So much for that content of character thing. Focus on pigment! At least if you’re talking about minority voters! That was the message black conservative Kira Davis delivered to GOP Chair Reince Priebus in an open letter. She believes the Republican Party is identified as an “old white man” party and needs to embrace diversity to win in 2014. Isn’t that nice? Even conservatives are now against evil ol’ white men! But she’s a minority. She can say such things. Say no more.

Davis’ letter is proof why her idea to wipe white men from the face of the Republican Party won’t work. Minorities vote on pigment and government social programs. So rather than vote for the best person for the job, Davis says to put that all aside. We need to vote for the best minority for the job! Then the 98% of black women who voted for Obama will be happy. Of course, they’ll still vote 98% for the next Democrat but they won’t view the Republican Party as the party of evil old white men. They’ll view the Republicans as the party of old white men who have put a few Uncle Toms on camera.

Here’s part of her letter:

Then I turned on the TV and saw you discussing diversity in the GOP with some media talking head. I saw Jeb Bush making the rounds in what looks like a precursor to a 2016 run. I saw Karl Rove pontificating about diversifying the party. In short, I saw a bunch of rich, middle-aged white men talking about how we need to change the perception of the GOP as a party of rich, middle-aged white men.

Hey, don’t get me wrong. I love older white guys. My Grandpa was an older white guy and I’m not going to lie — I wouldn’t kick Sean Connery out of my bed…even now. What I’m talking about is a paradigm shift; a complete public image makeover.

Mr. Priebus, in 2012 the GOP missed a HUGE opportunity to push out some more “diverse” faces to bring the message of liberty and smaller government to their communities. There is a sizable community of Black Republican/conservative bloggers who highlight that message every day. Many work in their spare time. Can you imagine what they would have been able to do for the GOP if there had even been a tiny amount of party dollars behind them?

Shouldn’t a minority candidates’s ideas alone propel him or her to the top without a Republican Affirmative Action plan? Conservatives have shown great loyalty to minority conservatives in electing Tim Scott, Allen West and supporting Mia Love. Pigment doesn’t enter the equation for conservatives. That’s for racist liberals and the politically correct like Kira Davis.

She continues in her open letter:

We’ve already blown that opportunity but another one presents itself. As we begin to think about 2014 and 2016 we need to continue thinking about how we change our image. Exit polls showed that many minority voters liked Mitt Romney’s message but in the end did not feel comfortable voting for him because they didn’t “trust” him. We need to give them a reason to trust us.

I’m sorry, but throwing a rich white guy in front of a bunch of people who have been taught from kindergarten to distrust rich white guys is not going to cut it. I have a suggestion for a new strategy, and some people will not like it because it involves a few people getting out of the way and/or making room for new faces. Some people will have to decide if their status is more important to them than their country.

So if Romney was black, he’d be the President? Hardly! Ask any black person on the street how they feel about Clarence Thomas? Or any other black Republican. No, Ms Davis, election data shows Romney lost because millions of conservative voters stayed home rather than vote for another moderate RINO Republican. And they’ll do the same in 2016 whether the RINO is white or black.

If Kira Davis believes blacks will vote for a Republican because they happen to be black, she is as stupid as Karl Rove and the rest of their ilk who will sell out conservative principles to chase a vote that will never appear! This theory that the right minority candidate will bring a landslide of minority votes is a pipe dream. And a racist pipe dream at that!

AWD was widely criticized for writing a column a few years ago that stated that the majority of black people hate white people. Didn’t Kira Davis essentially state the same thing about people being taught to distrust (hate) white people since kindergarten? Well, she should be smart enough to realize those haters will never vote for a Republican. Ever. Not as long as Democrats out-welfare Republicans.

She continues:

Mia Love and Allen West are two powerful voices running upstream of the narrative. Republicans know these people, but non-political Americans generally don’t. Right now, when someone says “Republican” the image is a Karl Rove-type. We need to make “minority” synonymous with “Republican”

And both West and Love lost their races. It would be interesting to see what percentage of the minority vote each pulled. I guarantee you it would be less than 10%. I rest my case!

Here’s her plan:

From now on the official party strategy should be to only send minority Republicans to do public events/interviews/appearances. Every picture, every brochure, every interview, every meet and greet, everyTHING the GOP does between now and 2016 should have a non-white face at the forefront.

Ah yes, style over substance! And let’s not forget to stick a knife further into us old white men who built this country for the wild pipe dream that we will win minority votes.

