Bob Costas has ruint his mind sniffing the jock straps thugs in locker rooms over the years. His anti-gun rant illustrates just another sad example of libtarded stupidity that abounds in the elites who travel around in private jets while telling the rest of us how we should live. Costas angered millions of thinking Americans last weekend by saying that Jovan Belcher and his baby mama would be alive if guns weren’t so easily attainable. Here’s an idea, Bob. Why not make murder illegal? That would surely stop all murders, right? How about making the use of drugs against the law? How about making holding dog-fighting events illegal? Idjit!

Liberals blame the tool for violence instead of the hand that holds it. Professional athletes comprise a long list of thugs that beat and kill their girlfriends/wives/whoever who run afoul of them. But it couldn’t be that Jovan Belcher was a drunk, violent thug….that would be racist! It had to be that evil gun that killed Kasandra Perkins. I guess it never occurred to Costas that if Perkins had a gun, she might be alive today.

Costas has rightfully received a boatload of criticism over his stupid commentary. He’s tried to walk back the statements today but only furthered his stupidity and ignorance of guns and gun laws. He said in an interview with Dan Patrick of ESPN (which sucks):

“Here’s where I stand: I do not want to see the Second Amendment repealed. … People should be allowed to own guns for their own protection. Obviously, those who are hunters. … Access to guns is too easy in some cases. I don’t see any reason a citizen should be able to arm himself in some states in ways only police or military should — to have a virtual militia [by] mail order or gun shows. Why do you need a semi-automatic weapon? What possible use is there? … Whitlock wrote about a gun culture. That’s what I was focusing on.”

Ooohh…not the evil semi-automatic weapons! I also don’t see the need to travel in private jets when commercial airlines are so readily available! Costas should focus on what he does best..kissing the ass of spoiled, violent thugs in professional sports rather than opine on anything of substance. There is no “mail order” gun industry in America. All firearms transactions must be done in accordance to US gun laws and handled by one who possesses a Federal Firearms License. The same applies to those who sell at gun shows. Would Belcher, whose guns were all legally purchased, not have killed his baby mama with a revolver? Would a drunk, enraged monster not have killed his baby mama with his hands? Or a knife? Or anything else? Ask OJ!

Should Costas call for a ban on automobiles because some people elect to drive drunk and mow down innocents? This is the stupidity of liberals and their ignorant mindset. But nobody has ever accused liberals of being smart!

Costas says he sees no reason why a citizen should arm himself the way the police or military should. Why not? AWD owns several semi-automatic weapons and none of them has never jumped up and arbitrarily killed someone. Why? Because AWD has chosen not to take said semi-auto weapons into his hands to kill someone. Nor his revolvers. Nor his knives. Nor his autos. Nor his baseball bats. Nor his pillows.

Here’s a gun lesson to all the libtards out there. A revolver is a semi-auto weapon, in essence. Pull the trigger one time and one bullet fires, just like in a semi-auto weapon. But a revolver would have killed Belcher’s baby mama just as efficiently. Gun culture, Bob? It’s a violence culture that is prevalent in professional sports! Maybe the answer to curtail violence in sports is to ban professional athletes from making a living playing games.

AWD could be armed with a nuclear weapon and nobody would be in danger. Because AWD is a law-abiding, peaceful citizen. But I have semi-auto weapons because I can. And the federal government is reason enough to have the citizenry armed to protect themselves against an encroaching federal government…just like the Founding Fathers wanted.

Bob Costas is an idiot. He talks about games for a living. Games often played by spoiled, violent, ignorant thugs who most of us wouldn’t want near our children. He should leave serious thinking to serious thinkers who can see through the fog of political correctness and the culture of victimhood that says on national television that Belcher and his baby mama would be alive if semi-auto guns weren’t available. Costas’ statements reveal the naivete and stupidity of an elite class of libtards who live under the protection of armed guards while calling for the bannning of the same for the populace.

Costas’ ignorance of guns and present gun laws illustrates that he should return to jock-strap sniffing instead of revealing his profound ignorance of the Second Amendment and it’s protections of the right for individuals to own firearms.

