“Brother, you asked for it.” Those are the words of Francisco D’Anconia in Atlas Shrugged to the moochers in America after they had been granted all of their big-government desires and controls and the producers went on strike. Of course, predictably, the nation soon collapsed. Atlas Shrugged is a work of fiction. America 2012 is a nightmare reality we all are living.

AWD has been silent since Tuesday night. Predictably, I was pretty upset at the election results. I hoped there were enough responsible Americans who would turn out to vote for the lesser of the two evils. Mitt Romney is a good, smart, honest man and someone who is very accomplished in business. Exactly the kind of man liberals love to hate. However, Romney is just the latest GOP moderate to lose to a Democrat in a presidential election. Just another moderate who looks first to government. Ford, Dole, McCain and now Romney. Bush ran as conservative but governed like the big-government moderate he is. Romney would have been much better (less worse) than Obama but he didn’t have the dedication and resolve to do what is necessary to put America on the right track. We damn sure know Boehner and McConnell don’t.

Romney was never the first choice of conservatives in the Republican Party. Romney never reached out to the Tea Party movement because he assumed he could expect their vote without working for it. The Republican Primary dragged on for months too long because Romney couldn’t close the deal. He was banking his election on the fickle independent and moderate voters without working to bring conservatives to his side. The RNC convention was devoid of conservatives while they invited RINO bastids like Chris Christie to talk about his fat ass self. It’s the predictable move for the Republican Party. They trash the conservative values of their base while trying to win the hearts and minds of those who don’t vote for them. 2012 is just another reminder.

Back to the election. As angry as I was Tuesday night, I was peaceful Wednesday morning. I have worked hard for four years to try and return America to the principles that made us wealthy and strong. Wednesday morning, I realized the country has changed too much from the days of Reagan to be saved. Much like an alcoholic that must hit bottom to realize he or she must change, the United States must face the terrible consequences of re-electing Obama. We’re already seeing companies laying off workers, stock market sell-offs, and the reduced value of the dollar. It will get worse. Much worse. So be it. Brother, you asked for it.

I fully anticipate Obama to legislate through executive order for the next four years. The most dangerous thing I expect him to do is give amnesty to 30+ million illegals. They will readily become Democrat voters and America will never again see a Republican President, or a Republican governor and legislation in the southwest US.

ObamaCare is going to fully bankrupt us (if the other spending doesn’t do it first) and destroy our medical system at the same time. A twofer. Obama will enact Cap and Trade and tax the hell out of any producers left in the country while controlling how much energy we can use. Total control over you and your money is the desired effect.

I fully expect we will see new laws or executive orders banning “hate speech.” It will be illegal to criticize Islam,Obama or other PC groups. I don’t expect the Republicans to put up much of a fight over this. I told RedStater on election night I will be surprised to see this website up and running in a year.

Obama will come hard after our guns. The Second Amendment is the most dangerous threat to Washington and it’s the biggest target. I don’t think he will overtly try to ban guns but it wouldn’t surprise me to see huge taxes and fees on firearms and ammo. Much like what liberals have done to cigarettes.

The biggest threat to civil order in America is the collapse of the dollar. There will not be riots until the first welfare check doesn’t arrive. If the dollar is replaced as the global currency, its value will collapse to reflect the billions (trillions?) printed by the Federal Reserve. How does $15 gas sound? $10 loaf of bread? While no one in political office wants to admit, there is a sizable number of violent, uneducated, unskilled, lazy welfare dependents who are completely dependent for survival by the money taken from producers they receive monthly in the form of welfare, food stamps, Section 8 housing, etc. If the dollar collapses, you’ll want to be somewhere far away from the mooching millions. And loaded for bear, too.

I wrote to someone the other day that I am no longer Dagny Taggart but now I am John Galt on steroids. Dagny (in Atlas Shrugged) was a producer who believed her efforts could save a corrupt system controlled by the federal government. John Galt believed it must all collapse and be rebuilt from the dust on Constitutionally sound principles. America 2012 is not the America we knew. It will get worse. Who is John Galt? AWD is John Galt!

The good news is there are still a whole hell of a lot of people that think like us! A lot of them voted. Many didn’t. I hope there will be some courageous governors who will arm themselves with the 10th Amendment and stand up against Obama and the federal government. Even if it comes to drawing a line in the sand. What’s Obama going to do? Send in the troops? Well, we have troops too.

The other good news is the flame of liberty still burns bright in tens of millions of patriotic Americans. They will not take that from us. We will not give it to them. I believe most of us are prepared to fight for it. In hard times, heroes emerge and inspire us. I wore my “Breitbart Is Here” t shirt on election night in honor of an old friend no longer with us. He inspired millions. Who will step up and take us to the next level? Could it be you?

We will continue to do what we do at AWD. I’m saddened but not discouraged. Plus, we can always ridicule our enemies in both parties, Hollywood and abroad. Nobody does that better. And we’re just the guys to do it!

Guns up, dudes and dudettes! If I’m going down, it won’t be to a Chicago community activist! Join me!

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  1. Many voted in Tuesday’s election…..and many did not……..

    according to this analysis….7 million white people did not vote……

    they could have put us over the top……….but they stayed home……


    • We have to find a way to reach them. We have to find out why they didn’t get to the polls. Our ground game has to rise to the level of the Dims and make calls, drive them to the polls, make sure they register, etc. I know we feel we shouldn’t have to do this, but we must.

      • Bluto, As someone who voted for “none of the above”/third party, I think that I can partially answer your “why”. I can’t speak for everyone who didn’t vote, but maybe it was because they, like me, didn’t believe in the republican candidate. I didn’t see much of a difference in the two except Romney has nicer hair (Reagan wig?). I have been told for a few election cycles now that a third party vote is either wasted or a vote for the “other” guy. I disagree and believe that a third party vote is a protest vote. To NOT vote is a wasted vote. Talking to a neighbor, he and his wife had a hard time voting for Romney (they did) because he didn’t speak to/for them either. I WON’T stay home on election day, nor will I vote for a candidate I don’t believe in.

        • FuriousFatMan says:

          here here! a man after my heart!


