The racist Republican Governor of SC has chosen to name black Congressman Tim Scott as the replacement for the retiring Jim DeMint. Just how racist can she be!? The NAACP is not pleased at all because Tim Scott is not really a black man…just an imposter hiding his right-wing extremism under all that melanin! Scott’s selection shows the true racism of Republicans and those teabagging racist rednecks who voted for Scott over the son of Strom Thurmond in the Republican primary.

AWD drug up some very disturbing video of a physical attack on Tim Scott at the hands of racist, right-wing teabaggers.

Racist, white (is there any other?) teabaggers physically attacked black South Carolina Republican Tim Scott at his victory celebration today. Scott defeated attorney and Charleston County councilman Paul Thurmond, son of KKK founder and Grand Dragon for more than 140 years, Strom Thurmond. The Tea Party movement was started by a group of racists angry a black man was elected President. They were determined to make Tim Scott pay for what they saw as the audacity for a black man to win over a white man in South Carolina! As noted neurologist/actress Janeane Garofalo said, there’s something wrong with the limbic regions in the brains of teabaggers…or something.

This is very disturbing video and AWD hesitated before linking to it. For several minutes this lynch mob of racists chants “We want Tim!” while he cowers somewhere off-screen in fear. When he finally realizes there is no escape, he tries to make a break through the crowd to escape. Bad idea! At 2:14, he comes into view with a terrified look on his face no doubt realizing the grave danger he faces from the assembled racist mob of teabaggers.

He turns to the right and tries to escape where he is immediately assaulted by a large, KKK type redneck who puts Mr. Scott in a kung-fu grip and immediately hammers his right hand into Mr. Scott’s back. No doubt some KKK racist torture technique designed to cause great pain to black people.

Then the woman to the Mr. KKK’s right screams what is presumed to be some racist insult Mr. Scott’s way while the wild-eyed crowd applauds in approval! Oh, where’s the humanity? Mr. Scott finally is able to break away from the kung-fu grip and tries to escape in another direction while holding his hands up in surrender.

Next the racist white savages send a child (who may have been wearing a disfunctional suicide bomb belt) to explode herself beside Mr. Scott! Maybe the little girl’s house was foreclosed…no, that excuse only works for Muslims.

The video ends with an elderly white racist woman, no doubt reliving her Jim Crow lynching past, using the same kung-fu grip/death hammer to the back on Mr. Scott. He clearly was near the end of what any human could tolerate! Unfortunately, the video ends without showing what the teabaggers did next. I’m afraid we don’t want to know!

Here is the video (VIOLENT MATERIAL WARNING!):

Tim Scott had to suffer the ultimate penalty from teabaggers because white racists in the tea party hate that a black man is President. It’s nothing more than racism, straight up! Thank you, Dr. Garofalo!

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  1. Wow, they really gave him a what-for!

  2. Too busy laughing to expresses what I want at the moment. – Too funny, what a slam to the leftist-loons everywhere, especially the msm talking-heads that protect their messiah at all costs!

    ….gotta love the teaparty!

    Btw…I really like Scott a lot, still I was hoping Trey Gowdy would be named. 0h well, you can’t have everything.

  3. james bonham says:

    Everyone knows the truth about current affairs, its all about agenda,
    There is and always will be prejudging, but the use of racial propaganda is calculated and designed to divide and thereby weaken the American people, we need to not focus on the rhetoric but the intended result of this assault.
    We need to publicize the unity of the American people, the strength of the races that make up this country, this article and video is just a drop in the bucket,the left is 24-7 machine with their lies and division,lets not loose the propaganda war and with it our freedom.

  4. Bigtimer, did you hear the nonsense about Robert Griffin III that some idiot announcer was spewing a few days ago? Some of these TV types are feral

  5. That Strom Thurmond was an evil blood thirsty klucker alright, he was so evil he abandoned the people of S.C. where he was a judge and joined the 82 Airborne just so he could satisfy his blood thirsty desires of killing innocent German soldiers, Tim Scott better watch his back cause S.C. is full of evil T. Party, KKK, Strom Thurmond types, and if they chase him across the state line us racist in Georgia will get him.

  6. All I’m asking is for Taco Bell to make my order correctly and not sneer at me, jeesh


    Tim Scott a blabbering stupid demacratic blabbering nincompoop with his pea-sized brain itsa wonder his head dont fall off from the misuse of his tiny little brain

  8. we feel so much better now,,,

  9. WTF? Who is the skank talking to Obermann and why is what she has to say important? Seriously.. has she ever had a successful movie?

    What a bigoted hack.. typical liberal with the soft bigotry of low expectations… they pretend to like blacks as long as the know their place on the plantation of dependency and can be exploited at election time.. but she and the tards like her have the unmitigated gall to accuse the TEA Party of being bigots… on what grounds Dr Garafolo? Where is your proof of racism?

    Funny how Allen West and Tim Scott ( among other real American black folks ) are treated like rock stars at these events ( I have been to a couple of them ) but the left hates that and they for sure despise the runaway slaves that we admire. You want to see the true face of liberalism… watch how they treat conservitive black folks and listen to the racist names that they are called.. but the MSM ignores this.

    I’m so sick of the whole divide and conquer politics from the marxist on the left.. If that monolithic block of democrat voting blacks ever wake up and realize they have been bamboozled by the left and that dependency does not lead to SELF determination, the Dems will be in trouble…but alas they have been indoctrinated with revisionist history to make them resentful and angry, and the constant drum beat of victimhood to emotional manipulate them so that they live below thier potential as a people.. they are still slaves and too confused to know it.

    Talk about Stockholm syndrome.. people like “blackmama” and others that frequent this site are too bamboozled to see it… The dems do not want them to be independent thinking self impowered people and its so freaking frusterating to me… Im so done with this shit.. its hopeless.

  10. WhiteFalcon1 says:

    Damn teabaggers!

  11. Here’s the NYT’s Rag-sheet!



    • LOL of course he is a token.. no way a black person is capable of independent thought.. doesnt he know his place? >sarcasm<

      The left hates runaway slaves from the plantation party..

      • Exactly! We’ve seen that time and again for decades now. Alan Keyes comes to mind.

        Check this out…this is where he speaks the truth, minced no words.

        “O’s a Radical Communist, he will destroy this country”


        We’ve always loved Keyes in this home…what the msm did to him was disgusting over the years…nothing new there.

  12. I noticed those teabaging Racist had a expensive silk tie noosed around his neck… Was that so’s they could lynch him?

  13. Mark my words: The entire MSM is now working overtime to slime Tim Scott. They will do to him what they did to Clarence Thomas and Herman Cain. It will be dirty and sexual. These marxists will stoop to the very lowest level. They cannot permit a black man to be a Republican, and so they will destroy him. Just watch the Times and the Post. Here it comes.

    • You are so right. They see a threat to their plantation mentality and they are out for blood. These same people if they had absolute power would put conservatives into American Gulags. They are a SICK, degenerate group of humans, Taliban Lite.

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  15. Cain has a message for the Slime Machine called the NYT.


  16. Let’s see..one term Congressman..you don’t think maybe the GOP didn’t pick him just because he’s black? a la Michael Steele,,,Colin Powell..Condi Rice? How did they work out? and Cain was an idiot

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