This Benghazi scandal has stunk from the moment the last “Alihu Akbarh” was shouted last September. Now the cover up is beginning to smell worse than the rotting stench of Detroit. If that’s possible. BS stories concocted by the Obama administration on Benghazi have been found to be outrageously false. Yet they still insult Americans by labeling Benghazi a “phony scandal.” Hey, Obama! Not everyone in America votes three times and has an ObamaPhone!

Now it appears from latest reports that the CIA was involved in a gun running operation with Syrian Islamists so the weapons would find their way to the Syrian rebels (aka Syrian Al Qaeda). Didn’t Obama learn from Fast and Furious that he’s a lousy gun runner? And what about the terrorists who killed four Americans? The FBI cannot seem to locate them but AWD guaran-damn-tees all you have to do is look closely at the participants at the daily wife stoning in Benghazi. The one near the former American consulate.

Americans demand the truth on Benghazi! We know there’s a whole hell of a lot more to this story. But so do the professional politicians in Washington. So they circle the wagons to prohibit the truth from emerging to the hoi polloi back home in the districts. And who is the chief wagon circler in Washington on Benghazi? Texas Congressman Pete Sessions.

Virginia Congressman Frank Wolf submitted a resolution that calls for a Select Committee of 19 House members to find out and report what really happened in Benghazi. Pete Sessions will not allow it out of the Rules Committee, which he chairs. Why not? Because my guess is there’s a lot of “good friends on both sides of the aisle” who have Benghazi blood all over their hands! If it was a CIA gun running scheme, lots of Republicans would had to have signed off on it. Hence, Chief Wagon Circler Sessions at your service. Or the service of John “Boo Hoo” Boehner!

Sessions said:

As you may know, there is legislation – H. Res. 36 – introduced in the current 113th Congress by Congressman Frank Wolf (R-VA) that would create a select committee in the House to conduct a 90-day investigation of the Benghazi attacks. This select committee would be, according to Congressman Wolf’s legislation, comprised of 19 House members (11 Republicans and eight Democrats). Additionally, H. Res. 36 specifies that the majority of the members of the select committee would be comprised of the chairmen and ranking members of the five House committees already currently investigating Benghazi. This would mean that those Members would have to put a stop to their current ongoing Benghazi investigations and start over from the beginning with the select committee’s investigation.

These issues aside, while the standing committees are currently doing a stellar job in uncovering the truth, if we determine that they need additional assistance we will consider all available options, including the establishment of a select committee, if warranted. I have no reservations that Congress will take the necessary actions to complete the task. I have complete confidence in the ability of the House of Representatives to perform a thorough investigation, and am committed to learning exactly what happened on September 11, 2012, in Benghazi – as well as what happened after – holding those responsible accountable for their actions, and improving upon existing procedures to ensure that Americans serving our country abroad are not unnecessarily put in harm’s way.

Sessions says “the standing committees are currently doing a stellar job.” What the? The standing committees couldn’t piss and hit the ground. The committees have let the Obama comrades stall, BS, and ignore the committees with zero repercussions. We’re almost one year from Benghazi and the outrageous lies from the Obama administration and we have learned basically nothing from the standing committees. Keep in mind, over 164 Congressmen have called for a Select Committee. Maybe Sessions himself may have some fingerprints on Benghazi?

AWD will be blunt. I don’t like Sessions. Never have. To me, he’s another slimy politician planning to stay in Washington until they wheel him out on a gurney. After meeting him, you want to not only wash your hand but the hand of every person with whom you’ve shaken hands all day. Sure, he votes OK on the legislative layups but he’s a Texas Congressman and his constituents wouldn’t allow him anything different. It’s these situations like the Select Committee where Sessions could prove me wrong and shine as a real statesman. All he has to do is balls-to-the-wall seek the truth. But he’ll just play political games to stay in House leadership and in the good graces of the worthless Speaker of the House John Boehner. Somehow, I believe Pete Sessions would be a Democrat if he lived in Illinois.

A good friend who is very involved in Texas politics met with Sessions privately not long ago. Ted Cruz was brought up. Sessions told my friend that Cruz was a “blow hard” and only could say no. He never provided an alternative solution.

Pete Sessions forgot a long time ago that one doesn’t need to submit an alternative to stupid legislation. Just kill it and look for more stupid legislation and regulations to kill. OK, you won’t be invited to Pelosi’s cocktail party, but so what? If I didn’t know anything else about Pete Sessions, what he said about Cruz to my friend tells me he is not what we need in Washington. Like most Washington politicians, Pete Sessions looks out for himself. And four dead Americans, their families and American patriots scream out demanding the truth while Sessions plays party politics. And in doing so protects the most dishonest administration in American history.

Please call Session’s legislative director Lindsay (Graham?) Pitts at 202-225-2231 to demand Sessions allows the Select Committee.

Here’s a link from Grassroots Texans that has much more information on Sessions and the Benghazi Select Committee.

Here’s good guy (the vast majority of the time) Louis Gohmert of Tyler, Texas on the Select Committee:

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  1. David in SC says:

    They don’t want the truth to come out AWD. They were running guns and I’ll bet money a lot congressman knew about it. Also, the guy that led the riots and killed our people is easy to find. I read last week he was in the news at some cafe having tea, we know who did it, we know where they are, but the muslim in chief will not do anything about it. Seems like the gays would be raising hell but even they don’t care if their gay ambassador was brutalized and killed. Also, if what I’ve read is true, there were many CIA agents close by with the gun running operation and they did t lift a finger to stop anything for fear of being exposed…. Twisted world we live in.