        • thanks for giving us another four years of Obongo………..

          so you didn’t see a dif between Obongo and Romney……again thanks

        • No friggin brains, your standing on your dick, stupid! You voted for “O” and you know it. Thank God we didn’t have idiots like you around when McGovern ran, we would already be Commies.

    • negro fatigue says:

      I’m with Reb. What was the difference between the two? I talked to a lot of people who were voting for Obama and I hated that, but when I siad I really liked Paul they agreed that would have been their choice. I am John Galt. Let the whole thing crash. Romney would have delayed the inevitable.

      I spent yesterday drinking victory gin and watching 1984.

      • Let me try to explain, again, in terms some people might better understand;
        I voted AGAINST obama.
        I didn’t vote FOR romney.
        Had I stayed home and not voted at all, it would have sent a message that I was satisfied with our current government. THAT would have been a by-proxy vote for obama.
        See the difference yet?


    Wait for the leftists news media to claim against that conservatism is dead I would like to see a real conservative backlash in 2014 like what happened in 1994 LET HISTORY REPEAT ITSELF

  3. Minuteman26 says:

    The election of Nov 6, 1860 cast the die for that era. The election of Nov 6, 2012 cast the die for the present. Time for a redo with a different winner. Only way to get rid of these traitors and cull the herd.

  4. Sammy the Conservative says:

    Dear AWD,

    Been reading you for close to 5 years and I am shocked that you wrote this article. There’s no way that millions of likewise conservative folks are going to roll over and allow a small minority of white Americans that none of us would hang out with anyway and minorities are going to wrestle the country away from us and jam the changes that you list down our throats. The House is still Republican controlled and thank God for our system of checks and balances. Obama may attempt the executive order routine but that could be the best thing for us bc as it stand now unless the Republican party goes after family oriented latinos who would love to share our principles than they are done unless Obama starts signing EO’s. If he did that he would scare the shyte out of lots of people that just voted for him Tuesday and he would do irreparable harm to the Democratic party. No one here wants tyranny and many people here have fled it and are not willing to have it ruin this country so that would be a fatal move for the Democrats. And so we go back to grid lock and I agree it will get worse economically but thats OK bc the Dems can’t blame Bush anymore and they have no one to blame come 2016 or even 2014 when we could possibly take the Senate if we aren’t in a full blown economic recovery. Obama care is not here to stay, it’ll be defunded until we can get Conservatives in there to repeal it. The one thing that concerns me though is national security, from al Qaeda reinventing themselves, to the Iranian nuclear crisis to Russia on the rise to a dominant economic giant in China, Dear Leader has his work cut out and very little room for error. For the country’s sake, I hope he surrounds himself with new cabinet members that have brass balls because he will need all the wisdom he can get. We will be in a war by late Spring ’13 no matter what he wants. Iran is provoking us already and when Israel attacks them then we will have to jump in. So don’t worry about our country, maybe it’ll turnout to be a blessing that Mitt lost. There’s no doubt in my mind that Billary Clintoon will run in ’16 and Dear Leader’s bumbling will make the American public so angry at the Dem’s that Rubio or Cruz or Christie ( I hate to say it) or Jindal, someone will trounce her. I’m kinda stoked so just sit back, watch and do what you do…..commentate.

    • negro fatigue says:

      Courting the Hispanic vote is BS. I lived in South America for 10 years. They culturally are commies. They will vote for Santa Claus everytime.

      • Sammy the Conservative says:

        Not working class hispanics, poor hispanics I agree with you but working class is very family oriented and share conservative family values.

  5. Well I guess that’s about as good as can be said at this point. We gotta pick ourselves up and carry on.

    I spent the last two nights in the belly of the beast – Berkeley Ca.

    It was the first time that I could barely stand being here. I have spent a lifetime fitting in wherever I am, but this was more than I could take. I’m still stunned and sickly. I don’t know what to even think or feel now.

    Like all of you, this has shaken my foundations.

    • Timbo, wow, you must be a glutton for punishment!
      If I owned Bezerkley and hell,..I’d live in hell and rent out Bezerkley.

  6. AWD,I hope all the producers in this country go John Galt.

    • I read about the so called Arms Treaty deal earlier today. We all predicted gun control was high on Obama’s list. He isn’t wasting any time, is he?

      I’ve been saying for months, if not the last four years, I wanted to buy a gun and get my CC. I just didn’t know where to start. I now know where to get my CC. There is a local place withing walking distance that I can get it. As far as what gun, I as lucky enough to be in the house of a young man who is a caregiver of one of my patients. He had just bought a new gun and had it sitting on the table when I walked in. He apologized for having it out, but I stopped him and started asking questions about it. He let me hold it, and it felt really nice in my hand. Nice looking too.

      I’m not sure if its this exact same one, but I know it was a “Glock 4” or something, and looks just like this:


      Sorry for the big link.

      I’m not sure if I can afford that model right now, but he bought his used and maybe I can find one used for less too. Then the CC training. Now THAT’S going to be interesting. LOL!

      • Glock ‘Generation 4’ pistols come in many calibers and sizes. The Gen. 4 name just means they are the latest models available. I have a Gen. 3 Model 23 chambered in .40 Smith and Wesson. Thats somewhere between a 9mm and .45 ACP.

        For home defense you’ll want a long gun though, preferably a shotgun, 12 gauge. Mossberg and Remington are two of the best, and can usually be picked up used for under $300.00.

        Just remember, a pistol, or any handgun is a ‘back-up’ weapon. Hope this helps.

        This website may also be of some use.


        • Very helpful indeed! I think I like the Mossberg 500 Special Purpose Persuader:


          Probably because of the name. 😉 Thing is, I know nothing about guns. All I want is something that is easy to use, and quick. Won’t need a CC for that because I would keep it in my home, but something like this would be nice. I like the pump action to it too. Always wanted to do that. Really though, I need to go out shooting with someone who has a variety available to see just which one I connect with the most.

          For a pistol, I know I will want something that is powerful, yet not too heavy, or too big. The one I linked above in my OP may be too much gun for me, but not sure. The one the guy showed me looked just like it, and it felt pretty good in my hand, but it was slightly heavy. Suppose I could get used to it. I don’t want a pea shooter after all.

