilot crashed the plane or a bomb was planted aboard the plane by a member of the ground crew which detonated in midair. Either way, the only government which might expose the truth is in Beijing!

  11. Reddotinaseaofblue says:

    As a boeing 777 pilot for a major us carrier IMO I think it was either terrorism or a major aircraft failure and I’m leaning towards terrorism. As for the fuel tank exploding, that issue has been rectified after TWA 800 and quite frankly that’s another story in of itself!
    From what I know there were no reports of severe weather in the area or anything wrong with the aircraft. The pilots had no time to declare an emergency and as far as what’s been reported the aircraft stopped transmitting all data reports as well. If it were hijacked there is no way for the hijackers to know how to perform this, other than just turning off the transponder which gives aircraft position to air traffic facilities. The only way to do this is to turn off all electrical power from the aircraft, a bomb would do this quite well unfortunately!
    With all that’s going on in china rite now with terrorism, and the passport fiasco all lead to this conclusion, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the governments in the region all try to cover up the truth. Fortunately the ntsb, and boeing are there to “find out the truth” I mean help out!
    I’m sure it will be quite some time before the truth is known, like the air France coverup.
    I can tell you the 777 is a wonderful airplane to fly with an enviable safety record. It’s hard for me to fathom that it was a mechanical failure, but you never know. Also only 9% of accidents happen in cruise altitude. They were to high for a ground launched missile.
    Prayers to the victims and families.

    • Thanks so much to you for your information….much appreciated by me. – And prayers indeed.

      Btw…as far as us finding out the real truth about what really happened is always doubtful to me anymore these days.

  12. mic doodle says:

    Our African Dicktaster probably had it shot down since he was flying in air force one 7000 miles away. Imagine….the gall of someone trying to fly within the safety circle around the president in chimp.

  13. Lt. Sandman says:

    How much is one of it’s engines worth? How much would the whole thing be worth? Might not be to hard to steal. Sounds like a good plot for a movie, or reality?

  14. Interesting take on this flight from a security expert:

    MH 370: Terrorism?

    by Philip Baum, Editor, Aviation Security International (www.asi-mag.com)

    48 hours have elapsed since the ‘loss’ of MH 370. Along with many others, I have been reluctant to speculate, but as hours move to days we are forced to contemplate every possible cause. Airliners simply do not fall out of the sky. Whilst this incident may indeed turn out to be a failure of the aircraft itself, there are a growing number of indicators that we may be witnessing the latest act of terrorism targeting civil aviation.

    Only a week ago I was running a training course in Switzerland and one of the exercises I gave the class was to evaluate the potential for certain groups to target aviation. The aim was to encourage aviation security personnel to consider five groups, and causes, outside their comfort zone – only some of which are currently active and branded as terrorist organisations. Along with Boko Haram, the FARC, Femen, and Meibion Glyndwr (the latter two included in order to encourage them to think ‘outside the box’), I asked them to consider the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM); most of the delegates had never heard of the group despite the fact that it is believed to be behind a number of attacks against civil aviation.

    In 2008, Guzalinur Turdi allegedly attempted to bring about the destruction of a China Southern flight en route from Urumqi, in Xinjiang Province, to Beijing. Her suicidal act involved igniting gasoline which she had infiltrated onto the aircraft in fizzy drinks cans. Turdi, travelling on a Pakistani passport, had doused paper in the over-wing toilets (hence close to fuel tanks) with the gasoline; alert crew, detecting the strange odour, overpowered her before an almost certain conflagration was initiated.

    In 2012, a ‘team’ of six ethnic Uighurs allegedly attempted to seize control of a Tianjin Airlines flight operating from Hotan to Urumqi; two were killed when passengers and crew overpowered the hijackers, who had smuggled explosives on board concealed in the crutches of one of the men feigning to be disabled, and the other four were later sentenced to death.

    There are a number of similarities between the two incidents. Both were Chinese domestic flights; both involved infiltrating prohibited items on board using innovative means; and both flights were saved by the presence of police or sky marshals on board. It is also believed that ETIM, or at least the cause ETIM is fighting for (independence for Xinjiang), was behind the attacks.

    As a group in Switzerland last week, we discussed the fact that if ETIM wished to garner more international recognition, it would need to attack an international flight. Imagine, we contemplated, the targeting of a flight departing from Hong Kong. Would the group remain so unknown?

    And so here we are having to contemplate the fact that the destruction of a Malaysian Airlines flight might have been caused by terrorism. Why Malaysia? After all, it is an Islamic state and those behind the fight for the independence of Xinjiang from China are Muslim. The answer could lie in the fact that Malaysia has recently been denounced by members of the international community for forcibly deporting back to China, on New Year’s Eve, six ethnic Uighurs who had claimed asylum in Malaysia having been found to be carrying forged passports. A further 11 had been deported to China in 2011.

    So could the targeting of a Malaysian flight operating to China be seen as an attack against China and an act of retribution against Malaysia? Only time will tell. What we do know is that ETIM is becoming increasingly militant and is spreading its wings. On 1st March, the group is believed to be behind an attack in Kunming in which 29 people were killed and more than 130 injured when a group of men attacked people armed only with knives.

