It’s truly laughable and sad at the same time that Eric Holder is still the Attorney General of the United States. It shows both the fecklessness of the wussypants Republicans in the House and the blatant disregard for the law held by Barack Obama. Selective enforcement of the law has now become the standard from the most corrupt administration in American history. It’s as if no one in Washington cares about enforcing the laws they create…unless it benefits the Democrat Party. Such is the case with Voter ID laws passed by several states.

After discovering massive voter fraud across the country, several states have passed sensible laws requiring voters to produce one form of acceptable ID to vote. After all, you have to show a drivers license to rent a DVD at Blockbuster! Shouldn’t one of the most sacred freedoms Americans enjoy, the right to vote, be stringently protected from fraudulent behavior? Well, not if you’re a Democrat. They love seeing those illegal aliens voting several times under the names of dead people.

This past Wednesday, Attorney General Eric Holder testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on why he is suing states who have passed reasonable Voter ID laws. Keep in mind, this man is the ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE UNITED STATES! (h/t DuhProgressive)

“Throughout history minorities and the poor have been prevented from voting by means such as ‘poll taxes’ and literacy tests…and requiring voters to produce government-issued IDs today is in the same vein of those discriminatory practices back then.

“Let’s be frank, much of the anthropological data (the Justice Department) has acquired concludes that people of certain ethnicities are simply biologically incapable of obtaining voter identifications.”

Voter ID laws are in no way similar to poll taxes! That is a blatant lie! Government ID is readily available to those who want it! But Obama’s chief henchman really showed his colors when he basically said “the people who vote for Democrats are really too stupid to get an ID and vote.” I don’t entirely disagree with him on that note.

Question. Should people who are too stupid to acquire proper identification to vote be voting in the first place? Do they contribute in electing the leaders who will help America or do they vote for whomever they are told? I’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count!

Holder continued down the slippery slope of stupidity:

“In Asia, Africa, but especially Latin America, people have not asked to produce documentation proving who they said they were, even when going to vote…granted the few occasions they were allowed to do so.

“It’s a simple matter of respect. Either we can honor the traditions of ethnicities in the U.S. who have no historical cultural demand they prove who they are, or we can take a step back to the days of Jim Crow and force people who have no familiarity with proving who they are to do so in a most uncomfortable setting (voting).”

“After all, this is America; we’re founded on ‘inclusion;’ on making people from other nations and cultures feel comfortable. How else can we achieve that unless we allow Hispan…I mean, uhh, ‘people’ to practice the traditions of the native lands they came from? Anything less would be discriminatory.”

Again, keep in mind this is THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! THE CHIEF LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER! Not only does he lie under oath, he also insults us! The United States was not founded on “inclusion” but the rule of law! Remember law, Mr. Attorney General? Or were you absent the day they taught law at law school? Would anyone ever have believed an Attorney General of the United States would oppose state laws protecting the sanctity of voting because they might discriminate against illegal aliens and the traditions of their third world hell-holes they came from? This is so bizarre it’s laughable. Yet, it is so tragic!

Furthermore, AWD lived in South America. Everyone….EVERYONE….is required to required to carry government ID with them at all times. If the police demand to see your ID, you better hand it over or go to jail. And the police don’t have to witness you committing a crime like here in America! Anyone who is in America from a foreign country is well-accustom to carrying government ID. Of course, this is all just a sham to get illegals to vote for Democrats. But you already knew that!

The strongest country in the history of the Earth continues to rot from the inside. Corrupt, evil men with designs on a socialist utopia are hard at work undoing everything that made America great. From the economy, to the size and control of government, to the aiding of illegal aliens to enter and exploit our country, America is in deep peril. The Democrats plot behind closed doors. The Republicans play golf.

Eric Holder needs to be behind bars. The entire Obama administration needs to be behind bars. They have usurped powers not given them in the Constitution and have broken the oaths they swore when taking office. And nobody in Washington gives a damn!

Here’s how easy it is to fraudulently vote in America. Oh, here’s how easy it is to vote as Eric Holder in America.