If Costas wants to see his stupidity on display, he should spend a few weekends in the violent hell-holes of Washington, DC and Chicago where it is illegal to own handguns. It would be interesting to see how long his little skinny ass would last on the mean streeets where he is not allowed to protect himself or his family. Idjit!

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  1. Mithrandir
    December 4, 2012 at 9:40 pm

    UPDATE! Costas: “Mistake” To Give Anti-Gun Commentary During Football Game

    NBC’s Bob Costas tells sports radio host Dan Patrick his anti-gun remarks on Sunday night were a mistake because 90 seconds wasn’t enough time for him to “flesh out” what he meant to say so he was completely understood.

    Oh no, this poor tv rookie blurted out what he didn’t mean, give me a break!
    Yeah Bob, you got 90 seconds on PRIME TIME T.V. with a huge audience, and you pumped your liberalism in there the best you could. Now that no one is listening, on the Dan Patrick show, you can do your apology and retraction. Just like I predicted just yesterday:

    Gee, the media SHOT BEFORE THEY AIMED on this one. But yet, don’t they always rush out there to muddy the waters, throw out their agenda while the public is listening, and then put the facts and the retractions on page 11 two weeks later to avoid the art of lying?–Mithrandir

    que buena canción ¡¡¡¡¡

  2. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    Why work yourself up over a “guy” like Costas? He’s what we used to call a pussy. About 15 seconds after he wakes up he realizes he’s a pussy. When he shaves and looks in the mirror he will see a pussy and recognize it as such. As a pussy he wants everyone and especially every white man to be a pussy just like him. He thinks because he’s got a nice rug and a nice suit that it “might” make him less of a pussy. It’s just not the difficult of a concept.

    • Excellent analogy!

    • Okinawa Marine says:

      I really like the way you put this.
      Awesome, I totally agree.

    • Words I wouldn’t use but well stated!

    • Steve Sybert says:

      Couldn’t’a’said it better myself.

    • Exactly. On O’Reilly Costas just said that 60 of 80 NFL players answered Tony Dungy (presumably when he was their coach) that they in fact had a weapon/handgun! SO CLEARLY it’s the “gun culture” and not the NFL/NBA/THUGCULTURE that is to blame! CLEARLY my target shooting at the range is the threat and not the THUGOCRACY that is professional sports!


      And could the majority of you dumbasses out there on television LEARN THE DIFFERENCE between “military style” and “automatic weapons” which are EXTREMELY HARD TO GET PERIOD! and “semi-automatic” handguns and rifles? PLEASE!

    • Pussy he is, but that pussy influences many fresh minds who eventually will become pussies themselves given all their intake comes from one pussy source.

      The hypocritical irony of this entire Costas blunder is he works in an industry where people violently crush each others bones not by chance but by design to no end objective other than leather moving from one line to another. No buildings build, no teeth fixed, no products made, no food cultivated, no transport fabricated, not one thing does the NFL directly produce for a society or a person needs to survive or improve their life or their situation.

      What are the stats on NFL injuries again Costas?

  3. Well the MSM is getting in the first in the volley to push gun prohibition. And if you want to know why Costas and his ilk do so then note Jamie Foxx in this trailer for Tarrantino’s new film:
    Django Unchained

    • Quartier LeBlanc says:

      Uh Steve, Jamie Foxx belongs to a special and protected class of people. How dare you try to insult him.

    • The title was misspelled. It was orignally, “Django Unbrained”.

      Meantime Costa is making a movie, “Costa Unpotty Trained”.

  4. Schnitt Show Caller Claims Family Brutalized By Jovan Belcher

    Read more:

    Catman’s Litterbox · Top Commenter
    I’ve never understood the mindset of people, often those having difficulty paying the rent or putting food on the table, who throw billions of dollars at a “professional sports” racket buying “licensed merchandise” essentially offering free advertising for a total scam. These same dumb ass people spend hundreds of dollars to attend a game and fight each other like gladiators in the stands while steroid and drug fueled multimillionaires chase a dead pig around on a muddy field.

    Now some idiot who couldn’t sell shoes in a broken glass factory is telling us that a “gun” killed a 25 year old spoiled brat and his girlfriend. Never mind the drugs and the greatest drug of all….money.

