AWD scores the debate VP debate tonight as a draw. This should have been a blow out but Ryan played the nice guy while Biden played the typical liberal smirking and laughing thug. This debate should have been over one minute into the debate but Ryan, like most wussypants Republicans, decided to dance to the Democrat’s tune.

Ryan could have won this debate in the first minute if he had said:

“Vice President Biden, you may feel this is a laughing matter, but the death and sodomizing of a US Ambassador in Libya and the death of three others is a national tragedy. Also, you may laugh at everything I have said but the Obama administration has been a total disaster in everything they have attempted to do! So don’t insult the American people by laughing like an idiot while I propose solutions to save America and Americans after the four years of malfeasance of the Obama administration.”

Case closed. Score one for America.

Instead, Ryan played the nice guy dancing to the Dim’s tune. Ryan disparaged the American-supporting Mubarak and never called Obama and Biden out on the total failure of the “Arab Spring.” All Ryan had to say is:

“Hey Biden, how’s that Arab Spring working out for ya? Better yet, ask the ambassador to Libya how’s it working out for him?”

Ryan played into the lib doctrine of the “evil rich” without stating that the wealthiest 1% pays more than 37% of all federal taxes in America while the bottom 47% pay nothing! Ryan played perfectly into the Democrat “demonize the rich” plan when he should have said:

“Why are the wealthy demonized so by this administration? The wealthy create the jobs in this country and pay 37% of federal income taxes. And Romney was 100% correct when he said 47% of Americans will vote for Obama because they are dependent on government. Why? Because 47% of Americans do not pay federal income taxes. So this talk of the “rich not paying their fair share is total bullsh*t!” Under your administration, 47 million Americans are now on food stamps and the unemployment rate has remained above 8 percent throughout your entire administration!”

Ryan played the nice guy against the smirking, laughing buffoon Biden. He brought a slingshot against a lying liberal who was armed with a gun filled with hollow-point lies!

As for Afghanistan, Ryan let so many good points pass. What he should have said is:

“American soldiers are being shot by Muslim savages in the Afghan army while Obama apologizes for our soldiers pissing on dead terrorists. Screw those terrorists. We will kill them where they live, work and sleep! We will not prosecute our soldiers. We will kill our enemies! Without apology!”

It’s a good thing Romney is a better debater than Ryan. Romney better understand that Obama will be much more nasty and spread more lies during the second debate. For the life of me, I don’t know why Republicans agree to debates with moderators who are left of Stalin!

Ryan better grow a pair. Romney better grow a bigger pair. This will get nasty. Republicans better grow a pair and quit acquiescing to Democrat talking points. This debate could have been over in the first minute had Ryan called out the drunken, laughing mule Biden! This is politics! This is the debate for the future of America. It’s time Ryan and Romney bring a @#&* nuclear bomb to debates!

Republicans are their own worst enemies. AWD should have been in that debate. I would have reduced Biden to the lying, smirking bag of sh*t that he is!

Here’s AWD’s advice to the Republicans:

“If you’re gonna be a bear, be a grizzly!”

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  1. I dont have any enthusiasm for Amerikas 2 most recent, and undeclared wars [for Oil].

    And look how a marxist Prez has ‘handled’ them.
    Dont piss [west? north? south??], toward Mecca!!!!

  2. Kansas Gun Girl says:

    What I wouldn’t give to see AWD debate the laughing hyena!!!

  3. I agree with all said in the blog post.

    I’m tired, disappointed and going to hit the sack soon.

    If Biden hadn’t laughed and smirked so much, along with he and Raddatz constantly interrupting so much…Ryan would be in the tank.

    I’m not going to prop up what I thought was a terrible debate when it came to Ryan, he had chance after chance to cut the joker to shreds…he didn’t do so. – Hope he learns from this as time goes on.

    Glad there aren’t any more VP debates.

    Btw…I’m not worried about Romney vs Dear Leader with their remaining two debates…Dear Leader will end up the toast he already is.

