Dudes and Dudettes…as usual Mark Steyn minces no words whatsoever, he did so again during a radio segment with host Hugh Hewitt. After you read about this and listen to what he had to say see if you can add anything to his words of wisdom.

This is via TDC:

On Hugh Hewitt’s radio show Thursday night, National Review columnist Mark Steyn, author of “After America: Get Ready for Armageddon,” said President Barack Obama gave an embarrassing performance Wednesday during his campaign swing through Las Vegas, Nev., in the wake of attacks on U.S. diplomatic stations in Libya and Egypt.

“I thought that thing last night with the president saying he had ‘a tough day’ and comparing the dead Americans in Libya to campaign supporters, which he did — I thought was one of the most disgraceful, inept and embarrassing performances by a head of state or government that I have ever seen,” Steyn said. “Every American should be ashamed of their president.”

Steyn didn’t fault the president for going to Sin City, acknowledging that sometimes plans are in place and things have to move along. But the tone of Obama’s remarks set him off.

“He didn’t script his remarks,” Steyn said. “I mean, this is a man, for example, who doesn’t have, I think, great empathetic qualities at the best of times. But to slough it off in that bloodless language — you know, when he says, now I believe this is a direct quote, ‘Obviously, our hearts are broken today.’ If you say ‘obviously’ before it, your heart is not broken. He said, ‘Oh, it’s a tough day.’ It’s not a tough day [for him]. It’s a tough day for the families of the four people who were killed.”

Steyn told Hewitt, the author of “The Brief Against Obama: The Rise, Fall & Epic Fail of the Hope & Change Presidency,” that Obama should have prepared better for that situation, given all the tools at his disposal.

“Why can’t you — you’re spending $4 trillion a year, and you’ve got these 12-year-old speechwriters you’re so proud of, and you’re the king of the prompter, why couldn’t you on Air Force One, you’re the only head of state in any major country who has a plane to fly him around his own country, and a 40-car motorcade — while you were on the stupid plane, why can’t you actually take the trouble to learn some words that would mean something and are appropriate to the occasion?”

He compared Obama’s performance to those of former President Ronald Reagan and former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher after tragedies, reiterating his charge that Obama’s remarks were something that should embarrass Americans of all political persuasions.

“If you think of Reagan, after the space shuttle thing, if you think of what Mrs. Thatcher said after the Brighton bombing that killed cabinet colleagues of hers — it’s horrible, it’s disgraceful,” he said.

“Nobody, no novelist would attempt to do anything so crass after this man is dragged through the streets — after he is killed, dragged through the streets of Libya, God knows what’s happened to him if you believe some of the worst stories out there. And then the guy goes to Vegas. Why not just do it at Caesar’s Palace with a bunch of showgirls? Every American who’s watching, regardless if you’re Democrat or Republican, if you’re not embarrassed by the buffoon who’s serving as President of the United States after that performance last night, there’s something wrong with you.”

So friends…what say you?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Enoch Powell says:

    Who cares what ANYBODY from the cowardly National Review thinks? They are lively, vibrant, diverse immigration enthusiasts who advocate the destruction of the U.S. through the immigration of millions of hostile third-world savages. They believe in affirmative action. They believe in discrimination against Whites. They fired John Derbyshire for speaking the truth about violent, low-IQ Blacks. They believe the absurd lie that the salvation of the U.S. is millions of Third World savages from Mexico who will, any day now, become just like conservative Whites. These idiots at the National Review think that Mitt Romney is a decent conservative. The imbeciles at the National Review are what the Tea Party originally rebelled against. I guess that’s over now. We’ve been co-opted by the traitorous neoCons at the National Review and the Wall Street Journal.

    Even if, by some miracle, Romney actually becomes president, he won’t change a thing. Romney will also be your enemy if you are a productive, Christian White.

    Romney is a hopeless RINO and that means that most of his agenda will be lively, vibrant, diverse and a complete disaster for the U.S. Let’s see; Romney would like very much to: Give amnesty to millions of illegal third-world savages, start a few more ridiculous wars, import millions more third-world savages legally, continue and expand the disastrous “free trade” agreements which are not free trade at all, but are treaties that essentially give us the economy of a third-world colony circa 1910.