    Jesus, what has happened to America? Oh yeah, it has become “tolerant” and “enlightened” at the hands of a bunch of whining Liberals. Ever since Johnson and his “Great Society” this nation has seen an explosion of violence and decay unseen since Rome.

    I’ve had enough.

    Bring on The Revolution.

  5. So, another black NFL thug kills his girlfriend/wife or what ever. meh… Where has my humanity gone?

    • Quartier LeBlanc says:

      Yep, and Jason Whitlock can somehow blame the NRA and call it the new KKK. Yeah Whitey’s fault once again. The NRA and some AWD practically put that pistol in his hands.

      • Jason Whitless is talking to the low information crowd, the room temperature IQ folks. I don’t even know where to go from there.

  6. NFL Declares War on 2nd Amendment for Obama

    • I have my spoons ready to mail tomorrow to Costas and to the NFL per Alex Jones’ suggestion in the above video. from Edtudo

      I suggest everybody consider doing the same.

      Thanks Edtudo

  7. Rides A Pale Horse says:

    When frying pans are outlawed………………

  8. There need to be standards set for grade school, high school, college, and particularly for professional athletes. No drugs, none, weekly testing, no convictions of any form of violence, verbal or physical or your out permanently, get a real job. They are all turning into drug dependent animals. Sports today is little more then glorified human fighting similar to cock fights and dog fights. Its all about money and power and very little about pride in winning… cleanly. Some of these players and even sports writers have the manners and morals of a Bitch Dog in Heat. And as for good players, high standards etc. Birds of a feather. They don’t exist.

  9. How come nobody is screaming about banning crossbows and knives?Isn’t that what that guy in Wyoming used to kill that woman and his father?


    This blabbering nincompoop wastes his freedom of speech to attack our 2nd amendment rights TO KEEP & BEAR ARMS typical of all liberal leftists propegandists He needs new job as night watchman at the cematary with the zombies running loose

  11. I didn’t even know that Costas was still in the broadcast booth until this week. I gave up on the NFL a long time ago (over 20 years) because of their embrace of “urban” culture. Every touchdown, sack, or win celebration looked like a National Geographic clip.
    Back on subject. Another company to boycott is AutoZone. I know this received limited press locally, and only on Fox nationally.

    • The guy has been offered free firearms training and a job at Front Sight Firearms Training Facility, all he has to do is call them. They are training and hiring instructors.

  12. This piece should be headlining the editorial pages across the country. Way to go, AWD!

  13. A bad combination a thug ,too much money, a black,drugs/alcohol and no morals. We shall reap what we sow.

  14. Silberfuchs says:

    We should blame the football for great football players…

  15. Boycott the NFL and the NBA

    I’m sick of urban culture and overpayed prima donnas anyway.
    To be frank, I despise black culture and I probably hate Rap and hip hop more than anyone you know. 5 seconds max of listening and I got into a homicidal berserker rage! Put me up front!

  16. Time to Bench Sportscasters Who Put The 2nd Amendment on The IR

    “The NRA is the new KKK”

  17. RidinShotgun says:

    This pantywaist looks like he’s afraid of his own shadow, which he probably is. All of this is part of the “Emperor has no clothes” syndrome – Instead of telling it like it is, we have to distract from the obvious in order to – God forbid – comment on the obvious that might play into a negative stereotype of a protected “class”. This incident isn’t isolated either, one of the reasons I no longer follow professional sports is because “people” like Belcher have become the norm. I can remember a time when Alex Karras I think it was and a few others were suspended from the league because they violated a gambling statute.
    People like him look like choir boys now by comparison. I heard a local DJ here refer to the Knicks a few years ago as, “Carjackers in uniforms” and that “If it weren’t for professional basketball, 90% of these guys would be on death row by now.” Truer words were never spoken.

    Read on;


    He is just another liberal leftists oppertunists who uses such incedents to push their leftists agenda


    Theres birds called LOONS,TURKEYS,CUCKOOS,CHICKENS,GOONYS, but their still more intellegent then this blabbering little weasel

  20. I ask all of you, in the name of mercy, to outlaw —ROPE.

    Far too many people have been hanged or strangled with ROPE.
    I have heard some people have smoked ROPE and had wild dreams afterward.

