Have you heard about Eustace Conway’s recent trials and tribulations? Golly gee…guess I should have asked if you’ve ever heard of Eustace Conway to begin with…eh? Anyway friends…check out what’s going on with this man and his way of life. Rules and regulations suddenly apply to him, more-so than ever before…seems the ‘Boob-Tube’ may have caused his recent nightmare that’s taking place as we speak.

One side-note before I begin…make sure and watch the bottom video that will be included in this blog post, it’s well worth the four minutes it takes to do so.

This is via FN:

A self-styled ‘Mountain Man’ who left modern conveniences for the backwoods of North Carolina decades ago is butting heads with local officials who say his forest compound isn’t up to code – and he may have television to blame.

Eustace Conway, who owns and operates a school that teaches hundreds of people how to live closer to nature, received a cease and desist letter from county officials who say his buildings don’t meet code.

“Basically I’m living like the American heritage pattern of all our ancestors and the modern world isn’t, and they don’t know how to accept me,” said Conway.

But Conway says the county has inspected the property before and told him everything was fine. Some believe the county only took notice after Conway appeared on the History Channel’s “Mountain Men.”

Everything in Conway’s Turtle Island Preserve is organic and made from nature. The preserve’s website notes the property’s buildings are “carved literally from the wilderness.”

But the naturalness of the property is precisely what has sparked county officials to take notice. Officials say unless Conway can meet building codes and safety regulations, the camp and school will be closed.

“If we complied to everything the county is requesting, we would cease to exist as we are,” one Turtle Island staffer said. “We are inherently primitive.”

The county says it is just looking to fulfill its duty to protect public health and safety.

“The primary concern of the county is that these visitors are in and out of these buildings which were neither permitted nor inspected for compliance with the NC building code,” said the Watauga County Planning and Inspections Department.

“This is supposed to be the land of the free. Government is supposed to help people, protect their individual liberties and freedom — that’s not what’s happening here,” said Conway.

Conway says he plans to fight to keep his nature school the way it was built.

“I’m not confident I can win it. I’m confident I ought to win it,” said Conway. “This is something I spent this much of my life, I don’t have much left.”

This is from Fox8 – It’s a great video in more ways than one. I think you’ll enjoy it, you learn much more about his way of life and what he stands for:

Since people started living in communities, there’s been tension between the rulers and the ruled.

That became particularly acute when America reintroduced the concept of self-government 237 years ago.

Bob Buckley reports on Eustace Conway, a Boone man who says he just wants to be free from the government and its rules.

So friends…what do you think about this? Is he in a real mess…up to his neck in high water, or not? Do you think he will lose or win the fight he’s facing?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. not2latenow says:

    The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.
    Friedrich Nietzsche

  2. Snake Oiler says:

    “This is supposed to be the land of the free. Government is supposed to help people, protect their individual liberties and freedom — that’s not what’s happening here,” said Conway.

    Need anyone say more? I’ve actually been to Boone, home of Appalachian State University.

  3. ntln and Snake…

    You both hit the nail on the head via my viewfinder in life!

    • not2latenow says:

      Hi BT.
      Speaking of that nail, another bit of wisdom from Nietzsche:

      There are horrible people who, instead of solving a problem, tangle it up and make it harder to solve for anyone who wants to deal with it. Whoever does not know how to hit the nail on the head should be asked not to hit it at all.

      • Hey not2latenow…

        That’s another hit the nail on the head!

        …simply priceless. – I’m having too much fun with this. 😉

  4. Mr. Grumpus says:

    Maybe we need to ban hammers, since some people can’t safely hit the nail on the head. It’s for the children, after all.

  5. We need to ban asshole politicians who cant stay out of peoples business.

    • Rich…

      Couldn’t agree more! I am so sick and tired of these boot-stomping Nazis!

      Seems everything was fine with this man and his way of life…until he was featured on an episode of ‘Mountain Men’…then big brother immediately gets in action to destroy the man and his way of life, that absolutely no one had a problem with before.

    • thats how Polis and teachers and social workers make $$$$$$$$

  6. BT,

    I think he will win because citizens (working people) are fed up with the stinking government and city officials who think they should have a say how one lives his or her life. I predict the phones will be ringing and messages to city officials will not be pleasant… then again, you recently posted about the small business who sold milk and cheese that apparently got shut down.

    One thing for sure, if this man fights and will not buckle under, the government can always bring in the tanks and burn his house and buildings down… and hell, if he has a son, the government might even shoot him in the back.

    • Howdy Paul…

      I surely hope you’re right about him winning for the reasons you stated, but I fear the opposite. – Then again, as you suggest…the public may be speaking out in huge volumes about this…I hope so!

      • If nothing else, he can shut down his small business until the dust settles. I’d say he is proficient enough to stay out of sight and just enjoy life without all the hassles from city and govt officials.

        • Paul…

          I have to wonder just who may have pressured the city officials in the first place. If they had no problem with him before I’ve wondered it they didn’t get pressure from a federal dept. in DC…EPA may be after him next, if they weren’t in the first place.

          NO matter what…big brother has far too much power. Their tentacles are reaching everywhere, slowly strangulating all of us…one way or the other.

          • Yeah… and if Sheryl Crow has her way, we’ll be wiping our ass with two squares of toilet paper each time we make a trip to the bathroom.

          • …And be monitored and fined for not doing so!