    Romney will also do nothing to roll back the leftist tyranny that has closed in on this country since the 80s. He won’t touch the racist doctrine of affirmative action. He will do nothing to destroy the malignant alliance between leftist government bureaucracies and the evil community organizers; an alliance that is destroying decent middle class jobs, neighborhoods and schools. Romney will do nothing to roll back socialized medicine; he fervently BELIEVES in socialized medicine. Romney will do nothing to roll back any component of the leftist/globalist tyranny. Romney IS a left wing globalist no better than Obonzo.

    • I always care what Steyn has to say…simple as that.

    • hmmmmm this rant seems vaguely familiar LOL

      Dude, we got it! LOL I tried to take up for you yesterday but this cut and paste routine has to stop… I agree with most of what you said but do you have anything else to add to the conversation?

      I believe in saving our ammo for the liberal trolls that frequent this site but, now I can understand Bigtimer and MichealT when they say that you are annoying them… not trying to start a fight or be insulting just trying to get you to engage in the conversarion bro.. dont troll your own!

      • EP never, ever replies…that request is futile!

      • I ain’t sayin’ nothin’. 😉

        • Lol…I was wondering when you’d see this diatribe…and you know what I mean. 😉

          • LOL okay you two.. I get it 😉

            but in my defense bigtimer you know me to be this way… can’t say I havent taken your part before. I will harass a liberal troll all day long… I just hate when we take swipes at each other over minor disagreements. The Marxist in DC and their supporters are our enemies.. not each other

            I also apologized to MichaelT in another post…

          • Hey there Vince…when it comes to EP, I’ll always state what I want just as you will too.

            He had never, ever had one single thing positive to say…so be it. There are just times I have had enough of his derogatory BS, the other night was one of them. Usually I just ignore him. He never replies…it gets more than frustrating for me many times.

            So…it is what it is. – I’m moving on. 😉

        • @MT
          LOL go ahead, Im a big boy…

          • It’s all good. I caught your post on the other thread Vince, and as far as I’m concerned, we’re good to go. I was a firefighter for many years. And if I had a disagreement with someone in my ‘house’ it was left at the station when we were on a call. On scene we always had each others back, no matter what.

    • Hey Enoch,

      I’m a productive Christian White male, or at least I was before Obama took office, and I can’t wait for Romney to become prez… at least he will bring private sector business experience to the White House and I’m sure he will at least attend security briefings so our ambassadors don’t get slaughtered and dragged through the streets of some shit hole third world country.

    • I agree with almost everything Enoch Powell has written above. I will vote for Romney, no doubt, but I have no illusions that he will bring the kind of change America truly needs. Yes, he’s much better any day than President Obama and he will indeed implement a few good changes for our country. For that, we can indeed be thankful. But under Romney’s leadership, things will eventually return to status-quo once the economy improves. He will do nothing to dramatically halt the illegal invasion from our southern borders. He will not stop affirmative action. He is, essentially, a big-government Republican and his type is why so much of our country is in deep trouble.

      I know we all want to be rid of Obama, but we need to curb our enthusiasm a little and place things in perspective. Otherwise, we will end up being sorely disappointed just as many of us were with George Bush’s recent presidency. My hope is that once Romney wins the election, conservatives will hold his feet to the fire. We should praise and encourage him when he makes good decisions, but also constructively criticize him when he makes the bad ones too. This requires us to see ourselves as conservatives first before any party line as Republicans.

      • Streetcop,

        One very big thing you said above that I agree with… while I align myself with the Republican Party, somehow they always end up disappointing me. With that said, I look forward to Romney taking over, because I own a very small business and profits have dropped close to 70% since Obama took office.

        I could care less if the rich get richer… kudos to them all… just let my clients succeed so my business can once again prosper.

    • Enoch,
      Ya need to give Romney a few days on the job before telling us what he is doing or going to do. Mind reading is for idiots. We know what “O” is about and Romney…well you don’t have a choice unless ya write yourself in.

  2. Even though it was a buffoonish response to the killings, I am no more embarrassed by Barry than I was the day before.

  3. Obongo is right at this moment now politicizing the death of the Libyan ambassador and the 3 other Americans killed by the towel heads…….

