Dudes and dudettes…there will be four different topics here for you to check out. In my opinion all of the reports are excellent and give you much to chew on regarding the way things were, and are in this nation. I’ve had some of these saved for days so thought I’d combine all of them for some food for thought, they all tie into each other in one form or the other. I surely hope you take the fifteen minutes, more or less, to read stories…and of course comment later. – Fight fire with fire we must!


Here’s the first topic. See if you think you qualify for a 21st Century Heretic:

Did you know you were a heretic? You are! Congratulations!

I don’t know what kind of heretic you are, but in today’s polarized environment, you are sure to be one on somebody’s list.

You might not be the religious kind of heretic, in the classical meaning of the word. (The kind that wants to belong to a major religion, even after inventing one of their own — Mormons, for example.)

If you’re reading this column, chances are good that you’re some other kind of heretic. Probably multiple kinds.

You might be the kind of heretic that doubts Man-made global warming. You might be the kind of heretic that thinks unborn children have inalienable rights. You might be the kind of heretic that thinks defending traditional marriage is good for families and society at large.

Maybe you challenge Neo-Darwinism. Maybe you think affirmative action demeans those who receive it. Maybe you think militant Feminism is a lie. Maybe you refuse to attend a Pride parade. Maybe you carry a firearm, drive a gas-guzzler, smoke a cigar or quote “dead white guys”.

Maybe you think “Progressive” isn’t; that Socialism rends the social fabric; and that Fascism is dangerously fashionable. Maybe you think the Muslim “Brotherhood” isn’t exactly brotherly.

Maybe you think all races are equal, but all cultures are not.

The list could go on, but you get the idea.

There was a time that political disagreement led to spirited debate. When ideas clashed in public, and strong ones crushed the weaker ones. When popular opinion was shaped by compelling arguments. It wasn’t perfect. Sometimes bad ideas endured for awhile, but eventually better ones toppled them.

It is usually unpopular to challenge an established idea. Convincing people to change their minds can be hard, very hard. But there was a time when you didn’t fear the consequence of doing so. Free speech protected you.

Free speech is the difference-maker. It is the freedom of the kid laughing at the naked Emperor. He did not fear recrimination for his honesty, so he spoke up.

Although the kid — who had nothing to lose — could speak freely, the rest were shackled by their fears. Telling the truth carried a penalty. They could be labeled as “unfit for their position”.

Is there a modern analogy to these shackles? What penalty does heresy carry today? It depends on whose list you are on.

Is any public personal price paid by rejecting traditional values? Not at all. Quite the opposite, sometimes it’s a shortcut to fame and money. What personal price did some unknown basketball player face for making his private life public? Nothing. He was lionized.

But dare to affirm traditional marriage and they’ll close your bakery, or boycott your restaurant. They’ll pin a scarlet letter to your lapel, and thrust you out of the public square.

Make a gazillion dollars off some second-rate Eco-scare “documentary”, selling modern eco-indulgences, while complaining about everyone’s “carbon-footprint” but your own — AND have your ideas debunked six ways past Sunday, and you can somehow still be the hero that “invented the internet”.

But question the data, conclusions, and financing of eco-zealots, or compile the various criticisms of Neo-Darwinism that Atheists themselves have demonstrated (e.g. “Darwin’s Doubt”), and you’re “anti-science”.

However did we become a culture of thin-skinned me-monkeys crying to mama whenever a skeptic says “prove it”?

Human nature hasn’t changed much in a few hundred years. The Federalist Papers had something to say about this. “For in politics, as in religion, it is equally absurd to aim at making proselytes by fire and sword. Heresies in either can rarely be cured by persecution.” – Hamilton, Federalist #1

And yet, isn’t that exactly what’s happening today? They try to force the public into agreement. The “progressive” New Orthodoxy isn’t quite as obvious as a Mafioso “protection” racket. They don’t smash your windows or firebomb your business if you fail to pay up, and their payment isn’t (necessarily) cash. We are more sophisticated. Heretics here do not face burnings at the stake, or gulags, or floggings. They face something more subtle and sinister.

Instead of spirited debate (science is “settled”, remember) zealots proclaim victory and demand conformity. Agree with us, or pay an unspecified price. Some might face a kangaroo court in “human rights” cases. Others face lawsuits, boycotts, and various kinds of slander. There are as many ways to bully people into conformity as there are bullies.

Bottom line is this: does beating your opponent into submission make your position true? Not at all. The opponent’s idea must be beaten.

I cannot please all people. Nor should I. It is enough for me to know I am faithful where I need to be. Some ideas, and some people are simply wrong. The only way I could please them is to tell them they are not. That would make us both wrong.