          • Quartier LeBlanc says:

            QB knows shotguns and loves to run them hard. A good shotgun is a good place to start. Let me give you some real good advice. The Mossberg is a good weapon but throw away the pistol grip. It converts it into what’s called a cruiser, essentially a weapon without a stock. That’s a breaching weapon and not much else. Useless for real self defense. Keep the weapon slick and stocked. Buckshot and slugs pack a wallop. Also make sure you have real sights on the thing, what are called ghost ring or similiar. You can and will miss with a shotgun at normal self defense ranges and the weapon will handle more like a rifle than a scattergun inside of ten yards. If ranges open up a bit or if the bag guys have body armor you’ll want to use slugs, hence the ghost ring sights. Some guys swear by slings, I don’t like them, they’re something for the bad guy to grab or to get hooked on something. DONOT use those slings that are shellholders. A light can be a good addition, but if you use one make sure it strobes, it will blind the bad guy and make it difficult for him to pinpoint you if you’re moving. Also not all buckshot or slugs for that matter is created equal.

          • Ok, before I proceed, I am going to have to google almost every term you wrote. LOL! It will be good for me. I learn better if I look things up on my own.

            But that WAS one thing I was considering, Ammo. I would want the kind that would increase the likelihood that I would not miss my target, and is easiest to load.

          • Quartier LeBlanc says:

            It’s not only the ammo, it’s really the weapon and guy behind the weapon. Depending upon the choke, spread with 00 buck can vary between 7 inches and 12 inches at 10 yards. Most home defense situations are well within this range, therefore if you think you’re going to point and hit you very well could be sadly and fatally wrong. Smaller buck like #4 will open the pattern a bit more but not enough to matter. QB takes this shit seriously and doesn’t consider it a laughing matter. What you do can and will matter. Just ask that guy Zimmerman who iced that Trayvon Martin kid. Really stupid. The difference between you winning and losing can be a fraction of second and fraction of a foot. I’ll paraphrase Micheal T in all his wisdom, ” a pistol is a weapon you use while you’re getting to your shotgun.” The average pistol fight is in the dark, occurs in less than 5 seconds and involves 5 shots or less. That’s what you’ll probably have. Think about it.

          • IS…Go here for a lady’s view on CCP and gun ownership. This lady is a self defense and fire arms instructor.

          • I agree with QB. Get some pro training, and also get some range time. I have the Persuader Mossberg. It has a twenty inch barrel and an 8 round mag. The 12 gauge will recoil, and it will be startling at first, so give yourself some time with it. If you have to use it in your home be aware that after the first round you fire you will be ‘deaf’. A strobe tactical light is good thinking, it will confuse your assailant, and make you hard to locate.

            You know your home better than anyone. Find which locations in it that you would feel the most comfortable, and pre-plan. The following is something that I refer to often, and there is useful information contained therein.


            Another site is called ‘MAINEPREPPER’.


            Be safe. 🙂

            Well, evidently the first link I posted has been removed. Sorry about that.

          • Quartier LeBlanc says:

            Yep, get some training. Running a shotgun is an art. QB likes the 2 3/4 buck 9 pellet plated and buffered buck. You get nothing special using the 3 inch magnum stuff. Exception is Triball, but you’ll have to pattern it. With a 3 inch chamber and the first round ready to roll you won’t lose a thing in the mag. Triball up close will shred a low end vest and remove heads, limbs etc and is a good alternative to slugs.

          • Hmmm…. Triball sounds interesting. 🙂

          • Interesting you guys mention this. Because… earlier tonight I bought a Mossberg 500 12 ga. I did buy the pistol-grip model, though. I bought it new. I also bought buckshot shells, and may at a not-too-much-later date buy 12-ga. slugs. The gun itself, plus the ammo, was a little over $500. Which isn’t too bad, for a new gun.

            I also have a handgun. It’s smaller-caliber than a lot of you guys have – a Bersa Thunder .380. But it isn’t bad, for what I paid for it. So I’ve got a shotgun and a handgun. I don’t have a whole lot of money to throw around, but I suppose I would like to buy a rifle at some point. I know a lot of people on here have recommended having at least one handgun, one rifle, and one shotgun.

            Also very soon I would like to get a CCW. I worry that I won’t have much longer to get it. So I probably better hop to it. And I would also like to get additional training on the use of both my handgun and my shotgun. The dealer that I bought both from has classes on a lot of that stuff. Of course, would love to hear additional input from you guys.

            Of course… I hope I NEVER encounter a need to use either of the guns I have now! But I would most definitely rather have them and never need them, then need them and never have them.

          • “…I would like to buy a rifle at some point.” ABisaBA

            If you don’t have a lot of money, who does these days, you might consider a lever action rifle. In 30-30 caliber, it packs a good punch. The ‘Winchester’ lever action rifle was originally designed as a military weapon. It will also take a deer quite easily, and other larger game. I’ve been looking at the AR platform, and well, it is just too pricey for me. Even a used Bushmaster is upwards of $1,000.

            Mossberg makes a lever action that ejects the cartridge sideways so as to allow optics on top. It’s the direction I’m going anyway.

            The Bersa you have is a well made gun. 9mm short is just not enough punch for me. Six round mag I believe.

          • It is also notable that the 30-30 round is the same diameter as the 7.62X51mm NATO or .308 caliber. It’s bigger than the standard cartridge used in most of today’s popular AR 15 semi-auto rifles. Check out the link I posted for IS. ‘Cheaper than Dirt.’

          • Great stuff Mike! On both counts! I’ll keep it in mind. And yes, I agree that the Bersa I have really is a good little gun. Quite a bang for my buck (no pun intended). It was my only one I had, until earlier tonight as I said. It’ll be a good sidearm.

            Just want to say again, though: I hope I NEVER have to use either one. I hope it doesn’t come to that. But I also refuse to just lay down and die if someone comes to harm me or mine. Or tries to take from me everything I’ve worked for my whole life (which granted, I don’t have as many years as a lot of you folks, and I may not have much compared to a lot of you guys). But what I do have, I will not give up to the criminals and the parasites without a fight! That would be much much worse, in my opinion.

          • AB be careful with that Bersa they are AMMO Sensitive and cleaning intensive. Jamamatics if not careful.