    Obongo and Hitlery are now giving their shit-ass speeches trying to show their “fake” concern for our fallen………

    I have to say that I am beyond being embarrassed by this turd of a president……I understand Mark Steyn’s rant on this despicable desecration by our turd of a president regarding his comparison to his political supporters and their wonderful sacrifices for his re-election…

    Obongo is the the entire turd….not just a piece-of-shit but the entire turd……….this president is nothing but a god damn joke, but the joke is on us……

    you got us now Obongo……but we are going to get you in November…….I guarantee we will fumigate the White House of your god damn democrat stench, soon, and very soon………

    Every thing you have done we are going to reverse…..your legacy will be thought of as the worst period of time in American history……..

    Fu@k you, Obongo………

  4. Death to Libtards says:

    OMG, the lying hypocrite just made a somber speech over the Americans murdered due to his (and Hillary’s) incompetence. I’ve got to retreat into DVD’s and old TV shows. If I stay tuned into this clusterf*** my head will explode!

  5. Bluto and DtL…

    I just posted some of what you’re talking about on another thread…these filthy people in this administration politicize everything…it’s a despicable disgrace…beneath contempt!

    I could not listen to one single word from these enemies within…and never will!

  6. I agree…..I had to turn the sound off…..I just can’t take this bastard anymore…….the sound of his voice will send me into a rage……..I just can’t listen to this bastard…….

    • Heck Bluto….the radio I listen to all day in on the top of the hour news break from ABC, they had to insert Shrillary’s voice about what she blathered about…instantly turned down the volume. – I cannot take anymore from these inept, lying creatures!

  7. 54 days and counting.

  8. Spurwing Plover says:

    I didnt vote for this reptile i have bad feelings about him and his entire cabnet

  9. Cinnamon Girl says:

    Last night I met up with three friends who brought up the embassy killings. When I said I was disgusted by Dear Leader and Shillary and explained why, they quickly turned the conversation into Romney and the faux war on women. It didn’t work. They were made to stay on point and then I also addressed the war on women lies. Two for one!

    After reading the above I’m more resolved than ever to ensure I do my part in making Dear Leader our former prez come November. However, I still think he has a chance for re-election. Now, if that happens, I’d like to see a group come to fore for his impeachment and removal from office, which he has earned. Let’s not forget that Bill Clinton was impeached though not removed. But, I digress again.

    Back to my friends: one went to the restroom then disappeared. The others stayed and agreed that Dear Leader has done and said the wrong things. After that, they couldn’t help themselves for touting ObamaCare. Sigh. I’ve a long road ahead of me.

    • CG,

      At least you’re fighting the fight… I’ve just given up on Dims and their logic. In fact, as I told a buddy the other day, future friends will only become friends if they have no resentment against the wealthy, and if they align themselves with the Republican Party.

      • Cinnamon Girl says:

        Two of these three people are wealthy and they claim to be on the fence. I doubt it but at least I can have dialogue with them.

        Also, remember that I am surrounded by “blue” here in Tampa. A huge amount of the population is on welfare and the rest are either rich elitists, college students, and service industry workers; primed Democrats, all. I’m a fish out of water, if you will, but I’m inhaling plenty of humidity to keep alive, haha.

        • CG..whites on welfare?

          • Cinnamon Girl says:

            Heh. There are a LOT of non-whites in Tampa. I had no idea before coming here. But, there are also a lot of young whites, perfectly capable of fending for themselves, on food stamps and other govt assistance, all of which I consider to be welfare. They’re all very liberal and see nothing wrong with it. It’s shocking.

          • I don’t know why 90404 would or should be surprised by that…just sayin’

          • THAT is so true CG! They embarrass me and make me sick to my stomach. Liberal Obama voting whites with a cultural death wish… disgusting creatures with an entitlement mentallity thanks to the marxist run public school system

        • You’re not a fish out of water on this site… always look forward to reading your post.

  10. Pardon me for a few minutes but I mean to offend and with every form of disrespect possible!

    No God-fearing Christian American should make any kind of attempt in situating themselves within an Islamic nation. Whether on a Diplomatic, Academic or Missionary level! The risks are just too dangerous. And a swift and violent death is guaranteed! As much as it pains me to admit this, a devout practicing Christian stands a better chance of surviving as a week long panelist, dialoguing with the ladies of the “liberal” View, than they would one day in a middle eastern country!

