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We the People

Crossing the Rubicon

Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.

– H. L. Mencken, A Little Book in C major, 1916

If we renew the contract, we will get the same deal – with only one difference. In a second term, he will never answer to you again.

– Congressman Paul Ryan, at the Values Voter Summit, September 14th, 2012, via Paul Ryan to ‘values voters’: If Obama wins, there’s no going back

Believe me: If this continues, you’re not going to recognize this country.

– Bill O’Reilly, Fox News, February 15th, 2012, via The Gateway Pundit

On paper, given Obama’s record, this election should be a cakewalk for the Republicans. Why isn’t it? I am afraid the answer may be that the country is closer to the point of no return than most of us believed. With over 100 million Americans receiving federal welfare benefits, millions more going on Social Security disability, and many millions on top of that living on entitlement programs–not to mention enormous numbers of public employees–we may have gotten to the point where the government economy is more important, in the short term, than the real economy. My father, the least cynical of men, used to quote a political philosopher to the effect that democracy will work until people figure out they can vote themselves money. I fear that time may have come.

– John Hinderaker, Why is This Election Close?, September 8th, 2012, via Powerline

Simply put: If Obama wins this November, the Rubicon has been crossed. For such a feat will indicate that the scales of American populace have tipped from the doers, the achievers, the freedom-lovers to that of the moochers, the sheep, and those who espouse the master/slave model of society.

And from here, there is no going back. Not without a fight.

The Primary Decision

Too many conservatives—especially those of esteemed intellect—seem resigned to America’s defeat. I understand all too well the skepticism and the defeatism which plagues our ranks. We are outnumbered, outgunned, out-monied, out-lawyered, out-maneuvered, and far too often out-smarted.

But then, so were the little band of scrappers from the colonies who took on the world’s greatest empire and military power.

As I’ve stated repeatedly, between a choice of dying on my feet or living on my knees, seems to me that the only American option is to die fighting.

In even the dourest of circumstances, I maintain this point of view. I hope you do as well.

Leadership, and the Vacuum Therein

But whom to fight? When to fight? Where to fight? How to fight?

For these answers, we need leadership.

Perhaps more than anything, America needs great leaders once again: men who are not enamored with power and wealth; men who are more concerned with honoring their word and preserving the Constitution than they are being reelected and receiving a government pension; men who really do respect the people that elected them; men who are willing to be unpopular, if that is the cost of honesty and integrity; men who know the difference between the eternal and the temporal; and, yes, men who know the meaning of the word AMERICAN.

– Chuck Baldwin, Is The Day Of Great Leaders Past?, VDare.com, October 7th, 2010

But therein lies the rub. For where have all the leaders gone?

On some deeply instinctual level, most of us—regardless of political views—have a feeling that something, some life force, has gone out of public and private life. What is that force? Leadership.

– Charles A. Coulombe, Where Have All the Leaders Gone?, Taki’s Magazine, September 15th, 2012

The sad answer is: I have no idea where men of stature have retreated. Or perhaps we’ve been so emasculated as a society that we have driven leaders to extinction. I hope this is not the case. I hope out there lie many undiscovered diamonds in the rough, yet to be hewn and polished by the throes of our impending economic, political, and civilizational cataclysm.

Preparing to Be Led

These developments aren’t liberal plots so much as sweeping cultural changes.

– James Poulos, If Obama Wins, The Daily Caller, December 21st, 2011

But if Spengler is to be proved wrong, leaders and led alike must see that full bellies, sated gonads, and endless entertainment are not enough. The codependency of mediocrity between rulers and ruled must be broken. Otherwise the dour comment of Proverbs will be fulfilled once more: “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Regardless of how leaders ascend to rule, even those with vision are useless if their people do not share it.

– Charles A. Coulombe, Where Have All the Leaders Gone?, Taki’s Magazine, September 15th, 2012

Until a leader emerges, we must at least prepare ourselves to be led. That entails, firstly, garnering a common understanding of what it is that will be required of us when our long-awaited leaders finally emerge.

The Objective

Far be it for me to assume the capability of enumerating what’s required of us patriots in order to be effective “foot soldiers”. But I’m quite confident that, first and foremost, we must agree on an objective.