    If it was terrorism, how could an aircraft be brought down without the crew having the chance to make a mayday call? Here the options are many: a suicidal individual, or group of individuals, managing to infiltrate the cockpit (and yes it is still reasonably easy to do despite the enhanced flight deck doors) and neutralise the pilots before crashing the aircraft in a suicidal act; hijackers trying to fly the aircraft but losing control; insiders working at Kuala Lumpur International Airport infiltrating a device onto the aircraft; a passenger (possibly one of those carrying forged travel documents) duped into carrying a device on board; a device transported in air cargo; or, a simple failure of current airport systems to detect an improvised explosive device in checked luggage. The possibilities are many.

    It may well be that terrorism was not the cause. We must also consider the possibility of a military exercise gone wrong and that the aircraft could have been shot down by ‘friendly’ fire. Were that to be the case, especially in the area of the South China Sea, the political fallout would be monumental…but it is not as if it hasn’t happened before, with the downing of the Iran Air flight being an obvious example.

    Whilst it may well be highly significant, we should not get too worked up about the presence of passengers holding forged documents. That is not as rare an event as the general public might expect It is all too easy to board a flight with incorrect travel documentation as such checks are usually left to airlines, who are not connected to international databases, keen to avoid fines by transporting incorrectly documented passengers. States themselves are less concerned about departing passengers than incoming ones for obvious reasons. Many States, including the UK and the US do not inspect passports at all for departing international passengers.

    Then again, the possible use of stolen Austrian and Italian passports could be a means of hiding the identity of people known to the authorities or, if using lookalikes (passengers resembling the original passport holders), could give passengers of a different ethnic origin the persona of being European. We must accept that it is far more difficult for security officers to evaluate photographs in passports where the holder is of a different ethnic background. I travel frequently in Asia (and just arrived in Australia from Hong Kong last night) and my passport is usually subject to cursory examination at best. In Asia or Africa, it is as much of a challenge for screeners to evaluate a Caucasian’s photograph as it is for a European Caucasian to evaluate an ethnic African or Asian photograph; when you hear somebody say, ignorantly, “all Chinese look the same”, the same is true in reverse.

    [email protected]

    Philip Baum
    Managing Director, Green Light Ltd.
    Editor, Aviation Security International

    • MTP…

      Wow, you just filled me in a heckuva lot of info I had no idea about. Very interesting indeed. I sure hope we find out what happened some time in the near future. It’s getting really weird now.

      Anyway, thanks for that information…much appreciated by this gal.

      Btw…did you read that link I posted above your post? I think that’s very interesting too. Iran connections?

      • Hiya BT…

        Yeah, watched the radar video too. Not really sure what to make of it yet will have to watch a couple more time.

        Did you ever get dug out yet? We now have some more “Climate Change” falling in the form of white stuff, again!

        • We have that same white stuff falling too…have for hours now. – And yes, got dug out…but can barely make it up to the mailbox now because it’s become nothing but a sheet of pure ice. I’ll be so glad when we get our three months of something called summer here!

          Btw…I never watched that vid either. I was basically talking about the possible Iranian connection to this.

      • Big

        I was listening to radio here today and a security/intelligence expert who I personally know and trust said – in careful language – that Chinese (Muslim) Uighurs are the most likely suspects for a number of reasons, and that this may well have been a separatist, Islamist attack on China.

        He also stated – and I believe him – that the major intelligence services in Europe, the US and China know or suspect a lot more than they are telling at the moment, and that the Chinese are taking some very urgent internal security steps over this.

        I’m having a rare evening out, I may be able to post some more info tomorrow. MTPatriot’s post is very good BTW.

        • Thanks so much for that information Liam…much appreciated more than you know. And you’re right, it sure seems to confirm what MTP’s post provided for all of us.

          You have a wonderful evening my friend from across the pond.

        • Liam…

          I would be interested to know if your person you refer to and this Philip Baum are associates? Phillip lists his place of business with a London address.


          • MTP

            I don’t want to say too much here. Having read your post and knowing what I know about the guy I refer to, I would guess they move in the same circles.


          • Liam…

            Understand and thanks..

            Always appreciate your views on worldly matters.

      • Big T.
        a different view of radar …interesting


        • Hmmm…interesting, but still…what does it tell us?

          • if it is to be believed it tells us the only facts we may ever know…onethe plane made some odd quick turns before it went off radar ,,two it went off radar damn fast ,no slow decent and it makes me wonder what was up with that plane that was going so fast and staled ///what does it mean staled ???
            any way it seems all the facts we know is what the radar tells us …all the news about passports terrorist etc is opinion…..
            we will never really know ……..

  15. First thing I’d do is look into the background of the passengers. Any military on board? Anyone that might know a few things?

    The 20 Texas employees…where were they employed?

  16. Here’s another interesting theory…


  17. It now seems the two that used the stolen passports were trying to escape Iran…


  18. Start looking to the East for the wreckage. The plane was taken over with help from the cockpit. They turned off the transponder just after the plane turned from it’s 25deg north flight path to a 40deg northeast flight path. They flew low under the radar and then when out over the open ocean, climb just below the stall speed to ~ 8,000ft / 10,000 ft and then dive nose first into the ocean, An impact at mach 0.7 (~520mph) into water would leave very few large pieces of buoyant debris but wouldn’t be fast enough to break the airframe apart before impact.
    If the debris field is several hundred miles away from the intended flight path, that would give the ocean currents several days to scatter the floating debris away from the impact point before anyone would ever start looking for the debris field in that area.
    Just my 2 cents worth as a Mechanical Engineer.

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  20. The plane was hijacked and brought somewhere to land or the Vietnamese shot it down by accident.