  4. AWD-
    I do believe you would have kicked the Laughing Hyenas ass if you were given the chance.

    I said to my Deb, if I were in Ryan’s spot, I would have said, “I direct this question to the moderator’s chair. Did the rules of the debate get changed? If not, why are you not controlling the Vice President who is trying to make a mockery of the debate. This is the same attitude from the amateurs in power that has positioned America as a weak country. Thank you, I hope you will moderate the rest of he debate as you are supposed to do. “

  5. It’s late, I can’t sleep, tomorrow is payday, and I don’t know how many more of those I will have if our side doesn’t decide that this is for all the marbles. Unfortunately Bidens performance is just what their supporters want. Politics to them is, who can be nastier and more insulting. It’s like a bad sit-com script.

    It’s got nothing to do with substance and ideas. It’s Obama phones and food stamps. The laughing and interuptions were just written into the script. This rude and unprofessional behavior is what motivates the left. Biden wasn’t much more than a slightly more civilized version of an Occupooper.

    He just dropped his drawers and and crapped all over the stage. And the Obamabots ate it up. Just like a pack of mindless stray dogs. The leftist moochers are not the least bit interested in idea based political discourse, and discussion of relevant topics. My employers 20 something idiot son who voted for Obama is a perfect example. Thats a whole other post.

    I don’t think Ryan is ready or experienced enough to play on that stage. He should have gone John Galt on Bidens stupid clown ass. He should have given him that moment of pause and made him take notice. A verbal punch in the mouth that says, ‘do I have your attention now’?

  6. I’m sorry, Ryan was a mistake for V.P..
    The day he was chosen, I asked myself, are the Republicans throwing the election again?
    New ad:
    Biden Laughing at the Issues!

  7. They got Biden debating like an ass and immediately running an ad about it. Its really hard to debate a pig without getting in the mud yourself, Ryan did ok, Biden came off as Biden, no change.

  8. Biden interrupted Ryan 82 times during the 90 minute debate…….

    • Thanks, I lost count.

      What a terrible mod. She should’ve directly asked Biden what was so damn funny, and every time he interrupted with, “Am I gonna be able to respond” she should’ve said, “Yes, when it’s your damn turn, and I’m deducting this from your time.”


  9. This smiley smirking motherf…..! (Biden, that snake)

    I guess we know what to expect from Obama.
    These democrat operatives are vermin reptiles.
    I have never seen a more treacherous bunch (skullduggery).

  10. The only thing I can figure is that Ryan was trying to let Biden hang himself with his buffoonery.

    Well, the left is too damn stupid to see that. I wish AWD would’ve been there. Hell, I wish I’d have been there! I’d have wiped that dumbass grin off Biden’s face, one way or another!

    • I agree, that’s exactly what Ryan did. He knew what he was doing all along. Ryan just stood back and let Biden “remove all doubt”.

      Sometimes it just takes some good old Wisconsin Common Sense.

  11. Lawler Nicoteri says:


    ***Bucket Joe, your Scranton roots were on display last night: loud, rude, and stupid or, in Scranton dialect, STOOPIT)

    I hope the Jackass Party keeps this embarassing buffoon out in the public eye as a reminder that the Presidency is but a hearbeat away from this horse’s hindquarter.

  12. Louisiana Steve says:

    Biden is a pompous ass. Nothing more. Nothing less.

  13. After further review, it became clear that Biden’s act was to deflect that the Democrats don’t have any plan other than raise taxes. All the plans were forwarded by Ryan which were attacked immediately. The Emperor has no clothes.


    Phooie on Obama and his entire administration he is nothing but a dictator i hope to see his entire cabnet and in fact his entire corupt party totaly destroyed

  15. Not only was this debate a total bore but it was equally disappointing being forced to watch yet another ugly liberal female moderating yet another useless VP debate!

    Ryan was sharp and on point but let’s face it, you cannot pair a harmless hare opposite a carnivorous hyena! That’s how Ryan came across to me. He has all of the attributes of a qualified vice president but as a future president? Maybe. Only time will tell.