And I believe the objective is as follows: to restore the United States as a constitutional republic—not an empire; not a socialist “utopia”; not a client state of international bureaucrats, but a constitutional republic.

And the key elements of this constitutional republic are as follows:

  • The protection of and service to individual liberty;
  • A strictly limited federal government with only certain, clearly enumerated powers (i.e., abidance to the Constitution’s original intent);
  • State sovereignty;
  • Equality under the law, regardless of race, religion, color, or sexual orientation;
  • Sound fiscal policy;
  • Sound immigration policy;
  • America and Americans first—and all other nations and peoples subordinate therein.

Modus Operandi

But how to achieve this objective? For once the Rubicon has been crossed, there will be no way to vote patriots into office. It will be a quick descent into an “Ameritopian” hell from there…unless we find other means of ejecting the traitors from power.

But those in power will not go without a fight. If Obama wins, the only way for patriots to regain the reins of power will be via unrelenting force—though whether that takes the form of violent or non-violent force (mass protests, boycotts, etc.) I cannot say.

What I can say is that this force must focus on all halls of power: government, academia, public education, entertainment media, “journalism”, labor unions, etc.

In other words, I believe the bottom-line that everyone and anyone who considers himself a patriot must agree on is that once it’s clear that the voting public prefers enslavement to freedom, totalitarianism to liberty (i.e., once they re-elect Obama), in order to survive as the great nation we once were, we’ll need to immediately commence a widespread “ideological cleansing” of all the treasonous anti-American zealots in every hall of power—and we must be willing to do this via any means necessary.

And as for their mindless, lazy, flabby, channel-surfing, bread-and-circuses sycophants who enable the traitors’ malfeasance while being simultaneously entranced by it, I believe Samuel Adams said it all:

If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.

In short: If we are to restore America as a constitutional republic, we must purge our nation of leftists. Whether that means simply “winning hearts and minds”, removing them from power, or somehow physically ridding the nation of their presence, I know not.

Ideological Cleansing Yields Ethnic Cleansing

That said, I suffer no delusions about what an ideological cleansing of leftist/Marxist/Communistic adherents would entail: it would inevitably result in de facto ethnic cleansing.

That is to say, were we to find a means to somehow purge our nation of the traitorous, anti-liberty, anti-law-and-order ideologues of the left judiciously—i.e., purely by an objective measure of individuals’ ideological positions and completely irrespective of one’s race, religion, color, or creed—we would nonetheless be purging large and disproportionate swaths of blacks, Muslims, Hispanics, sexual deviants, and Jews (presumably in that order, from greatest to least proportionate impact).

In the parlance of the left, an ideological purge would have a “disparate impact” upon “protected classes” of U.S. citizens—and therefore, according to twisted leftist “thinking”, evince systemic or “institutional” racism inherent in the “pogrom”, thereby striking it as invalid and evil.

Of course, any “disparate impact” inherent to a purge of perfidy would no more evince racism than does disproportionate black-on-black gun violence demonstrate inherent racism within the gun industry. In reality, like wildly disproportionate incarceration rates of “minorities” (read: NAMs), any “disparate impact” would not be a reflection of racism or any such failing of the system, but rather an appropriately color-blind, and hence equal, application of the law to human subspecies unequal—whether courtesy nature or nurture or some combination thereof—in their general ability to abide by the American charter of self-government, individual liberty, and equality under the law.

Implicit in the above is the notion that somehow [Gentile] whites would be immune from “de facto ethnic cleansing” resulting from an ideological purge of the left. This is not to say there would be no whites subject to the corrective measures of such a purge—far from it. Rather, it means that whites wouldn’t be disproportionately affected.

Why would that be? Simply put, whites are, evidentially, relative to other races and speaking strictly in the political realm, diverse thinkers—and hence fairly proportionately occupy all bands of the political spectrum.

Contrast this with blacks. In a recent poll, some 94% of blacks registered support for Barack Hussein Obama, while registering 0%—zero percent!—for Mitt Romney.

Close behind them are Hispanics who, despite all appearances of being a hard-working lot, still cling bitterly to the “give me handouts/stick-it-to-whitey” brigade known as Democrats.