UPDATE: The source of this info is a satire page. AWD was unaware of that when I read the story. Funny thing is, everything they quoted Holder as saying is totally in line with his statements over the past four years!

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  1. Death to Libtards says:

    Black slang for the name on one’s birth certificate is “your government name.” Then you have to throw in his street name, gang moniker, the fake ID he gives when stopped by the police, and if he joins the Nation of Prislam, his ooga booga Arabic name. I swear I saw an obituary that had a whole paragraph of street names of the deceased and his homies.


    Obama is too arrogant to be president,holder is too corupt to be a judge

  3. He needs to be behind bars…but we’re never gonna see that happen.

  4. Cinnamon Girl says:

    Holder states, “In Asia, Africa, but especially Latin America, people have not asked to produce documentation proving who they said they were, even when going to vote…granted the few occasions they were allowed to do so.

    “It’s a simple matter of respect. Either we can honor the traditions of ethnicities in the U.S. who have no historical cultural demand they prove who they are, or we can take a step back to the days of Jim Crow and force people who have no familiarity with proving who they are to do so in a most uncomfortable setting (voting).”

    Over and above the fact that Holder also said the “biologically incapable line”, which should be a red-alert insult to minorities, but will be ignored by the press and by even leftist watchdogs, the two paragraphs above are most upsetting.

    Evoking Asia, Africa, and Latin America in a discussion about OUR country’s voting circumstances is unbelievable. For one thing, those countries have nothing to do with America other than the fact that Holder picked them because of the fact that legal and illegal immigrants from those countries comprise almost all of our minorities’ ethnicities. So, it was a calculated statement aimed against a Democratic Republic and for socialism and totalitarianism. Further, if people there don’t have to prove their identities, it stands to reason that it’s because they’re legal residents. Who would want to immigrate there? It’s not allowed in most of Asia, it’s not desired in Africa, and it’s not necessary in Latin America!

    As for the second paragraph, here he insults our country in its present state, our country in its past state, and minorities once again!

    I’ve rarely seen so much stupidity usher from one man’s mouth—he tops even Biden! But scarier, he obviously wishes to continue breaking laws and encouraging others to do so based upon his and their skin color and upon their illegal status. He SICKENS me so much that I can’t even laugh at this.

  5. angrywhitejarhead says:

    They are “biologically incapable of obtaining voter I.D.s”? Did this asshat really say that? Wow, to use South America as a model of voting rights seems…uummm…retarded. Of course they don’t have to get voter I.D.s, they’re told who to vote for ahead of time in most latin American dictatorships…oops, I mean countries. He doesn’t even seem to be ashamed to say things like that. He seems completely serious. I wonder if that douche Toure’ can decipher the “code” in Holders statements. biologically incapable = lazy and stupid.

  6. We need to go back to the concept of having to own property in order to vote.


    In prison for life banished to ELBA II,THE SPICE MINES OF KESSEL,THE KLINGONG PENAL ATEROID,DEVILS ATEROID, we cant send him to PREPLANUS becuase its gone

  8. Un-fu***ing believable. Of all of the stupid idiotic things democrats fight against this one issue is by far the most lame. How can they even argue it with a straight face?


    I can imagine if the GOP had said it the media sharks would go on one of their feeding freinzies like they did when Cheney had his hunting accedent the usial crap from the infernal scribblers,(Toles,Babin,Bennet,etc)and the usial junk from the hollyweird left as well as JESSIE JACKASSON,AL SHARKTON,FREAKOUT FARRAKHAN, and the usial suspects

  10. Poor downtrodden minorities. In my state they just busted a fake drivers license ring. A fake license could cost as much as $4.000. With that license you could vote, anything.

    I’m sick of these people talking about us like we were 19th century colonialists. Every thinking American knows the real reason for opposition to voter ID. If you don’t have to prove who are, you can be whoever you want to be.

    • In my state, we issue authentic driver’s licenses to illegals. Just pay off a DMV clerk with a last name ending in “Z”. I think the going rate is $200.

