Pravda published an article stating that Obama was elected by an “illiterate society” that has made its way around the internet today. To some extent, Pravda is right. Many who voted for Obama are weak on knowledge and voted again for Obama largely because he is black or is hip to young people. It’s rumored James Carville stated that 80% of Democrats are politically clueless. I believe that number is generous. If he did indeed make that statement, it would be the first true thing he’s said in his career. That James Carville has a career in politics proves my point about stupid liberals.

Obama voters are largely driven by image and emotion where conservative voters generally understand the issues and make their selection based on logic, reason and history. Liberals paint conservatives who vote against Obama as being racist. Nothing could be further from the truth. Conservatives, while opposing the socialist Obama, supported black candidates for office such as Herman Cain, Allen West, Mia Love, Tim Scott and others. Democrats cannot explain that. Not that it matters much. Fortunately, for Dims, their constituency is largely made up of stupid people.

It has come to light that the Democrat machine pulled out all the stops in getting their constituency to the polls. Homeless, the mentally retarded, Somalis who don’t speak English, and scores of the dead voted for Obama. Ever wondered why do Democrats oppose Voter ID laws? Easy. Because Voter ID laws cost them a huge amount of votes. Without stupid people, the Dims would be a bad memory instead of controlling the White House and the Senate.

But the question begs to be asked whether homeless bums who don’t know what day of the week it is should have the right to vote when they know nothing of which they are voting? Voting is a sacred right in America and should be taken very seriously. Should a person who can’t name basic questions about the current political situation have their vote count as much as the person who has studied and made an informed decision, left or right, about the election? It’s time we stop giving the uninformed or mentally ill bum a right to influence an election in which they have no skin in the game.

We don’t allow felons the right to vote, although Democrats are (naturally) trying to change that. So why should we let stupid people who cannot answer even the most basic questions about the issues and candidates being decided in that particular election vote? Why let the welfare moochers vote themselves money from overburdened producers when they have never worked a day in their lives?

This is not about race or ethnicity. This is about having basic knowledge to make a reasoned decision. Watch these Obama voters:

Here’s Howard Stern’s people interviewing brain surgeons voting for Obama in Harlem:

See a pattern here? And the votes of these people sadly count every much as yours.

And the classic video that illustrates the reason for making American citizens pass a basic knowledge test before voting on candidates who will influence the direction of this country (Watch this one!)

America is filled with stupid people. That’s fine. The world needs ditch diggers too. We don’t need welfare moochers. But the country deserves better than have mental midgets deciding on who will lead America based on skin color or who they believe is cool.

The sacred act of voting is trashed with every ballot cast by people who can’t name the VP candidates. I’m sure I will be called lots of the typical names (which mean nothing to me) by liberal readers, but I am proud to say that my educated vote should count while the vote of a drugged-out bum or some illegal alien from Somalia should not. Not until the legal citizen can exhibit a basic knowledge that they understand what they are voting for. If someone can show basic knowledge and still votes for Democrats, that’s fine. But mouth-breathing morons who know zero about the issues or candidates should be banned from affecting our elections.

PC bullsh*t aside, it’s time the people who pay for this country to demand the fairness and sanctity of our elections. Enough with voter fraud! And enough votes from people too stupid to breathe without instructions!

One more moron for the road:

I hope she chokes on dat Obama Phone!

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  1. Paddy O'furniture says:

    The only thing sadder (is that really a word?) than this is the fact that Romney got less votes than McCain got in 2008. SERIOUSLY!?

  2. Kansas Gun Girl says:

    I agree with you AWD! On the other side of the coin, our educational system is a big part of the problem. I read today that Texas curriculum is teaching that the original Tea Party was a group of terrorists. (The dump the tea in the port, Tea Party). Combine that with our universities churning out high priced, educated idiots and we have a recipe for disaster.

  3. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    Democracy is an overrated system. It only really works in a highly educated, reasonably homogenous society. What we have is a joke and a dicatator.

    • We have no Democracy, never have, its a Representative Republic. Pure Democracy always leads to a totalitarian state, Dictators.

      • You’re absolutely correct.
        Sadly, ask anyone who completed their training in a Governmental Brainwashing Institution (Public schools/colleges)in the last thirty years… Thinks our form of government is a ‘Democracy’
        I had to straighten my own two sons out about that one.
        And they don’t even realize that back in the day, had you even suggested the word ‘Democracy’ to a founding father, basically would have been an invitation for a musket-ball to the chest.

  4. I’m so sick of libtards I could spit fire………it’s you god damn libtards that are fu@king up the country, you god damn sons-a-bitches…

    libtards are as dumb as a one legged man trying to win an ass kicking contest….