Ethnosuicide Yields Ideological Cleansing

In other words, unlike whites, the two most proportionately populous voting blocs of the treasonous Democrat Party (blacks and Hispanics) show little, if any, capacity to espouse diversity of political opinion. And given the dearth of intellectual marvels coming from these demographics, one may surmise the bland intellectual uniformity is not limited merely to the political sphere.

Why this last point? Because while one of the key ingredients to the success story known as the United States of America has been the diverse, creative energy released in “we the people” by virtue of a government that was strictly limited, another key ingredient has been the rooting of an overwhelmingly creative, intelligent, self-governing, law-abiding population that would not only guarantee the tenability of limited government, but could also flourish directly as a result.

In a word: whites.

And which demographic has every affirmative action program and diversity initiative had in its crosshairs? Which demographic do our immigration policies dilute most? Which demographic has the lowest birth rates? Which demographic shoulders the heaviest tax burden? Which demographic—and only this demographic, the world over—must accept “diversity” and “open borders” and the happy subjugation of its own culture, land, and political system to third world invaders?

Like it or not, the trend is inevitable: We who stand for limited government and individual liberty either ideologically—and hence, de facto, ethnically—clean house, or we get ethnically—and hence ideologically—cleansed from our own nation.

The latter option has been the left’s pogrom since the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act: Drive whites into minority status, establish a permanent black and brown underclass forever dependent upon an enslaved white working-class minority, and rule despotically from on high.

This agenda has taken such a turn for the patently obvious over the past decade that to be blind to it by this point is simply inexcusable.

In other words, reality will rear its ugly head and we will be confronted with this stark choice (“cleanse or be cleansed”) sooner rather than later. Better to face up to it now than to bury one’s head and pretend no such vulgarly impolitic decision is looming.

So Be It

As mentioned, invariably the first avenue of the left’s resistance to any such ideological purge will be charges of “genocide” and “ethnic cleansing” (not to mention the hackneyed “McCarthyism!”, “racism!”, “natavism!”, and such).

The answer to such charges? So be it.

Apply the law equally, regardless of race or religion, and let the racial and religious chips fall where they may. If we end up, say, shipping off 95% of the black population because that proportion refuses to live up to the ideals of the nation’s founding and insist, rather, on sticking it to whitey? …Well, then, so be it.

If you don’t want to be purged, be a patriot, not a traitor.

However, though it goes without saying to this audience, we must remain principled in any such effort and maintain as enemies of the state only those who are, in ideology and action, enemies of the state—and not those who simply fall into the same racial, ethnic, religious, or other such extraneous category as the majority of the traitors.

Sophie’s choice

Who wants any of the above? Who wants any sort of cleansing—whether ideological or otherwise? Who wants violent conflict? Who wants war? Who wants to risk their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor for a means so perilous and an end so uncertain?

No one in their right mind, that’s for sure.

But when presented with a choice in which both options are equally unbearable, but the decision unavoidable, which evil will you choose? That which guarantees your destruction, or that which gives you at least a fighting chance?

No sentient person wants that towards which we rapidly head…but a patriot will want the alternative even less.

Just let us be clear: We will not be to blame for this choice and its resulting outcome, except insofar as we allowed it to get to this point to begin with. It is the enemies domestic of the United States of America that have forced our hands in the terrible decisions we will soon have to make.

The Path Forward

What to do?

Well, the obvious task is to get Romney elected. This should buy us some time and possibly avoid the necessity for any sort of violent conflict.

With that being said, we should also be preparing for the worst—i.e., the aforementioned violent conflict.

Also, we must find leaders. Tis almost a certainty that those lusting to lead are least fit for it, while those most deserving of it are least likely to seek it. (Think General George Washington.) So we must be forever sniffing out the leaders amongst our ranks, and, when found, thrust greatness upon them.

Lastly but perhaps most importantly, we must keep our chins up and our spines stiff. Come November, stuff’s going to get real.

Don't Tread on Me

Postscript: A Case Against Secession

AWD and others have often made the case that secession is looking like the preferable solution to our national dilemma. Perhaps it is. But I offer the counterargument that it would be better to maintain the union and fight the traitors wherever they slink rather than attempt to separate from them.