          • Thanks DA! I’ll keep that in mind. Although SO FAR I haven’t had that happen to me (knock on wood)…

          • I dated a guy who was an avid hunter a long time ago. He took me out shooting and I tried 2 different guns. One was a 10 gauge [it was a super old gun too], the other was a 12 gauge. I only shot the 10 gauge once and it knocked me over. And I am not a skinny waif either. Nothanks. It caught me by surprise I think and I wasn’t properly balanced. He had to teach me how to stand so I wouldn’t succumb to the jolt. The 12 gauge I do remember having a kick but it wasn’t so bad. He made me wear ear plugs but I do remember it being very loud.

            You’ve been very helpful.

          • 79Firebirdman says:

            A .38 caliber, aka Saturday night special or a .380 caliber with hollow point ammo are small handguns with a big punch. A 9mm, .38 or 40 caliber are also good bets, though bigger. For even more deadly first shot take down power, then you would consider a .357. Incidentally, you can use .38 ammo in a .357, though you can’t shoot .357 ammo in a .38, because of the .357’s round’s longer brass casing. Think of a .357 as a .38 on steroids because a .357 is a big gun, much bigger than a .38. Bigger still is either a .44 or .45, which are too big to conceal easily or comfortably carry. A lot of law enforcement and military personnel carry .44’s as their service arms. A .45 is capable of shooting through a car’s engine and still be dangerous a good distance away, so this is a very big, very dangerous weapon with a lot of recoil, and hearing damage noise levels, so is not suitable for most women or someone with little or no shooting experience . A lot of women who carry have .38’s because they fit well in a purse and are easier to conceal. Don’t get a .22 or .32 because they don’t have much take down power and an injured and angry perp is going to be an even bigger threat. Whatever you settle on, try to get one that has changed hands several times from a trustworthy individual seller. By not buying from a licensed dealer, there is no record of the sale, so it is a lot harder to trace the gun, and therefore locate it and confiscate it. Just make sure you’re not buying a stolen gun and/or one used in a crime. And if a doctor or healthcare worker ever asks you if you have any guns in a seemingly innocent, nonchalant manner, tell them no, even if it is a lie. This is a sneaky way for the gubmint to document gun owners via the mandates of Ocare, from what I’ve been told.

          • 79Firebirdman, have you seen the new Remington R1 Enhanced? I happen to know a guy who picked one up today!



          • Quartier LeBlanc says:

            Firebird bud, I hate to burst your bubble but there are a few things you need to know. By their nature, pistols are underpowered weapons and even large caliber ones with center torso hits may lead to what’s called a failure to stop.
            First of all ZERO military or LE carry 44’s as service weapons. Secondly 45’s are concealable and I carried a Lighweight Commander then a H&K compact for years without difficulty. I don’t know where you get that nonsense about a 45 shooting through a car block. Won’t happen even with FMJ rounds.
            IMHO 38 snubbies are OK but there are just better weapons out there for concealed carry. 9mm is the way to go and something like the Glock 26 is the way to go. Mag capacity is 10 for standard and you can get the extended 12 or 13 if you like. The little G is the first choice as a backup for LE and used by Scotland Yard’s Female protective service officers ( their secret service ) that protects the Queen and other royal women. It will also shoot the +P+ ammo that makes the 9mm almost the equivalent of the 357 Sig.

  7. AWD, glad to see you back. You hungry? I have a recipe for you. 😉


    Serve it to your liberal [cough] friends. 😀

    You are right about everything you said. Been saying nearly the same thing, although not as cohesively, for the last 3 days. Its going to take a REAL, and strong true Conservative to bring things around. Romney just wasn’t strong enough of a Conservative. He led a good campaign, but I don’t really believe establishment Republicans wanted him to win anyway. They are probably trying to pave the way for a Jeb Bush 2016 run. Its been said in certain circles anyway.

    So, just keep doing what you do, and keep smiling. We are gonna make it. Just don’t eat the burgers!

  8. Why did people vote for Obama? 2x now.

    • They voted for ‘free stuff’.

      • Snake Oiler says:

        #24 November 8, 2012 at 2:16 pm
        retired militaryq commented:

        A couple of things to keep in mind.

        a. Dem party is the party of free stuff so folks wont go away. in fact it will become more popular
        b. The MSM’s influence is waning. They wont be able to prop up the next dem nominee near as much. However, they will blame the republican house for trying to keep people from getting their free stuff and go on for months about how folks could have more free stuff if the republicans would only get out of the way.
        c. Hillary will be running in 2016 if she is breathing. The RNC will do a great job of agreeing to debate moderators like Chris Matthews, George Stephanopolous and Olberman (I bet one of the 3 will be debate moderator in 2016 – at least one). After all the RNC guys will still want to get invited to the DC parties and hobnob with the NY Times so folks wont talk bad about them.
        d. The RNC will be so worried about attracting middle of the road folks they will nominate someone like McCain Romney meaning maybe Huckabee, Johnson, Lindsey Graham or some other Rino. That Rino will get fewer votes than Romney who got fewer than either McCain or Kerry. Gas prices will be $15 a gallon but the folks who get free stuff will be eligible for free gas waivers.
        e. Look forward to at least another 8 years of Democrat rule.
        f. in 2020 after a total economic collapse because all the free stuff is gone IF we have an election republicans will come in and have to deal with the Greece like riots of folks who want their free stuff. Since a Rino will be picked again (what is that definition of insanity – oh yeah doing the same thing over and over) you can hang up any meaningful reform.
        g. in 2022 I will be eligible for my social security which will be about 10% of what it is today and worth about 1% in relative value.

      • yep……they would not bite the hand that feeds them. Makes me sick

    • Check out the vid in this: http://www.theblaze.com/storie.....-our-govt/

      These numbnuts will tell you why they voted for Obummer and also reveal just why I call them numbnuts. Ignoramuses. Every.single.one.

      • Y’know… a lot of the comments for that article made me think of something Hitler once said, during his rise to power in the 1930s…

        “Let me control the textbooks, and I will control Germany.”

        Not too awfully different from what we’re seeing in the videos, is it?

      • Vix the part that scares me was the “…with religious like convection…Obama talking points…” Oh my. And I know you know what I’m refering to.

    • White liberal women on prozac put him over the top!
      And these….liberal males…

      “there’s something going on here but you don’t know what it is, do you Mr.Jones?”