Now her real agenda emerges:

Stop investing millions of dollars in professional political consultants who bring you the same results you’ve seen in the last TWO presidential cycles and throw a significantly less amount at bloggers and activists who are ready to persuade, debate and win hearts where it counts the most. Alfonzo Rachel, Chris Arps and the team at, SooperMexican, Project 21, (and of course me, Kira Davis -YouTube personality and dangerously attractive IJReview blogger) are just a few of the legion of minority pundits and bloggers waiting for the chance to fight on a larger battlefield for our values.

Put more blacks (especially Kira Davis) on TV to represent the Republican Party or you will be a racist. She doesn’t actually say that but is it difficult to imagine that being the underlying message? Nothing is stopping those minority conservatives from appearing on TV shows or radio. Several black conservatives have radio shows already. Others have popular blogs. Why should Priebus put Davis on TV just because she’s black? Wouldn’t that be racist? Conservatives don’t care about her pigment and blacks will only view her as an Uncle Tom. I do agree with her recommendation that the Republicans stop spending millions of dollars on the Karl Rove’s of the world. They have the same viewpoint as Davis….black = good, white = bad. And they lose elections!

I’m one who tries to live the dream of MLK. I try to judge people by their actions. While I’m very disappointed with the overall performance of blacks in America, I try not to hold that performance against individuals who act and live responsibly. I’m a trashist. I don’t like trashy people of any race. And that includes blacks. And whites. And Hispanics. And every other.

Voting for pigment is for racists. I vote on principle. That is why I once endorsed Allen West for President until he voted for the racist Pigford settlements. I knew then he, like Kira Davis, only viewed the world through the lenses of race.

I will not sell out my belief system to chase votes from racist minorities. Even if it gets me on television. Too bad Kira Davis doesn’t believe the same. But, of course, there’s a difference between Kira and me. She’s a racist.

Once again I ask….what’s so wrong with voting for the best person for the job? I’m trying, MLK, really, I’m trying!

You can read her letter in its entirety here.

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  1. I’m not a Republican, so I don’t care. It all sounds like, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. The GOP does not have my best interest at heart.

  2. I voted straight GOP party ticket for many, many years… and now, the aliens from above swopped down and removed all the spines from our elected officials in the GOP. Sadly, there are very few republican politicians worth voting for.

  3. 3rd party needed, desperately.

    AWD, I read elsewhere Infanticide is legal in Canada.

  4. MuayTyson says:

    AWD you have invoked the name of Saint Martin like a good conservative but if you were a good conservative you would not be swayed by the myth of Saint Martin. Do you know the reality of MLK? You do know he is a proven plagerist, should not have his PHD, cheated on his wife numerous times and has even beaten women.

    We need to shift the narrative and by telling the turth is the only way we will do it. When MLK’s files are open for all to see a few will be surprised, a few will believe they are lies, and the rest of us will shrug as he was a man of low character and not fit to be called a man of the cloth. All this from an athiest.

    • Muay, AWD is not a fan of MLK the man. I know of his faults and know who was backing him. Still, I believe it is the correct thing to do to not judge individuals by the actions of a larger group aka “MLKs dream.” The message and not the man.

      As I was told by a former Black Panther/now conservative, white people have embraced the dream much more than blacks.


      • He got away with a lot of plagiarism and womanizing, also was a big government leftist, facts conveniently scrubbed from history. One Emory U. professor was a favorite source of his plagiarism. His family is cashing in on his name today. We’re never supposed to mention this.

        ” Liberals write history.” – Richard Nixon


    Many demacrats owned slaves many demacrats opposed freeing the slaves many demacrats belonged to the KKK including the late ROBERT BYRD

  6. The GOP is dead. I will vote for conservatives, but I wouldn’t give spit to the GOP. And I wouldn’t piss on any democrat who was on fire.

  7. Mr. Grumpus says:

    They would be a terribly sad lot if whites were truly as racist as minorities. In fact, there’s enough of us evil whites that, if we only voted skin color, they would never get any representation at all. So, if that’s what she is telling us to do, let’s not disappoint her.

    • eekalouse says:

      You are sooo right. White and proud should be our mantra, and 50 million Americans known as baby boomers should collectively stand behind a true American conservative if there are any left. Tea Partiers should rule.

  8. Czar of Defenestration says:

    *BLESS YOU*, AWD! Couldn’t have said it better myself. Regardless of race, Dems/Ind/RINOs will *never* vote for Conservatives (and if, then only the occasional “Republican”). WE NEED A NEW PARTY – *NOW*!