  11. Eric “”rat bastard”” Holder and Barack “”shit on a stick”” Obongo must think that they are really going to get away with this voter deception……

    More and more this country is looking like a third world country being run by lunatics that come up with the most inane, ridiculous, and absurd reasons for what they do……..

    The more control this government beast gets the more they want……these government assholes will not be satisfied…..they are on the attack and they have an appetite like a bottomless pit… never ends…….

    Here is one reporter that said it best…….

  12. Let’s all be clear about one thing….Eric “My People” Holder has a priority agenda of promoting, endorsing, and supporting anything, no matter how senseless, that benefits and gives preference to the black population of this country.

  13. Be calm people. There is no cause for alarm about voter I.D.. With the ‘fix’ in on the electronic voting rest assured that no matter who votes the tally will be close enough for the idiots to believe that the Indeonesian exchange student really did win a second term. And the next election after that, every one will have an Id chip so not only will you be sure that all voters are legit you will even be able to see who they vote for.

  14. Didn’t the ACLU use a 93 year old woman to challenge the Pennsylvania Voter ID LAW because it would be a hardship for her or any other senior to get a government photo ID?

    Didn’t she go down after the law was upheld and get that id….on the same day that her ACLU lawyers filed an appeal?

    We need to keep this “cheater’s no photo id” loophole closed.

  15. REV Wright says:

    Obama blacks have to be bussed [NAACP/SEIU] from poll to poll to vote early and often.

    Remember,”NO questions may be “axed” or you bees racist!”

    Eric Holder

  16. This article is fake. Holder has said some very questionable things, but this “biologically incapable” comment is pure fiction. It is a parody article.

  17. From the “DuhProgressive” About Page:

    If you’ve ever read The Onion, you can guess what we’re about. Take the snarkiness of a liberal and put it in the body of a contemporary conservative (i.e. more libertarian than anything), and wha-la, you have Duh Progressive!

    • jwbs, well, you got me on that one! I had never heard of DuhProgressive until someone linked to it on FB. Didn’t know it was a satire site. The interesting thing though, is the testimony you wrote for Holder is not hard to believe! It goes along with his other statements!


      • AWD, no problem. I don’t write for that site. After I read the story I went looking for real sources. When I could not find any I checked out the “DuhProgressive” About page.

        Always check your sources.

    • Cinnamon Girl says:

      Hmm. Gee. So, is the entire story fake? 🙁

  18. The power of the vote is literally the power of life and death over your fellow citizens, as well as the power of their enslavement. If you cannot be entrusted to take care of yourself; how can you be entrusted with Any power to make decisions for someone else?

    Quite frankly literacy tests should be the Least of it -and I am all for seeing every potential voter forced to take a ten question quiz on the Constitution. The politicians they’re voting for should be forced to do so as well, publicly. 8-10 correct answers would pass, 5-7 correct would fail, and any less than 5 correct the potential voter forfiets his/her life -that’s the wager and the price to exercise the franchise of Citizenship.

    Amazing isn’t it? The government blows Trillions of dollars, with facial recognition, CCTV cameras, biometric data, retinal scans, all for what? To IDENTIFY people. To IDENTIFY you and me going about our legitimate lives. Drones, blimps, cameras keeping watch at all times, but when it comes to the very Most important thing, the one thing that controls All of those others; OUR BALLOT *nothing*. Nada. Zip. Null. “Can’t do it.”
    It has come to this? VIPR teams monitor highways, perverts from DHS monitor airports, drones watch Soverign Citizens from above, but heaven forbid anyone should seek to protect the integrity of the very elections that decide who is to be master and who the slave?

    Oh, it is because in Their culture… oh WAIT; they aren’t In Their culture anymore, they Chose to Leave Their culture and come to take advantage of Our culture -if they are not here to JOIN Our Culture, then they obviously do not Belong here. We do not, and Cannot as a Nation survive that kind of mentality.

