Dudes and dudettes, everything written below, as well as what’s said in the video is self-explanatory, so I’m cutting directly to the chase.

See what you think about this piece and speak your mind afterwards. – This is via Tea Party Crusaders:

A soldier’s letter sheds light on a problem that is becoming more and more frightening everyday. Some have wondered why the military doesn’t come to our aid against the tyrannical administration which is currently devastating our country.

This is one brave military man’s response to that question:

“Here’s the problem for us soldiers: we can’t trust each other, as there are those who are extreme liberals, socialists, and those who love the current administration.

We’re infiltrated with these traitors and we don’t know how to organize without others turning us in and sabotaging our plans. That’s just one problem. Outside of that, as an organization we have become plagued with disfunction, toxicity, illness, injuries, and betrayal.

It does not allow for a good foundation at the current moment for us to clean house for a country.

They know this. They created the environment as it is right now. We didn’t see it until it was too late. Militants are forming, but in small pockets, and unable to fully unite and plan our strategies in secrecy. And there are watch dogs out there watching us attempt to plan.

I’m sure every word I am typing right now is watched. There is no privacy in which we can operate on our own soil. Our best efforts will only be when they place us on orders against you. That is when we will know what soldiers will bleed for you, and which are loyal to this regime.”

These words are extremely chilling coming from someone within the United States military. We have a President who has literally divided the American people against themselves to the point where we are dangerously close to another Civil War.

Share this with your vigilant Conservative friends. The liberal community will surely dismiss it as fanatical rightwing nonsense, or just consider it as more ammunition for their agenda.

If we do not stand up and do something about this socialist/communist/marxist movement within the government, McCarthy’s interrogations of suspected communist leaders and celebrities will be a foreshadowing of something even more dire in our future.

Can you imagine a day when they put Conservatives, Republicans, and the Tea Party on trial? ”Are you now, or have you ever been a member of the Tea Party?”. I promise you, that is not a radical thought. It is a reality that we very well may have to face if we don’t begin to do something now.

So, can you imagine the day when this happens to the parties mentioned in the summary of this piece? ‘Divide and Conquer‘ comes to mind here…and this administration under the ‘Imperial President‘ Barack Hussein Obama has completed that mission in spades…have they not?

What say you? – Fire Away…Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. TPTB best look at Kiev!

  2. Jack Daniels says:

    All patriots, lovers of freedom, true conservatives must unite NOW and respond to the call to action. The time has come and gone for talk, for hoping in an election….news flash……we will NEVER have the opportunity to see another election at this rate.

    This is EXACTLY how EVERY..SINGLE…DICTATOR has ceased power.

    We sleep, they conspire, we wait, they act, we hope, they destroy, we trust, we die!!!

    They have declared war on us already….what does it take for people to respond?

    • Jack…

      I don’t have an answer to your question…wished I did. ~

      • Jack Daniels says:

        Alas BT,

        I believe that the oppression will and must come to pass. It will be what it takes for people to remember, to reclaim what has been dormant…their fighting spirit.

        • I truly hope and pray your conclusion is right on target….but anymore these days, I remain very skeptical. I do hope my skepticism proves to be very wrong.

          • Jack Daniels says:

            I am discouraged,….very discouraged….BUT not defeated in spirit!

            I know all too well of the cycle that Godly nations ( yes, I believe the US is a Godly nation) have gone though in terms of backsliding, rebuke, repentance, and ultimately….restoration.

            We are witnessing the rebuke at this time.

          • Jack,

            Your last post revives my spirit too…I will always fight on, don’t think I won’t. It’s just the way you put that…it gives me hope.

          • BT, We can’t give up……that is what the enemy wants. It is always dark before the dawn. Time to fight back against the enemy! I get so down too but when the time comes we will get America back!

          • Howdy Joy…

            I’ll never give up the fight. I’m just tired and weary in the last recent days. We will always fight the enemies within. I just hope we win.

    • what does it take for people to respond?
      A LEADER
      plain and simple but who? when?

