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AWD’s post questioning why he (and, by extension, any of us) should give two sh*ts about Syria was met, of course, with no serious answer. We, as a people, have zero—zero—interest in diving into that mess.

And we’re not alone—by one poll, a whopping 91% of Americans are against intervention in Syria. (I guess we’re all Angry White Dudes now, huh?)

Yet…yet…tomorrow we shall commence intervening in a civil war between a thuggish dictatorship and al Qaeda-backed Muslim Brotherhood in a nation that has no obvious geopolitical importance.

Clearly, behind the scenes, the power brokers of the globe see some sort of geopolitical significance in this fight. What it is, I have no idea. (Israeli plot to marginalize Hezbollah? Saudi Arabian plot to expand Sunni influence? US plot to check Russian power grabs? None of the above? All of the above? Etc.)

So while the global elite continue to play their power games with US blood and treasure as their game pieces, I admit I’m done with being an empire. Being a superpower is fun and all, but it has relegated us little people to the cheap seats to be mere spectators of a game over which we have no control and even less vested interest. This extends all the way from general elections up to the very wars our nation fights.

We are meant to be a government of the people, by the people, and for the people—not a population of fat and happy cattle grazing on bread and circuses lorded over by a cosmopolitan cabal of power-hungry sociopaths who pilfer our money and send our children off to fight wars that only benefit our overlords.

The time for an “American Spring” is close at hand. Perhaps it will be an “American Fall”?

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  1. David in SC says:

    Very well put Red, the issue is “our” government is no longer ours. We are merely in the way so it feeds us disinformation and creates dissent among us while the liberals do everything they can to bring back the caliphate, that is really what intervention in syria is about. Unifying the radical muslims, can anyone imagine what the world will be like then?

  2. morning Red,

    people are starting to wake up….slowly..
    the MSM ..rating are getting lower by the day…even black on white crime is being reported on Drudge…white people have had enough…such a small percentage want a war in Syria….here is a link listing some reasons to NOT go to war….
    can we stop the globalist ???? in my opinion we can ..but will we ?…..preaching to the choir is comforting on sites like this ..but getting active in real change has to happen to get results…..

    • Agree 100% jigg. My postings here are only one of a number of things I’m involved in, the other stuff all being hands-on work with groups at both state and national levels (mostly state), all focused on growing our numbers.

      I’ve posted a few times on this (i.e., getting involved with local groups), but it never seemed to generate much interest. Not sure why that is. I just hope it’s not apathy.

      • Red,
        If one looks back in history of this nation,it was only a very small percentage of people that formed groups to fight another empire called Britain …
        that grew into a revolution that became America.
        You sir are a patriot ..and to you i say carry on well done.

      • Ghostrider says:

        Unfortunately apathy is exactly what it is. As a nation we’ve grown content to sit on the sidelines and observe things that are clearly wrong with every level of government. The majority has grown silent on policies that are worse than useless, that are actually harmful to our nation and its communities. Only when we as individuals feel personal pain or perceive ourselves threatened are we willing to spring into action. Apathy is enabling the progressives to promote a radical agenda which is rapidly destroying a once-great nation. We know what happens when good men do nothing ….

      • argusromeo4 says:

        still working the western front.


  3. RedSeeingRed says:

    Do you think it is a possibility that this isn’t about Syria at all? Maybe they are trying to make it look like an inadvertent move that drags Israel into a region destabilizing conflict?


    Joining the UNITED NATIONS was a big mistake after all we refused to join the LEAGUE of NATIONS Its time to totaly dump their UN its a bunch of crinimals living in our national for far too long

  5. Crackers Unite! says:

    Ever wonder if an American Spring/Fall happens who will be sending drones to bomb the government here? Will Obamuslim man gas us?

  6. Some of us have been saying something like this for years and years.

  7. Knowing Prince Barry, he will get us into WWIII and blame Bush for not invading Syria and leaving it all up to him.
    Do a Nuke over Damascus so they get a dandy EMP burst so all those molesters of melons have to resort to sending trained lice out for recon.

  8. Redstater some people are just very careful about what they sign their name to. And make no mistake we all have a digital signature every time we post, and the old contracts don’t get lost in a file cabinet they can always be found.

    So don’t confuse circumspect with apathy, keep pushing your opinion, you are not screaming into a void. The reply count is not important.

    As for the topic at hand I don’t know why we are war mongering in Syria.

    I don’t think anyone really knows. But I’m sure a lot of politicians are talking about how they ‘feel’ regarding the situation.

    And what has our current President of the United States ever done with anything approaching forethought and acumen. Obamacare?

    I have no opinion other than let Syrians kill each other. However I have heard it said that whoever wins this showdown prints the oil currency, and that sounds as valid as anything else I’ve heard.

    Although in my heart I think President Obama is doing what he always does, trying to prove he is not a fraud. And Putin is doing what Russians have always done, test the limits.

    And do the Sunni and Shiite have any more of an idea as to why they are killing other than the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s? I highly doubt it.

    • *killing each other* than the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s?

      • Thats it, they are cut from the same cloth. They are all Moslems fighting for the right to be king of the hill. The brand that Chicago Jeebus favors is the Muslim Brotherhood flavor. Hence the reason for US intervention in Syria. Thats my opinion anyway.


        • Occam’s razor would support your opinion, and it sounds reasonable to me Mike.

          • He said he would stand with the Muslims. He just didn’t say which ones, now we know.

          • Snake Oiler says:

            Bill H

            Today 08:06 PM

            I’d really like to avoid another war in which America has no business being in. If we depose their despot, then what? Replace him with who? The reality is that people in this region need a tyrant in place to keep them from killing all the other ethnic minorities. This is the paradoxical peace they must have. They can never become Americans. That is life in the middle east.

          • That is exactly the point. Saddam was a bad guy no doubt, but he kept the crazies in line.

          • Snake Oiler says:


    • Getting Syria in a war like state is a direct threat to Israel, Obama would like nothing better than to see Israel take hits from Syria, Iran, Hezbollah and other Jew hating countries. Any WMDs in Syria are underground and not accessible by our cruise missiles. Obama is playing with WWIII and once the game starts we are going to get hit here also and probably from some of the WMDs that Iraq shipped to Syria prior to that war starting.

  9. Obama made a very cogent case against military adventurism in 2002:
    “Saddam poses no imminent and direct threat to the United States, or to his neighbors, the Iraqi economy is in shambles, the Iraqi military is a fraction of its former strength and, in concert with the international community, he can be contained until, in the way of all petty dictators, he falls away into the dustbin of history.”
    I couldn’t put it better. Here is my blog on this topic:

  10. BTW, Happy Martin Luther King Day to everyone, or whatever the MSM is ranting about going on in DC. And just think…. in a few short months we’ll get to celebrate Black History Month, formerly known as February. HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!
    And to think that here in the South during my childhood, Jeff Davis’s birthday was actually noted.