          • Cinnamon Girl says:

            “BRRRAMPP! John Spartan, you have been fined two hundred credits for violation of the Decency Act, Section 9, Line 232…”

          • 79firebirdman says:

            Or we could all become like mooslim savages and wipe our butts with our left hand.

  7. Spurwing Plover says:

    Snooping buricrats cant keep their big fat noses out of anything these days PRY,PRY,PRY and costantly with stupid regulations I mean the pioneers crossing america would still be on the east coast if we had these bunch of buricrats with their ENVIROMENTAL IMPACTS,BUILDING PERMITS, and RULES from a bunch who hardly ever leave their fancy offices

    • You got that right. And those same people sitting in those fancy offices need to go! I’ve had my fill of all of them…I just heard via radio more rules for another regulation this administration is going to impose on our private insurance companies…which we will end up paying for, if we can afford it. – They’re forcing all they can to get on OCare.

  8. Unless he has some big time lawyers he will loose, the county will harangue and hassle him till he dies and tell his relatives where and how he is to be buried. Government is not a necessary evil, it is evil by nature and needs to be pruned back and sat on hard everywhere it exists. All to many ills in society are created by Government, not the people, except when they go to sleep and just let Government
    multiply like bacteria in pond scum. Classic example of this is the Obama soft despotism we see encroaching on us daily and it just going to get worse and multiply faster. Government is a Bully by definition telling people what, when, and how to do things when it should be the exact opposite. They should do as we want, and when, and how!

  9. bigtimer
    I’ve seen the show on tv along with some of the other reality shows, most of these people have had some problems with the film crews at one time or the other, the gold prospectors comes to mind, they are always getting surprise visits from osha inspectors and get shut down till thousands of dollars is spent to fix the violations, it would seem to me that with all that big equipment and as far in the boonies they are located that some of these inspectors might just get eaten by something lurking around but so would the film crews. Know what im saying?

  10. Snake Oiler says:

    He may have troubles, but he also has a Ruger No.1.

    • He’d be better of with a Marlin Model 336/30-30 Win. unless he is real good shot.

      • Snake Oiler says:

        I can dig it. Most of the old codgers around here swear by their Winchester 94’s. But then, that guy looks like he might be known as ‘Eagle Eye Eustace’.

        • SnakeOiler
          My bro in law stored his belongings at my house while he was in Africa for 10 yr’s and I used a Winchester 94 of his, I killed a lot of Deer with it and most with one shot, a very good little rifle.

        • Snake et al…can any of you imagine Dear Leader holding a piece of work such as Conway is in the main picture…any of you?

          Never gonna happen…ever!

  11. 79firebirdman says:

    This is ridiculous. The man is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge of the old time ways that is being lost. I love Mountain Men on History channel, looking forward to the next season.

  12. Cinnamon Girl says:

    This is a prime example of how we have truly lost our freedom, both as citizens and as humans.

    Conway shows us how we can go off the grid and exist, if we wish, as purists, in the old way.

    This, actually, is what the farthest left liberals are supposedly so in favor of, what with their preaching about recycling, limited or no petroleum usage, green energy, etc. Yet, they’ll be the last to support Conway and his ilk.

    This land is NOT our land. It belongs to Big Brother, from the cities to the counties to the states and to the nation, because he has the guns, the money, and the power to shut us all down.

    It’s a sad, sad story but I am so glad that Fox covered it and you posted it, BT.

    • Howdy CG…

      Once again you pegged it all! – Your third paragraph really hit the nail on the head when it comes to the hypocrisy from the left etc.

      Big Brother is the enemy within!


    I wonder what these same buricrats would do with a bunch of eco-wackos tree sitters imulating their favorite eco-wacko nutcase JULIA(BUTTERFLY)HILL

  14. So,The local gov’t began to bother him only after they figured he made a little dough after being on the History channel? That is about how they operate though. You think D.C. are the only ones corrupt,better guess again!

  15. I’d like to live up there, help out, work hard and make a life there.
    I wish I had the money to help out, I’d give it to him in a heart beat.
    Eustace Conway: you may never see my comment, but you are my hero.
    I pray for you and hope the best for you bro.
    If I can come help out and work for a few days this summer, some one contact me. I’ll see any follow up comments. Let me know. I’ll take a week off and do what I can. I can out work any mexican, and am a survivalist.

    • Good for you!

      Btw…how did did you stumble upon this blog post? – Just curious, nothing more.

      • Google search for meet Eustace Conway.

        Also, wanted to add, I live in N.C. Probably about 4.5 hours from Eustace.
        I would never complain about any job he gave me to do. Might come back blistered, and bruised, but thats just all part of it.
        I’d bring my own food, and the will to work. Even if I just chopped wood all week. Tell me one time how to do something, and I’ll get-r-done as if I been doing it all my life.

        • Thumbs-Up and good for you! I’ve noticed recently on one of the network channels they’ve had on repeats of his life’s trials and tribulations…I’ve been glad for that.

          Thanks for the response…and good luck to you and your future, wherever it may lead.

  16. Michael Tatom says:

    I say leave the guy alone. His “customers” can sign a waiver acknowledging that his structures aren’t up to code and that should take care of that.

  17. Total bs. Government needs to stay out of his life. He’s a good guy doing nothing wrong.

  18. Leave the man alone. He’s not hurting anyone. Let him be for God sake!