First, why cede territory to a bunch of worse-than-useless scum? Are they that powerful that they can’t be defeated without giving up half the country to them?

Secondly, and more importantly, I believe liberalism is an “intellectual disease”. And like many diseases, borders—no matter how strictly enforced—will not serve as a sufficient quarantine, especially when the method of transmission of said disease is via a global communications network consisting of television, radio, literature, movies, newspapers, social media, blogs, etc.

In other words, if we do not figure out how to cure this intellectual disease, then secession will only be, at best, a temporary means of sequestering an uninfected population from a disease that has shown a remarkable ability to extend into, survive, and thrive in even the most inhospitable of environments.

Think of liberalism not as gangrene, whereby severing the infected limb will save the body. Rather, think of liberalism as a cancer that has a tremendous capacity to metastasize. You can remove a tumor, or remove some part of the body, but there’s no guarantee that the cancer won’t pop up somewhere else. In fact, it’s likely that the cancer will reappear…and perhaps in a vital organ that can’t viably be extirpated. What then?

Chemotherapy. I.e., shock the body with toxins so lethal as to kill the cancer but just not quite lethal enough to kill the healthy cells. Radical, perhaps, but sometimes the only way to save the body.

Secession is to our national problem what amputation is to an aggressive, highly malignant cancer—i.e., a stalling tactic, but one unlikely to ultimately cure the disease. No, some tougher medicine will be in order—and to be effective, it won’t be localized. Rather, it will be applied to the entire body so that cancerous cells have no place to hide, and no place from which to spring back into deadly action once the heat is off.

If secession be the preferred answer, I will heartily support it. However, my contention is that this should be a last resort. Before that, we should be willing to fight—by any means necessary—to free the nation from the claws of traitors and their legions of useful idiots…wherever they are.




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  1. You forgot one option.

    Prepare for the future & simply let the empire collapse so that it can be rebuilt from the ashes by patriots.

    This is also probably the easiest to accomplish as it does not require uniting masses of people or many other hard feats.

    All this tactic really requires is a few simple steps.

    1: Retain supplies needed for survival. (this includes making sure you have something to fall back on as a source of money like silver/gold etc….)

    2: train yourself/friends loved ones to be self reliant & independent. (this includes making sure you can get fresh water & electricity if the sh!t hits the fan)

    3: Possibly one of the most important steps. don’t pay taxes. There are a ton of loopholes in the tax code, learn them & use them so you don’t have to feed the beast. This will starve the liberals & Neocons in our almost socialist government & once enough of the middle class do it the government will collapse.


    Time has come to tell those UN war Mongers to GET LOST time to evict these invaders and have the entire UN facility raized to the ground lets turn the area into a BIRD REFUGE with GOOSE and TURKEY hunting allowed

  3. Wow back with a vengeance, it is a discomforting thought that hard choices and final solutions may be foisted upon those that wish to remain conservative Americans.

    Can we start with voting out Obama, politically purging the Republican party of center left politicians, and reforming our education system, before I have to think about unbearable options and ethnic cleansing.

    Ideologically Communism has the same problem as cannibalism, the more people subscribe to the idea, the less there is to eat.

    Let’s fix our own house first, and let the Democrats fracture and eat themselves.

  4. Just Another Random Thought says:

    Very valid points. Finding it hard to debate. But its like the cancer cells are already throughout the body. Amputation may stall it, but then how does one decide what should be amputated? Furthermore, as stated, the cancer can re-appear, stronger than before….and possibly intelligent enough to avoid further treatment.
    My thoughts however, are pessimistic at best. Likening the idealogical views to cancer is very accurate. However, if you think about it that way, chemo is rough on the body. There are plenty who would rather die or “let the cancer” run its course, than to be bed stricken, where their quality of life is worse than the death. If you can somewhat follow my response.
    Along with many others, I think that the time to repair our country may have expired. With so many dependent on others, and the growth of this segment far surpassing growth of “us” producers, to wean off the gov’t teet seems nearly impossible. While the total demise of all handouts would only bring violence. Danged if you do, danged if you don’t. The world is a changing.