    Many celebrities have been named for ROPE substances such as Hempfree Bogart and Sisal-ee Tyson. We must stop this.

  21. Oh Bob STFU. I wanna watch the game.

  22. “Hey Joe, where you going with that gun in your hand”

    I think we’ve seen this movieefore. Now all blacks have a halo and “the white man” caused him to do it with his evil white man guns.

    • Ed, kinda like the “19th century” laws banning the sale, {gun running}, of guns to the Injuns,…..don’t sell thundersticks to “chirrun”, heehee!

  23. Awd, that was an excellent article you wrote about Costas being a “jock strap sniffer” of the ghetto thugs who are a majority in pro sports and I LMAO that you termed him that way!

    I had never heard of that “greaser pos” before but now I’d put him in the same class as that other pos “greaser”, Rivera.

    I long ago lost any interest in pro sports because of the ghetto thugs who infest them. Like one poster above said, “were it not for sports, most of those thugs would be in prison”.

    The leopard can’t lose its’ spots and ALL the money in the world will not change those thugs,…I will NOT spend my money in any way to support those dregs of society, mental midgets!

  24. This is a little off topic, but if you want to lighten your mood a little, check out this link about Dihydrongen Monoxide (DHMO). A while back I heard about some college students who circulated a petition and had OVERWHELMING support to ban it on campus. There’s a killer out there and no one wants to do anything about it.

    It’s also known as H2O.

  25. And in news about African-American Illinois State Senator Donne Trotter:


    “On December 5th, 2012, Trotter was charged with “attempt to board an aircraft with a weapon”, a Class 4 felony, after TSA agents found a .25 caliber handgun and loaded magazine that was concealed in a garment bag. The incident occurred at O’Hare airport as he was attempting to board a flight to Washington DC. Trotter is currently being held in police custody and will appear in bond court on December 26th.”

    And like your gun owning gun controller Jesse Jackson Sr.:

    “Senator Trotter is an vocal advocate of gun control laws, having cosponsored 31 bills on the issue.”

    “As an advocate of gun control, in his first term as a State Representative, Donne E. Trotter ushered in Illinois’ first comprehensive law banning assault weapons.”

    Trotter is interested in the recently resigned IL Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.’s US House seat; one potential progressive felon to replace another! Hee Hee!

  26. So some loser darky kills another darky and himself, I think more of them should do it.

    Costas got his Moms panties in a bunch, does’nt seem to bother him that darkys slaughter themselves in Da Hooda all the time. I say give them all the ammo and guns they need.

    Screw pro sports. Society puts these idiots on pedestals, they have no clue of the real world. Millions to carry a ball? How about carrying a weapon and standing a post? I hate them all.

  27. Im a musician so I don’t watch sports much but now Im scared that they might ban microphones or you may have to get a permit for those dangerous devices. I think we should ban gated communities and armed guards also. Why don’t these assclowns just come out and say “Do as we the elite say and not as we do” and the world will be a better place for “We the elite” yeah. Screw the common peeons! Lets ban clocks because they kill more than all things combined. If it weren’t for time people wouldn’t die.

  28. He is an idiot, and so too is anyone else who believes the Second Amendment pertains whatsoever to the hunting of animals. It does, in fact, provide for the defense of people, against other people. It concerns our right not to allow our subjugation by another person, or group of people, and so it follows that the specific, and the preferred manner of doing so is the use of firearms; for there ability to kill, is unparalleled by most other common defensive, or offensive weapons. It is furthermore, okay to insist on your ability to survive. And if this happens to mean that another must die to ensure your survival if provoked in a life threatening manner, then so be it.


    Ones brains on STUPID

  30. The hypocritical irony of this entire Costas blunder is he works in an industry where people violently crush each others bones not by chance but by design to no end objective other than leather moving from one line to another. No buildings build, no teeth fixed, no products made, no food cultivated, no transport fabricated, not one thing does the NFL directly produce for a society or a person needs to survive or improve their life or their situation.

    What are the stats on NFL injuries again Costas?