    • Bluto….Dude…..

      You need to quit holding back, your gonna give yourself a stroke holdin’ it all in like that! Come out and say tell how you really feel!!


      and I agree with you.

  5. Voting Expert says Obama win in question!
    (Massive voting fraud)

    Electronic Slavery: Welcome to Voting USA


  6. invest in kleenex stock and diapers. lots of babies crying in red states.

    • Till 2014, then we will hand you some Depends, your of the blue dependents. Enjoy your time. When we have the Senate your Lord and Master will just wee wee, he’ll need depends .

    • The brilliance with this one.

    • Oh look folks, its Frank White.. another Obamabot!

      Lets see, what kind of people voted for Obama?

      Parasites.. ghetto, illegal immigrant, and white trash voters who want to blame THEIR personal failures on those they are envious of.

      Communist/Marxist/Socialist.. elitist with a “global” agenda, union thugs, hollyweird types, liberal professors, Obama’s past and present associates, etc.. people who generally resent/hate America’s success and would love to see her role in the world greatly diminished

      Homosexuals.. sick perverts who want to legislate acceptance of sticking their penis in their buddies anus as if its something to celebrate

      Pro-Abortionist.. evil monsters who think they have the right to rip apart a helpless baby while it’s still in the womb and suck the pieces out

      Racist in denial.. a liberal who has such low expectations of blacks that they view them as children or so inferior that they cannot survive without THEIR white benevolence or pandering..

      Democrat/Politician.. (AKA Jackasses) looks to exploit said inferiority of minorities at election time by bribing them for thier loyalty with treats (entitlments) like you would with the family dog.

      So which one are you?

      • Well said Vince,I would just add one thing,Obongo and his machine stole this election by cheating on the vote count.Outright,in your face vote fraud.

      • Frank, you’re also a libtarded douche bag who has worn out his welcome. So, by the power vested in my by me, you are banned, asshole! See ya!

  7. After what we have seen this November, how is any American ever supposed to trust the integrity of our elections ever again? There were over 70,000 reports of voting problems on election day, and there are numerous eyewitnesses that claim that they saw voting machines change votes for one candidate to another candidate right in front of their eyes. In several of the swing states there were counties where the number of registered voters exceeded the total voting age population by a very wide margin. How in the world does that happen? Some of the vote totals that were reported in some of the most important swing states were completely and totally absurd, and yet we are just supposed to accept them on blind faith without ever being able to ask any questions. Of course the Romney campaign has already totally given up, so it isn’t as if there is any chance that the results of the presidential election could be overturned anyhow. But if massive election fraud did take place and nobody is held accountable, what kind of message will that send for the future? Will we ever be able to have faith in the integrity of our elections ever again?

    The following are 22 signs that voter fraud is wildly out of control and the election was a sham…


    • Same thing happened to Nixon when he ran against Kennedy. Its the Chicago Way. Until there is good voter ID laws in place it won’t change. Demos cheat, ends justify the means

  8. Every Friday Glenn Beck calls people to ask about politics.The question EVERY one of the dimwit liberals get wrong is ….What is socialism ? They think it means hanging out,being socialable,being friendly. To be honest,they cant answer any of the questions.

  9. Obama adm is thinking up new rules and regulations by the thousands. How about a new rule or two on voting rights? An ID card stating IQ ? If IQ is under 100, no vote. Don’t own property ,no vote ,or keep the idiots out with 3 easy questions .

  10. Talk about critters that shouldn’t be allowed to vote. – This includes all that are affiliated with this link in any way, shape or form.


  11. Just read on WND FBI is impounding voting machines.


    By far the communists were far worst then the nazis when it came to mass murders and cuasing famine like Stalin did with the UKRAINE before WW II and the attrocities commited by the red monsters in SPAIN and CUBA and yet we have fools ready to embrase communism Just ask HANOI JANE

  13. How do you explain all american Nobel prize winners endorsed Obama in 2008 and again in 2012?

    • Billy the Kidder says:

      Did that include the laughable recipients Barack Obama and Al Gore?

      Hmmmm… you’ve got me convinced there matey!

    • Well, black dude, lets examine the most recent winners before Obama.

      Al Gore
      Jimmy Carter
      Jody Williams
      Elie Wiesel

      ALL democrats given an award from a socialist society… the fact that Obama dislikes this country appeals to those who run in those globalist/marxist/communist/socialist circles…

      EVERYONE knows that the Nobel Prize commission was very outspoken about the war in Iraq. These nuts gave Obama the award before he had done ANYTHING, and they did it as a political statement against the Bush Administration.. ironically they consider another one as Obama authorizes the use of drones daily all over the middle east and as a result has racked up more collateral damage than Bush ever did.

