Dudes and dudettes…wait until you read about this fine man. He’s certainly not politically correct, nor does he ever intend to be, no doubt about that! John Kirkwood is a preacher from Bensenville, Illinois…and he has a message to send to any of those that will listen, a message that is loud and clear in more ways than one!

Here’s the report…this is via FN&C:

God and guns go hand-in-hand according to a Chicago-area pastor who hosted a Second Amendment Sunday in his church – that included a cake decorated with an edible chocolate Glock emblazoned with the phrase, “Blessed Are the Peacemakers.”

“Jesus was not a pacifist,” said John Kirkwood, pastor of Grace Gospel Fellowship in Bensenville, Ill. “The idea that the gun is evil – that’s a myth that’s been perpetrated by the left. It’s sad to me as a pastor to see that.”

Kirkwood said he has been disturbed by a series of incidents involving school children punished for playing cops and robbers, a student who was punished for chewing his pop tart into the shape of a gun, and a boy whose cupcakes were confiscated because they were decorated with plastic green army men. gun2

“The one that really got to me was the cupcake story,” Kirkwood told Fox News. “Political correctness is the bonfire of the sanities.”

“To make a decision like that – in the midst of a war – that’s a 1960’s hippy ‘spit on our returning soldiers’ kind of decision,” he said, referring to the cupcake confiscation. “That really burned me up.”

And when he saw a story about a St. Louis-area church that sponsored a toy-gun buy-back program – Pastor Kirkwood decided to spring into action.

The Illinois pastor decided to spend two Sundays preaching about what the Bible says about gun ownership.

“I sent out lesson plans to my Sunday school teachers to talk about the Biblical perspective for self-protection and to answer the critical questions – should a Christian own a gun? Should a Christian be a pacifist,” Kirkwood said.

“As with many of our founding documents – there are biblical underpinnings for them,” he said. “We talked about the biblical perspective on the value of life and the duty and the directives in Scripture that call us to defend life.”

And the church also had some fun with Second Amendment Sunday. The children participated in games – including a pop-tart eating contest.

“The child who chewed the pop tart into the best looking firearm won a prize,” the pastor said.

The winners received toy guns.

They also had treats – like “combat cupcakes” – decorated with plastic green Army men – and a chocolate cake decorated with a large edible chocolate Glock.

“The cake was to honor our veterans,” he said. “We are a church that supports our troops. We have a corner of the church where we post pictures of church members who are serving the nation. There’s a sign that reads ‘Blessed are the Peacemakers.’”

“Our church motto is ‘Where We the People seek to honor In God We Trust,’” he said. “I actually believe in peace through strength and I believe that is a Biblical value – not just Ronald Reagan’s.”

“I just think all this recent political correctness is ridiculous,” he said. “I’m hoping to stand on the wall and blow the shofar for pastors around me that are sitting this one out.”

You can be sure the leftist-loons aren’t going to like this preacher, not one little bit…but I sure as heck do! – Since he’s in the Chicago area…I’m hoping he stays safe, how ’bout you?

What’s your opinion about all of this?…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. “Blessed Are The Peacemakers For They Shall Be Called The Sons Of God”. Lotta meaning in a short sentence. No one needs to fear fighting for peace.

  2. http://www.realclearpolitics.c.....ative.html

    Little off topic, Perry Rocks CPAC, Allen West also.

    • Michael,

      Just saw Perry’s speech and was going to post link… but you beat me to it. I have to believe that Perry would have made a better showing than Romney… especially since Romney folded after the first debate.

  3. I may as well throw this in here too. ~


    Like I said before on the thread beneath this one…what the heck’s with NJ?

  4. Spurwing Plover says:

    The nambdy Pamdy pansies trying to turn our kids into little pansie pacifists teaching them this MAKE FREINDS NOT ENEMIES poppycock even when these radicals dont want to be our freinds and despite what whiining pansies have told us peace isnt always brought about by the shaking of hands and there are plenty of passages in the bible about being armed against your enemies and against evil

  5. Speaking of ‘faith’ etc…the ACLU never leave us alone, anymore than their buddies the ‘atheists’ do.


    The ACLU needs to burn in hell eternally.