  9. Maybe next, she’ll push for ILLEGALS and FEMINISTS (you know, the only *authentic* womyn…) to take charge of the GOP. Why not?! After all, it fits into her Democrat “logic” [sic].

  10. Guillermo Del Toro says:

    I dont buy the idea that millions of conservative voters stayed home rather than voting for Romney. Or rather I dont want to believe that.

    I would have voted for Hillary over Obama. At least she’s American.

    • guy hontz says:

      I did throw my vote away for Mittens, You can bet your ass I’ll never do that again.As long as people like Karl Rove,Jeb Bush,Marco Rubio,John McCain or any establishment Republican I’ll stay home or vote for a true third party Conservative.F**k the Republican party,they have thrown Conservatives under the bus not for the sake of our republic but to save their own ambitions.

  11. Blistered says:

    At the time, I didn’t know I was throwing my vote away. I just considered it was the least of two evils.

    Sitting here in the dental waiting room, bunch of folks who cannot or will not speak English. I respect their heritage, but when in America, speak American, dammit!

    Blistered, out!

  12. While this is certainly well-intentioned,Only someone of very little brain would consider Rubio to be nonwhite!

  13. Snake Oiler says:

    Maybe these yoots are just anti-Walgreens…

    Trayvon protesters loot Walgreens!

    A huge mob of young black teens are caught on video looting a Walgreens after leaving a Trayvon Martin protest. The teens left their High School to protest the Trayvon Martin shooting. Instead of protesting, police say 80 to 100 looted a Walgreens.

  14. (that inspired so I came up with my own open letter)

    I’m a white guy.

    I grew up in a middle class home.

    I’m not an immigrant.

    My Dad worked his ass off.

    I’m an adult now so I work my ass off.

    I just want to not be taxed out of all my earnings.

    I don’t give two shits about the GOP or this retarded black woman who’s obsessed with race.

  15. Mr. Grumpus says:

    Ditto that Jon.

  16. Regarding our two party system: the progressive liberal dems, aka. communists and the spineless repub rhinos, aka. back stabbing turncoats, George Wallace said it best: ” there isn’t 10 cents worth of difference between em”.

  17. Note: I met Angry White Dude at Smart Girl Summit in St. Louis a few years ago. We hit it off. I’m definitely a fan. But…

    Wow. You really missed the point of her letter. If you disagree with the ideas, then disagree! But your responses are so typical of the GOP right now. Doing the same thing over and over again is the very definition of insanity. The GOP has an image problem. She isn’t advocating for promoting blacks that aren’t conservative or don’t have a good message, she’s speaking of marketing.

    The media actively blocks out any true representation of a black Republican. Kira is advocating for changing that paradigm. Mitt Romney was the wrong candidate. John McCain was the wrong candidate. Two VERY old white guys that were completely out of touch with the majority of Americans on both sides of the aisle. There were other candidates that were younger, and better. But the GOP chose wrong yet again.

    What I see here in these comments is a serious case of “Victim Status”. The real questions is how badly does the GOP want to win. If the majority of the party is represented here: the answer is you don’t want to win at all.

    Instead of hurling insults, how about some ideas? If you don’t like Kira’s idea, how about coming up with your own? Your comments are the very reason why liberals are so successful in vilifying the GOP. You sound like a bunch of angry racists. I’m an angry conservative black lady. And I would never vote for any one of you.

    • Stacy, nice to hear from you! I remember you from that event in St Louis!

      What is frustrating is it seems every black conservative is just that…a black conservative. Why can’t they be a conservative that just happens to be black? Notice how Kira refers to blacks as “my people?” If AWD refers to whites as “my people” or suggests we need more white people on tv, that would be resoundingly regarded as racism. Here’s an example:

      My point was Kira basically admitting that black voters won’t consider the Republican message because the Repub messengers happen to be white. In essence, blacks are racists and will only embrace conservative values if the message comes from a black person. Furthermore, experience tells us that 90% of blacks are died-in-the-wool liberals and will only consider black conservatives as Uncle Toms.

      My solution? Vote for the best conservative in the race. Elect the best person for the job. Color blind society. I will be happy for “black” conservatives to just be regarded as conservatives. But I see black conservatives using their pigment just as much as black liberals. Kira was saying, “put me on TV because I’m black and blacks will never listen to old white guys.” Well, if so, then blacks have rejected the dream of Martin Luther King. Whites elected Tim Scott over Strom Thurmond’s son in SC! Millions supported Herman Cain for President. I endorsed, at one time, Allen West.