  3. BillTheBuyer says:

    I just can’t understand why these stupid people think that a dictator is only going to be a dictator to conservatives. I have news for them. They will be ruled too. I believe this will come down to fighting and bloodshed and he is correct, that is when we will see who is who. It’s hard to believe this is even happening. Grrrrrr!

  4. Spurwing Plover says:

    No more should american military personel serve under the United Nations Peace Keepers no more should they be forced to wear the UN Blue its time for america to ditch this nest of vipers

  5. Jack Daniels says:

    Hey BT,

    If you want encouragement, just look at Israel as your paradigm of hope! They suffered persecution, pogrom, worldwide discrimination, multiple attempted genocide….and yet…after millenniums … they are….while so many of their enemies are only names in the annals of history.

    • How right you are! They are surrounded by hateful people yet they thrive! They also have a GREAT LEADER!!!

      • Jack Daniels says:

        Hi Joy,

        Though that currently holds true, remember, not all their rulers in their long history have been noble or righteous men. They have known some truly wicked rulers as well, which makes it all the more encouraging to see that they are still around……there is ALWAYS hope for a nation that fears God.

    • Jack…

      Amen to that post. That makes me feel diminished in my weariness.

    • This is my Bible verse for the day….there is Hope, and His name is Jesus…

      Romans 8:38-39

      New International Version (NIV)

      38 For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,[a] neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39 neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

      All we have to do is claim Him….and His love will claim us

  6. As we speak the hidden war rages on. Millions of third worlders (nonwhite) are flooding into the country BY DESIGN. It’s a war of demographics, 90% of all legal immigrants are noncaucasian. Europeans are being restricted.
    Look around, you’re already seeing a weird mixed looking individual everywhere.
    It’s the new world order hybrid americano. Musloids are are protected class now.
    It’s beyond belief that americans actually stood by and watched this national suicide and did nothing.

  7. The armed forces of the US are gang-ridden. They have different gangs of blacks and Hispanics within their ranks. Because they are within the services, whites must become gangs of their own. No one trusts each other. The gangs are usually anti-white racists so they are pro-Obama when the whites know that Obama is a traitor and or anti-Obama. The Navy is one of the most divided because they live in such close quarters. It is said that officers hate to go down below deck in places because of gangs. Some white officers have actually been attacked. The armed forces are a microcosm of the nation. Obama has caused anti-white racism and empowered black criminals to attack white people. Since Obama’s dictatorial reign began, attacks on white people have skyrocketed. It started when black panthers stood at the polls to intimidate whites and were never punished for it. That was the signal to black criminals. It is no accident that the nation has almost been ruined in every way by Obama. That is his job and he is doing it while the gutless republicans complain but do nothing. We are careening toward a civil war. Let it be. We patriots will win.

    • I hope your last four words come to pass.

    • “We patriots will win.”

      I’m not so sure anymore. The Greatest Generation is almost gone, the baby boomers are staring into the barrel of old age and irrelevance.
      I was in the grocery store today and some Chinese guy in line vibed me out and acted like I didn’t belong there (ya know, in my own hometown, in my own country).
      Urban culture has poisoned the youth and the Millennials ain’t going to hold up there end (no way, no how).
      “It’s gonna be a long walk home” as they say

  8. The Tea Party needs a spark. We need a leader. Don’t know what happened to Glenn Beck but we need someone known on the National stage who is dynamic, smart, and understands the constitution. My nominee is Allen West.

    I was one of those old ladies who marched on Washington and I would do it again with even more passion than in 2009. And I can bring a lot of my gray-haired friends with me. We need a LEADER!

  9. I am shocked by Carnac ‘s words re the military gangs. I was in the AF, my brother is retired AF, my nephew is serving his 8th year, my Dad was at Iwo Jima and still carries the bullet in his liver and my uncle was a Merchant Marine sneaking behind enemy lines in the Pacific.

    The military was truly the one place that everyone was equal. If you didn’t follow orders/rules you were disciplined equally. There was never a question of race and certainly no gangsta attitudes or activity. This is what the PC BS has gotten us. Makes me want to cry.

  10. As a former Army Paratroop I can’t wait for civil war.

  11. I’m gonna toss this in the mix…