I will be resented for that. Opposed. Possibly even hated. So will you. Here’s a secret… It’s ok to be hated sometimes. People who really make a difference in this world usually are.

But when they attack you, don’t let them claim false victory. If they’ve attacked you, but not your position, call them on it… every time.

When they challenge your assumptions, challenge theirs too. Put up a fight. Let the ideas clash. Because truth matters.


Here is some more excellence:

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Arguing with a liberal

If you’ve read the issues presented above…what’s weighing on your mind the most?

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Liberals have been shitting down the necks of Rino’s for a long time, I don’t see em stopping any time soon. Need to treat them just like pigeons outta control.

  2. Spurwing Plover says:

    Liberals think that guns make us evil they think that all persons are normal and nice until they hold a gun then they become evil like posessed by demons(Like in the Batman comic SEDUECTION OF THE GUN) and so they think that if all privatly owned guns and confiscated and melted down into dumb park benches,manhole covers and peace bricks everybody with be nice and we,ll all live in peace and harmony(they never heard of the garden of eden and the forbiden fruit)becuase most liberals dont realy think before they shoot off their pieholes why else are they always comming out with such rediculous ideas like Gun Exchanges(Exchange gun for a pualtry $50:00 or $100:00 or food coupons,gift certificates,theater tickets sports balls or musical insterments liberals are all mouth and no mind

    • Steaming mad! I hope others check that link out and see if they aren’t as infuriated as I am.

      I’ve got to stop posting about this for now….the rest of the words that want to come out about this issue would get me the ban hammer!

      • Same company publishes the Army, Navy, and Air Force Times and its a big Prog company, also USA Today. Screw em they are all biased papers and just ever so slyly anti military.

  3. I do not argue with liberals. Once I find out their views aren’t the same as mine, I walk away.
    Liberals are dangerous, and are enemies to my views.
    I know which side they are on in a shooting revolution.
    All liberals are communists,,,period.

    • GrimmCreeper says:

      I’m with you on walking away. You aren’t going to change their minds or persuade them even though their arguments consistently get shot down with facts. So why bother? One of the primary reasons I said adios to NJ was to purge myself from the belly of the beast.

  4. Lazlo has hit a plateau.
    There are so many ridiculous assaults on our country Lazlo has slipped into a fog of non impressed bemusement. As always my Monkey friend inspires me to think about the universal truths.
    The outcomes of the eminent major economic crash that the Liberals are hell bent on having, assumes much in the way the Liberals think.
    They assume that the Government that steps in to take care of them will operate as they predict.
    They assume it will be Liberals like themselves in power, Kindred spirits that will favor them.
    They assume that the Gulags are for Conservatives
    What they do not know is that their plan is fundamentally flawed.
    Without power the tiny screens won’t work, and tweeting and Social Justice fade away to be replaced by NOT protesting about injustices because the Riot Police aren’t dicking around anymore.
    Lazlo doesn’t always quote Mike Tyson, but when I do you read it in a whiny cartoon voice:
    Everybody has a plan (Lazlo interjects: Even Liberals), until they get punched in the mouth.

  5. Speaking of fighting the good fight…here’s Trey Gowdy:


    • re: Sodom

      Had a dream last night. It woke me. I smelled smoke. As I started to rouse, an image of Ted Kennedy sitting on a smoldering fire which was blowing smoke up his ass, made me realize that that is the reward one gets for doing it to others here on earth in one’s lifetime.

      Nice to know…

    • Superb. What gives anyone the idea that a nation can eliminate between 50 and 60 million of its future citizens (over a roughly 40 year period) and not realize disastrous consequences? Apparently few can see the correlation between this and the ‘need’ for swarms of illegal immigrants to ‘do the jobs Americans won’t do’, or the dwindling, aging population in countries like Russia and various western European nations. (Not to worry, in the latter cases, their muslim friends will fill the void.) As is stated in the Declaration of Independence, “… they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…”. It would seem that without life, all the other rights would be rather meaningless.

  6. Discussing issues with liberals is indeed a very strange experience. It they talk to you (which is not a given), then you quickly find out that their knowledge base is very limited (usually to talking points) and that their logic is very flawed. But usually, they will begin a discussion and when they here a conservative view point, they immediately put their nose up and act like you have something really odorous about you, usually distancing themselves from your presence. Basically, they do have mental problems and like to move about like cattle.

    • Another thing that bothers me about talking to a lib is when in the middle of the conversation they change the subject to something else…and blame someone else for the problem you were originally talking about…and those they blame are always someone on the right side of the aisle. It drives me batty! – Plus, we can’t forget all the interruptions and talk-over’s as well.

  7. Changing the law again! The lawless prez is fiddling with an already set law again…and we all know it has to do with the next presidential election. What he’s doing is ILLEGAL!