      Simply a society of socialist rewarding one of their own…

    • Black Dude:

      Color me skeptical.

      Do you literally mean all? As in every single one?

      There have been more than 300 Nobel laureates from the U.S. I don’t know how many are still living, but an educated guess from a review of the list and the year of their award would be between 100 and 150.

  14. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    How do you explain American Blacks with an average IQ 15 points below Whites voted almost solely for Obama?

    • fo da gubament phone.. and punish crackas.. take dey shit

    • RidinShotgun says:

      15 points? Read “The Bell Curve” – the IQ of the average black is 78, the IQ of the average white is 121. Enough said. Children like fairy tale figures and that explains a great deal about the people – like the creature in the video above who looks like she walked off the set of the bar scene in Star Wars – why they voted the way they did.

  15. In my country we have a big problem with people voting always the same political option, no matter what, because they are afraid they could lose their welfare if anyone else was in charge. Of course, said political option shamelessly promotes and exploits that idea when it is election time, securing themselves a trove of votes.

    As a solution, I think politicians should have some kind of deontological code, a compromise not to manipulate the uncultured masses with demagogy and promises of welfare. Right now, it seems like anything goes to win votes. The stupid people are not to blame. It is the politicians that take adventage of their lack of wits and gullibility who are doing the evil.

    We had a president who won not one, but two terms with that. His political party lost the third term because they could no longer give away money, the country was already verging bankruptcy and knee deep in recession. I think something like that will happen to America soon and I am sorry for you, guys. I sure hope that Obama dude will get his act together before it is too late.

  16. Yeah, keep ‘Bama in President!

    What the fuuuu….

  17. People suck. Stupid minority people suck more. The more I see, the less I want to be part of it. Obamaphone Lady is just an adult child. A lifetime of entitlement, and no responsibility. It’s got to suck to be like her. On some level, she has to realize how absurd and ignorant she is.

    I thank God I’m not one of those people.

  18. Guys, don’t take this the wrong way but, the republicans gave us a guy that lost to good old “rino” McCain four years ago! Did you really expect to get some big turn out? No one was “hyped up” for Romney, or should I say “Obama lite”? While the left is going leftER, the republicans are trying to compete with them, IN THEIR COURT!!! Anyone remember “Massachusetts universal health care”?


  20. I’m going to vent a little

    We have an OBVIOUS communist subversive in the White House and a stolen election. At least 10 Watergate level events directly and blantantly associated with this criminal White House. A purge of the miltary (the post male military) and a controlled media…
    Republicans and these sccalled “conservatives” don’t have the balls to even speak out, much less foment a counter revolution.
    I am sickened and thourouhly disgusted. I like to send every Republican in Congress a tube of Vagisil.

    • Nice, now I’m disgusted, from the mental picture I got of the Republican Party, standing in a circle, bent over, applicators in hand waiting for Harry Reid to yell ready, set, go!


    Never ever forget that they gave the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE to a terrorists YASIR(THATS MY BABY)ARAFAT and i think the exicuted murderer TOOKIE WILLIAMS was also nominated SCREWBALLS

  22. I’m willing to abandon the push for Voter ID laws…

    If we can implement purple thumbs and paper ballots.

    Isn’t this ‘compromise’ that they’re always harping about?

  23. Folks….Our nation is doomed! Take a look for yourself! God has taken on a physical presence and he is currently residing in the White House!



  24. When I read that Pravda article the other day, I went right over to AWD, because I was sure that would stoke a post from you. Well it took about 3 days, but I was right!

    Of course you are correct, but good luck on that. If we can’t stop obvious cheating, there is a snowballs chance in hell that intelligence will be mandated to vote!

    We know for a fact that some counties received 120% of votes for obummer. If nothing is done about that, nothing will be done about anything.

    F’n sad!

    Keep up the great writing though!

    • Timbo, where you been?

      • Lurking!

        Actually I’ve been overloaded with work, but I still read everything written here.

        That, and I’ve been suffering from “don’t give a f*** anymore” syndrome, because of the
        massive disappointment we all just went through. I’m coming around, slowly.
        Sometimes it take a lot longer to get back up on the horse! Especially when you hit the ground that hard. I mean that was seriously the biggest political disappointment in my life – by far!
        When the majority of your interaction with everyone around you is steeped in politics, it’s bound to do some damage!

        Thanks to the possitivity of you all, the wounds are healing.

  25. Everyone should see the movie Idiocracy a comedy . It could be the future of our country. Obuma is the party of misfits,gays,negroes, illegal mexicans ,mental defects and assorted wackos.We are doomed.