  9. First clean house of all rinos . Romney is a nice guy but a rino none the less . Out the imposter’s by name and district . It’s time to expose them for what they are . I’m disappointed like everyone else but will never give up . I still think were headed for a major confrontation with the socialist bastards and that would be sooner than later .

  10. Last night I expressed sentiments here about Tuesday’s tragedy, and would like to do it again if for no other reason than to clarify my thoughts. My deepest sadness about this election is that both of my dear parents (both pushing 90, and WW2 veterans) will likely live out their last years under such humiliating national circumstances, after having spent their lives contributing to American society.

    My dear old father who will be 90 this spring, is now despairing about the expiration of tax cuts which will significantly reduce the amount of inheritance he is able to leave his children. He and my mom WORKED THEIR ASSES OFF and lived very frugally in order to educate and springboard their children to better lives. And now, here they are faced with the prospect of having Ovomit take a huge chunk of it for redistribution to parasitic scum. It’s f##king SICK, SICK, SICK.

    Yes, my greatest sadness is for my parents, but I too, am struggling to find equilibrium in our changed society. I fear for all that I cherish; I fear for the familiarity and everything else I’m about to lose, and naturally, I fear for the future of my own children.

    • I have a similar story, though my dear father died in 2006. My mom is still alive and is mortified along with the rest of us at what’s become of our country. I grieve for my children as you do. Thanks for your post. You express what I’m feeling right now. God help us all.

  11. AWD,
    Great article. I’m here in TN where we delivered big for Romney as well as for our State Assembly. Obviously, we’re a solid Red State. However, my son, a graduate of the U of TN, lived in TX for nearly 3 years, one of which was spent at Texas A&M taking courses that would get him into Vet School. (He was accepted to both U of TN and Mississippi State but chose UT due to $$$.) Anyhoo, his first email on Wednesday morning was “sell the house and business and move to TX. I’ll join you when I’m out of school.” We’ve spent quite a lot of time in TX and love the people (and their independent spirit!) there. Tennesseans, for the most part, are very similar which is why we’ll probably stay where we are. But honestly, a move to TX sounded very appealing indeed. Keep up the good work, AWD. You, Redstater, and my “sister” Bigtimer help keep me sane.
    God bless Texas AND Tennessee! 🙂

    • Snake Oiler says:

      Davy Crockett also moved from Tennessee to Texas, though I would hope your stay would last much longer. Bowie, Travis, and Crockett – fighting to the end.

  12. Turn Them Over: Feinstein Moves To Ban ALL Assault Rifles, High Capacity Magazines, and Pistol Grips


    I think we’re in a rat’s alley, where dead men lost their bones

  13. AW, some thoughts. First of all, the single biggest waste of effort would be GOP “outreach” to rent-seeking blacks and mexicans. They don’t want us and we don’t need them. I see two political cohorts in this country: taxpayers and EBT cardholders. The GOP needs 100% of the taxpayers’ votes; on Tuesday, we did not get all of their votes. Many misguided taxpayers voted for the socialist candidate.
    We have a problem with educated white people and white women; they are the two cohorts we should be targeting. The main reason that the educated and the moms didn’t vote GOP is because of the Christian Right and its social agenda.
    You and I know that the Christian Right poses no danger to anyone, but the volvos and moms don’t know that. I know several conservative tax-paying white women who voted for Obama because of abortion. Yes: they voted for marxism because of the non-existent abortion issue. We just can’t afford to lose the white female vote. I have to believe that we can keep the christian vote without pounding the damn abortion drum all the time. In my opinion, as long as the Santorums of the party keep scaring away the womenfolk, we’re doomed. I don’t remember Ronnie going on about the rights of the unborn, and he was very conservative.

  14. ross livingston says:

    heard this on Hannity this afternoon
    “we got the president we deserve”

    AWD I agree with everything you said

  15. I think Romney lost because he didn’t appeal to the Conservative Republican base. The next time, I hope the Republican Party will run a true Conservative, but I’m not holding my breath. Also, the welfare state is not only killing the country, it is killing the Republican Party.

  16. FuriousFatMan says:

    Fatty for President 2016.

    Let’s all protest everything by making a random couch riding schlub president.


  17. In Cook (Crook) County, Illinois, the Democrats just implemented a $25 tax PER GUN on gun sales. They were even going to implement a 5¢ a round tax until that witch Crook County Board Prez Preckwinkle said it would make the cost of a box of ammo more than the ammo price. Thanks a lot bitch. The funniest part was where a Crook County board member said he was against the bill until a provision was added to exclude coppers from the tax, and THEN he supported the bill. We are sick, SICK of the constant POLICE attacks on the Second Amendment and the constant whining to exclude them from the gun control laws they are constantly advocating for non-police. Yes, the board member was black. You can bet with 99.999% certainty they will be reelected. Such is the power of 85 IQ in the County of Crook.

    One thing I couldn’t understand from the Romney Campaign was how just about ZERO effort was made pointing out to the workers that the MASSIVE hike in their company supplied medical care insurance premiums was for ObamaCare. Your labors are being redirected to give medical insurance to others. Or was this actually advertised in states outside of Illinois?

  18. I held my nose and voted for Romney, to do otherwise was to elect Obama. But as I watched the election returns coming is and the nature of the people voting for O, I came to the belief that our election process is broken. We will not be able to come back. Many in my area understand the same thing. People are crying at work. You can not buy a gun here as the store are sold out. Ammunition is in short supply as well.

    But what I am sick of is everyone talking about it. We need action. And I don’t mean waiting for the Republicans to do something. They are totally out of touch.

  19. I would love for all the hard working, law abiding, God fearing conservatives in this country to gather in one state, like TX, or maybe in one region of the country. And if we did it would have the desired effect of bringing parasitic blue-states to their knees. But, I think that the federal leviathan would step in and impose punitive taxes on the benefitting states, and would probably go so far as to ban relocating.

