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The results are in and “experts” from all over America are calling the primary vote in Texas a win or a defeat for the Tea Party movement depending on their political ideology. While not much changed with federal office holders, the Texas Tea Party showed it power in putting fiscal conservatives state and local offices.

The worst result for the Tea Party was Senator John Cornyn winning the Republican primary. However, Cornyn faced no credible opponent. Houston Congressman Steve Stockman entered the primary race on the last day of eligibility and never mounted a serious challenge. Plus, he was outspent 15-1 by Cornyn. Stockman also received very little Tea Party support.

Cornyn has all the Republican establishment money. There is a reason why US Congressmen are reelected over at a rate of 99.5%. Even though Cornyn won with 59.5% of the vote, he only pulled 44% of the vote in Republican and Tea Party dominated Collin Country north of Dallas and 50% in Houston’s Harris Country, the largest county in Texas. Unless Cornyn moves seriously to the right, he will not win another election. Texas is moving to the right.

In what could be a good thing, 92 year old RINO Ralph Hall of Paris, Texas did not win a majority of the primary and will face a self-funded challenger in a runoff. Hall has been in Congress since the 70’s. He was once a Democrat and changed to Republican when the Reagan Revolution swept Washington. Ralph Hall is well beyond his expiration date but his greed keeps him running for office. 40 years in Congress is despicable for anyone! Time for new blood. Blood that is actually pumping!

Florida resident Pete Sessions beat Tea Party leader Katrina Pierson in the 32nd District. He had boatloads of RINO DC money behind him. When asked what he would do after winning the primary, Sessions told reporters:

“I’m going to Disneyworld! It’s just down the street!”

It was in Texas State offices where the Tea Party flexed its muscle! Incumbent RINO and Establishment favorite Lt. Governor David Dewhurst is headed to a runoff with conservative Dan Patrick. The good news is Dewhurst only won 28% of the vote while Patrick nearly won out with 41.45%. Dewhurst is toast and good riddance. If you remember, he was hand-picked by the wussypants Republican establishment to take Kay Bailout Hutchison’s seat. Ted Cruz came from nowhere to force a runoff and beat the wussypants off of Dewhurst to become Texas’ junior Senator. The rest is great history!

Conservative and Tea Party fave Ken Paxton beat Establishment pick Dan Branch for Attorney General. Paxton should win the runoff. This is a very good thing!

Tea Party leader (and friend of AWD) Konni Burton won 43.5% of the vote to replace Abortion Barbie Wendy Davis in Texas SD-10. She got the most votes yesterday and her win in May will put a solid conservative in a Democrat seat. Plus, Konni Burton has the coolest collection of cowboy boots ever worn by a filly in Texas! Burton will be a huge win for Texas and Tea Party values!

Wendy Davis is running for Governor against Greg Abbott. She actually lost the Rio Grande Valley vote (the most liberal in Texas) to a pro-life Democrat. Davis is in deep Dukakis and will get thrashed in November. Democrats turned out at a small fraction of the Republicans in the primary vote. The cemeteries must have been closed yesterday. Dims do not seem to be excited about their candidates are Republicans are for theirs.

In the State Senate, Dallas Libertarian Don Huffines beat RINO John Carona, the most liberal Republican in the Texas Legislature. Carona has been in office since the Alamo and actually held a fundraiser for a uber-liberal Democrat last year because “they are friends.” Huffines and Carona combined to spend $6 million on a primary race for a job that pays $7200 per year. THAT is what is wrong with our political system!

And on down the line, fiscal conservatives with Tea Party values beat or were reelected to office. Texas moved strongly to the right!

Ted Cruz endorsed candidates won 4 out of 5 races building his credibility in and outside of Texas! Look for Ted to spread his mighty wings to other states where Tea Party candidates are running against RINOs in upcoming primaries!

All and all, this was a very good primary for the Tea Party! It’s also a good sign for other states. While Washington incumbents have pretty much isolated themselves with corrupt corporate cash that buys favors, the Tea Party proved yesterday that State and local politicians can be reached out and touched! Even so, fter 5 years of Hussein Hopenchange, Americans are seeing Democrat socialist and RINO Republican appeasement in Washington has taken us down the wrong road.

Time to eat your Wheaties and support Tea Party candidates in your state. It’s not easy nor cheap. But the future and existence of America hangs in the balance. Kill the RINOs in the farm leagues and they never get to the bigs! Get busy!

Congratulations to all the successful Tea Party Lone Star State candidates! And Pete Sessions? At least send your constituents a post card from the Sunshine State every now and then! And say hello to Charlie Crist!

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  1. Spurwing Plover says:


  2. AWD Tea Party endorsed Molly White beat Ralph Sheffield in our district 55. Sheffield owns Las Casas restaurant in Temple and I would Like to take you there sometime for some of their famous White Wings my treat. If we’re going to drink you need to know I only drink on days that end with a Y.

    This calls for some Music that Doesn’t Suck. LOL


    • Mr. Rational says:

      I’d forgotten that I’d ever been through Temple, but I must have driven by multiple times given how often I travelled I-35 once long ago.

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  4. All the political signs wore me out. Just too much.
    Shuffle the deck and let’s do it again in the Fall.