      As for Romney or McCain, I was not a fan of either. No fiscal conservative was. But not because they were old white men. It was because they were big-government moderates who would not have drastically reduced the size and expense of American government. And, as mentioned in my post, election data showed conservatives stayed home in November rather than voting for Romney. Not because he was white. Maybe some bigots didn’t vote for him because he is a Mormon but that’s another argument.

      Quite bluntly, I’m tired of political correctness that states we HAVE to have a black person, Hispanic, Chinese, etc to prove white people are racist. Especially when Kira and other black conservatives tell us we have to to attract black voters. What does that say about black people? When the Tea Party movement started, all the leaders heard from the propaganda media was “where are all the black people?” I always waited for someone to say, “why don’t you ask the black people?” I don’t have to prove to anyone I’m not a racist. I don’t have to prove to anyone anything. But I won’t play PC games, even the kind that black conservatives play. I would simply like for Black Americans be Americans.

      Want to get on TV, Kira? Do or say something worthy of attracting attention to get on TV. I support your conservative ideas but don’t care one little bit about your pigment.

      Stacy, that was probably more than you wanted to hear from me. I appreciate your comments and would love for you to tell me how I’m wrong. Probably because I’m an old white guy! lol I hope you’ll comment again! Please let me know if you get to Dallas.


    • Ed Wallis says:

      GEE, Stacy, *YOU* really know how to pretend to be a victim (not to mention a troll)…both here AND in your article of virtually the same text over at FreeDUMDUM Works.

      If Kira’s racist screed *were* just about “marketing”, just what is she marketing, other than POLITICALLY CORRECT RACISM? I mean, prohibiting all whites from speaking for a Party is nothing but ACCEPTING THE DEM’s PREMISE OF RACIAL DETERMINISM.

      My idea? Accept THAT reality, sweetie.

  18. Nothing new here. Blacks have always voted for whatever politician promises them free shit. But they will ALWAYS vote by color first and foremost. We can thank LBJ for starting it back in the 60’s when he proclaimed in his own words that he would have every “n” voting democrat for the next 200 years. He was right on the money with his prediction. To this day most blacks buy into the democrat bullshit of giving freebies away to get votes. The blacks fall for it hook line and sinker because they apparently arent smart enough to see through the fact that democrats use government dependency as a control tool. The more free shit they give to appease them, the more control the government has over their lives…and like mindless lemmings they keep pulling the handle next to the D on voting day. After 50 years of democrat hand outs to the black communities all over the country..they are all now the worst crime ridden shitholes in the nation. Examples..Chicago….Detroit….among others.

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  20. OK: let this angry white dude give a DIFFERENT perspective.
    First off, I happen to agree with much Kira Davis is saying, not all.
    If you want talk about diversity of the GOP, it DOES help to have a diverse series of faces doing it. Not ALL minority faces, but certainly a LOT more than they have now.
    Let me ask you, Angry White Dude; how many minority friends do you have? How many you actually talk politics with? I have several- but the ONLY ones I talk politics with is my ‘daughters’ in Africa. And here’s the other question; how many of your minority friends talk to YOU about politics? The sad truth is, while we have societal integration, we have not yet achieved cultural integration- and trust (Much of the thanks due to the government itself.) And it WILL take minority representatives to bridge that divide initially.
    I will also say this: I have been heavily involved in in vetting local candidates for the state and county offices for the North Texas Tea Party for two cycles. In this last cycle, I had to call a special meeting of our vetting committee after our final recommendations were finalized to address a concern: we had just TeaApproved EVERY ONE of the non-Anglo candidates we vetted: three African-Americans (or as I prefer Americans of African Descent), an American of Cuban Descent (Ted Cruz), an American of Japanese descent and an American of half-Korean descent. We had to review them ALL because we feared we were applying- unconsciously- an Affirmative Action mentality. After careful review, we decided we weren’t; these WERE the best qualified and most solidly conservative candidates in the races (All but the Japanese American DID win, BTW: our opinion matters a fair amount around here.)
    And ALL have been GREAT in office, with the exception of an American of African descent we backed in the first cycle, who turned out to be what I’d call moderately conservative- still far better than the full liberal she beat. But WHY are they such solid candidates?
    I believe it because they have had to fight the culture, their friends, and even their family to gain and retain those conservative values and they hold them tightly. I know how much more tested- and strengthened- my conservative values were through the 60s, when conservatism was considered a pestilence.
    So it SERVES THE CONSERVATIVE INTEREST to elevate such to office and spokespersons. Not just because they will serve as bridge to the minority communities they come from, but also as some of our fellows with the STRONGEST convictions to the cause.