  20. Snake Oiler says:

    Redistributionist Strikes 1%-er Pelosi’s House

    Man arrested in break-in at Nancy Pelosi’s home


    “We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.” – Aesop

  21. One thing I will point out is that purchasing a firearm NOW is an overt political act which signifies a “NO CONFIDENCE” vote for the national government. The government as constituted and supported by the MSM despises the possession of military-style weapons because it means REAL resistance can be conducted by the body politic. Unlike the IRA of the 1970s, with their pitifully few AR-15s and AR-18s, MILLIONS of ARs and AKs have been sold in America. The Sturmgewehr is an offensive weapon to El Presidente Obama, unlike the shotgun and pistol.

    “устрашение” is the Russkie word for Deterrence; it’s also their word for Intimidation.

    Yes, I’m saying the way to deterring BHO is engaging in the purchase of Assault Rifles.

    Private Assault Rifles ==> Political Intimidation

    “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”

    I’m saying that your children should have an Assault Rifle.

    I’m saying your grandchildren should have an Assault Rifle.

    And Christmas is right around the corner!

    “My Little Armalite”


    • Joe, I tend to agree. I think now is the time to start rattling sabers. Obama’s no doubt creaming his pants over all the radical left-wing agenda items he’ll be able to pull out of his hat now. Let’s make it clear that the lot of us are a hair’s breadth away from enacting “second amendment solutions” to the federal leviathan.

  22. White America is becoming an endangered species and our once productive nation is slowly diminishing right before our eyes as Pat Buchanan documented in his extremely thought provoking book “Suicide of a Superpower”.

    I do believe we have reached the precipice of the end of time!


  23. Enoch Powell says:

    AWD, I have copied this column and saved it. It is something special because it is an awesome and eloquent expression of the truth. As difficult as it is sometimes, truth is better than denial.

    A lot of people are saying that this election was the last chance to elect a conservative and get back on the right track. I agree that millions of White people rejecting Obama might have had a salutary effect on the fortunes of Whites. At the very least it would have been a start. But really, Romney himself would have betrayed us utterly. He was a typical RINO coward who would have bent over for the Black and Hispanic enemy. He would have pushed hard for amnesty, increased legal immigration from the third world. Forget about him making an attempt to deport illegals, close the border, end affirmative action, end the “Free Trade” agreements and end all of the other irrational, insane government policies that are like a malignant cancer. Forget about him reforming and dismantling the permanent left-wing bureaucracy that is like a huge, malevolent cuckoo in the nest.

    But this election was probably the last chance to preserve the present shabby status quo and ward off for a short time actual tyranny. And believe me, in the coming Leftist horror show, Whites will be given the part of the monster.

  24. Steve Sybert says:

    Civil War II is coming. Several different ways it can go, Christian vs. Muslim, Conservative vs. Liberal, North vs. South, Capitalists vs. Socialists, Haves, vs. Have-Nots, Red State vs. Blue State. Doesn’t really matter. It’s coming. “They” have the best weapons and training, so it’ll come down to guerilla warfare. When you are outnumbered and outgunned, that’s what you have to go to. Ninjutsu. Own the Night.

  25. FuriousFatMan says:

    FAtty’s Guide to Fixing America!

    1. TAXES SUCK! what we earn w/ our bodies is ours, no portion of that money should ever go to anyone else unless we see fit. anything else is slavery/indentured servitude.

    2. WITH GREAT FREEDOM COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY! we have to end handouts, even the ones our parents/gparents are on. it all needs to end. it’s the candy in the dish that keeps you from leaving hell’s waiting room. god dammits that is some good candy. peanut butter cups! and they arent all melty! yum. o yea, anyways, oh! icecream!

    3. MEXICO’S INVADING ARMY HAS TO GO HOME! srsly, 10+ million in the last 15 years? what the hell, and they get free school? healthcare? disability? voting rights? HELL NO, GO HOME! im done being libertarian on this issue. this, other than the youth vote, is why you conservatards lost the election and you know it. THIS NEEDS FIXED NOW! ALAMO STYLE! well, maybe not alamo style, i got worked up..

    4. THE MEDIA NEEDS TO DIE, NOW! and im not just talking about the liberal media we know is in the tank. a lot of fox has turned into a heaping pile of shit. Judge Nap, all i gotta say. turn the frickin tv off. stop paying for cable.

    5. PLANT A FRICKIN GARDEN. srsly, food is going to be expensive soon. flant a frickin garden. and buy a supply of heirloom seeds. in most cases it’s a $25 investment and holy hell, you will never buy tomatoes again, ever. i gave away 50 pounds 2 years ago, drought killed em this year… grrr..

    6. BE PREPARED! for the drought that’s going to kill yer frickin tomatoes. so pissed. anyways. be prepared. AWD’s GIER model works great. buy extra shit at the store. food is turning into more of a comodity(sp) as it gets more expensive. buying 50 pounds of flower in summer from wholesale is much, much cheaper than buying it in december, same goes for fruits and veggies. buy low, consume high. economics! also have that first aidy crap for wussies that use bandaids. i have the whole medical journal on a flash drive.

    7. SHAME PEOPLE MORE OFTEN! this one is dangerous IMHO because i have tried it and it can cause issues from the “entitled”. pretty much, if you see some cow w/ her 8 kids at wallyworld at 3 am on a school night, start video taping her and call the cops. put it on you tube. SHAME THEM. remind society what is SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE. best part about this is it can be fun. i plan on installing a camera into my vehicle so that i can send it at the end of the month as evidence to my local policing agencies of the multitude of wreckless drivers on the roadway. cell phones + 17 year old girl = my testicles in a blender.

    8. THANK YOUR LOCAL FATTY. you know, that dude that’s been real dude like and honors the dude code? thank that muthahumpa for keeping it real. no bro fist, shake hands like dudes. compliment the beard, because….

    9. A GENTLEMAN GROWS A BEARD! grow one. tell your boss to stuff it when they tell you to shave it. tell them you’re amish or muslim and to eff’ the hell off. claim discrimination. OVERLOAD THE SYSTEM W/ THE AWESOME OF THE BEARD THAT ONLY MANLY MEN CAN GROW!

    any others?


    p.s. TY AWD for the website and keeping it “dude” friendly

  26. Dear Conservatives;

    We tried it Mitch and Boehner’s way since 2010. We blocked every insane thing that 0bama, Reid, and Pelosi came up with and saved the nation……for awhile. Then the 51% majority in the nation blamed the conservative Republicans and voted to keep 0bama and his policies.