    As for Biden, he is the antithesis of Paul Ryan; he’s a rude, buffoonish, obnoxious, unprofessional, discourteous, disrespectful, vulgar, mentally unstable, archaic & loony! In short, Uncle Joe is a foolishly grimacing, decrepit old relic of the past!

    • “As for Biden, he is the antithesis of Paul Ryan; he’s a rude, buffoonish, obnoxious, unprofessional, discourteous, disrespectful, vulgar, mentally unstable, archaic & loony! In short, Uncle Joe is a foolishly grimacing, decrepit old relic of the past!” – Renee

      You just described 80% of all Politicians 🙂

    • Remember when Biden ran (again twenty years later) for pres against Obama, a reporter asked ol’ Joe if he thought Obama was qualified to be president. “Of course he isn’t,” replied plagiarizin’ Joe, who dropped out a day or two later after finishing under one percent of the vote in Iowa. Now he extolls the virtues of the O Man – anything to further your political career. Be careful how you vote – you could get stuck with a 40-year (and counting) tax feeder like Biden. Amtrak Biden (good gimmick) lives in a three million dollar mansion in Delaware despite working little or nothing in private enterprise. He has ’em conned – they even named the train station for him.

    • This liberal hag moderator had “the look”.
      The “man hater”look ( suffering and pissed off at the dreaded Patriarchy)
      “where’s the Prozac!”

  16. David in SC says:

    AWD, I’d pay to see you debate biden and/or obama. The American people will never get the real facts as long as career politicans rule.

  17. New Republican National Committee ad featuring Joe Biden laughing….

    Joe “dunce” Biden’s condescending attitude is backfiring on him

    • Biden is just a sorry ass old man who basically mooched off the American people most of his life… while the average American is struggling to pay bills each month, this buffoon fake laughed through the debate while not laying out a single solution to get the economy moving forward. Many seem to think that Ryan should have bitch slapped (no offense ladies) Joe; instead he tried to communicate a path forward which would bring employment to those desperately seeking work.

  18. Raddatz visited Biden at his residence…..

    you can draw your own conclusion………..

    • Yep…I heard that on Chris Plante’s show this morning, I also have that saved to read in a bit soon as I get a few things done here and at home.

      GMTA! 😉

      Btw…we all knew beforehand she was in bed with the dems, she sure showed her true colors last night…in spades!

  19. Biden is a rude piece of dog feces. He has no record to defend so he tried acting as if Ryan did not know anything. I only wish Ryan had told Biden to ‘quit interrupting’ a lot more and to point out his smirking attitude. Ryan knew going in that it was he against two…Biden and the slut moderator. Ryan was a little inexperienced at this kind of debate but all in all he did quite well. Biden came off as he mean-spirited fool…which fits him.

  20. Joe “Chiclet Tooth” Biden made a fool of himself. “Raddass” interrupted to change the subject nearly every time Ryan was getting too close to zinging Obambi’s policies/programs. Was Ryan being too nice or was he letting the opposition (the “moderator” included) show their a$$es? The more Biden opens his mouth, the more likely he is to say something incredibly stupid. Maybe Ryan was allowing Biden enough rope to snag himself? At any rate, while I was infuriated during the “debate” and was ready to throw a brick through my TV at the time, I’m not as angry about Ryan’s somewhat lackluster performance now…. particularly after seeing comments by several in the MSM who have actually been critical of Biden. He’s SUCH an embarrassment. It’s mortifying to think he’s a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

  21. All I saw was a contemptuous, stupid,pompous,complete ass hole, Joe Biden and if the rest of you didn’t see that i feel sorry for all of you.With a left wing bitch for a moderator that let this no good son of a bitch run ruff shod over the whole goddamned debate.If you think Ryan lost the debate by letting this waste of human flesh,(Joe Blow) show what a laughing idiot he really is and in my opinion he did then you are no better than the MSM.It look to me like Paul Ryan had to fight two assholes instead of one.I will bet a lot of other people saw what i saw too,that the only thing the dims can do is the kind of shit we saw last night and i think this will backfire on Joe Blow Biden and help sink Obama and all the whole stinking bunch of marxist democrats once and for all.Paul Ryan showed me that he was truly the better man and kept his cool under pressure and did not act like the idiot Joe Blow is.