    Islam is a phony religion created in order to combat Christianity! Their hatred runs deep. Exceeding all non muslim practicing ethnic groups. Including Jews, White Europeans, Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, and Native-Americans! For those Americans who are willing to marry a Muslim and travel abroad to a God-forsaken Middle Eastern nation in hopes of “building bridges” with them, good look to you!

    History is constantly repeating itself and reminding clear thinking and observant Americans of what’s at stake for us as a nation, if we continue to engage in the fallacy of welcoming sinister foreigners, whose only aim is to destroy us! Have we not learn anything form past experience?

    First the peaceful but “Western-provoked” Mohammedans decided to engage us with a foretaste of Middle-Easten hospitality and pre-Olympics entertainment by killing several Israeli athletes just before the start of the 1972 games.

    Then, nearly 30+ years ago, the silver screen gave us a bird’s eye view of Islamic torture through their archaic penal system, in the classic nightmarish film, Midnight Express”! Which chronicled the horrorific foreign prison accounts of young American hashish smuggler named Billy Hayes. Yet “Hussein HopeChange” was promising his numerous anti-American advocates of his “diligent” efforts in shutting down the “romper roomesque” environment at Guantanamo Bay, come his first term!

    Then for laughs, some of the followers of the “religion of peace” decided to hijack the Achille Lauro and tossed an elderly man named Leon Klinghoffer overboard, while shouting in unison, “Allahu-Akbar” of course.

    Still we weren’t convinced of the dangers of our “moderate” Mohammedan neighbors living within our midst. So they made yet another desperate attempt in trying to alert us of the seriousness of their violent religion. Come February of 1993, they detonated a bomb below the Twin Towers which went awry and still, they realized Clinton and the rest of us just didn’t get it. Next time, we will!

    So, they tried again. This time with much more success while shedding even more blood through the permenant destruction of the Twin towers during the Bush administration on September 11th 2001. Now this latest and most gruesome attack in Libya is yet another attempt in alerting our nation of what’s headed our way, once their complicit ally in the White House is officially removed from office, making way for their next administrative enemy!

    • Don’t forget that there was also a great deal of evidence that the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma in (1996?) was also a jihade muslim operation that the Clinton regime quickly covered up and simply let the two dumb-ass “white supremasists” lackeys take the fall for it all. These liberal marxists SOBs (aka Democrats) are in bed with the jihade/caliphate mooooooslims thinking that they will come out on top. What they don’t realize is that they too will be eaten by the dragon in the end.

  11. It ain’t getting better for some time. See Drudges homepage, Full Blown Crisis.

  12. Steyn has written some good things, warning of Islam..
    Hes also a Jew and Zionist, so be careful.

    Does he want the USA to have troops outside the USA?
    If so he is an imperialist.

  13. 25 to 30 years ago, it would have been inconceivable that someone even remotely close to Obunghole would be electable, let alone re-electable. Frightening. That’s just how much the electorate has changed. I can remember a time when, in a presidential election, every state was in play. No longer the case. The big electoral vote states, California and New York, now recognize only one party. Pretty much throw in Massachusetts, Oregon, Illinois and Washington. Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Wisconsin are teetering. See the trend? This is no longer the America of Declaration of Independence and Constitution fame. It has devolved into an incoherent ‘multicultural’ shithouse that is no longer under the rule of law. What was slim and none now appears to be only – none.

  14. Ann Barnhardt is pissed off! It looks like it’s going to take a woman to shame us into action!

    I demand to be arrested for blasphemy. Now.
    Posted by Ann Barnhardt – September 14, AD 2012 1:12 PM MST
    The Obama regime is going after the people who made the cheesy mohammed movie that the musloids are blaming the riots on. They are “suggesting” that YouTube “review” the content of the clip of the movie they have posted, and are also now looking to jail one of the filmmakers. In addition, the Obama propaganda arm operating as the L.A. Times has posted pictures and explicit location descriptions of the home of one of the filmmakers, clearly an effort to intimidate the filmmakers and to pass tactical intel to the muslim brotherhood – which is why you always publicize your personal info right off the bat like I did. In doing so you claim a massive tactical advantage and utterly deprive the enemy of his MAIN WEAPON, which is intimidation and fear.
    Ladies and gentlemen, what you are witnessing is the establishment of the Sharia, specifically “islamic blasphemy” laws, right here in what used to be called the United States of America.