  26. The problem is how to implement the keep stupid people from voting plan… You know the leftards will simply supply the idiots with cheat sheets for the test. I think a better plan would be to bar anyone from voting who has been on unearned (food stamps, sec 8, etc) government benefits in the last five years. Or… add a “multiplier” for every $2000 a voter pays in taxes.

  27. Abe Lincoln should have pursued sending them all back after the war.

  28. The myth of the Hispanic vote challeneged, by, of all, people, the NY times.


  29. This is exactly why blood will run in America and sooner than you think . God bless this country and give us the strength , when the time arrives , to save America from these fools .

  30. I’m all for democracy, but the day anyone ever says that a creature such as the drooling black woman in the video is my equal, I’ll curse them out on the spot. My dog would be insulted to be considered equal to such a cretin. Too much democracy can be a bad thing.

    People who vote should:

    1) have an IQ of at least their shoe size
    2) work and pay taxes.
    3) preferably own property, as archaic as that sounds…

    • Billy the Kidder says:

      I think you’ve hit the key requirement “Work and Pay Taxes” but I would slightly modify that to allow for single income working families where one partner raises children.

      Long term welfare recipients (I’m talking about the lazy, not the disabled) should not be allowed to vote.

      Owning property is tricky since many chose to rent accommodation which is no shame on them.

  31. Speaking of stupid…

    Fox news says Sandra Fluke is in contention for time magazine person of the year!


    This is the same person that drew something like 16 people to a presentation she was doing last month. and 12 of those people only stopped because they thought it was some sort of free sample promotion thing!!!


    I’m not sure which is more irrelevant, fluke or time magazine!

  32. KennakaKeeper says:

    Vote??????? Stupid people shouldn’t be allowed to breed…..

  33. I actually did the same kinds of things on my liberal family members as this film maker did.It was amazing that after I informed them that they were obamas policies how they would tie their tongues in knots trying to defend that POS.Most of them accused me of lying.Even after I showed them the facts they still didn’t want to believe it.They said that the internet was full of lies.They even accused cnn and msnbc web pages of making up things about obama.I was stunned how they wanted to stay ignorant of whats going on.Needless to say,I don’t talk and will never talk to these traitors in my family ever again even though I was close to alot of them.My new principles of not associating with liberals took effect election night,family & friends be damned.

    I say there should be an IQ test when people register to vote.Any score under 90 IQ and no voting rights.That would disqualify 99% of democrat voters and 100% of the elected rinos in congress.

  34. Blacks Worry About Losing Jackson, Jr’s Seat


    • They have nothing to worry about…..a black “convicted felon” is going to run for Jesse Jackass’s seat and will probably be overwhelmingly elected by the black community………..

  35. On November 6, Californians voted to destroy their state. Other than a brilliant piece by Charlotte Allen entitled “Decline and Fall” in The Weekly Standard, there has been almost no national media attention on this extraordinary event.

    Over the last several years California has witnessed a mass exodus of industry and intellect. Some 200 successful businesses and thousands of entrepreneurs have fled this mecca of over-regulation, bounty-hunting attorneys, and over-taxation. California is reaping a bitter harvest, experiencing unemployment topping 10 percent. Rather than logically learn from last year’s lesson, a majority of the state’s legislators seem entirely unimpressed by that unemployment figure and are quite willing to make it grow much, much higher. They rejoice in passing ever more costly regulations and welfare benefits, exacerbating what is now the most inhospitable environment for business in the United States. The foreseeable consequences of California’s rush to regulate and tax everything are a significant worsening in the state’s unemployment rate, lower tax revenues despite tax increases, and great increases in the state’s debt due to mushrooming welfare and social services.

    Responding to Governor Jerry Brown’s call for voters to endorse Proposition 30, a tax measure that picks the pockets of the rich and poor alike, a majority of them did just that. So extensive has state welfare become that a majority of voters asked the state not only to soak the rich but also to pick their own pockets. That is an extraordinary event. It reveals that welfare state programs are so addictive that, like heroin addicts, beneficiaries will hurt themselves on the promise of the next fix.

    Proposition 30 promises to tax Californians into oblivion. Under Proposition 30, the state sales tax covering most goods will rise to about 10 percent (hammering the poor) and for those earning over $250,000 per year taxes will rise between 10.3 and 13.3 percent per year. Congratulations, California, before November 6 your Californians were taxed higher than citizens in every other state in the union, including Massachusetts, and you have managed to tax your beleaguered subjects even more.


  36. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    No AWD. Frank is the like toilet paper to this place. Wipe and flush.

  37. Kansas Gun Girl says:

    Thank you AWD! Love when you do that!

  38. Agreed, and neither should dead paople!