  5. How’s this from Mittens Romney? He loves letting in a million legal third worlders a year. Betcha he wants amnesty too.

  6. The next time a neighborhood socialist calls me a “crazy old man,” I’ll respond with, “That’s nuts to you. My reply is NUTS!”

    They fear me already, why not a little more. Thanks Red. 🙂

  7. Oh if we only had off world colonies to send them to…

  8. Liberalism is a true mental illness that must be eliminated from society much like smallpox and polio were. Truth and a positive Conservative attitude are a good start. An in your face call out of lies must be done by All conservatives and keep it up and damn those Rinos and other scum that infest the conservative movement. They need to be cast off like the blood sucking parasites they imitate. David Brooks from the NY Times is one, another is William Kristol from the Weakly Standard.

  9. Spurwing Plover says:

    The COMMUNISTS killed more then the NAZIS. Che and Mao were mass murderers who have become popular inons with brain dead liberals

    • Mao killed over 80 Million and Krushchev said the Bolsheviks killed over 20,000,000 White Christians in Russia. Yet there are COMMUNIST professors in the universities of America and they get TENURE, in fact it HELPS to get tenure if you are a COMMUNIST.

  10. Obama has more money than the GOP, that is just the way it is.
    The NRA has said that this election is THE election of our history, if Obama is re-elected KISS the 2nd Amendment good-bye and another appointment like Kagan or Sotomayor and add the 1st Amendment and the 5th and go down the line.

    I was hoping, despite my dislike of the two of them, that Romney-Ryan could pull this out, I have to say I doubt it, I want to think they can but I don’t see how.

    I think most real conservatives feel, once again, that the GOP elite have chosen their boy, and I was convinced that McCain threw the last election, and Romeny keeps making these ridiculous stumbles, are we seeing a real election or another scam performed for the benefit of the rapidly diminishing Majority?

    Romeny, gun banner, Romney Care, he is a pale version of Obama, perhaps without the vicious HATRED of White folks.

    The GOP base, which is now and has ALWAYS been the White Majority, is IGNORED by the GOP professionals, and Romney was in Los Angeles Monday hispandering his pants off.

    Ever notice that when the Dems appoint Supreme Court Justices they are ALWAYS and FOREVER leftists? When Republican Presidents appoint Supreme Court Justices at best they score 50%.

    The GOP now needs such an exceptionally high share of the White vote to win (because Whites are a rapidly diminishing share of the voters), that prospects are not good for the GOP having a guy sitting in the White House ever again. Seriously.

    I think most of us here at AWD could see this coming, with the GOP elite supporting the same Immigration policy that the ENEMY does.

    The Greatest Generation (sic) voted in the crooks who destroyed America, see the Immigration and Nationality Act Amendments of 1965, that was the signal most important piece of legislation for why we are at the crisis we are today.

    The real America, the one some of us can remember is GONE, and it looks like FOREVER. UNLESS something really big happens and the dispossessed Majority gets a FIRE UNDER THEM.

    Doesn’t look that way does it?

    • “The Greatest Generation (sic) voted in the crooks who destroyed America” Steve

      Because they believed that the government was always on their side. They believed that the government was looking out for them. They trusted them.

  11. RedStater your post is well stated and I like most of it. There is one part I wish you would reconsider . The thread of thought that stems from “Leaders” and “Led”. This is to me a very bad concept in the end. These people elected to government should be hired as administrators and managers not as our owners. WE (any who pay a positive tax-put in more than take out) own the company THEY should have the mindset of the employees . This elitist divine right of control has always been in the background of our country ,it is human nature for a government to crave power. That is what our constitution has as unique- limits on government power. I do believe that limit is what Obama considers the biggest “failure” in the document.
    I began to notice in the 80’s that the phrase “Public Servant ” was being dropped in most government dialog and replaced by the word “Leaders” whenever the syntax would work.Not some conspiracy but a sense of entitlement that was growing much as the old world’s royalty had.
    I’m starting a rant so let me leave. Good to see you posting again Mr. RedStater.