    0bama never owned any of his pet legislation or a legacy……other than 0bamacare which hasn’t kicked in yet because of our blockage.

    I say let them have it……..everything they want……..the sooner the better. 0bama dreams it up and puts it in legislation……let 0bama and the Dem0crats vote it in…..have all the conservative Republicans abstain…..Let it all burn down to the ground……then we can rebuild.

    Ed Yates

  27. This was emailed to me earlier today from my cousin…….it was written by the Michael Richards…..the guy that played Kramer on Seinfeld

    to be White!
    I have been wondering about why Whites are racists,
    and no other race is……
    Proud to be White

    Michael Richards makes his point…
    Michael Richards better known as Kramer
    from TVs Seinfeld does make a good point.

    This was his defense speech in court
    after making racial comments in his comedy act.
    He makes some very interesting points…

    Someone finally said it.
    How many are actually paying attention to this?

    There are African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans,
    Arab Americans, etc.
    And then there are just Americans..
    You pass me on the street and sneer in my direction.

    You call me ‘White boy,’ ‘Cracker,’ ‘Honkey,’ ‘Whitey,’ ‘Caveman’…
    And that’s OK…
    But when I call you, Nigger, Kike, Towel head, Sand-nigger,
    Camel Jockey, Beaner, Gook, or Chink ..
    You call me a racist.

    You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you….
    So why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live?

    You have the United Negro College Fund.
    You have Martin Luther King Day.
    You have Black History Month.
    You have Cesar Chavez Day.
    You have Yom Hashoah.
    You have Ma’uled Al-Nabi.
    You have the NAACP.
    You have BET….

    If we had WET
    (White Entertainment Television),
    we’d be racists.

    If we had a White Pride Day,
    you would call us racists.

    If we had White History Month,
    we’d be racists.

    If we had any organization for only whites to ‘advance’
    OUR lives, we’d be racists.

    We have a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, a Black Chamber of Commerce,
    and then we just have the plain Chamber of Commerce.
    Wonder who pays for that??

    A white woman could not be in the Miss Black American pageant,
    but any color can be in the Miss America pageant.
    If we had a college fund that only gave white students scholarships…
    You know we’d be racists.

    There are over 60 openly proclaimed Black Colleges in the US ..
    Yet if there were ‘White colleges’,
    that would be a racist college.

    In the Million Man March,
    you believed that you were marching for your race and rights.
    If we marched for our race and rights,
    you would call us racists.

    You are proud to be black, brown, yellow and orange,
    and you’re not afraid to announce it.
    But when we announce our white pride,
    you call us racists.

    You rob us, car jack us, and shoot at us.
    when a white police officer shoots a black gang member
    or beats up a black drug dealer running from the law
    and posing a threat to society, you call him a racist.

    I am proud……
    But you call me a racist.

    Why is it that only whites can be racists??

    There is nothing improper about this e-mail..
    Let’s see which of you are proud enough to send it on.
    I sadly don’t think many will.

    That’s why we have LOST most of OUR RIGHTS
    in this country.
    We won’t stand up for ourselves!


    It’s not a crime YET….
    But getting very close!

    It is estimated that ONLY 5%
    of those reaching this point in this e-mail,
    will pass it on.

    I DID!!

    • FuriousFatMan says:

      see Bluto, even you and i see eye to eye on a lot of things.

      Kramer was robbed. they rodney king’d his video. i’ve seen the first 5 minutes where the black jerk in the audience calls him a “washed up honkey” and repeatedly taunted him.

      im not proud im white. i think that’s silly. but the blatent systematic discrimination against whites in this country is unholy.


    • Disregard the link I posted above. Noisy Room.net used a source that’s actually a parody website. Sorry about that.

  28. captainmike says:

    Has anyone seen the nationwide county by county electoral map that usually comes out after the election? Politico has individual state maps but I have yet to see the nationwide compilation. In the few that I scrolled through (OH, FL, LA, PA) it is amazing to compare the # of red counties to the # of blue counties, the former outnumbering the latter by 2 or 3 to 1 in most states, even the blue ones.

    The maps indicate the voting strength is concentrated in the urban areas and consists of the minorities and libtards or government employees. Even here in my beloved SC, the state appears “bluer” than in the last presidential election, a reflection I guess of all of the southward migration of retired liberals (aging hippies) and union employees. They can live real well down here on their cushy pensions because the cost of living is so much less. I just wish they would quit telling us how to run (ruin) our state because frankly I don’t give a damn how they did it up north.

  29. cranky.white.woman says:

    Obama STOLE the election! Read this:


  30. Frank White says:

    this is a sad day in america indeed… bad days ahead, i’m sorry to say…

  31. the real reasons romney lost

    “… mitt romney is a good, smart, honest man.”

    mitt romney is a proven flip-flopping LIAR! and americans saw right through the lies! ron paul would never lie to americans the way willard did. he lied to his staff, his billionaire donors, the citizens and himself.

    “… Romney is just the latest GOP moderate to lose to a Democrat…”

    if you want another democrat win in 2016, by all means, churn out moar extreme candidates! america is done with them!

    “Romney never reached out to the Tea Party movement…”

    isn’t paul ryan a tea party darling? either way the tea party is done! the current non-tea party gop’ers in congress are gonna make the current tea party irrelevant (and its already started) tea party may hold a lot of seats, but the non-tea party gop is gonna finally start compromising with the left and TRY and MAYBE get this country back on track, instead of obstructing and blindly rejecting every proposal that comes through the door.

    “Obama will come hard after our guns.”

    stop playing the fear card. there is ZERO evidence Obama will come after guns. with all due respect, this is a complete paranoid fabrication.

    why would you vote for the lesser of 2 evils? if thats your reason, why even bother?

    and, no, i didn’t vote, and this is why…


  32. To ALL that frown on us who did not vote…WE DID!CHOSE NONE OF THE ABOVE.Which “none of the above” should be on every ballot.Runners would not be allowed to run in that eletion if “none of the above ” were chosen.

    • Welcome back Brid/MisterBig/Obongo/Semper Fi/Paul’sMyGuy, or whatever handle you’re using this time. We’ve been lonely all these minutes you’ve been away.