  2. Off topic, but here’s a shining example of left-wing hypocrisy…. Public school advocate Matt Damon has recently enrolled his own kids in a private school. A classic case of “Do as I say,not as I do.” I don’t know about other AWD readers, but this kind of blatant double-standard really burns my beans…


    We are in the middle of a quiet Coup and some in Congress are in on it also. Remember it took Hitler a long time to gain full control. ALL of our Intel agencies are into it also.

    Matt Damon is an idiot actor, his whole life is an act, phony like Obama.

  4. Matt Damon is a suck ass liberal that plays Rambo parts to make money. A total loser.

    As for Pete Sessions is just another RINO with no real core values. With him at the wheel we will still drive off the cliff. Only difference he’s going 50 MPH and the DEM’s are driving 100 MPH.

    Hopefully, we here in Texas can primary the traitor and find a Ted Cruz type to tell the remaining RINO’s in he house to stick it somewhere.

  5. You can bet I’ll be on the phone tomorrow… thanks AWD.

  6. I cannot stand Sessions, haven’t ever liked him since day one of watching him on the House floor long ago and far away. He hasn’t changed a lick, he never will. Just another RINO-Deluxe that’s repeatedly reelected time after time. Some things never change, no matter the state you live in.

    Low information voters sums it up well. That’s who I blame for all the mess we’ve been in past and present.

  7. Love the Photoshop work at the top… has Ovomit’s prints all over it.

  8. If you asked a group of turds in a room to find out why the room smelled bad … you think you would get to the bottom of it?

    Nuff said

    Sessions is bought out just like McCain, Flake, Graham and others.
    In The Godfather Michael was asked to run for Congress, he replied Why, we own them. The Cartels make Mafia look like pikers. Its not so much Potomac Fever as the lure of Much Money, enough for most Congress Critters to retire on. One look at McPains spread in the Sedona area and you’ll understand. Congress is controlled by organized crime, in this case, Cartels based in Mexico. Its the unacknowledged Big Burrito in the room. In time we will see the Cartels take over parts of the USA, like Southern Arizona, they own it, Period.


    While our own Congress knows of this, lets distract with Benghazi
    or Obamas vacation, etc, etc, etc.

  11. A large amout of shoulder fired missles and weapons being mover from Libya to Syria. The so-called Free Strian Army is made up of about 60% Al Qaeda elements. We are backing Al Qaeda in the name of “freedom” and the goddamnec Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (nefarious insanity).
    At the smae time, in the name of anti-terrorism every police dept in america is militarizing, and they are spying on american citizens and shredding the 4th Amendment.
    All the while we have Prozac, porno and f….video gamers and reality T V

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  13. Sessions used to be my Representative, this is a big disappointment, another shining example of need for term limits, he’s simply been there too long.

  14. rightwingterrorist says:

    Do not confuse R’s with D’s.
    Different sides of the same coin.

    Until and unless we the people drag them from their positions of power in a decisive and bloody way things will not change.

    • I like the way you think, it’s the only way to change DC.

      • rightwingterrorist says:

        It’s becoming more and more obvious.
        Unfortunately, most have their heads up their asses. I read an article today where the vast majority of people would rather not be informed as to the malfeasance that the gov’t is perpetrating on us citizens.

        We, as a country, are simply not hungry enough for real freedom. As long as the average Joe still has his lazy-boy, a six pack of micro brew, a big-mac (look up McDonald’s 365), and the latest mind numbing reality show, all of the hand wringing and impotent internet bitching isn’t going to change a damn thing.

        Give it a bit of time though. Something wicked this way comes.

        • Tony Diamond says:

          Right on. Me and mine will be there, bet your ass on that. This corrupt government is so entrenched and powerful that I fear the worst will eventually come to pass. Simply voting isn’t going to fix it. And, while writing this, I realized I can’t really say what’s on my mind. I would have Obamites bugging my house. That is WRONG on so many levels…true freedom of speech is dead. True un-infringed gun ownership is dead. Right to privacy and protection from unlawful search is dead. And on and on and on

  15. Its becoming very obvious the Repos have been siding withObama behind closed doors and don’t want to be burned with Benghazi. Well truth is truth and it just needs to come out. Americans in general don’t trust our Govt. anymore and this just makes it worse.
    There is a palpable distrust of anyone in the Govt., and why not, they lie to us all the time, and its both sides of the isle and all the time they are enriching themselves from our tax monies in the middle of what should rightly be called a Depression. See how Govt. workers screwed us taxpayers royally by exempting themselves from Obamacare, and the beat goes on. The Republicans are far worse than the Democrats. You can never ever trust a Republican to do right by his people anymore, we know what can be expected of Democrats, they tell us what they are doing and then Do It. You never know what a Repo will do, Rubio, Paul, Flake, all caving big time, no even RINOS just closet Demos on call for the next crucial votes for Demos when they need them, I think the prison term is “Bitches”. I just call them Political Prostitutes, sounds better.