    • Major–any chance you’re tracking this comment thread? I wanted to follow up with you on your comment since I was just asked to expand on the “preparing to be led” section, above.

  12. I’ll have to look up the word pogrom. It seems like a cool word though. Keep your eyes peeled for the ‘black suburbans’ Red. More often than not, I look at the world through my own lens. The economy is doing very badly they say, yet my place of employment has almost more work than we can do.

    It’s hard for me to get a feel for how things really are, by observation. All I know is what I read on conservative blogs, and hear on talk radio. Yet all I hear is that everything is going downhill rapidly.

    That being said, not being prepared is foolish. Coming as I do from hurricane country, it is always prudent to make good use of fair weather. You learn to read the sky. Watch the barometer. Judge the breeze. Look at the ocean. Become adept at reading the signs. And most of the time, the storm doesn’t come your way.

    But when it does, you’ll be ready. I think we are in the ‘preparedness and preparation’ phase now. Hopefully the storm will pass with only some high water and a bit of wind damage to deal with. But if it’s worse, I will be as prepared as I can be.

  13. RidinShotgun says:

    God allmighty, where do I start? First off I’m glad this post is up here because like it or nor, we’re going to have to deal with this problem, it’s that simple. That being said, if we’re going to survive, we’re going to have to make serious plans to remove certain segments of this society, why? Simply put we’re importing too many people here to whom our national idea/identity, cultural mindset, framework of rules/laws are so completely alien, that not only will they never get it, in an alarming trend – depending where you are in the country – they don’t have to. If you don’t believe me, witness the rise of Sharia Law as an excuse for some of the most inhuman type of behavior in our courts out in California. This will only spread.
    From my own experience, my maternal grandfather is a carpenter and has been building homes for almost forty years, during this time he’s had people from a number of different backgrounds working for him. He’s told me of one guy – Carlos – who’s father came here from Mexico (legally) back in the late 50’s. His father served in Vietnam and has always loved this country, as my grandfather says it, the guy NEVER mentioned Mexico, ever. Carlos was always a hard worker and comes from the same mold as his father did, his son Phillipe’ however is another story. Phillipe’ has bought into the “Whitey stole our land from us back in 1848” lock stock and barrel. Try to tell the kid that the Chirucaua Apache (I hope I spelled that correctly) were the ones who stole the land and we in turn took it from them and he goes off into a violent paroxysm and any logic goes out the window. Quothe he; “Whatever! They at least were racially akin to my people, you gringos are the devil!”
    His father makes excuses for him, but my grandfather is very blunt with me about people like him (Phillipe’) “That kid, unfortunately is the future.” Since there are hundreds of millions more like him and since there are also a few million blacks who harbor similar attitudes about us, but for different reasons, forced deportation becomes a neccessity. But it will be a bloody one.
    Secession is a bit of a different animal and I think the reason it gets such a bad rap is because of the reason why it happened the last time around. For those of you who read history, Thomas Jefferson was not only comfortable with the idea of scession, but that he could see it happening at some point in the future (This was taken from a letter he wrote to a friend of his back before he became President) Most people are also unaware of the fact that there was a move to secede by most of the New England states back during Jeffersons 1st term. This fact has been largely forgotten by history.

  14. Sorry folks, I had to take a conference call there and didn’t want to have to type the above all over again – hence part II here.
    So yes this is going to be bloody, but some logistics have to be worked out first. To begin with, if there is to be secession – other than Texas – where would this occur? Certain people will not be keen on having to move from their homes to end up someplace else in order for us to create our new nation. As someone who has worn the uniform, I never thought I’d live to see the day I’d be contemplating this. But I have a young son and baby girl, do I want them to grow up in a place that was once a proud country only now it’s filled with people who will blame them for all the ills of the world simply because their white?
    John Paul Jones once stated – “If there is to be trouble, let it be in my day that my children shall know peace.” I’m willing to suffer the slings and arrows so that they may have a better life.