  33. “Boots On The Ground”—Hi, I’m “Officer Zed!

    by “Officer Zed.”

    Want to visualize me in your mind while I talk to you? Visualize “Agent X” in the Brewster Rockit comic strip, but instead of the trenchcoat I wear a blue suit bearing the Police Department badge of a big Northeastern city. Never mind which one.

    My politics are strongly Republican—Rand Paul’s variety more than Mitt Romney’s. They’ve been that way for years, and when you’re Black that can make life….interesting. Not only that….I am an Air Force veteran, so Janet Napolitano thinks I’m some kind of militia guy. I also belong to Oath Keepers–Morris Dees and his fellow travelers want me buried under a FEMA camp.

    I am a member of the Tea Party Patriots–they guided me to this blog! I am
    honored to be a guest, and I’ve got a lot to say about how Political Correctness has ruined many things, starting with public dialogue. That said…..

    Mitt dropped the ball on November 6th! Before he made that speech about “the 47%,” he should have thought about something–a quarter of that 47% are getting benefits they earned ! The following describes two of the remaining three-quarters of that 47%, and those of you who are on “The Job” will immediately recognize them.

    I am assigned to a two-man unit that does prisoner transport—from lockup to courthouse—first thing in the morning, and when necessary, for the rest of the tour. The rest of the time, we patrol the district, chase calls, and transport other units’ arrests to the lockup—anything the dispatcher sends us.

    One of the regular calls is to broom the druggies and drunks out of parks and playgrounds on the district. When my partner and I got to the playground for this particular call, the guest of honor was sitting at a circular table, passed out. A shopping cart from Home Depot was next to him, containing a plastic bag full of empty cans and bottles; he was eventually going to redeem them for money for more cheap vodka.

    He was known to us, and an SSI recipient. Some SSI recipients are genuinely handicapped—others are nothing but taxpayer-funded druggies and drunks.

    Some years ago, “reform” of the system was attempted—and the Social-Work Industrial Complex responded by lobbying with liberal politicians and forging an alliance with the Mental-Illness Industrial Complex. Now the “disability” of alcohol and drug addiction is a “mental disorder,” therefore a “disability.” “Mental disability” keeps the money flowing, along with revolving-door “detox” and “rehab.” It’s the dirty little secret of Social Security reform, and the media won’t address it.

    A bystander, known to us as a sometime drinking buddy of the Guest Of Honor, told us he had to pick up his niece at her elementary school in an hour. How, I thought. And what sort of teacher or aide would turn a child over to a drunk at school dismissal? I guess the American Federation of Teachers, who were all-out for getting Obama four more years, would not care to force outmoded cultural mores upon an evolving society.

    “I’ll call his daughter,” Bystander said. “She’ll pick up her kid….but she’ll have to leave work early.”

    We tried to wake Guest Of Honor, with every technique we’ve learned in our collective years on the street—and finally, he opened one bloodshot, glassy eye. The rest of him didn’t move or respond to our commands, so we called city Emergency Medical Services; as the ambulance arrived, my partner and I noticed Guest Of Honor had soiled himself.

    “He’s got another half-pint in his jacket pocket,” Bystander said. “I’ll get rid of it for ya.”

    Bystander was right. Before the ambulance crew loaded him onto the gurney I took it out—a half-pint of torpedo alcohol with a fake Russian name, masquerading as vodka. I emptied it onto the asphalt as Bystander looked on, with a face that said he was losing a good friend, if not a free buzz. We knew, sooner or later, that Guest Of Honor and Bystander would be back.

    The next shining example of that three-quarters of the 47% came to us as a routine call; our department rank-and file, the real street cops, call all such calls “Baby-Mama Drama.”

    Dispatch (and the trip-sheet on our Mobile Display Terminal) told us the female caller was being (1) held against her will, (2) by her baby’s father, who was armed with a knife, (3) and that he had hit her in the face, pulled her hair, and was (according to baby-mama) on probation, complete with ankle bracelet.

    When we got there, Baby-Mama stood in the hallway of the apartment building, one-year-old baby on her hip, tapping her foot. The look on her face (which bore no signs of injury whatsoever) was one of angry entitlement.

    She was newly eighteen, a single mom living with her single-mom older sister, getting every benefit she could—because she was entitled. Her entitlement mentality was inherited from her older sister, her mother, and her grandmother; why work when you can find a suitable (!) babydaddy on the “co’nah?” And have babies, get more money loaded on your EBT card with each one, get a Section 8 apartment and food stamps?

    I wonder how Baby-Mama and Baby-Daddy would react if they knew what then-President Lyndon Johnson said to his aides (privately) after he signed the legislation that legitimized the entitlements? I won’t repeat it here, because it’s easy to find on the Internet, and racist to boot; I suspect that even if they knew what LBJ said, they’d still take the bennies because they have no shame and not much of a work ethic. But I digress….back to the story.

    As I wrote down the particulars, I realized her story had changed—she herself said, “How he gonna hold me against my will—it’s my house!”

    Our suspect was long gone, having fled before we got there (sick of Miss Thang, no doubt) and Miss Thang made sure to mention that before he fled, he took both her new cellphones. Guess who provided those cellphones? Baby-Mama and Baby-Daddy didn’t work for them—you and I did!

    Anyway, after I got the info I’d need to write the report, we left. And as we arrived at the station and got out of the van, Dispatch….sent us back. Miss Thang told the call screener, this time, that her older sister had hit her, pushed her and pulled her hair. Okay, fine….

    We returned, and Miss Thang told me her story. My partner got the more plausible version from the older sister; the Assailant told him that she had scolded her younger sister for her immaturity. Miss Thang got in her face in the hallway, cussing her out and not allowing her to go to the kitchen–and the Assailant brushed past her. It wasn’t the Crime Of The Century—it was an immature, entitled fool who wasn’t getting her way. One of a vast cohort of immature, lazy, entitled fools.

    Mitt Romney could have—should have–pointed out that some of the 47% he spoke of are getting earned benefits. I just told you about two of the rest who taxpayers are paying to be drunks, junkies or Baby-Mamas.

    (I began this blog entry on November 10, long before Adam Lanza did what he did, and there’s much to say about the controversy resulting from that. Stay tuned!)