    Speaking of the atheists…just saw this. ~


  6. Spurwing Plover says:

    SWORDBIRD a best seller in 2007 a DOVE on STEROIDS carrying a sword


    Soon theyll get the kids to exchange their war toys for dumb pink monkey dolls and back when hollywood liberal ROBIN WILLIAMS was in a putrid BERRY LEVINSON movie TOYS which had a big ant-war toy theme and which BOMBED big time

  8. Speaking of a different kind of pastor…may as well throw this in the mix too.


  9. Love that Big Chocolate pistol, I’d eat that in a flash and be on a sugar high for a week.

    • Mooch would getcha!

      Btw…speaking of sugar. Have any of you heard that the USDA (I think it’s the usda) is going going to buy up all the sugar they can to force prices higher on all of us regular people? – I kid you not…it’s they’re plan to stop obesity! – Infuriating…seems to me illegal to-boot. But…hells bells, that’s never stopped this administration so far!

      • What the hell will my hummingbirds eat??? I have at least three feeders out all summer long… those little hummingbirds love me.

        • Same here, I have two…and we all know how to make our food for their feeders! – I am truly outraged about this Paul…I have never seen anything like this evil administration…not even close to it!

        • Hey Paul…just got an idea. Why don’t we contact PETA had complain…maybe they’ll file a lawsuit, plus we all know the kind of ads they put out…let alone the kind of coverage they get from the leftist loons of all venues!

    • Not if Bloomberg had his say.

  10. http://www.naturalnews.com/039.....cides.html

    All the GI’s should get Chocolate Pistols and maybe some Chocolate M-4’s. I think a sugar high would be better appreciated than the crappy drugs our GI’s are getting. A
    few Chocolate grenades would be cool also, an ammo box filled with Chocolate bullets.

  11. http://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/.....0661_n.jpg

    I rather have this in chocolate, Sugar high foe weeks. Love Chocolate, its the foundation of the food pyramid.
    This lady likes the “Toy” she is smiling from ear to ear! its courtesy of I Own The World.

  12. This preacher is in the wrong place to do what he does. Hes in enemy territory. Hes one man with common sense in a place loaded with f’ing liberal buffoons bent on destroying the country along with Chicago. Obama wants the US to be like a giant Chicago…we all see how well that place is doing under democratic policies.


    If some city officials or liberal wanks want him to use his church to hold some stupid GUNS for GOODS program i hope he refuses their request and tells them to GO TAKE A HIKE

  14. Speaking of education and schools etc…


  15. I don’t believe in god, but I sure as sh~t believe in what this pastor is doing. For those of you who do believe in god, and find yourself in the Chicago area, stop into this guys church and shake his hand. It must be refreshing for his parishioners to hear that being a Christian does not mean being a victim.

    • Amen to that. – Speaking of which, I heard Dear Leader is going to Chicagoland today…maybe he should stop in and shake his hand…eh?

      /sarc off.

      Btw…is anyone else having major problems with this site today. It’s taking forever to load and stop. I had something to post, but heck…until it stops doing what it’s doing on my end, I’m not even going to try.

      • Not me Big. Have not had any problems for some time now.

        • Hi there…

          The problems only lasted about ninety minutes or so this morning, so…glad it cleared up.

          I thought AWD or Red would be around somewhere today. Heck, I’ve been under the weather and on the mend…plus, everyday life today.

          Guess I’ll try to get a couple things posted tonight as soon as I can get to them.

    • I’m with you, that was very well worded! Everybody here agrees with you as well. Take care, stay safe

  16. Thou shalt not be unarmed! Molon Labe brothers in arms!

  17. Some states get it….to bad states like NY don’t get it……….

    state legislatures all over the country are introducing bills to counteract the Federal Leviathan’s anti-gun control measures…….by passing bills to make it illegal for law enforcement in many states to enforce the new federal gun laws designed to disarm the American public……..

    It is my opinion that any federal official that tries to enforce these federal draconian anti-gun measures should be arrested, tried for conspiracy and jailed with a lengthy prison stay…….this would include Eric Holder and Barrack Obongo for violations of state’s rights and intentionally undermining the 2’nd amendment…….


    • Yep…Idaho just passed a good one the other day. If I come across that link again I’ll post it here. – Montana is also doing some bill passing on this subject as well.