    • Ed Wallis says:

      You’re as deluded as a DEMOCRAT.

      We HAD an articulate black guy, remember?!
      His name is ALLEN WEST.

      So, if you want to talk about “accepting reality”, start with THAT, bimbo.

  21. Well, yes I did use my comment as the basis for an article over at Freedomworks. And while I appreciate your response AWD, it completely misses my point. The idea that the GOP should write blacks off is insulting to blacks in the GOP and in case you haven’t noticed, it’s a losing strategy.

    So is using photoshopped photos of Michelle Obamas butt. So is permitting your commenters to spout racist drivel and call names. One of your commenters called me a bimbo. For disagreeing. Welcome to the GOP – a party of people that would rather name call and showcase their bigotry than work on winning.

    I would continue on with my reasoned thoughtful discussion, but it appears there isn’t anyone here capable of engaging me without resorting to the LEFTIST tactics of name calling, strawman diversion and put downs. I’m working towards 2014 and too busy for this crap.

    • “GOP writing off blacks”?!? Get back on your meds, sweetie.
      YOU are the delusional-but-gently-suffering racist one.

      So, now satirizing the first family is “insulting to blacks”?!?
      Well, BOO F*ING HOO, crybaby. (Unless YOU are “Mike O”, I didn’t call you a “bimbo” but, if the racially-sensitive shoe fits…)

      YOU are pushing the CENSORSHIP of the Left, not I. GROW UP.

    • Stacy, AWD allows freedom to comment from every side. I don’t censor comments. I also do not agree with every comment as I’m sure our readers don’t always agree with me.

      We have met and I do not consider you anything but an intelligent conservative. One thing I have found is no two conservatives will believe the same on anything. But we can be respectful. I prefer to discuss ideas and opinions and not call names. That’s for liberals.

      I welcome you here. Your opinions are welcome. Just like those of liberals. I understand your point but disagree with you the GOP is writing off blacks. Many Blacks have been taught from youth to hate Republicans

      As for using the photo of Mooch’s juicy boo-tay, I will ridicule my political enemies at every turn! Alinsky said ridicule was one of the greatest weapons to use against your foe.

      Let me ask you, would you question if the wife of Newt Gingrich was ridiculed on this page? Well, she has been on countless times. Or is it because of the pigment of Mooch that you’re so concerned? Methinks I smell a pattern here.


    • SELF-ANSWERING QUESTION TO STACY: Just *what* “respect” do you think you and Kira show by suggesting whites in-toto be shuttled off the public stage of the GOP?

      But now *you’re* “offended.” Uh huh.

      • FuriousFatMan says:

        aint that how it works? no logical argument to fall back on and all of a sudden! IM OFFENDED!!!


        sounds bout typical for 90% of our nation.


  22. FuriousFatMan says:

    My poster just says “I’m an American”

    being proud of your race, heritage, or anyone else’s accomplishments is foolish and a true sign of ignorance.

    anyone that puts any of these hyphenated terms before “American” is a moron and a fool. period.

    Grow up America.


  23. Most blacks are racist. Not all…but most of them. They will secretly hate you because you are white. They will hate a person because they are oriental. They even hate lighter skin blacks in comparison to darker skinned ones. The idea that a party should run a black to counter the black in the other party is ridiculous. You do not need a black for your party to win the presidency. Conservatism works and should not be abandoned. The democrats are at fault for a lot of this hieghtened race conciousness. They have divided people for years by race and bank accounts. Stop kowtowing to blacks. They do not deserve it. Treat everyone equally and go on. Obama has proven blacks cannot run a country. Name a black country anywhere that has become successful. There are none. I see that one day there will be race wars so we may as well prepare for them.

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  25. What is totally ironic is the fact that blacks now embrace the very party where racism reigned supreme back in the 50’s! They apparently forgot all about George Wallace and all the race riots in the deep south…which were solidly democrat at the time. They forgot about the race riots in Chicago which was run by democrats back then too. Funny how just tossing them a few free handouts compliments of the taxpayers got them all snug with the democratic party now. How soon they forget that the party that fought integration the hardest was their beloved democrats. It wasnt until LBJ caved into their “demands” that the welfare started flowing and things like affirmative action came about.