    Well, I have a little something to say about all of this.

    I have done what many consider to be the most hard-core, serious koran burning to date. I bookmarked the filthy damn thing with strips of raw bacon, and then I burned the satanic screed page by page after reading the demonic filth therein contained.

    What many of you may not know is that very soon after my koran burning went viral, a group of Coptic Christians in Egypt translated it – every word – subtitled it in Arabic, and then posted that version on YouTube. How humbling. Please understand that there is a very good chance that some of the Copts involved in that effort have since been killed in the Christian genocide that has been raging in Egypt, and all throughout the musloid-infected world since early 2011.

    While my original version on my YouTube channel has just under 200,000 views as of this writing, that is a pittance compared to the Arabic subtitled version, posted on the YouTube Channel “AnnThankYou”, which has 665,000 views. Most of those views are of course in Egypt, the Middle East and North Africa. Therefore, if this nation is now under the Sharia, I DEMAND to be arrested for not only “blasphemy” but also as an accessory to murder as recommended by both Mike Barnicle and Donny Deutsch on MSNBC earlier this week. THAT CITATION HERE.

    Any time you bastards want to get real about this, I’m your flippin’ huckleberry. Come and get me, and then WATCH WHAT HAPPENS.

    FAVOR: Below are both versions. For those of you with the capability and know-how, PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE VIDEOS, MIRROR AND REPOST – MOST ESPECIALLY THE ARABIC SUBTITLED VERSION. I obviously have the original version, but I do not have a copy of the Arabic version on my hard drive.

    The only way you fight and destroy this evil is by RIDING OUT TO MEET IT. No capitulation. No compromise. No appeasement. No apologies. No negotiation. And then you lay down the righteous assbeating to end all assbeatings, and you do not stop until the evil is totally, completely and utterly destroyed. Anything less is a sin against God and your fellow man.

    You can come after me if you want, boys. You come after me. That’s fine. I have no problem laying down my life: for my fellow Americans, for my fellow human beings, and for the Church. I have no problem with that. Come and get it. But I’m not going to lay down. That is not what Christ commands. There are times when we have to fight. We fight evil. We fight the evil in the world, and this crap is EVIL.
    My name is Ann Barnhardt. I’m at 9175 Kornbrust Circle, 80124, in Lone Tree, Colorado. Anybody who wants a piece of me is more than welcome to come and get it. That goes for Lindsey Graham, anyone in the government who thinks that this is a crime, or any muslims who would like to come and get a piece of me. I’ve had enough of this crap. I am not going to bow. I am not going to submit to islam, ever. EVER.

    I meant it then, and I mean it now.

    Enough of this horseshit. Enough.

    Ann burning bacon wrapped Koran


  15. Obama and Hillary were a sickening sight standing with those coffins. Those people had no protection from the savages,now Obama is sending 50 marines? Fifty to fend off thousands? Will THEY be allowed to have bullets? Unbelievable.

  16. This is a perfect example of why we should be ashamed.


  17. I wonder what’s next,I’m so sick of these people.

  18. Oh,and, his mole is on the wrong side of his face! What’s up with that?

  19. Robert N. Schick says:

    Mark Steyn has the best rants…He see’s the country being dragged to Perdition by the Progressives..who are really Sal Alinsky sycophants…He see’s the ineptitude of this adminstration when we need real leadership…when we need the Grownups in charge…Not the Chicago Thugs and Poison Ivy League Marxists…As Clint said…Sham Wow, Captain Crunch the Economy. Koran Kisser, Dog Eater, Barney Fife, Triple Bogey,amateur Hour, Barry The Fairy, 666, Son of a Drunkin’ Marxist from Kenya, Pinocchio,Nevil Chamberlain, Benedict Arnold Obama …Has Got To Go..!