    • Guy,

      Well said and exactly my feelings. I’m not disappointed in Ryan for a minute… Joe showed the ass that he is, and anyone with any intelligence saw what you and I watched last night.

  22. I would make a comment but this says it all:

  23. What a pompous idiot Biden is. He makes my skin crawl. His chicklet teeth,hair plugs and idiot smirk make me puke.

  24. Here’s how to conduct a fair debate:

    Put them in soundproof rooms with a microphone, speaker, stopwatch, desk, and chair.

    Let them listen to the question from the moderator or other’s response.

    Give them a time limit to respond to the question or the other candidate’s answer.

    Turn off the mic when the time limit is reached.

    Move on to the next question.

    If you want to make it a bit more interesting, give them windows to see the audience and opponent. Maybe add a waterhose and a button in each booth that the moderator can control. Make the moderator wear a Frank-n-furter outfit.

  25. Both VP candidates spoke to very different audiences last night. Biden’s focus was to rally the troops and re-energize the base after Barry’s crushing defeat – essentially trying to regain lost ground. While the leftard media are furiously spinning his performance as terrific and fearless, no one is suggesting Biden gained a single vote.

    Ryan, on the other hand, was tasked with answering one of the major concerns of the undecided 5%: that he would be a capable and worthy President should he be required to fill Romney’s shoes. Ryan’s professional demeanor, respect for the opposition, and knowledgeable responses were exactly what these voters were hoping to see, and Biden provided a great contrast to highlight Ryan’s strong points.

    AWD, I have no doubt you would have kicked ass if you’d been there – but remember, this debate wasn’t for you and I. Draw, my ass. Ryan accomplished precisely what he needed to and the voters will concur.

  26. AWD, I agree with you that the repubs allow these debates moderated by leftist loons!
    Why are they soooo damn stupid?…The whole thing was rigged against Ryan from the get go!

    I also agree with you that Ryan should have gotten more aggressive with Biden.

    However, Biden stepped in his own crap multiple times with his condescending sneers and most people are offended by that,….also, him throwing the intelligence community under the bus by lying that he and ObungHole hadn’t been informed about requests for more security!….That has to be a lie!

    Because of all that, I believe, all in all, Ryan came out on top.

    And of course, you’re right, Romney had better come out with “guns blazing”!

  27. Biden showed the World what a rude, arrogant, condescending, ignorant, loudmouth of a Jackass he really is. He may have “won” the debate in the eyes of a few “journalists”, but in the eyes of the millions watching, he not only lost the debate, he lost any credibility he might have had. They also saw the bias raddatz put on display and will remember come election day. Especially the Independents.

  28. Someone sent me this today…

    Amazing how one verse of the Bible sums up the whole VP debate:

    If a wise man has an argument with a fool, the fool only rages and laughs, and there is no quiet. (Proverbs 29:9 ESV)

  29. Snake Oiler says:

    Definition of BUFFOON. 1: a ludicrous figure : clown. 2: a gross and usually ill-educated or stupid person — buf·foon·ish \-ˈ fü-nish\ adjective.

  30. Snake Oiler says:

    The way Biden was acting, he must have thought he was at another ‘Beer Summit’ instead of a debate. Ryan might have shut him up by tossing him a pack of peanuts and saying ‘If you get the urge to interrupt me again, better chomp on those instead – while you can still handle solid food – dig?’ Poor dumb bastard must have ate too many of those lead-based paint chips when he was a kid – fool probably still eats them.

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  32. I just HAVE to share this one; it’s dead-on:

  33. I largely agree with what you said. Though I’d score it that Ryan didn’t do too bad in that he demonstrated he wasn’t to be baited. He showed manners and composure to contrast Biden’s lack of both. Yes, he could have asserted himself more. I have a feeling on a next time, he will.