  15. 79firebirdman says:

    Kudos to ya Red! I read this before bed last night and this is my response after ruminating about it overnight. Deep stuff indeed. Excellent post, well written and researched. However any cure for our nations considerable ills that doesn’t include God is doomed for failure. And I will stand by this point of view until I get planted 6 feet under. All of our problems have been in the works for about 100 yrs now. The slide toward the crises we face were greatly accelerated when the godless and the progtards started actively removing God and prayer from public discourse. Why can thinking people not see that the constitution is not anti-God and anti-religion. It is not and the legal premise that it is is a charade and a distraction. That said, the progressives and assorted domestic enemies from within that have the deck stacked against us are as close to remaking our beloved country as they have ever been. For that reason alone they are not gonna go away without a fight. So if, as I hope and pray, Chicago Jesus gets defeated in the election, there will be massive civil unrest and riots as urban “yoots” and other assorted feral blacks and browns and even a good share of white trash will react violently to the prospect of having the government teat pulled out of their mouths. The wild card in all this is our worthless media and “journalists”. I agree with Sean Hannity that journalism died in 2008, after a long downhill slide. Journalists and the media have forsaken their constitutionally sanctioned roles as government watchdogs and are all in for a political agenda that is just as destructive for them as for the population at large. The main issue to me is how do you restore the media to its rightful role without running afoul of the constitution and inviting even more corruption, abuse of public trust, and hidden agendas? I’ll admit that I don’t have the answer to that question, but it has to be addressed. Lastly, if secession does occur, my hope is that Tennessee’s lot is cast with Texas and other majority red states. Fortunately, Tennessee is one of the reddest of the red states and that is not gonna change anytime soon.

  16. RedStaterNYC says:

    “But I look at it this way — if we all step back, this really isn’t an election between two men,” he said. “This is an election between two ideas. One is the American dream and one is a massive welfare stare — a welfare state that is expanding and collapsing at the same time.

    “In my mind, it is probably yes [the point of no return]. And I’m going to tell you something — that doesn’t mean I’m not going to fight the rest of my life. I’m not going to curl up in a fetal position and leave my family exposed to this. But it’s going to make the battle a thousand times more difficult. We have a man as president of the United States that does not feel constrained by the Constitution — has nothing but contempt for it. We have a Congress that seems incapable of responding to it. They’re utterly timid and cowardly. We have a Supreme Court, even if you look at John Roberts that gives its imprimatur to the most outrageous power grab to the federal government in our lifetime. So basically, rather than checks and balances of the federal government, we have collusion in the branches of government against the individual and the states. Keep in mind, the states gave birth to the federal government. The federal government was supposed to be relatively innocuous. Now the states are impotent to a large extent. They gave birth to the federal government. Now they live at its behest. It’s not a constitutional republic. It’s not a federal republic. I’m not sure what it is. That’s why I call it “Ameritopia.” I just know the Constitution in so many respects is not adhered to anymore and that’s the fight.”
    – Mark Levin, on Sean Hannity’s radio show, September 19th, 2012, via http://dailycaller.com/2012/09.....-no-return

  17. 79firebirdman says:

    Indeed, with the upcoming election we face THE CHOICE OF OUR LIFETIME, a choice of ideologies, which will determine the fate of our country for generations to come, after all of those of us here on this blog are long dead and gone. The choice itself is not tough, but the consequences of the wrong choice will be disastrous. Voter fraud also definitely is a factor, but hopefully a factor that can be overcome. Unfortunately, I am a simple man and don’t have many solutions to our problems, but I will cast my lot with patriots and producers come what may. And I will defend what is mine to the death through whatever means is necessary.

  18. Mr Obama will get re-elected for sure. Romneys an ass with a small brain and big mouth.

    Role on four more years of the same!

    • You are a misguided sac-o-crap…….get with the program……and start worshiping at the feet of Romney……There will be a white man in the oval office soon…….

  19. Lookout asshole, we will be kicking Obongo’s black ass black right the hell out of the white house……..November 6th we will show dispshits like you just how much we can’t stand this commie black bastard inhabiting our white house…….The community agitator is going to get his walking papers………soon, and very soon……….

  20. Yeah, whatever Bluto. Romney is a white imbicile with a big mouth, like the rest of you.
    And he dyes his hair.
    Obamas the man.
    Ive never been so rich since he came to power… and he`s a brother too.
    Role on 6th Nov

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