    What Next AG ‘My people’ Holder? “Oh, it is in Their culture to kill and eat people, so Okay then…”

  19. 55 gr solution says:

    Thanks AWD, I look forward to reading your post daily. For those who work lots of hours to survive it’s nice to not have to rely on mainstream media. This is getting beyond ridiculous with these illegals, my ancestors spoke German and adapted to live in this country with no hand outs. I’m fed up with this politicaly correct bull, if your here illegally how can you even think of voting?? WTF is wrong with this country?? Time to buy more 55gr solutions.

  20. The simple fact that voter ID effects everyone, blows the Liberals argument right out of the water. We would all have to show an ID; even the elderly fixed income conservative. History has shown repeatedly, that those who protest the loudest are usually the ones trying to bend the rules.

  21. Hey smart guys… Holder never said that shit; it’s a joke. I agree that if someone doesnt have an ID then what possible good are they, but if you’re too dumb to see irony that blatant, you aren’t really much good to anyone either. Take a little time to think about issues, you might begin to see that everything is much more complex and nuanced than at first sight.

  22. Awd- do you think the coen brothers are conservative? Just curious.

    • BobbyC, I don’t care. I like some of their movies a lot. I also admire the talents of many liberal artists. I don’t watch the Coen Brothers movies because of their political beliefs.


      • Death to Libtards says:

        It’s a long, tough journey from “Raising Arizona” and “Fargo” to “No Country For Old Men”. Personnaly I prefer the satire and comedy to the heavier stuff. But as Dalton said, “Opinions vary.”

  23. House of Kell says:

    “…that people of certain ethnicities are simply biologically incapable of obtaining voter identifications…”-???

    WTF??? A “people of certain ethnicities, biologically incapable of obtaining voter identifications” are people I don’t want voting, any-fucking-way!!!

    Holder is a moron!

    Listen, if your too fucking stoopid to obtain an ID to do most of what you have to do every day, then they surely cannot be capable of making rational decisions as to whom they would want running the greatest country in the wrold!!!

    No ID= NO VOTE!!!

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  25. @ Eric Holder, AKA Enemy Within,

    If all of the Democrats in Michigan have been showing picture ID to vote for years, why is it a problem now? After what the Democrats have done to Detroit and many other cities in MI, one would think those picture IDentification cards are a big joke anyway. They didn’t stop the Democratic destruction, devastation, demonization, and dereliction of the Republic of the United States of America, or make us any safer. Many citizens of the USA can see through you, making your lies fall flat.

    Liberty demands the truth, and justice demands your removal from practicing law.

  26. what people who are against voter id’s fail to mention is that voting is dependent on where you live. Not only should voters identify themselves but they should also prove where they live. Anyone who does not live in a certain district, state or country should not be allowed to vote to elect the representivies. It is the absolute basis of our representative government.

    do not be surprised that a bunch of new yorkers show up in northen virginia and eastern PA this November. new York is a lock for Obama but PA and VA are swing states. A few elections ago more people voted in a philly district than were registered to vote; a greater than 100% participation rate!

  27. In South Africa we must have our id’s with us to vote. The bar code on your id gets scanned in the system, so you can never vote twice. As for America, I thought you guys were light years ahead of us on this matter.

    • LOL nope.. that would interfere with the fraud that democrats are so fond of. An honest election is the LAST thing that Democrats want! They protest against ligament voter ID laws but advocate for suppression of military votes… yeah, that’s looking out for “everyone”. Could they be anymore obvious?

  28. Rex Freeway says:

    Eric Holder. The most useless Attorney General walks beside the most useless President ever. They go together like Martin and Lewis. Except the are NOT funny.

  29. Angry White Dudette says:

    When I moved from Texas to Arizona, I presented myself along with my Texas Driver’s License to the Arizona Driver’s License office to get myself a current AZ driver’s license (which is the law). Low and behold, I kid you not, I was SENT BACK HOME to get my bonafide ORIGINAL (with raised seal) BIRTH CERTIFICATE… not a copy, but the one with the doctor’s name and my little feet prints…
    Today at the movie ‘2016’, I bought a popcorn and drink, used my debit card, and had to show my ID… to buy popcorn and drink. And they require less to VOTE? This country is truly UPSIDE DOWN. LORD help us!